Long Game 19: Twinborn City

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LG19: Twinborn City


After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out.




Twinborn: This city is a wonderful place. You must save it from the forces of evil.

Win condition: kill all of the Spiked.

Spiked: You hate the Twinborn, with their entitled attitudes. All you ever wanted was to be accepted, but you were cast out when they saw what you'd done to yourself. They'll pay.
Win condition: kill all of the Twinborn

Kandra: You didn’t particularly like it in the village, so when you were undercover in a rebellion that decided to flee, you just went with it. You’ve been switching bodies for years, keeping your identity hidden. Survive.
Win condition: don’t die.

Day and Night



Day cycles will last 48 hours. During the day you may vote and use daytime powers.
Night cycles will last 24 hours, plus another 24 hours for atium and electrum, and for the GMs to calculate events. During the night you have three action periods, which can be used in many ways.

Actions include, but are not limited to using some allomantic powers, storing or tapping some feruchemical powers, moving to a different zone, blocking a street, searching for an item, using an item, using the “Spiked Kill” action, or sleeping.

If you do not sleep during a night, you will sleep through the next day and will not be allowed to vote.



| | |
| | |
There are 9 areas, each connected by streets.

You can use an action period to attempt to move to a different area, or to attempt to block a street. If there are as many people blocking a street as there are trying to pass through it, none of the travelers are successful. If more try to pass through than try to block, the travelers are all successful.

Traveling is successful if # of travelers + charges of steel tapped > # of blockers + charges of iron tapped.




This game includes active powers (powers which use an action), background powers (powers which don’t use an action) and passive powers (powers which are always ‘on’ and will activate automatically).

Most powers can only be used on someone who is in the same room as you.

When calculating random events, a player who is successful in passing through or guarding a tunnel is considered to be in both rooms adjacent to that tunnel for that action period.

In order to make it easy on the GMs, try not to be vague in your action PMs.

Bad action PM:
I want to attack Newan and sleep and look for an item, and I want to be charging Chromium.

Good action PM:
[1. Attack Newan] [2. Sleep] Begin charging Chromium. [3. search for an item. I am in room A2] Stop charging Chromium.

It doesn’t need to be that exact format, but try to make it clear.



You can use a night action to search for an item. You have a 1 in 6 chance of finding a pretty cool item, a 1 in 12 chance of finding an awesome item, and a 1 in 24 chance of finding an uncanny item. If two people find the item at the same time, I’ll flip a coin. Each room only has one item in it at a time, but once somebody finds the item in a room, that room will gain a new hidden item.

Pretty cool items:
● Aluminum foil hat—makes the wearer impervious to emotional allomancy. (passive)

● Metal spike (steel, pewter, brass, bronze, aluminum, duralumin, or gold)—use to kill someone only once (1 action period). If they just happened to have a power that could be taken by that kind of spike, the spike is now charged. You can stab yourself or someone else with that spike (1 action period) and they gain the power contained in the spike. If the spikee was not already one of the Spiked, they have a 25% chance of being switched to the Spiked team. If you are Spiked and you choose to stab someone with one of these charged spikes, there is a 100% surety that your target’s alignment will switch to Spiked.

● Two metal spikes (tin, iron, copper, or zinc)—charge by killing two NPCs or players(1 action each). Once you have charged each spike, they are a Blessing. Use a blessing on yourself or someone else to give them an ability (1 action period). Those abilities are listed under "Kandra". Gaining a blessing does not change your alignment, unless you gain two Blessings of Potency and become a koloss. You can use a blessing on a mistwraith to turn it into a kandra.

● Wooden shield—protects you from one kill, but it will not protect you from a lynch. (passive)

● Metal armor—protects you from all kills other than coinshots and lynches, up to 4 times. (passive)

Awesome items:

● Sterrion 36 (early prototype)—gives you the ability to kill (active). Because the gun needs to be reloaded, you can only use it once per night. You can use the gun to kill someone in a room with you, or in an adjacent room. Warning: every time you use it, there is a 1 in 24 chance it will blow up in your face and kill you. If the gun blows up, your intended target will survive.

