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Specifically, I'm talking about Mraize's letter explaining the Ghostbloods and a few of the players in Roshar, sent to Shallan early in the book (Part 2?).

The section of note was related to Amaram's army and his Radiants. In the letter, Mraize expresses surprise that Kaladin came from Amaram's army because the only Radiant he knew about in that army had been confirmed dead a while before Amaram's got his shards. 

I think this is a pretty obvious point in the "Tien was a Radiant/protoRadiant" column. There was WoB that Tien was doing something significant with his rocks, and there's also the fact that there's 3 main characters who were in that army: Kaladin, Tien and Amaram. 

Kaladin is confirmed as not being the dead Radiant. Tien is a likely candidate, as he was long dead before the events that began elevating Kal. Amaram is also a possibility, though - it's possible that he attracted a spren from his single mindedness that he was doing the right thing, then fragmented that bond by being the jerk we all know. That could lead Mraize to assume that the 'radiant' had died, but it's a bit of a stretch. 

I couldn't find a thread focusing on Mraize's letter, so hopefully I didn't double us up. 


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Remove the part about Amaram, and that's pretty much my thinking. 


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