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Spooky Short Story: The Disappearance of Wilson

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This Halloween I "published" my first short story on my blog, meaning that everyone could see it for free. I felt no need to try and self publish a piece of flash fiction like this, and felt that it might be better served as something people could peruse on the web. I'm posting it here (well the link really, I'm not sure if it is in vogue to just plunk a whole piece down in one post) so people can take a look, and maybe I can get some critique on the piece. I'm hoping to keep writing for the foreseeable future, but this is my first real foray into the "putting my work out there" world. 

Though this is a "horror" piece, it contains no direct gore or violence so could broadly be considered family friendly. My attempt was to build atmosphere and mystery, and I aped the Old Master H.P. Lovecraft a bit, as it was thanks to him I sat down and pounded this out.

So here, for perusal, is The Disappearance of Wilson

Enjoy :)


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