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Yesterday, the Ones Above hid beyond the skies. Today, that would change. We would see the faces of gods.

You are attending the junior officer graduation ceremony. You have studied for years, just in time to take part in NITC's first space-venture project launch. You, and those beside you, will be the first of your people to travel into outer space. Everyone here is wearing corporate uniform, a huge crowd of eager graduates facing the stage, ready to take their place as one of the first crews ever to go beyond the stars. It wasn't easy to get this far, but there's no turning back now- whether or not it was meant to be. Captain Prime of the Dawn, a descendant of a Trapper of Patji and commander of the Fatherwing, stands on stage and waits for the crowd to settle , an ancient black feathered Aviar perched on his shoulder.
"So, you want to be a commander? Well, I'm sure you're all excited to get your badges, so I will keep this short- but you might as well quit, if you haven't got it. You all know who I am- I can tell if you've got it in you, I've trained the best. Ever since the Ones Above revealed themselves to us, we have been waiting for the day that we too could travel among the stars. Thanks to the funding of NITC, I can confirm the Fatherwing will have its first official launch sometime this year with the intent of a long distance 20 year long voyage to where we believe the homeworld of the Above Ones. Though we are still not exactly sure what the Ones Above are, our intent is to discover as much as we can about them to send back home. That's where all of you come in, you are the world's best and brightest- selected for your wide range of varying skills at a young age, all for different reasons. The future of this world depends on you. I can't promise you that it will be easy, and I cannot promise you that you will ever return- so if you haven't got it, this is your chance to back out. When you are ready, step forward and claim your badge. If you're not ready to take this first step, there is no place for you on my ship. That is all I have to say." Dawn nods and takes a step back. An awkward silence descends across the stage. There is a long pause before anyone moves.
The girl next to you stands and walks to the stage. She salutes and announces,
"Serena Ayladin, reporting for duty." The Captain hands her a badge and salutes back to her.
Another man gets up and proceeds to the front. "Seventh of the Day, reporting for duty" Another badge.
"Sjonna Park, reporting for duty"
"Ginth Fristan, reporting for duty"
You hear as more and more people come up to the stage, receiving their official Fatherwing badges.
You won't just be staff, you will be commanders. The competition will be more ruthless than anything you've faced before to earn the captains approval.
But you will survive, no matter what the cost.


For those who've read Arcanum Unbound, you will know that recently that illustrations of constellations and solar systems of the cosmere have been released- and Mistborn fans might be aware of a foreshadowed space-age of Mistborn. I figure this is a good opportunity to use these two aspects for a game set after the events of Sixth of the Dusk, a cosmere space game. 

This is a small scifi cosmere game about scheming officers. Players start the game as junior officers with a credit total of zero. Credit totals represent how much a player is liked by the current captain of the ship. During the game players attempt to improve their credit total and work their way up through the officer ranks. The aim of the game is to be the captain by turn 20, and go down in history as the starship commander who saved (or doomed) their race- after all, history will only remember one of you. These rules are derived from a really old game called "Don't beam me up Scotty".

If this is a game you could see yourself playing, put down a name. You are a Junior Officer. Being from the First of the Sun, you are probably not a worldhopper (Or Kandra :P)- but you might be a trapper, and you might have an Aviar (though these are very rare and don't provide a mechanical benefit). If enough people are interested, I'll start the game- presumably with each turn being a week. Dice are involved, I will roll myself and let you know the results. If anyone has any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

The Rules:


Each officer allows a player to affect the outcome of certain events aboard the ship, as well as improving his chances of becoming captain.
Position         Rank     Notes
Junior Officer         0     No office, no staff
Cleaning Officer    1     -
Catering Officer     1    -
Transporter Officer     2     +/- 1 to transporter rolls
Medical Officer     3     +/- 1 to injury rolls
Engineering Officer      4     +/- 1 to battlestation rolls
Security Officer     6     Can make assassination attempts. If player goes on an away     mission, is injured on a roll of 1 or 2
Science Officer     7     When carrying out duties, player is injured by an experiment going wrong on a roll of 1
2nd Officer         9     +/- 1 to battlestation rolls. Player MUST go on away missions
Captain         9    -

There are eight different staff aboard the ship, one for each office below the rank of captain. If a player is liked by a staff he can persuade them to affect the outcome of certain events and carry out certain favours for them.
Cleaning staff-         No advantages
Catering staff-         Better rations bribe (player gains 3 extra social time points)
Transporter staff-     +/- 1 to transporter rolls
Medical staff-         +/- 1 to injury rolls
Engineering staff-     +/- 1 to battlestation rolls
Security staff-         Can perform assassinations. Physical threats (player gains 3 extra social time points)
Science staff-         No advantages
Bridge staff-         +/- 1 to battlestation rolls. 2nd officers staff

*Turn Sequence*
1: Briefing
2: Social Phase
3: Action
4: Duties
5: Assassination Attempts
6: Destabilize NPC Officers

 In the briefing phase two playing cards are drawn. One is revealed now and the other kept concealed. The 2nd Officer may look at this card.
Clubs: Shakedown
Spades: Battlestations
Hearts 1-7: Important away Mission
Hearts 8+: Very important away Mission
Diamonds 1-8: Captain Losing it
Diamonds 9+: Captain in a relaxed mood
In the action phase of the turn, the effects of the revealed card are resolved. Then reveal the second card and resolve its effects.

