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Metallic Arts as Magic Colours

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Because I'm struggling so much with this topic report, let's distract Kadrok by assigning Ferring and Misting powers to Magic colours! I'll start, and you guys can tell me I'm wrong!





Iron and Steel: Telekinesis to me seems to fit into Blue/White territory thematically, but given what Iron and Steel are used for, I can see Steel fitting into [blue or White]/Red (flying, tapping opponents and direct projectile damage) and Iron fitting square into White.


Tin: Strikes me as Blue. Tin is all about information gathering and to me that fits squarely in Blue


Pewter: Green. Buffs toughness and power. Green.


Copper and Bronze: Shrouding also seems Blue, especially when combined with the metamagic approach to it... you're essentially countering Bronze. Bronze likewise strikes me as Blue: ye olde looking at your opponent's hand.


Zinc and Brass: Ah, now these are interesting. Thematically there are a lot of enraging spells in Red, and the controlling aspect of it fits with Red's slew of "gain control for a turn" spells,so I'm putting Zinc as Red. For Brass? Blue again. Drowsing someone's emotions (to reduce the power of their attack) has been in Blue, and the whole manipulative angle of Blue fits with this.


Alluminum: Lol.


Duralumin: Seems like a ritual to me! Red or Black, which has the best history with ritual effects?


Chromium: Is it countering (which would make it Blue) or land destruction (which would make it Red) or Silence (which would make it white)?


Nicrosil: White?


The Temporal Metals (Gold, Electrum, Cadmium, Bendalloy): Seem Blue to me. Blue does kind of have that Time Manipulation thing going on, and Gold-Electrum fit with the card drawing-gaining knowledge business, though I could see Bendalloy fitting into Red because of the whole 'Haste' thing.



Some heavy Blue going on there. This isn't the first time I've noticed this with Allomancy, so imagine my surprise when I heard Sanderson's favourite magic colour is White! I'll do Feruchemy and Hemalurgy (lol. Black) later when I've done this blasted report!

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