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I happened across this blogpost:



What has worked, though, has been reminders. Things I always try to remember, but inevitably forget when I get stuck. Sometimes it’s a couple of words. Sometimes it’s a whole sentence. It’s still reads like bumper sticker advice, but the important thing is context. I know what I mean by them.

I started compiling these little phrases a while ago and I’m up to 15 at the moment. It’s a handy cheat sheet of my blind spots. At least the ones I know about. And remembering them helps me move forward when I get stuck.


...and I think this sounds like a great idea. What snippets from Writing Excuses might go on a list like this?


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"Read your dialogue out loud."

I've been plugging this advice heavily since I heard on WE, although its originated somewhere else, I think. It works for prose too; I find it very effective to just read the whole thing out loud on Edit 3 or 4. It's amazing what turns up.


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