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Awesome, thank you @kais. I'm rolling with a particular option for this draft and will see how it plays out. I'd love to think that you guys will get a read as far into TCC sometime to see how it plays.

(Edit: Bah, sorry. Weird double post due to internet shenanigans.)

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It's the Oxford English Dictionary this time, with a blog post tracing the history of the singular 'they.'  Singular 'they' traces all the way back to 1375, and was probably in spoken use much earlier than that. 

Oxford English Dictonary - A brief history of singular 'they'


Merriam-Webster notes the use of singular 'they' as a nonbinary pronoun is a new permutation -- but not that new. They have evidence it was in use in the nonbinary pronoun sense 60 years ago in 1950 (and again, use-in-text usually comes after many years of use-in-speech).

Merriam-Webster Words at Play: Singular 'They'


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