● Lerasium alloy—burn this metal (1 action period) and you will gain a random allomantic ability.

● Unlimited caffeine—you no longer need to sleep. (passive)

● Atium spike—kill one person with this spike (1 action period) to steal one of their allomantic or feruchemical abilities. You specify which one you want. You can then spike someone (1 action period) with the same team-changing effects as the “metal spike” item.

Uncanny items:

● Pure lerasium—burn this metal (1 action period) and you will gain all the allomantic abilities.

● The Mighty Hazecrusher, Pure Aluminum Warhammer of Absolute Destruction—gives you the ability to kill (active). You can use Hazecrusher multiple times in one night. Aluminum is magic-proof. Hazecrusher cannot be stopped by Allomantic iron, Allomantic pewter, or Feruchemical gold. If while wielding the Mighty Hazecrusher you attempt to move through a door and the door is being guarded, the person guarding the door is crushed and dies (passive). Beware of Hazecrusher. Bow down to its awesome glory.

Each time you search a area, you know it a little bit better. Each consecutive time you search for an item in the same area without finding anything, you get another "success" number. So, if Wilson was in a room and has searched once so far, they would succeed in finding something on a 1 or a 2. If they had searched 5 times, they would succeed on a 1-6. If the item changes, you don't lose your experience with the area, but once you find an item you do.



Powers can be active, passive, background, or daytime active. Many actions with targets require the target to be in the same area.
Remember, background powers do not use up actions. When Allomantic background powers are used, they are in effect for the whole night. Feruchemical background powers can be turned on or off between action periods.



Iron active [target: same area]. Protect someone for the action period.

Steel active [target: same area]. Attack someone.

Tin active. Learn which players were in the same area as you in this action period.

Pewter passive. Survive one attack and one lynch.

Brass daytime active [target: anywhere]. Cancel someone’s vote.

Zinc daytime active [target: anywhere]. Change someone’s vote. This also cancels your vote. You do not need to vote to use this power. Your target needs to have voted, and you can’t change their vote to “nobody”.

Copper background. Make the powers of everyone in the area impossible to detect. Protect everyone in the room from emotional allomancy.

Bronze active. Find out what metals are being burned, what feruchemy is being stored or tapped, and what hemalurgy is being used in the same area as you during this action period. You’re not quite good enough to detect blessings, and any powers being used by kandra will appear as hemalurgy.

Gold active. Find out what would have happened in an alternate version of your life. Ask “what would have happened if I had taken X action, instead of Y” and a GM will give you the answer.

Malatium active [target: same area]. Learn one action your target did not take in that night. Example: Your target did not use any allomantic abilities.

Electrum background. At the end of the night, you receive a PM saying which of your actions failed. You have the chance to change them. You cannot use this power two nights in a row.

Atium background. At the end of the night, you receive a PM saying whether you died. You have a chance to change your actions. You cannot use this power two nights in a row.

Bendalloy background. Let everyone in the same area as you (including you) take one extra action in the night. Fails if you leave the area. Doesn’t work for anyone who leaves the area. Note: you can add a fourth action to your PM just in case there’s a bendalloy misting in the room with you.

Cadmium background. Everyone who is in the same area as you (including you) at the beginning of the night has one less action period for that night, even if they leave the area. Their last action period just disappears. Fails if you leave the area.

Enhancement Metals: if a daytime metal is used with an enhancement metal, it activates for the following day, then cannot be used the day after that. If either copper, bendalloy, or cadmium is used with an enhancement metal, it cannot be used for the next night cycle. All other metals behave as stated below.

Aluminum active. You cannot use any metals for the next two action periods. Passive: If you are attacked by Hazecrusher, your aluminum activates automatically and burns up the entire hammer as soon as it enters your bloodstream. You even manage to survive!

Duralumin use at the same time you use another allomantic metal. Get an enhanced effect to another metal you burn at the same time, but then you can’t use that metal again for following two action periods.

Chromium active [target: same area]. Any allomantic action your target took this action period or the following two action periods fails.

Nicrosil active [target: same area]. Your target gets an enhanced effect for any metal it is burning at
the time, but then cannot use that metal for the following two action periods.

