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Twinborn Twins : Flint & Locke Smithe

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Hey all, Vice, nice to meet you all.

I have a couple of character ideas based on the infrastructure Mr. Sanderson created with the twinborn addition to Scadrial.

A group of talented mistings and ferrings split from the familiar lands under the influence of the Lord Mistborn. They journeyed to the lands furthest from civilization to start a new way of life based on the philosophy of perfecting the art of allomancy and ferruchemy.

Over time the masters developed their ideas and created a synthesis between burning allomantic fuel and perfection of movement. This combination of mastery generated the primary component of this new art, "pulsing (vs. "burning")"
Pulsing is a consistent consumption of allomantic fuel cycled and maintained by a misting. Average consumption is likened more to an automobile engine, revving the output with a pedal-push modality. Pulsing regulates the output to a wave or a frequency. The high and low cycles maximizes fuel consumption and promotes precision control of output.

Enter our first character, Locke Smythe, iron compounder: lifelong practice with tai chi chuan has given him absolute control of his core movement. Combining iron pulling with perfect spatial positioning allows him to influence the trajectory of a yanked object, hulahooping an object around himself to launch at opponents, very much like chained weapons. As a child, Locke was made to practice orbiting a dripping paintbrush around himself while standing on parchment. His masters used his "paintings" as a measure of his control. Locke had to maintain the initial speed and momentum by modulating his pull. Rhythmic timing, giving just enough pull to alter its trajectory and momentum, can create extremely controlled figure eight patterns which intuitive proficiency can weaponize.

Once Locke proved his mastery over his "pulse" weapon he began training his control over accessing and storing his weight to and from his ironmind. His masters would position needles above and below him while having him maintain his perfect weight to hold position between them (while tethered so the wind wouldn't blow him away). Once he developed intuitive control over his weight modulation he had to practice jumping "light"(with reduced weight) and falling"heavy" to light soft landing, in sequence with spinning studded boards offset to give him safety only as he continues to jump and land unerringly.

Locke soon found that by launching his weapon skyward and then lightening himself enough to be yanked by his pull on his airborne weapon he could weapon toss himself as far up and as far away as he wanted. To land he adds weight enough to descend at a comfortable speed and around twenty to ten feet above landing he sends the weapon skyward again pulse-pulling himself to a controlled touchdown.
Further training experimentation has turned Locke into a competent airborne opponent capable of chasing down escaping coinshots.

Currently he is developing an bow-launched gauntlet that can fire serrated pins, shuriken and bolts that dig deep in opponent flesh and create metal anchors he can use to control the victim's position. Once captured, Locke can then parabola-whip his enemies around himself and launch them at their allies or merely distort their positioning in melee combat destroying their balance and dropping them negative space or placing them inside his range. Opponents can be kicked away and yanked back for more destruction all while the anchor is moving inside their flesh. Some success has been had in launched clawed chains that dig into armor and become sturdy anchors for Locke's manipulation.

In a pinch, bullets or leadshot become reliable tools for manipulation.

I invite thoughts, criticisms, witticisms and the like



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I suppose enough weight(density) to not be pulled by gravity or the atmosphere? I sorta came up with that part on the fly. 


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More on Pulsing:


By pulse-pulling or pulse-pushing they can create momentum, which combined with deliberate movement in space can effectively  manipulate the trajectory of affected projectile/weapon/Kusari  (hehehe). Pulls of an anchor weapon from Locke (given his masterful control of weight distribution between himself and his ironminds which also can be pulsed) are augmented further by mastery of position given from the martial arts of Bujinkan Taijutsu / Tai Chi and can be used to redirect said anchor's path significantly. 


First - Locke Smithe (compound iron twinborn)

Locke enters the room leaving a lead shot in the doorway. Once in the center, he can heavy yank on the lead shot, shifting out of its way, while he pulls on it from a different position from the center, but less forcefully so he doesn't destroy it's initial momentum.  Given enough practice he could pull a weapon into incredibly tight arcs around his body via center-mass spatial shifting and direct it almost anywhere. 


Taijutsu itself combined with weight-pulsing becomes incredibly strong alternating between weightless quick movements (think rising from laying prone with reduced weight) to rooted strikes and throws (tightly grab ones opponent leaving arms limp, root and twist hips and you could throw one rather far, rather hard {or spike them into the ground. uggh.})


Moves / Weapons:  Parabola Toss / Weighted Snatch • Mario Stomp • Lead-shot Alley-Oop Weight-pulsed Flight • Shrapnel Smart Dust Grenades • Serrated Anchor-Spikes • Bladed Palms of Fujin "Sleeve-attached Flying Flat-Daggers"  


Compounding means never undergoing downtime for Feruchemical recharging, so the powers are, if managed correctly, always available with no real side effects. Pulsing means half the consumption of just holding your foot on the gas pedal, burning all your fuel. 


Imagine over time, Locke becomes a savant... Flare-Pulsing. Ewwwwwww.

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