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I hope this okay to post here.  I'm a home-schooling mom to an aspiring writer.  I'm hoping to connect with a few other teen writers (and, ideally, their parents) to form a small critique/study group.  The idea would be to go through the Season 10 writing exercises as a group, giving feedback and encouragement, and supporting each other in the discipline of daily writing.  This would be geared toward enthusiastic, self-motivated writers, rather than students who are more reluctant.   Ideally group members would  be able to commit to the full 52 weeks.  And as long as we're dreaming big, maybe we could plan a meet-up, maybe if they do another cruise in 2017?  
I'd love to hear from anyone interested in this!  :-)



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Hi @CarrieBishop, what a fantastic idea!

My daughter is 22, and well beyond such things. Also, she was state schooled (in the UK), and the thought of home-schooling gives me sweaty palms!! I admire your commitment, and hope you are successful in putting a functioning group together.

I've just finished going through Season 10 myself, and it's quite the commitment in itself - best of luck.

Small suggestion. There is a very active writing group on 17th Shard, one click over at Reading Excuses. Now, I have no idea how many parents are on there. I get the sense not very many, but you might want to try your post there too, as there might be friends of friends who could point you in the direction of someone who would be interested.

It's always kind of puzzled me why there isn't more 'crosstown' traffic between the Reading Excuses and Writing Excuses threads, but that's the reality.

Anyway, all the best in your endeavour. 


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Hi Robinski,

Thanks for the encouragement.  :-)  We've created a facebook group, and have found a couple of other students/families who are interested, so we think we'll be able to make a go of it.  We're leaving it open until Feb. 4th to new members, and then after that it will become a secret group.  So if anyone's interested in joining us, now's your chance!



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