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The Steam-Casters Ring

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So. I wrote a story. Again.

this is one time that i have actually had a somewhat developed Magic syste, in it.

Please. Read, and enjoy.

Part 1:

Redmond turned the small gear in his fingers, contemplating life. This particular gear was pure gold. He set down the gear on the table next to him, beside a large bowl filled with more gears. The gears in the bowl were mainly bronze, though there were some iron, silver, and steel ones. There was another gold gear too, for his latest project. He was reluctant to do it, for it would take a large amount of effort, and he w asn't sure that Willikin would use it for the purpose. Perhaps he could Steam it to do it without Willikin, if needed.

Redmond stood, dropped the gold gear into the bowl, and picked up the bowl. He walked with it toward a large wood work table. He sat, and set down the bowl. He picked up a few large bronze gears, and a few small ones. Of the steps of making Gear-Construc- ted objects, this was his favorite part. He dumped all of the gears on the table. There was a grand variety of them. He picked the four large iron gears, and a few small ones, and shaped them into the needed shape; four small pads, for feeling. He grabbed the bronze gears and began working up each of those, until he had four small legs.

Willikin entered the room. Redmond didn't see him, because he was working, but he could feel his presence.

"Good afternoon, Willikin," Remond stated, turning in his chair to face him. Willikin jumped visibly. Redmond smiled. Willikin frowned, "How did you know i was here? I was being so sneaky!"

"Well, Willikin, i have the unfair advantage of Steam," Redmond stood and ruffled Willikin's blonde hair. Willikin harrumphed, then gave his friend a hug, ruffling both of their long brown over-coats. Redmond straightened his black vest, and retreived a comb from his coat to comb his red hair.

"So, Mr. High-Steam-Caster, whatcha' Constructing today?"

"Something that may change the fate of our Steamdom, Will," Redmond sat back down, reaching for a few more bronze gears. He paused.

"Hey, Will, would you hand me that bronze bowl and that bronze cylinder?"

Nodding, Willikin stood, snatching the two objects off of the stand. Redmond accepted them. He then continued his work, Willikin watching intently. Redmond set the cylinder atop the bronze legs. Redmond sat back, then pulled on his goggles. Willikin stepped back, waiting. Redmond mentally reached out, Steam appeared around him, and the gears on the table began to shift. They began rolling against each other, spinning up the legs and forming a body around the cylinder.

Willikin jumped back in surprise. Redmond hesitantly pulled up his glasses and the steam dispersed and the gears stopped shifting. He glanced at Willikin, "Startled, Will?"

"Red, I can never get used to how strange that magic is."

Despite Willikin's effort to disclose how Steam works, he was obviously still surrised by it. Redmond chuckled, then looked toward the newly formed body. So far, it had paws and a thin, round body, for it to be quick ot it's feet - or paws. He picked up more bronze gears, for movement, and swiftly formed a tail. He tipped it with iron.

He grabbed the bronze bowl from beside him, and filled it with a few carefully placed gears. Then, he took all of the silver gears, for consious thought, forming them ontop of the half-sphere to make it a full sphere. Redmond stood, and grabbed a bronze tube, two triangles and a sphere that had a hole in the top and could be pulled apart. He pulled open the sphere, stuffed the gear sphere inside of it, then set it ontop of the tube, which he connected to the body with more gears. Pulling on his goggles, he again used Steam to shift the gears, so they moved up into neatly organized lines, forming a neck upto the head. He kept his goggles on this time. He set the bronze triangles ontop of the head, and gears shifted up to meet them, and a few tiny bronze ones covered the back of the ear, while the rest fromed from small gears of steel, for hearing. The bronze gears continued their work, forming a muzzle, and using steel on the nose and inside of the mouth, for taste and smell. All of the gears where it place except two.

Red sat back, goggles still on, the Steam still shifting gears, despite two being missing. This, was the most delicate part of the process, in Redmond's mind. He reached for the two gold gears. This step, he always did without Steam. This would give eyesight to his Gear-Constructed cat. Stopping the Steam, he quietly clicked the gold gears into place. He activated his Steam. The cat stood up straight, shaking himself and purring softly.

