White Sand Volume 1-3 Typos

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FYI, I've merged the three separate typo threads into this one topic.


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I can't imagine there will ever be revisions to the Omnibus, but it feels wrong not to make a note of typos and continuity errors. :D

  • Page 10, Glossary - "A'Kar" should be capitalized as "A'kar" (several other Ars Arcanum pages use the latter, K is only capitalized here it seems)
  • Page 119, big speech bubble from Kenton - "Los'een" should be "Los'seen"
  • Page 143, final paragraph - "influencial" should be "influential"
  • Page 241, line by Jon Acron beginning "Just before Baon came back..." - is missing a quotation mark at the end of the line
  • Page 291, paragraph beginning "I've read about the Dayside phenomenon..." - "After a four hours" should be "After four hours"
  • Page 362, top panel - Kenton says Khriss "once said Dayside was primitive". She did in the original version I believe, but this was removed in the Omnibus. She no longer says anything about Dayside being primitive.
  • Page 408, Aarik in the first panel - "nevermind" should be "never mind" I think.

(still got to do the last 100 pages or so, so likely I'll be back to add one or two more)


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