Hoid's Tale: The Wandersail

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So in Hoid's first meeting with Kaladin, he tells Kaladin a story about the Wandersail. This story led Kaladin to finally overcoming his depression/apathy and embracing his surge binding abilities.


From the Coppermind: The Wandersail was captained by Derethil, who had it built to travel through Highstorms. It was nearly destroyed, shipwrecked on an island in the middle of the ocean (Uvara), by a giant whirlpool where it is said the sea drains and later it is mentioned that it was fixed in the Uvara shipyards. Eventually, Derethil and his remaining crew left on the Wandersail, using the momentum of the whirlpool to get them away from it.

The Uvara, the People of the Great Abyss lived on the islands that Derethil found. They were a peaceful people but they were frequently violent towards their own people as they believed that their emperor would not tolerate anything less than perfection among his people (i.e. they suddenly and brutally murdered anyone who made a mistake or failed to properly complete a task), when Derethil and the crew of the Wandersail crashed on their island the Uvara nursed them back to health and rebuilt their ship. When Derethil finally revealed to them that their emperor was in fact dead and had been for some time the Uvara rioted and chaos broke out across the island as they were forced to take responsibility for all the deaths they had blamed on the emperor. A member of the Uvara joined Derethil and his crew to escape the riots and became a crewmember on the Wandersail.

Note the underlined part (added for emphasis). I see a connection between the behavior of the Uvara and that of the Skybreakers / Nale who are murdering new surgebinders. I also see a connection between the Emperor of the Uvara and Honor/Tanavast (because he's dead and the people don't realize it) or perhaps Ishar (since Nale was justifying his actions on Ishar's assurances/warnings) . I was hoping that others might ...

  1. consider this connection and offer your thoughts/criticism, and
  2. think about whether any other events in Edgedancer connect to the Uvara (or other stories, legends, etc.)


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I wonder if similar to Nale, other heralds are also doing other things to stymie different surgebinders.

Eg, Jerizen might be sawing off bonds, where the investiture is weak (theory), etc.


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