"Hello," Redmond welcomed, waiting to see if it had enough silver to reply.

The cat looked to Willikin, who looked shocked, and then back to Redmond, and meowed in a light, childlike voice, "Hello! Who are you?"

Willikin cheered behind Redmond. Redmond smiled and told the cat, "My name is Redmond, I am the High-Steam-Caster, and the one who created you. This is my friend Willikin, the king of the Steamdom."

"Master Redmond, might I ask you to explain the meaning of "High-Steam-Caster", "Steamdom", and "King" to me?"

"Got it. Though, you don't have to call me Master Redmond, just call me Red. Later we can develop you a personality, and give you a bit more silver so you can learn. Until then, I'll wait a while to explain, okay?"

"Okay, Red."

"Wow, Red," Willikin stated, standing, "That's grand! What do you plan on using him for?"

"Well, Will, that is exactly what i needed to talk to you about today . . . ."

Ten years later.

Silvia walked slowly, looking left and right at the Gear-Constructed machines. These machines poured liquid metals into molds, cooled them off, and then dumped the resulting gears into their various containers. This was Silvia's job. Despite being only thirteen, her foster father, Alexander, let her work in this shop, Gears & Gadgets. Though the machines did all the work, and the only thing she needed to do was tell Mortimer if a machine broke down, she still took her job very seriously.

Since she wasn't quite old enough to earn money, she was paid in gears. She loved gears. She could craft with them. They were her happiness. She loved to build miniature objects, then break them and build more. She hated to destroy them each time, but she didn't have money to perswade a Steam-Caster to use Steam on it. Atleast, once Mortimer was gone, she would have enough skill in Gear-Construction that she could inherit his shop.

The air smelled of dust, and the room was silent except the noise of gears grinding on gears. The large machines were powered by the Steam of five different Steam-Casters, because most minor Steam-Casters could only power small objects. There were few lights on. Gear-Constructed lights had been invented only a year ago, and then Gears & Gadgets had been one of the only ones with enough money to afford them. The rices had gone down since then, allowing a few more people to buy them, but most people just used their lanterns.

Silvia hear a door slam, and someone stomped through the aisles made by the machines.

"Alexander, you're needed for Samson's delivery!" Mortimer appeared, turning down the aisle Silvia was in. He saw her and stood up straighter. His light brown over coat flapped behind him, slowing as he stopped. He looked up at her with piercing blue eyes, under thick black eyebrows. Mortimer's hand, which had a Steam-Caster's ring, marking his rank, moved upward in a gesture to her. "Hey there, girl. Do you know where the man went?"

"Sir, I-I think he went to deliver some more orders. He only stopped here for a moment."

"Fine. Girl, tell Alex to deliver the Gear-Constructed refrigerater to Samson. I'll give you a few extra gears for it."

Silvia nodded, and Mortimer moved off. Then he moved back, shuffling to the door, muttering to himself. Silvia continued through her work, wandering the small aisles, though still not losing herself. She had the place memorized.

Silvia sat in the workshop with her newly-received gears, and a few old ones. She began to construct a small object. She constructed a sphere. She grabbed each side, and twisted. The gears twisted with her hands. She smiled and pulled out a small gear, the object falling apart. She started shaping something new. She stood as she fiddled with it.

Something clinked to the ground behind her. Silvia whirled. She spotted a small gear. She slowly approached it. She picked it up. It was a small bronze gear, so tiny that the teeth were biting against her skin, threatening to cut it. She pocketed the gear.

Another gear clanked to the ground, right beside where the first had fallen. Hissing followed, then a voice whispered, in a child-like voice, "Oh, rusty gears! I really meant to be a bit more stealthy with that."

Silvia jumped, looking up, where the voice was coming from. Two small lights stared back at her. She stumbled, dropping her gears. A Gear-Constructed cat stood before her, bronze head tilted to the right, tail waving left to right slowly. The cat looked at the gears she'd dropped. It padded to them, paws making soft clinks on the ground, and began to set all the gears in an organized pile. Silvia knelt down, watching it intently.

It looked up at her, "Hello, might i ask what your name is?"

