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Confirmed Hemalurgical metals


So I went to coppermind and I'm confused. For example, page for Hemalurgy says that duraluminium "steals Spiritual Feruchemical powers" while page for duraluminium says that it's unknown what property it steals :blink:

What do we have confirmed, either by book or WoB?

Iron: human strenght
Steel: Allomantic Physical powers
Tin: human senses
Pewter: Feruchemical Physical powers

Zinc: human emotional stability
Brass: Feruchemical Hybrid powers
Copper: human mental fortitude
Bronze: Allomantic mental powers

Cadmium: ???
Bendalloy: ???
Gold: ???
Electrum: ???

Chromium: ???
Nicrosil: ???
Aluminium: Allomantic enhancement powers
Duraluminium: ???

Is that right or did I get something messed up? Or maybe there are some WoBs I don't know about?

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HoA Ars Arcanum says Aluminum steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers. (And Atium steals Allomantic Tmeporal Powers, but we know from WoB it can steal anything.)

MAG lists Duralumin Hemalurgy as stealing Enhancement Feruchemy. (Very poorly worded in my mind, since the Allomantic Enhancement metals are the Feruchemical Spiritual, and 'Feruchemical Enhancement' doesn't mean anything.) MAG powers are grain-of-salt canon (especially since it has contradictions with Bands of Mourning).

Tangent: I'm not sure it's accurate for Duralumin to steal F.Spiritual powers, since it doesn't fit the pattern where, of a metal/alloy pair, only one steals powers, and the other steals some kind of natural trait. Granted, Aluminum is the only pure metal that steals powers, so it's already going off-script. If we assume the pattern is reversed on the bottom of the hypothetical Hemalurgy chart, then Duralumin shouldn't steal Ferchemical powers, it should be Chromium that does that. But that's just me speculating.


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I have an idea for some times born by the odd pattern of Hemalurgy's chart

The Ars Arcanum's Author made a mistake while the HoA's AA is wrote. The metal's knowledge was uncomplete and the table was filled with logic more than actually proofs.

To me, this is the reason of the Hemalurgy miss in the W&W's era AA... Now the Author knows a lot better this Metallic Art and Mister Sanderson doesn't want to reveal yet the new informations (or the corrected ones)


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