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So I recently finished my reread of Warbreaker and, more than MB Era 2, it really holds up. 

I was actually surprised how much I liked it and I think for Sanderson it has the best dialogue. 

Like, I don't know about the rest of you, but I found that Lightsong was far more witty and amusing than either Hoid or Shallan who it must be said often come across as a little...try hard. 

Vasher is still one of Sanderson's best males so far as I am concerned and especially given the very little screen time he gets relatively to many others. 

I really enjoy the perspectives of Vivenna and Siri and they honestly seem like some of the most genuine and absorbing PoV characters. Vin is probably the only one I liked more. 

One of the things I really like is how smooth of a read it is. Knowing the rules of the magic and who each character is makes a lot of the tricks and references a lot better but it doesn't have places that drag like I found Stormlight does. 

The big letdown on reread was Denth. Like a lot of Sanderson villains he comes across as a lot more one-note than I remember and his mercenary comments kind of grated. Plus for one of the Five Scholars his showing is really quite unimpressive. 

One thing I like about it was the Awakening system, and I forgot how cool it was to see Vasher use it. Like using the single rope to strength a leg and hop down the palace and how it can somehow be used to alter the mindset of a person. I actually didn't realise how little we as readers know of awakening, and it definitely seems the magic system most open to advancement at the moment. 

Colour me impressed all over again. 



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About to start my re-re-reread, and I honestly cant wait to see Vasher do his thing again. And I agree wholeheartedly with Lightsong being a great witty toon to read. While I dont,t agree with you on Hoid, seeing as how he is my fav toon in the whole series, I do agree Shallans wit and biting humor seems a bit forced. But maybe thats the point. She has to force it all just so she can appear normal. .


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