"Um . . . My name is Silvia," she stumbled over her words, collecting the fallen gears and standing. She moved and sat down at a table, continuing her gear-work. The cat followed her. She didn't know how she knew, as she wasn't looking, but she knew. It leapt onto the table, laying down by the gears.

"So, cat, do you have a name?"

"No, i do not." It was an unusual response. Silvia was used to people telling their names after that.

"So, Can i call you . . . Gears?" Silvia didn't look up from her project. She smiled at the little ornate, Gear-Constructed mouse. Gears, the newly named cat, leaned over and chomped at the mouse, downing all of the gears. Silvia stood, pushing back her chair and snatching the cat up, holding him in a dangerous hold.

"Cough it up, Gears. Those are my pride and joy, I'd rather not lose those."

Clanks filled the room. Silvia set Gears on the table and gatherd up her gears, stuffing them in her pocket, "Why would you do that, Gears?"

Gears smiled in a very catty way, "Ah, i guess you are a Geariphilisist!"

"A what? Whatever, I just like my gears. I wish i had money to let a Steam-Caster use Steam to power one of them, though."

"Ah, a Steamiphilisist! Silv, how do you know how Steam-Casting works?"

"I know about as much as everyone else."

"No, no Silvia. You see, No one knows that. They don't know about Steam, or Gears. Only the Steam-Casters know about that."

"Whatever. And, what does Steamiphilisist mean?"

"It means you love the concept of Steam."

"Well . . . I guess i do."

"Nice. Your father would be proud that you are a Steamiphilisist."


"Yes, he was fascinated by it."

"What else can you tell me about him?"

"Just wait Silvia. The day will soon come."

"Okay, i guess i am used to waiting."

Alexander walked through the door. Happily, Silvia stood and waved to him, smiling. Alexander, who walked up to her, wore a white shirt, with a green vest over it; None of the vest's buttons were done up.

"How are you, Silvia?" He asked kindly, giving her a hug.

"I've been great. I met this cat. It was Gear-Constructed."

"That sounds nice, Silvia," Alex reached into his pocket. "I brought something for you."

"Really?" Silvia asked excitedly, bouncing lightly on her toes and clapping her hands together. Because he was a loving foster father, Alexander always had some of the coolest gifts. He pulled out a small box, with a ribbon tied around it. The box was painted to look like it was made out of bronze gears.

Silvia accepted the gift gratefully.

"Now, you have to wait until tommorow to open it," Alex explained.

Silvia look up at him, pushing some of her black hair from her face, "Why?"

"Tommorow is Christmas. That is what that gift is for."

Silva nodded, "Thank you," she stuck the box into her trouser pocket.

Mortimer stomped through the front door, shaking snow off of his coat. He was grumbling to himself as he sat down in the chair behind the front desk. Alexander rushed to him, "What is troubling you, Mortimer?"

"Have you heard?" Mortimer questioned.

"Oh, yes, indeed."

"Alex, that might be the end of our shop here."

"Oh my. I assume you are correct. But, what might we do about it?"

Silvia strode toward them, "What happened?"

Mortimer mumbled something unintelligible. Alex explained, "the High-Steam-Caster died today."

"Why will that end our shop? Aren't there other Steam-Casters?"

"Yes," Mortimer whispered, "But, the High-Steam-Caster was the one who assigned a few to us, and they had to obey him, so if they stopped powering our machines, they got punished. Now, they may stop powering the city whenever they wish. NOt only that, but they'll all be fighting over who gets to be the new High-Steam-Caster. Apparently, King Willikin will be adressing us all tommorow in the town square. I almost feel bad for him."

"WHy do you feel bad for him?"

"He lost his best friend today, Sil," Alexander explained, thoughtfully rubbing his chin. "And, he's never been the best at public speaking."

"Well," Mortimer stated, "We'll just have to wait and hear what he says tommorow"

Part 2:

The morning was frigid as people gathered in the town square. Silvia pulled her coat closer around her as she strode alongside Alex and Mortimer. She shivered. Winter was her favorite, because of the snow, but it still had its downside of cold.