Enhanced Allomantic Powers


Iron active [targets: same area] Choose up to three people to protect. Those people will be protected for this action period, and for the rest of the night.

Steel active [targets: same area] Attack up to two people. Passive: Survive an attack this action period.

Tin active. Learn the location of everyone on the whole map, even those hiding in the buildings. You also learn which item is in the area with you.

Pewter active [target: same area]. Attack someone. Passive: If you are attacked during this action period, your one chance to survive is not used up (but you can’t use your pewter for the following two action periods).

Brass and Zinc daytime active [targets: anywhere]. Effect the votes of up to two people. If either of these people turn out to be practitioners of hemalurgy (including kandra), you get to control that person’s vote until you or they die, the game ends, somebody else takes control of their vote, or until they receive an aluminum hat or a blessing of stability. Enhanced emotional allomancy can pierce a non-enhanced coppercloud.

Copper background. The size of your coppercloud is increased to include the connecting rooms.

Bronze active. Discover the powers being used in the connecting areas as well. Enhanced seeking can pierce a non-enhanced coppercloud.

Gold active. Ask “how could I have achieved X?”

Malatium active [target: same area] Learn an action your target did not have the ability to take during the night.

Electrum background. Find out not only what failed, but why it failed.

Atium background. See not only whether you were killed, but who killed you.

Bendalloy background. Adds two action periods rather than one.

Cadmium background. Takes away two action periods rather than one.

Aluminum and Chromium Doubles the wait time.

Nicrosil active [targets: same area]. Nicroburst as many people as you want. (If two people nicroburst each other, they both can also nicroburst everyone else in the area.)

Duralumin Double-enhancement is addressed later, under “very rare occurrences”.

If your ability is enhanced, you will be notified at the end of the first 24 hours of night, and can add targets if applicable.



Charging feruchemy is a pain, and it takes precious time. If you accidentally use more charges than you need, the extras will not be used up. For example, if you say “...3. Tap Gold” but you aren’t attacked during action period 3, it will not use up a charge. However, you can’t say “...3. Tap Gold if I’m going to be attacked, but if not, sleep”.

At the end of every cycle in which you use feruchemy, we will tell you how many charges you have stored.

Storing weight is a background power. While storing, you can climb on buildings.
Benefits of the climbing life: You can sneak past people blocking the street. You are not visible to tineyes, and you cannot be hit by most attacks.
Climbing cons: You cannot perform actions that target someone in the same area as you, or search the area for items. Also, you can still be detected by seekers, and you can still be hit by coinshots and lynches.
If you stop storing in between actions, you drop harmlessly to the ground. Each action period you spend in the buildings counts as one charge stored. Each day spent in the buildings also counts as a charge.
You can tap weight while blocking a street to become a human doorstop. Each charge of weight you tap acts like an extra person guarding the street.
Active power: If you are in the buildings of a area, you can decide to tap 16 iron charges at once to collapse them. It counts as an attack against everyone in the area, including you. If anyone survives, they exit in a randomly selected direction.

Storing speed is an active power. You are so slow that you can’t do anything.
Tap speed while moving to move multiple spaces in one action period. If you are tapping while you try to move past a guarded street, it behaves as if there was an extra person pushing to get through. If you want to, you can say something like “... 2. Move north. 3 Move west. For actions 2 and 3, tap as many charges of steel as necessary.”

Storing senses is active. You can’t flipping see! You can’t do anything.
Tapping senses is active [target: anywhere]. For each charge you tap, I will tell you 5 words from a PM conversation or google doc that the target is a member of. They will be the most recent game-relevant words in the doc.

Storing strength is active. You are so weak. Just sit this one out.
Tapping strength is active [targets: same area]. Tap two charges to attack someone, or four charges to attack two people, or six charges to attack three people, etc.

Storing health is active. You have eczema. You blister to the touch!
Active tapping: Tap 1 charge to protect yourself this action period.
Passive tapping: If you are attacked and you have enough health stored, your power acts passively. Four charges are used up.
Gold cannot save you from a lynch.

