What are some of your favorite scenes in the WOT?

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The scene with Avihenda seeing the Aiel's future. I almost wanted to cry.


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My favorite scene is Lan vs. Demandred. It’s so epic!


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Oh there are so many!

Egwene's Accepted test. (so much foreshadowing)

The Glass Pillars at Rhuidean

Perrin Goldeneyes takes charge at Emond's Field (Why The Shadow Rising is my favorite)

The Docks of Cairhien (Nuff said)

Nynaeve vs. Moghedien (both times)

Nynaeve heals stilling.

Amyrlin Egwene raises Nynaeve and Elayne

"Asha'man kill"

The Cleansing of Saidin

Elayne takes a bath (totally being sarcastic)

Thom's letter revealed (my fave's alive!)

Domination Band (I nearly died)

Rand finally calls out Cadsuane (The satisfaction was tangible)


Perrin forges his hammer

Egwene kicks Seanchan butt.

And the whole last battle.





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There are so many epic moments in this series, but here goes:

  • Mat discovers his luck in Tar Valon
  • Mat spars with Gawyn and Galad
  • Rand sparring with Tam in aMoL
  • Duami’s Wells is just one of the coolest scenes ever written

My all time favorite part of the series though, that makes me cry every time I read it and sometimes when I think about it is “One man still fights...” Lan is just the coolest.


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Tons of scenes from the whole series, obviously. But most of the stuff towards end with Lan gets me super hard, tearful and proud every time I read it. 

1."The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don," Lan said softly. "Let any man or woman who wishes to follow join it and fight.

He closed his eyes as the call went up. It soon became a cheer. Then a roar." 

2. Rand gives him the crowns of Malkier. 

"You have ever been a king, my friend. Elayne taught me to rule, but taught me how to stand. Thank you" 

3. Just reading this now gives me goosebumps.. 

"My arm will be my sword...

Hooves clattered on the ground. The Trollocs ahead hooted in delight, realizing that their prey had transformed to retreat into a charge of men rushing right into their grasp.

My breast itself a shield...

Lan could hear a voice, his father's voice, speaking these words. That was foolish, of course. Lan had been a baby when Malkier had fallen.

To defend the Seven Towers...

He had never seen the Seven Towers stand against the Blight. He'd only heard stories.

To hold back the darkness...

The horses' hooves were becoming a thunder. So loud, louder than he'd have thought possible. He held himself straight, sword out.

I will stand when all others fall.

The oncoming Trollocs levelled spears as the distance between the two opposing forces narrowed.

Al Chalidholara Malkier. For my sweet land Malkier.

It was the oath a Malkieri soldier took during the first posting to the Border. Lan had never spoken it.

He did so now in his heart."


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Posted (edited)

Hate to necro the thread, but reading through it brought so many moments to mind... Here are a few in no particular order:

-Rand destroying Graendel with the Chodean Kal (spelling?), it just really shows how cold and dangerous he is

-The last thing that could be done to Rand... that entire chapter is just so chilling

-Mat at any given moment, but especially him being a general or getting lucky.

-Moraine’s entrance in the tent with all the leaders

-Rand at the top of Dragonmount, finding peace and redemption

-Perrin’s Two Rivers story arc in whatever book, I forget which one, it’s the one where he saves the Two Rivers from all the Trollocs

-Dumai Wells.

-Egwene when she’s captured by the White Tower and her patience throughout

-Rand cleansing Saidin while all the Aes Sedai and Asha’man fend off the Forsaken

-All of A Memory of Light

-Gawyn, Galad, and Lan all fighting that one Forsaken’s name whose name I can’t currently recall

-Rand and Ishmael fighting in the sky


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Literally any scene with mat and tuon. (I love the way they bounce off each other.)
The whole of A Memory of Light. That book was amazing.


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