Small shops and inns surrounded the square. People crowded in, leaving a space in the center as they anxiously awaited the arrival of King Willikin. The people chattered, though Silvia couldn't pick out any sentences. The light wind brushed Silvia's red cheeks. Silvia quietly and quickly wiped her nose, though she couldn't feel it due to the cold, it still had a lasting itch.

A hush fell over the crowd. The only noises were the light whistle of the wind and the sound of the king's boots across the ground. Silvia saw the king shivering as he moved to address the people. He wasn't scrawny, but he wasn't fat either. He had blonde hair, so light it was almost the color of his skin. He held a few papers in his hands, which appeared to be notes.

He nervously cleared his throat, then began, "Um . . . It truely sorrows me to say, that our High-Steam-Caster has past away. Um. . . You are all probably curious as to who his successor will be, due to the fact that there was no known heir."

People began to whisper among themselves, causing Willikin to look even more nervous. They hushed as Willikin continued.

"There was, indeed, and heir. But, he or she has been lost. So, I have devised a plan; It will be self-explanitory," The King, who stepped back, threw something infront of him, and walked away. Steam appeared by the object he'd thrown, and people began backing away. Silvia pushed forward to see. A few screams erupted. As she reached the front, Silvia saw what they'd been staring at. She froze, bewildered. Growing out of the ground, was a large stone skeleton. Slowly, the Steam began to disperse. The skeleton, looked away, held it's hand out behind it, then froze, acting like a statue again.

Because of the surprising appearance, the people waited, tense, afraid that if they moved, that it might move again. Something began crawling on the ground. It appeared to be a Gear-Constructed spider, the gears as small, or smaller, than the gear that Silvia had found when Gears had dropped it. It began to crawl up the statue.

"Wow, that is actually cooler than Red said it would be!" Silvia jumped, but calmed herself as Gears appeared beside her.

"What? Gears, do you know the Constructer of this object?"

"Yes. It was the High-Steam-Caster's work."

The spider crawled and latched onto the finger of the statue, forming into a ring. A peice of paper slid out of the ring. Someone grabbed it and read aloud for all to hear.

" 'If you take the ring from this statue, it gives you power, and you will become the new High-Steam-Caster. Simple, right?' "

A man from the crowd pushed his way to the skeleton, mumbling about how easy he was planning this to be. He laid his hand on the ring, in an attempt to pull it off. He heaved, groaning. He couldn't yank it free.

Mortimer laughed at his effort. He stepped forward, delicately putting forward his neat, un-worked fingers, and yanking on the ring. It didn't become loose. His face was one of complete surprise. A girl, with the badge of a minor Steam-Caster, pushed him back, giving her own attempt. Mortimer humphed, striding back towards Alex and Silvia. Slowly, and hesitantly, more and more people began trying their own. Alex didn't try. Silvia wanted to, but decided she couldn't. Not even the Steam-Casters can pull it off, so how could I? she thought.

"Come on, let's go," Mortimer stated gruffly, and he led the way back to Gears & Gadgets. Silvia lingered a moment, then turned. More people began to disperse, until the only thing left in the square was the statue with the ring. Silvia ran the rest of the way to the the shop, beating Mortimer and Alexander to it by about half an hour.

She sat, and Gear jumped onto the chair next to her. Silvia shook her head, out of breath.

"Why didn't you try, Silvia?"

"I couldn't. Even those Steam-Casters couldn't."

"But, what if you did?"

"Gears, I wouldn't have. But even if I had, I couldn't take a place like that. I don't know why."

"I think it's the change that you fear, Silvia. I believe that is normal for humans, young and old. They wish things to stay how they are, good or bad, because they fear that things may accidentally change for worse. And, they know how to deal with the common curcumstances, not with ones unknown to them. And yet, change happens, better or worse, despite what they wish."

"I-I. . . Those are wise words, Gears. I think you're right. Even if i was the heir, i don't think i am ready to accept that change yet."

"Of course. I will see you after noon, let you ponder that thought. I have someone else to visit for a while. He's a good friend of mine. His wife died about a year ago, and he recently lost a good friend."


"Yes, Silvia?"