Storing determination is bad news. Not only does it use up an action period, but you also drop any items in your possession and you attempt to travel in a random direction.
Tapping determination is bad news for your enemies. You can tap Electrum while doing other actions. Whenever an action fails, you will use electrum to try again. This gives you an extra action period, and offsets your other actions.
Example: You could send in these night actions “While tapping determination, 1 move north. 2 Coinshoot Newan. 3 Sleep.”
If somebody was guarding the door for the first two action periods and a lurcher was protecting Newan for all three action periods, here’s what would happen.
Action period 1: Pinnacle attempts to move north. Fails.
Action period 2: Pinnacle taps one charge and attempts again to move north. Fails.
Action period 3: Pinnacle taps another charge and attempts to move north yet again. Succeeds.
Action period 4: Pinnacle coinshoots Newan. Succeeds.
Action period 5: Pinnacle sleeps.

While storing breath, you find it difficult to run. Don’t move for a night to store a charge (passive). Extra oxygen to the brain helps you stay awake. Tap a charge after a night without sleeping so you can vote.

Bendalloy (passive)
You have all the food you could ever possibly need. After day three, everyone else is feeling pretty lethargic, but you get one extra action per night!

You can store mental speed slowly or quickly. Slowly doesn’t use up any of your action periods, but I won’t tell you if any of your night actions failed. Storing mental speed quickly uses up an action period. Yes, this means you could store up to 4 charges per night. When you tap mental speed (active [target: same area]), you can analyze someone Sherlock-style. Tap 1 charge: find out their team alignment. Additional charges tapped will reveal, in this order, the identity of the target if the target was selected randomly, what powers the target has, what items the target is holding, what action they are taking, and what previous actions they took.

Brass (passive)
For the first two nights you are storing. You’re cold, but it doesn’t effect your actions. If you are killed any time after that, you erupt in a ball of flames, attacking the person who killed you. If you were lynched, it attacks the last person to vote for your death.

Copper (passive)
You are the perfect messenger. As long as you are alive, direct messages are still allowed.

You can sleep extra in a night to store wakefulness, and then later you can tap wakefulness so you can vote without sleeping.

Chromium (background)
While storing fortune, bad things are twice as likely to happen to you. This includes random attacks. Each action period you spend storing fortune gives you 1 charge.
While tapping fortune, good things are twice as likely to happen per charge you tap. For example, if you tap three charges while you search for an awesome item and the owner of the gun shoots at you, there is a 2 in 3 chance of you finding the item and a 1 in 3 chance of the gun blowing up. Beware of Spinners. Beware of Hazecrusher.

If you choose to store investiture while burning a metal, that metal has no immediate effect. Later, if you tap that charge while doing some other action, you can use the metal while doing something else. You can use this to multitask. You can tap as many charges as you want at a time.

Aluminum (background power)
While storing identity, a tineye who sees you will not learn who you are, just that they saw “ a person”. While tapping, a tineye who sees you will learn who you are and what your alignment is.

Duralumin (daytime active)
While storing connection, your vote won’t count. You can still vote, but in the write up, your vote will appear just like it had been soothed.
While tapping it, your vote counts for one extra vote per charge tapped. However, you must say how many charges you are tapping in the public thread when you say what your vote is.

Atium (background power)
While storing or tapping age, you are unrecognizable to tineyes. However, you have to store or tap for a whole cycle (night and day) at a time. If you are storing age, you are old and have trouble walking. You can’t attempt to move which area you are in, or block a door. If you are tapping age, you are young and nobody listens to you. Your vote doesn’t count.

Kandra Blessings and Info


The kandra win condition is to survive as an individual. The kandra have a google doc to communicate in, but they don’t have to work together.

Each kandra starts the game with a blessing.

Blessing of Awareness: You have very good senses. Whenever you are attacked, you will be told at the end of the night who attacked you.
Blessing of Potency: You are very strong. Gives you the ability to survive one attack OR perform two night kills.
Blessing of Presence: You have an exceptional memory, and you never lapse into shock. Whenever you are attacked, one ability of the attacker will be subtly revealed in the writeup.
Blessing of Stability: You have great emotional fortitude. You cannot be taken over by emotional allomancy.

