Skai, Rayse, and Sazed

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I must apologize for this, but it popped into my head, and I had to share. (This presumes that Dominion is responsible for the Dakhor Investiture, of course, but according to the wiki page, we don't have any solid evidence that the two are not related. So this works for now.)

So we've got Skai, who took the Shard Dominion. Dakhor Investiture involves lots of chanting, whereby the skeletons of someone in their ritual are altered in various ways. A different chant (song?) can alter the bones in different ways, leading to different outcomes for the recipient of the chants, the one "listening to the song".

Secondly, we have Rayse. Odium. He goes around picking fights, breaking other Shards. He's the bully of the cosmere, right?

And finally, we have Sazed.

Together, they are Bone, Thug, and Harmony.


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