"Go comfort him. He really needs it. I think the best think to cheer someone up - or give them advice - is Gear-Constructed cat like you."

Gears padded away. Silvia let the thought of change bounce around her mind as she waited for Alex and Mortimer.

"Why, I never thought of that!" Alexander's rough, gentlemanly voice exclaimed as Silvia watched him swing open the door, letting Mortimer inside.

"Thought of what?" Silvia wondered.

"The governor said that they would be holding a Metal-Workers contest, inviting all the Metal-Workers from all of the Steamdoms. They will each create a Gear-Constructed creature, and then they will all fight; then we will have them try for the ring."

"Well, that's smart of them. When will this happen?"

"New Years Eve, my dear. Six days from now. Enough time to get almost all of the Metal-Workers here. Mortimer will be competing. Have you opened your gift yet?"

Silvia set the box on the table in front of her staring at it, "No, not yet."

Alex laughed then settled down beside her, "Well, open it, then!"

Silvia smiled. She removed the ribbon, and hesitantly removed the lid. Inside, were two medium, gold gears. She reached in. She examined the gears.

"It is said the gold gears-"

"-give Gear-Constructed objects sight! But, they're so expensive!" Silvia looked up at Alex, a grin on her face, "Now, the only thing that i really need is a Steam-Caster to power my objects! Oh, thank you so much, Alex!"

Silvia walked through the aisles. The competition was in three days. She had memorized what she needed to bring for Mortimer. Thirty bronze gears, ten silver gears, two gold gears, twenty-five steel and iron gears, wrench, metal pieces, and, most importantly, the Steam-Caster's ring. A Steam-Caster's ring, depending on the type of metal, marked a person's rank. Gold for a High-Steam-Caster, and a king, Silver for lesser Steam-Casters, and bronze or copper for Metal-Workers like Mortimer. They were Gear-Constructed in a special way, because that way, Steam-Casters could detect if one was fake. He couldn't be allowed in without one. She just hoped she wouldn't forget anything

Part 3:

Silvia adjusted her goggles on her forehead. She adjusted the strap on the bag that she carried, full of gears and all the things that Mortimer needed. Mortimer wore a smile. He rode a Gear-Constructed horse, which was rare considering that they no-longer had a High-Steam-Caster. Silvia strode confidently beside him. Alexander would be in the audience, watching. Mortimer was fourth on the list of competitors, so they didn't have to check in for a while. Silvia was had been given permission to watch the first two matches with Alex. It was an exciting thought. Even if she had to carry the bag and keep it with her.

They reached a large tent, to keep all of the visitors from the cold. A few Steam-Casters had helped make some heaters throughout the tent. As they strode in, Silvia could really feel the warmth, and was glad for it.

Mortimer nodded for her to leave as moved to find a spot in the front row and wait. Silvia rushed to the stands, where people sat and chatted impatiently. Suprisingly, they had some of the new Gear-Constructed lights instead of lanterns. Probably to prevent a fire.

Someone waved at her, and Silvia spotted a familiar, open-vested figure. She ran to Alexander, sitting next to him. He smiled at her. She bounced up and down on her seat.

King Willikin strode out onto the field. Conversations hushed. People stared intently. There was a silence in the room.

"Welcome, citezens, to the Metal-Worker Tournament!" The people cheered. Silvia cheered with them.

"Thank you so much for coming. I am King Willikin, here to help judge. While we wait for the competitors to be ready, let me explain the rules: Each Metal-Worker has a certain amount of gears. They have been given a few moments to construct their creature. Then, they show off their warriors, a Steam-Caster will use their Steam on it, and they will begin to fight. The judges know what the competitors can and can't do, and the Metal-Workers should know too.

"A Metal-Worker wins by having their Gear-Constructed stay together until the end. They lose if their creature is gone, nothing more than a few gears. Now, let's welcome our competitors, Eli, and Mary."