If a kandra kills another kandra, it gets to scavenge all Blessings from its body. If a kandra is killed by a non-kandra, any other kandra can go to the room where it died and say “Search for Blessing” as an action. It will have a 1 in 4 chance of finding it. Knowledge of rooms doesn’t apply to finding the blessing. You have a 1 in 4 chance every time (unless you are a spinner).

Spectators can designate themselves as mistwraiths. If they do, they can't join the spectator doc. If you get your hands on an extra blessing, you can give it to a mistwraith. That mistwraith becomes a kandra player in the game.

Very Rare Occurrences


Koloss: If anyone receives two Blessings of Potency, that player becomes a koloss. They are given access to the kandra doc and they have a new win condition: survive. They now have the ability to survive one attack per night (passive) and perform one attack per night (active [target: same room]).

If you have the same allomantic and feruchemical metal, you can compound. Once you’ve stored an amount of charge, you can specify that you are burning metal with that charge in it. You will use that amount of charge feruchemically, without expending it from your stores.

Because not all of the feruchemical abilities work that way, here are some exceptions. All of these are passive or background abilities.

Bendalloy: every three nights, you get an additional extra action. So after night three, you have four actions. After night six, you have five actions. Et cetera.
Brass: every time you are attacked, the attacker is attacked back. Say that five times fast.
Copper: you are told which PMs are open, and you can request to be added to them.

Savants: If you use your allomantic ability 12 times in a row if it is an active ability, or 6 times in a row if it is brass, zinc, copper, bronze, cadmium, or bendalloy, you become a savant. You can then use your ability as if it were duralumin enhanced every time you use it.

Multiple abilities:
Through hemalurgy or lerasium, a player can gain multiple allomantic abilities. Two active abilities cannot be used at the same time. Two daytime powers can be used at the same time, and background powers can be on while active powers are being used.

Through hemalurgy, a player can gain multiple feruchemical abilities. A player can charge multiple attributes at the same time, even though each one is considered an active ability. However, wakefulness is the only ability that can be stored while sleeping, so you cannot store any of the other attributes while storing bronze.

Double Enhancement:

There are ways that somebody can have their ability enhanced in multiple ways. They can be hit by multiple nicrosil mistings, or they can be hit by a nicrosil misting while they are using duralumin and another allomantic ability, or they can be nicroburst after they are already a savant. Any higher amount of enhancement will still just be considered to be double enhancement.

Double Enhancement doesn’t increase the wait time over that of normal enhancement. It’s already enough.

Aluminum and chromium: same as normal enhancement.

Atium and electrum: change your actions over and over again until you are satisfied.
Gold: learn exactly what would have happened if you had taken different actions for the night, and why.
Malatium: ask about some actions to see if the shadow of your target took them. If the shadow took those actions, the real target didn’t, and vice versa.
Cadmium and bendalloy: 2 less or more action periods rather than 2.
Copper and bronze: the effect extends to the entire map.
Zinc and brass: effect the votes of up to 3 players.
Tin: learn everyone’s locations, learn what items are in which rooms, and learn what actions everyone in the same room as you took during this action period.
Pewter: the effect is doubled. You can attack two people and survive two attacks this action period.
Steel: you can survive an attack this action period, and you can attack up to four people in the same room as you.
Iron (muahahahahaha): you you lurch all of the hemalurgic spikes from everyone in the room. You gain all of those powers, and they lose them. If you stole allomancy or hemalurgy from a spiked, you are now spiked. They are no longer spiked, and they have no powers. If you stole the blessings from a kandra, it becomes a mistwraith and is effectively dead unless someone puts a blessing into it. You join the spiked doc and the kandra doc if you stole those spikes. Note: allomantic enhancement powers come from aluminum spikes, and feruchemical spiritual powers come from duralumin spikes. Those metals are allomantically inert, and will not be stolen with this ability.

If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed.

Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game.

The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.

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Reserved for clarifications and player list

Clarifications and Updates:

Double Enhanced Allomantic bendalloy/Allomantic cadmium: 3 action periods, not 2

Enhanced Allomantic iron: You may select up to 3 people to protect.

