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I'm not quite sure where I last saw it, but I remember a confirmation that we would see FTL (faster than light travel) in the Cosmere at some point, but I suppose the starships could have traveled through the Cognitive realm as well.


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On 7/7/2017 at 11:22 AM, teknopathetic said:

True, but when I read secret history I knew it wouldn't work before the magic was tried... Hmmm. Sorry if I am wrong. I am looking right now haha. 

The Ire are no clue because they have a very non-standard relationship with the cognitive realm. 

I think that at least some magic can be used by people who travel to the cognitive realm while not dead because

when Kaladin and co traveled there he was able to use surgebinding to fight the voidbringers there, as could Shallan.


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