*Social phase*
During the social phase all players compete to gain the affections of the ship's staff. This is done by spending social time with them: buying brightly coloured drinks and playing three dimensional chess with them. Each turn players have five points of social time to devote to staff. Players secretly write down how many points they are going to spend on each staff. Ties between players are settled by a die roll. Social points cannot be saved from turn to turn. Staff can only like one player at a time. If a player is liked by the catering staff, in the next social phase he can use bribes of better food rations to gain the affections of other staff. The bribe counts as as giving three points of social time to a staff but cannot be used on the catering staff itself. The same rules apply to a player liked by the security staff, except that the security staff use physical threats instead of bribes.

Players in a an office must carry out their duties. How well an officer performs in his office depends upon whether he has the support of his staff or not. If an officer is liked by his staff, they perform well and he gains one credit. If the staff like an opposing player, that player can persuade them to work slowly and cause trouble for their officer. The affected officer must deduct one credit.

*Assassination attempts*
Security officers and players liked by the security staff can attempt to assassinate another player, an NPC officer or the captain. Roll 1d6: 
1,2:     Attempt fails and player is implicated. Deduct 1D6 credits
3,4:     Attempt fails
5,6:     Success. NPC officer or captain is killed    . If another player is the victim, he is injured.
If a player is reduced to a credit total of -10, he is arrested and spends the rest of the game confined to his quarters. Security officers who are liked by the security staff can make an assassination attempt with a +1 modifier.

*Destabilizing NPC officers*
If a player is liked by the staff of an NPC officer, the player can cause him to be sacked on a roll of 3-6 on a 1d6.

*Vacant Positions*
When a position becomes vacant all players may apply for the post. The highest position is resolved first. To win a position, each player rolls 2D6, adds his current rank and deducts the rank of the vacant position. Any credits the player has are added to the total (negative credit totals count as a 0 modifier) and one is added if the player is liked by the staff of the vacant position. If the player's total is 7 or more he moves into the new position. If two or more players achieve the score, the highest total moves into the position. If no players score 7 or more, an NPC officer fills the position. Captains- when applying for the position of captain, players cannot use credits to improve their score. If no players manage to get the captain's job, an NPC captain fills the position. The new captain will have no prejudices about his officers, with the effect that all players now revert to 0 credits.

Injured players roll 1d6. The medical officer and any player liked by the medical staff can add or deduct one to a player's roll.
1:    Player makes a full recovery
2,3:     Player confined to sick bay. For the rest of this turn and all of the next turn, the player     cannot socialize with staff, go on away missions, or apply for vacant positions.
4,5,6:     "He's dead, Jim." Players can start again as a junior officer with 0 credits.

Shakedown: The captain carries out an assessment of his officers. Check each player in an office starting with the highest ranking. If the player has another player, one or two positions beneath him with more credits, the two immediately swap positions. The demoted player must now check that he does not now swap positions with the new player below him. If he is demoted again, he makes a third and final check.

Battlestations: The ship is on a mission to a hostile planet and comes under attack from an enemy vessel. In the battle, the engineering officer, 2nd officer, and any players liked by the engineering staff or bridge staff all can affect the outcome. Each player with a modifier secretly writes down which way they are going to affect the score on the following table. Roll 1d6:
0:     Ship is destroyed. All crew killed.
1,2:    Ship withdraws after taking heavy damage. Captain loses 2 lives.
3:     Ship withdraws after taking light damage. Captain loses 1 life
4,5:     Ship manages to withdraw unscathed
6+:     Enemy vessel is destroyed. Captain gains one life while the 2nd officer and     engineering officer gain 1 credit.
The captain starts with three lives. If reduced to 0 lives, he is removed from his position by starfleet.

Away Missions: An away team is about to be beamed down to a planet to carry out some vital research. This is a chance for officers to impress the captain. To get on an away team a player must roll 8 or more on a 2d6. The player adds his rank and credit total to the roll (negative credit totals count as a 0 modifier). 2nd officers always accompany an away team. Security officers on an away mission will suffer an injury on a roll of 1 or 2. Players going on an away mission must roll once on the transporter table. The transporter officer and any player liked by the transporter staff can add or deduct one to everyone's roll. Roll 1d6:
1     Player is injured by an "accident"
2-6     Player is beamed to and from the planet safely
Players surviving an away mission gain one credit for an important mission and two credits for a very important mission.

Captain Losing it: The captain has been behaving rather peculiarly lately and Starfleet are interested to see if he still has the confidence of his officers. Each player in an office secretly writes down if he is going to support, criticize, or ignore the captain. 2d6 is rolled for the critics and 2d6 for the supporters. The rank of each player supporting or criticizing is added to the scores. If the critics win, the captain is forced to resign. If the supporters win or draw, the captain stays on. All those players who supported him gain one credit, while those who criticized him deduct two credits.

Captain in a relaxed mood: For this turn, no credits are gained or lost for carrying out duties and no credits are lost for unsuccessful assassination attempts.


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