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The age of heroes was a time where knights and wizards and such went on grand quests to save the world. But, inevitably, the world moved on. Technology advanced. Sure, elves and dwarves and orcs and the rest still didn't necessarily get along right away- but as the government took shape, conflicts became fewer and fewer as the world become more and more civilised. Society stagnated. New lines were formed, untouched and touched, weird beast and man, dark and light muddled all up with gray suits and ties. Towns grew into cities. Enchanted forests became national parks, unicorns and horse drawn wagons replaced with ferraris and trucks. laptops replaced spellbooks, and good handwriting replaced good swordsmanship.

You work for Finns D&D now: Depository and Department Accounting- a corporate office chain where everyone pretends to be really busy to hide the fact that nobody is quite sure what their job is (after the Dungeon Street crash, everyone is scared stiff about lay-offs). You think a lot of it involves working at your desk cubicle and answering the phone, but you're afraid to ask at this point. The photocopier seems to be in a permanent state of disrepair. The gorgon receptionist on the first floor plays on her mobile phone.

Huddled in one corner is an ancient dragon hunched over a computer screen much too small for him. And a necromancer, who's face is always concealed by his hood, stands by the coffee machine- chatting to a drow with a fox familiar perched on his shoulder. The age of heroes was a time where knights and wizards and such went on grand quests to save the world- but the age of heroes is ancient history.

So, Maslovmania is a game I made for a 200 word challenge. I'm running a game of it on discord to test it in practise, and I'd like to invite any players on the Shard who'd like to join. In such a game, one may expect:
Poltical Intrigue
Spoopy secrets
Saving the Universe
Stealing food/ getting food stolen

You can drop in and drop out any time, or just check in if you have any questions 


Here are da rules


Each player has a pyramid of needs. When a player has fulfilled all their needs, they win and the game ends. If a need is unfulfilled, all needs above it are instantly unfulfilled and cannot be fulfilled until that row of needs is complete.

[Intimacy] [Accomplishment]
[Security] [Health] [Friends]
[Food] [Water] [Warmth] [Rest]

Players takes turns to make actions. Each turn the player makes two actions from the following:
1. Choose someone to get a need of their choice, get two needs of your choice at the start of your next turn
2. Take away someones need of your choice, get two needs of their choice taken from you at the start of your next turn
3. Exchange needs with another player
4. Take away an action of someone else on there next turn Actions are made in secret and shared with the gm. At the end of a turn, the players play out a scene that explains how any needs affected were changed. If the gm feels their explanation is insufficient, the change is negated.



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