Player List

1. Haelbarde- Edrab Leah, a twitchy man who is constantly looking up...

2. Master Elodin- Alexandra Rotec, a mysterious person about whom nothing is known...

3. TheSilverDragon- Star Thief, a small shiny robber who excels at muggings...

4. Wonko the Sane- Kwon, a very suspicious metallurgist...

5. Mailliw73- Millie the sheriff, who has been strangely off lately...

6. Clanky- Cylkan the lamplighter, who seems to have too many luxuries for his salary...

7. Mark IV- Myte the "aluminum gnat" who was last seen dodging a bullet- literally...

8. Arraenae- Kae and Verre, neither of whom is a Steel Inquisitor- or so they claim...

9. Kynedath- Sumath Caelum, an unknown reaching for the sky...

10. DeathClutch19- Eren Jaeger, a drunkard who claims to be sober...

11. Amanuensis- Siaron the Scorned, the only person here who calls themself a bastard...

12. Burnt Spaghetti- Jala Ghetti, a secretive woman who only wears purple...

13. IrulelikeSTINK- a "skaa" with no name, who thinks he's opposing the Final Empire (little does he know that he really is)

14. TheMightyLopen- Silas, the only person here who isn't suspicious at all, which makes him even more so...

15. Araris Valerian- ArSel, who claims that he got his name from his parents yet can't remember theirs...

16. yafeshan- a cookie monster who claims to be inexperienced...

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Bother. I don't truly have the time for this, but a LG11 rerun?! Edrab Leah is signing up! Hopefully I don't die in my sleep again...


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Look at that. Two games posted at once. I'd like a link to the spec doc, if there is one.


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Sign me up as Alexandra Rotec.


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This looks like fun, I'll sign up as Star Thief, the small, utterly adorable shiny thief. 


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I actually feel kind of bad for the Spiked.


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That may or may not have been intentional. :P:ph34r:

Edited by phattemer

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By the way, when does this start?


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In main post now.


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Ah, memories! Except for you, Hael. That was not a good memory :(.

EDIT: Also getting Meta attacked 7 times in one night.

I dunno who I should play. For now, sign me up as Kwon, city metalsmith and metallurgist.

Kwon died before the original game began, though, and I had thought LenReen had gone to Sel. We'll see.

I haven't fully read the rules yet. Are there any rules changes from the original?

Edited by Wonko the Sane

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Millie the Sheriff is back!


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Even if this new city isn't underground it still needs someone to take care of the streetlamps during the night.


Cylkan the lamplighter once again won't let a little murder get in the way of his job!


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Alexandra- Alex for short- does not feel the need to reveal her job or the fact that she may or may not be addicted to drugs.


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Is it shrooms, Alex? That could be a real problem, now that we've lost access to our mushroom farms.


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It's STORMLIGHT! I got some from Hoid and now I'm hooked. Cylkan! What are you using to light those lamps?

Edited by Master Elodin

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It's STORMLIGHT! I got some from Hoid and now I'm hooked. Cylkan! What are you using to light those lamps?

That is a secret of the lamplighters guild. If I told you then I would have to kill you.  :)  


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Myte was part of the original exodus. Nobody really knew whether he really was a twinborn. He'd claimed to be an aluminium gnat, and nobody could verify that. Only he knew what powers he had.

Now this peaceful settlement was in danger. Myte would do anything to stop it.

-------------End bad intoduction-------------

Well, I'll be signing up for this. I'll have to teach my autocorrect to not change Myte to Mute. XD


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That is a secret of the lamplighters guild. If I told you then I would have to kill you.  :)

Then please, when I die, tell me the secret.

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Signing up as Kae and Verre, orphaned siblings who grew up with only each other. Kae is the older brother, and Verre is the younger sister. For Verre, Kae is a father figure, brother, and friend all at the same time, and would rather lie to him than disappoint him.


This is going to be interesting to RP.


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What guild? As I recall, there was an active conspiracy to keep the lights dark, in the Village.


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Didn't Winter Cloud used to play two characters, one of whom was named Kae?

EDIT: Sorry, double post unintentional.

Edited by Wonko the Sane

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I'll sign up as Eren Jaeger

Edited by DeathClutch19

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