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Hey all,

So I've been workshopping a vanilla character with @Chasmfiend, and I realized that although we encourage new people to make vanilla/human characters as well as epics, we don't really have a good list of suggested roles for vanillas to fill.  Now obviously the roles available to vanillas vary city to city, so I'd invite the other G.M.'s (when they have time) to post a list of suggested roles here.  Other players are also free to post suggestions as well, of course.  

I can copy and paste master lists into this post, if others agree, so that it's easy to find.  

Corvallis Vanilla Roles:


Servants for existing epics (with the player's permission), including:

     - Chefs, housekeeping, personal shoppers, messengers, secretaries.  

Law enforcement  ( @Blaze1616 permission needed);

Fieldworkers or assistants in Cornucopia's Arboretum ( @Voidus permissions needed);

Retail or food service workers (at a Mall maybe?  Corvallis seems like a place where shopping would be a thing);

Government Workers, including:

      - Secretaries, media/publicity ( @Blaze1616 permission needed), immigration officers, etc.

City sanitation crew (under Princess GOOD or separate);

Doctors and Nurses in Skinsaver's hospital, also physiotherapists or other specialists;

Construction workers;


Any other idea that you have and gets approved.  

I hope these help as a starting point.  Individual players can give blanket consent if they want to people making servants or workers in certain sectors.


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Portland Vanilla Roles 

There are three major Epic domains—Thoughttown, the Empire, and the Dominion—and each comes with different roles for non-Epic characters. 


A former suburb, kept in comparatively good shape, well supplied with food and medicine, and guarded from intruders. Prospective residents must pass a stringent intelligence exam in order to live there. Ruled by Altermind, a telepathic illusionist with moderate telekinetic abilities. 

-Border guards, Altermind's personal security detail, police
-Elementary school teachers, high school teachers
-Cooks, chefs
-Gardeners, people raising livestock 
-Medics, doctors 

The Dominion 
Currently expanding, a domain governed by some of the more despicable Epics (Timeport, Quota, Electro). Order is kept through fear, and vanillas are routinely terrorized by Epics who have grown bored. Ruled by Corpsemaker, an invulnerable Epic whose gaze can kill in seconds. 

-Coffee shop owners, employees 
-Maintenance workers 
-Scientists, soldiers, factory operators 
-Someone who is more than a little freaked out by the life-size toy soldiers taking over the city 

The Empire of Light
The newest game in town, this is a suburb watched over by zombie dinosaurs and a floating Museum of Natural History. Vanillas might be left alone, or they might be randomly killed and raised as one of Lightwards' "Warriors of Light" (read: zombie slaves). Ruled by Lightwards, a necromancer; and to a lesser extent, Doctor Funtimes, an exuberant teleporting matter manipulator. Unfortunately, this faction also has Nighthound. 

-Volunteer soldiers who do not wish to be zombies 
-Someone whose loved one is now a zombie
-People willing to brave the weirdness and horror because they heard that Doctor Funtimes made it rain pancakes 
-Someone desperately planning an escape after glimpsing Nighthound 
-A maker of shinies (this person would be very highly regarded by Funtimes) 



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