The King strode off the stage. A woman paced onto the stage as the people cheered. She had short, brown hair, and wore a black corsett and trowsers with a white shirt. Behind her was a large, bronze, Gear-Constructed dragon. Well, large for how many gears she was aloud to bring. It was about one and a half feet tall, and all of the gears were bright and shiny, the light glintiing off of them and onto the crowd. Mary, who waved to the crowd, touched the dragon's nose. It's wings unfolded and it flapped a few inches into the air. It was impressive, considering how heavy it should be.

A skinny man wearing a bright purple vest, and a dark maroon overcoat strode onto the other side of the field. He had dirty-blonde hair and he wore a tall black top hat. He reached into his pocket and withdrew a small Gear-Constructed spider. Many people had to lean forward to see what he was holding. Silvia couldn't see it. She didn't know how, but she knew it was a spider.

"Let the match begin!"

Eli set down the spider and dashed to the back of the stage, as did Mary. Neither of them wanted to be hit.

The tiny spider dashed across the field, so fast that the dragon could not keep track of where it moved. The dragon jumped, and soared into the air, shooting small gears out of it's mouth, seemingly at random. It had terrible aim, and did not even know where it's target was. It landed again, seeking to find the spider.

Suddenly, it jerked to the side, a few small gears popping off of it's left arm. It scratched at its arm, trying to reach it's claws toward the small spider trapped inside. More gears flew, this time leaving a gaping hole in the dragon's wing. The dragon began rolling on the ground, scratching off a few of its own gears, anxiously trying to free itself from the spider.

Mary, who created the dragon, was on her knees, weeping. She knew how this would end. Eli, on the other side of the field leapt victoriously, pumping his fists as the spider removed more of the dragon's gears.

Because of the spider's talents, the dragon lost it's right wing entirely. A few gears from the bottom had been removed, and the gears sprinkled the ground, useless. The left wing fled it's owner in a similar fashion. Grinding noises were made and gears flew in the air, like a chainsaw cutting wood.

The back legs of the dragon were screwed off, the front torn to uselessness. The body was being speedily taken apart, like that of a degrading body. Soon all that was left was a pile of gears, large and small, and the tiny spider, which had won, ran back to it's owner.

Mary was led away, still mourning the loss of her precious dragon. Eli left the field. He still had quite a bit of time before his next match. Alex tapped Silvia on the shoulder, gesturing toward her lap.

There was Gears, sitting happily on her lap and staring out onto the field.

"Eli made a wise choice. There may be great warriors, and great creators, but sometimes, the smaller is more complex, and therefore harder to break apart. Silvia, you think yourself small, and i believe that you are correct. But, small things rule the world, and they make up the objects we know today.I think you can learn something from this. A small thing, even you, may have the power to become High-Steam-Caster, and lead this Steamdom."

Silvia did not answer. She turned back to where a new match was beginning, but , because of Gear's words, didn't pay attention as the thoughts rolled around in her head. She became completely oblivious to the match, absorbed into her thoughts.

"Silvia!" Alexander whispered, shaking her, "Silvia, you need to give the supplies to Mortimer!"

Silvia nodded and moved out, trailed by Gears.

Mortimer stood waiting in the central room. His plan was to work on his object before the match started. That way, he'd have the object ready before the five minutes he would be given to build, and would only need to tweak it some.

Mortimer sat by a table, and Silvia handed him a few bronze gears and all of the metal pieces that he needed for form. He began to construct. Silvia handed him gears when he demanded them, and would hold things in place while he stuck them together.

Silvia wasn't quite sure what kind of creature he was building, but she didn't question him. She peeked through the curtains to see what was happening.

A unicorn stood above a pile of gears. It was Mortimer's turn to fight. Silvia ran back and explained this to Mortimer, who delicately set his creation into the bag. He stood and started toward where he would wait until the contest started. A woman with a Steam-Caster's ring on stood, blocking the entry.

"Show me your ring and I'll letcha' through," she stated with a dull, bored voice. Mortimer reached his hand out toward Silvia, a gesture for the ring. Silvia reached into the bag. There was no ring. She opened the bag and knelt on the ground, searching frantically for the ring.

"I-I don't have it in here, Mortimer, Sir."

"What? No ring! Girl, go fetch it. We only have a few minutes. I can stall."

Silvia was about to protest; Gears & Gadgets was about two hours away. But, she knew that if she didn't follow his orders, she would be punished.

