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Hi, just made the account for this question.

So we know that surges might have been responsible for destroying Braze( from the words of Odium so specifics and truth are not yet certain)

Because of this , or because people jut couldn't be trusted with such power, or combination of these reasons Ishar decided to place some requirements(checks) on the bonds/surges, i don't remember the exect quote but i think there was talk of killing this proto-Radiants if they didn't agree to this check(or mayebe spren, depends which side of the bond had to agree, maybe both).

So my main question is, how do this "checks" work. Do we have any information?

Was it magic based? Like are the Spren physically unable to bond without those checks now? or is it more like they were unwilling to bond without those check fearing some divine asswhooping, wich after centuries devolved into spren believing they can't do it any other way? 

I think its safe to assume that this proto-Radiants didnt need to say oaths. So how did the spren bond people? Because i assume spren types didnt change, like Honorspren are still Honorspren so they would have wanted Honorable person to bond.

And most important, if it was magic based, it was done by Ishar= Bondsmithpower, so can Dalinar remove these constraints(if he is the correct type of bondthmith out of three(but he is supperBondsmith now anyway so mootpoint)? or by anyone holding Ishars blade.


P.S. we know that 3 bondsmith(s) don't have identical powers, but there are 10 Honorblades, meaning one for Ishar, so does ishars blade grant different/weaker/stronger bondsmith powers?


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Feel like since honor was alive at the time, ishar with honors permission and his power as a binder of God's can do something to the spren where they have to abide by his oaths.

The oaths are made in a way to draw and cultivate the person who most resembles the Herald of his surges.

The first oath is universal .

After that it's about establishing a general statement 

 - protect everyone, even those you hate.

- aphold hold the law wherever you are.

After that establish the limitations and the flaws

 - you can't protect everyone.

 - you judgement will be flawed,you will make mistakes.

After that comes ultimate responsibility 

 -become the law. 

 - shoose who is right and who deserves protection.

Any one can swear the final ideals and believe they will aphold it, but what about their prejudices & biases, or their flaws & mistakes.

A skybreaker who only swore the final ideal can go around making judgments and executions without ever thinking that he can make mistakes or is influenced by his history or religion. Why would he? He was never made to consider these things.



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yes but the thing is that "The oaths are made in a way to draw and cultivate the person who most resembles the Herald of his surges"  doesnt seem to be like this from the start, nor does it seem to be work of any of the shards.

How syl said that that they imitated the Honorblades and how Taln keeps rambling about a way to keep knowledge from being lost during desolations implies(i think anyway) that the radiant bond were purely Herald/Spren/Human invention, or rather they were not tought by either Honor, Cultivation or Odium.

So if this is true, than those oaths and progressions were added after the creation.

I want to know if there is any information about the power that enforces these checks/oaths and how can they be bypassed or removed

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That's why the Stormfather keeps saying "These words are accepted.". He is the enforcer.

The Bondsmiths could probably remove the Oaths if they know how it was done in the first place.



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