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[OB] The Purpose of Oathbringer

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"In this record, I hold nothing back. I will try not to shy away from difficult topics, or paint myself in a dishonestly heroic light."

For this post, we'll assume that the author of Oathbringer is Jasnah Kholin, and not Sunmaker as some believe. "Oathbringer" seems to be a record of some lesson, some secret or religious truth where Jasnah's heresy is relevant. But what is it?

Epigraph from Chapter 84 of Words of Radiance, decoded. From the Diagram:


Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. You may need it to destroy the new Orders when they return.

We know that Taravangian is going to Urithiru to speak with Dalinar, and we know that he sees Dalinar as competition. Perhaps he'll tell Dalinar the secret, to break him and the new Orders.

It's right in the name. Oathbringer.

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