"May I borrow your Gear-Constructed horse, Sir?"

"Only if you must!"

Silvia nodded and dashed through the exit. She leapt onto the horse and rode. It took off at an incredible speed. All that Silvia could see was the blur of houses going by. She still probably wouldn't make it in time. Soon, Silvia slowed, then stopped, sliding off the horse and masaging her leg muscles. That had been a bumpy ride.

Mortimers turn was now. She didn't have time to stop. But, as she reached the Town Square, she saw the object that would solve all of her problems.

She reached for the finger on the skeleton's hand and pulled off the ring. She gave no thought about the miracle that just ocurred. She also didn't give and thought to the fact that the ring was gold, not bronze like Mortimer's. Still, she assumed that it would do.

She slid the ring onto her finger so that it wouldn't drop. It shrunk to fit her finger, as those rings do. She climbed back onto the horse and rode back, hoping to not be late.

She swung easily off of the horse. She grabbed the bag, Gears walked beside her. Hesitantly, she strode inside. People were inside the main room, complaining about how long the wait was for the next match.

"I got the ring, Mortimer!" Silvia proudly proclaimed, holding up the ring. The room froze. Mortimer pushed his way toward her and snatched the ring. He inspected the ring.

"Where," He questioned, "Where, girl, did you get this?"

"F-from the. . ." She gulped, realizing what'd just happened. She took a deep breath and started again, "You needed your ring, and fast. So, I took your Gear-Constructed horse and started riding there. I got to the Town Square, saw the ring on the statue and took it off. It would've taken longer to get your ring."

The people in the room began murmuring among themselves.

"You're lying, little girl. Tell me the truth."

Silvia pointed out the door, "How about we try it? Put it back on, and see if you can pull it off again."

Mortimer nodded, and started out. People followed him. Alex caught up to her and hugged her.

"Are you okay, Silvia?"

Silvia nodded, walking with the crowd back to Town Square. More people were filing out of the building.

One man, who appeared to be King Willikin, walked beside someone, asking him a question. The other man shrugged and pointed forward. The king moved farther down the line, and asked that person a question. They shrugged and pointed ahead. He again moved down the line, until he reached Alexander.

"Sir, do you know who it was that supposedly pulled the ring off of the stone statue?"

Alexander gestured to Silvia. She waved. Willikin smiled.

"So it's you then. You must be Silvia."

Silvia started, "How do you know my name?"

"I'll tell you after this whole parade is over, and your are revealed as the true High-Steam-Caster."

With that, he walked away, down the line. Silvia kept moving. Soon, they reached the Town Square, where Mortimer was delicately putting the ring back on the finger of the statue. He removed his hand for a moment, then tugged on the ring. It didn't slip off. A girl, the one named Mary, pushed forward and tried it. It still did not budge. Silvia stepped forward, and placed her hand on the ring. Under her fingers, the gears moved, obeying some unheard command. They loosed, and Silvia thought that she could feel the slightest bit of Steam blow off of them. She gave a light tug and the ring was free. The people cheered.

Willikin, at the front of the crowd, bowed to her, "All hail Silvia! Our new High-Steamcaster!"

Gears bowed at her feet, well, bowed as much as a Gear-Constructed cat could. I think it is the change you fear, Silvia. Mortimer grudgingly bowed, his contrite feelings written all over his face. Sometimes, the small things rule over the larger ones. They are more complex, and therefore harder to break. Alexander bowed, and Silvia added her own quote to her thoughts. Even if times change, and small things begin to rule over smaller ones, the best people still have their good friends to help them face their trials.

Soon, Silvia, Alexander, and Gears were whisked away into the castle where Redmond used to stay. Silvia sat on a plush bed, Gears purring on her lap. She still did not know how he managed that.



"You said you knew my father."

"I do. What would you like to know about him?"

"Who was he? Describe him to me. What was his name? Hobby? Friends?"

"His name was Redmond."

"The High-Steam-Caster?"

"Yes. He crafted the gears in your ring in a way so only your Steam-Casting power could move them."

