Mid-Range Game 26: Sands of Lossand

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11 hours ago, livinglegend said:

Special thanks to Alvron for keeping the game so lighthearted.

Anytime.  I decided a while ago that more lighthearted fun was needed in these games so expect to see more this year.  Zunn the Mad is very interested in making his comeback.

The Gods of Luck and Chance will also be making a much bigger impact on the games I play. EMqYlbxRo13K50x1H0zXr5OW3GmB5ywfDwHMg0UMXjlzYjq4blSgdE8-WG7YxvPpJYCSFHbEgjLI5pCvDDHiVJaBHrInPIIpp_Q92502FzTs9sVDzZVpuSdxiuXzsOFxM9dm7b9R 


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