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So it's looking to me like the giant power cell(s) will be powering lots of different things in Urithiru. In chapter 13 Shallan hangs her hand mirror on a stone knob that she assumes is for hanging a picture on the wall. 


I doubt it. 


It stuck out to me on my first read through as being odd and now with some of the information we've gotten im thinking that this could be connected to either ventilation or lighting controls for the individual rooms. Possibly temprature control, though i love the idea of it being a dimmer switch for lighting. 


The lighting would be the sweetest part, certain layers of the strata in the walls, ceiling, and floor would light up in amazing patterns and colors. Possibly associated with each order's colors? 


Just in love with the magical solutions replacing all of our mechanical ones. 


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Yeah Brandon has definitely said that Roshar is heading toward a magic-science combination technology, so stuff like that is certainly possible 


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