"Thank you, Gears, Thanks for everything. Now, please, tell me everything you know."


Willikin glanced at Silvia as she sat in a couch across from him, fiddling with a set of gears. Her method of construction was much like that of her father's, now that she was High-Steam-Caster. He sighed, smiling at her. He missed Red. But, Willikin thought, i believe that I'll be too busy advising this young maiden to think of him any longer. Besides, he had more company around, and watching Silvia playing with her father's Gear-Constructed cat was a fun way to spend his time. Silvia called Willikin her uncle, because Redmond and Williking had been close enough to be brothers. Willikin had explained to her about how he had given Gears a note and had told him to take the baby, Silvia, to someone who would care for her.

The note had said, "Her name is Silvia, please care for her."

Silvia had seemed satisfied by Willikin's explanation.

Silvia hadn't lended her Steam to others much, because she had been creating lots of her own objects. She also had been feeding Gears some gears everyday, improving his senses and making him one of the most intelligent beings in all of the Steamdoms. He gave Silvia advice at some points, but Gears was still more of a kitten than a cat, so he loved to play with his owner.

Silvia had been making plans to teach poor people how to construct things out of gears, and would then sell some of the best creations, and pay them back in gears, just how she'd learned. She had a grand amount of space left in the castle, and what seemed like an endless amount of rooms, so she would let the poor stay in her castle. The money that she received from the Gear-Constructed objects that she sold would be given to cooks to make meals three times a day.

So far, she was a great High-Steam-Caster.

"Uncle?" Silvia asked, demolishing Willikin's train of thought, pushing it into oblivion, and pounding him into the real world, where he jumped in shock. "Um. . . Yes, Sil?"

"What did my father tell you that this ring would do?"

"He told me that the statue would appear, and that you would be the one to pull off the ring and gain the power it bestows."

"But, it didn't really give me my power, right?"

"Well, your father said it would."

"But, i think i have always had this ability."

"What makes you say that?"

Silvia thought for a moment, "Well . . . when i first met Gears, i had been playing with my gears to create a Gear-Constructed mouse."

"Okay. What happened with this mouse?"

"Well, Gears ate it, and i had to pull all the gears back out of him."

"But, what does this have to do with your abilities?"

"Shh, I'm getting there. Right before he ate it, the mouse's eyes light up. I thought it'd just been the sun bouncing off of it, but now i think it'd actually come alive.

"Why else would Gears've eaten it? I mean, he knew about my father and my abilities, so he must've noticed it collecting the Steam, then eaten it so i wouldn't notice."

"Hm. . . I think you may be right. . ."

"Well, and whenever i try to give someone Steam-Casting powers it's never worked. So, the ring couldn't of done that, right?"

"Yes, I believe that the Steam around the gears on that ring had been changed to only respond when you were the one to twist it."

Silvia glanced at her ring. This Steam-Caster's ring would lead her on adventures that they could not even begin to comprehend.

Did you like it?

Give me some Feedback!

WHo was your favorite/least favorite character?

Why did you like/dislike him/her?

Did you notice anything confusing in the story? (If you did, please let me know, so i can explain it to you. and maybe make my story better)

Anything else?

Thanks for reading! (If you did)

~ Carola out


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What do you call a jerk who's a steamcaster?

A SteamPunk.

More seriously, I like it but I think Silvia becoming the high Steamcaster happens a little too soon. Also, maybe remove the hyphen, because it sounds better without it. For example, Surge-binders sound worse than Surgebinders.

Edited by Master Elodin

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What do you call a jerk who's a steamcaster?

A SteamPunk.

More seriously, I like it but I think Silvia becoming the high Steamcaster happens a little too soon. Also, maybe remove the hyphen, because it sounds better without it. For example, Surge-binders sound worse than Surgebinders.

Yes. um. . . the reason for this being so fast was because i needed to write this entire thing in one week for my writing class... Iwill probably change it to be longer, add more adventure, etc. Thank you for your commentary. Is there anything else you think i missed?

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No. My favourite character was Mortimer, by the way.


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No. My favourite character was Mortimer, by the way.

Thanks. Wow. . . didn't expect that to happen. . .


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