[BoM spoilers] Architecture elsewhere

By ecohansen in Mistborn,
  So, have we seen a long, narrow bunkerlike building that Kelsier would have seen but Wax would not have?  My first thought was the Lord Ruler's hut, but Wax saw that in Shadows of Self.  My second thought was something in Secret History, but   Similarly, nothing in the Eleventh Metal seemed to fit.   So, how about the guard hut at the Pits of Hathsin that Sazed visits in HoA?  Kelsier would probably have seen it when he was entering the Pits, and when he left.  That building was never described very thoroughly, but it seems like it might fit.   So, if that's the case, it could mean one of two things.  One (1), mining communities everywhere put particular constraints on architecture, so this could mean that Kelsier recognized the architecture of a mining town, and the Southerners already had a significant metal industry before he arrived (What were they using it for)?  It would make sense that mining communities could survive the longest, since they could make use of a bit of geothermal heat.   The second option (2), of course, is that it WAS the guard building at the Pits of Hathsin: Harmony moved the Pits to the South Pole, and the Southerners will have a monopoly on Atium when it re-emerges.   But I'm definitely not convinced that I've identified the right building.  Anybody else have any ideas on what the building might be?
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