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This is slightly tangential to Writing Excuses, but certainly in the same family. I've collected all of Brandon's creative writing lectures into one place on YouTube, and together they make quite the resource/crash course for aspiring writers. He covers topics from prose to worldbuilding to the business of writing. I also did my best to add some value by applying basic color correction, some audio enhancement (for 2014 in particular), wrote out some notes, transcribed the whiteboard (for the 2106 series), and combined videos that were previously chopped into parts.

( ...and I didn't monetize anything, of course...)

Check them all out here:

 Or, you can navigate to my channel and I have playlists of each series separated out.

It is really amazing that Brandon shares all this stuff... it is pure gold. He is as good a teacher as he is a writer, and that is saying something. Anyway, I hope this resource helps someone as much as it has helped me!


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Thank you so much! I have been watching these and this makes it a lot easier!


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