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The ability to manipulate any form of energy, including kinetic energy, laser, energy shields, heat, and flame, or I can absorb it and release it whenever I want to treating it as my own energy, however, I cannot convert between different energy types, or generate energy by myself, so I must absorb it from outside sources, like bullets or nuclear explosions :D.

Secondary power:

time manipulation, I can slow or speed up time for myself or others, even freezing it in bubbles for as long as I want. However, I can only freeze a certain area/number of people at a time, and I have almost reached my limit for unknown reasons.


letting people I love die. I have permanently frozen in time my hometown to keep my family safe, which puts serious limits on my time powers.




Normal clothes


I obsessively hunt and kill any high Epics as I see them as potential threats to my family, but I will also kill regular epics or people if I see them as a threat, if I saw the Reckoners, I would kill them on sight. If I saw you as not a threat to me, I would be perfectly friendly, but I wouldn't form any permanent friendships for fear of tripping my weakness, I wouldn't kill you unless you got in the way of me eliminating a threat.

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I'm going to participate in this even though its over two years not used.

1. My first power would be a limited form of forcefield creation, basically allowing myself to create magic armour out of forcefields that is incredibly durable and is impervious to most forms of ordinary weaponry. This first power would also allow me to make weapons out of forcefields (mostly medieval weapons). My secondary power would be enhanced charisma, basically making me someone others would follow.

2. My weakness would be doubt, anyone who doubts my influence or powers would weaken him greatly. To mitigate this I would spread rumours of how powerful and great he so that it is easier to dispel the doubt in anyone who tries to challenge him.

3. My epic name would be Chivalry (I came up with this name, liked it and so built the powerset around it)

4. My evil would manifest as me beleiving it is my right to rule over the people around me like a medieval king, holding court and doing all the classic medieval corrupt king stuff. 

Oh an my costume would be a a replica of what a medieval king would wear, naturally.

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Posted (edited)

I have a few ideas for this, here is my first one. I think this would make a very scary/powerful villain, although I have a few ideas for heroes and neutrals.

1. Powers: Primary power is mind control. Their powers allow them to take over whole cities at once. Their secondary power is mental projection. If they are killed, then their conciseness will jump to another body. This means if you want to kill them, then you would need to nuke a whole city of innocent civilians. Each mind controlled body can act independently of one another, they don’t all do the same thing at once.

2. Their limitation is that their powers range grows logarithmically. The first person they take over increases their powers range by 1 mile, the second increase it by half a mile, and so on. They can’t take over epics with a prime invincibility, but they can take over lesser epics.

3. Weakness. Their weakness is people not listening to them. If there is another mentalist epic nearby, then their powers are severely weakened; and if they fight a high epic, they can’t control the people in a five hundred foot radius around them.

4. Epic name: Swarm.

5. Evil type: global domination. They wish to make it so they are never ignored ever again. They wish to control all.

6. Costume: none. They are constantly swapping bodies.

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1. Powers: Elemental control, has basic powers over air, earth, fire, and water. To an extent, if I can think it, I can probably do it. Secondary: elemental dissemination - when killed in normal way shatters into four elemental versions that are in stasis for 20 years but then wake and are driven to rejoin, to an extent that nothing else matters.

2. Limitation: while shattered, not intelligent and prone to blunders, due to a divided conscience. Abilities require focus except when shattered, and he can only control one at a time when shattered.

3. Weakness: the color chartreuse. no one knows why, including him.

4. Epic Name: ReeDenb

5. Evil type: mad scientist, constantly carrying out ethically questionable experiments

6. Costume: normal comfortable clothes and a lab coat.


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Posted (edited)

Powers: Manipulation over the fabric of Space-time, to start. This would allow me to fly by changing gravity, teleport, manipulate timeflow to an extent, and would give me a Prime Invincibility by putting myself in a space-time pocket that lets light, sound, and air in, but nothing else. Secondary: Slight fire powers, but these fires would be blue. Nothing on the level of Obliteration and Firefight (Or what Firefight appears to look like, anyway.)

Weakness: If someone thinks I'm a normal person, and not a nerd who is different from the rest of society, then they can hurt me. My paranoia is resolved by making sure everyone knows I'm weird, and a nerd, but in a specific way. So instead of widespread propaganda based on fear and lies, like what other epics do, mine is based on fear and truth.

Name: Nightfire.

Evil Manifestation: If someone is really into some aspect of modern pop culture (though I don't know how much of that is left in the Reckoner's universe), I will be very annoyed. My underlings make sure that I am never exposed to "popular" songs, because I generally hate them. I will show mercy on those who are fans of a specific pre-calamity author who's name is Brandon Sanderson. (In this timeline, he never wrote the Reckoners series.)

Costume: A simple blue t-shirt, black cargo pants, blue glasses, and black sneakers. And a deep blue cloak to look cool.

City: I rule over a floating city with twisted gravity. It's a very disorenting place to live in, as different areas of the city have gravity that pulls you in different ways. You could be driving on a road one way, and in one minute be completely upside-down relative to how you were a minute ago, but you would still be pulled toward the road. This design makes it difficult for the Reckoners to try and kill me, because if they do, the entire city falls out of the sky and very many innocents die. (I understand that there is a floating city in Lux, but I actually haven't read it yet, so if something doesn't make sense about it, just know that I haven't read the only canon example of a floating city.)

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Powers: I would have the power to inspire people to do whatever I wanted. I'm not exactly hypnotizing them with my voice, I'm making them believe that what I'm telling them to do is the best for them—And everyone else. My voice would also work on inanimate objects... to a point. I could command a bullet to stop before it hit me, but I couldn't make it shoot at someone else.

Secondary Power: I would be able to change my looks and become the most attractive version of myself in the opinion of whoever is looking at me. (If I'm in front of a crowd I can make my attractiveness targeted to the opinions of the majority. 

Weakness: My voice has a greater effect on myself then it does on others. I wear earplugs at all times, because if I can hear my voice, I can't use it, or it'll inspire me to do the same thing it's inspiring everyone else to do, and therefore would inspire nobody to do anything. (instead of working against me, it would just make my powers null and void, because epic powers don't effect epics.)

Name: Inspiration

Evil Manifestation: I have servants that I constantly make do what I want. My power wears off eventually, but I talk to them enough that they can't escape. These servants (slaves) think they want to help me, so they're not unhappy, but friends and family members are, because they can't even help their friends/family members escape, because they don't want to. Servants are chosen randomly from the public. Other epics are immune to my voice, so they leave me in peace for the most part.

Costume: Well fitted suit and perfectly coiffed hair.


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Posted (edited)

1. Name: RocketFuel

 Primary: The spontaneous creation of rockets and fuel.  Also telekinesis only applying to the created or preexisting rockets or fuel.

 Secondary:  Very minor pyrokinesis and aerokinesis, which allows fires started in the fuel to always have oxygen and the ability to start the fires.

 Tertiary: Steelheart style invulnerability and enhanced strength and dexterity.

 Weakness: Unexplored areas, being in them negates his powers completely and being near them weakens them and shuts down pyrokinesis and aerokinesis

 Epic evil: Uses flaming tendrils of fuel to replace building supports in secret then burns down the inside of the walls and collapses them with people inside.

2. Name: Scorpion

  Primary: The ability to create a poisonous hole directly in someone. 

  Secondary:  Incredibly tough exoskeleton which is also poisoned. He can use it to grow spurs. The exoskeleton is strong enough to withstand a nuclear explosion, but not a direct nuclear strike.   Creation of new exoskeleton is accurate enough to make a zinkallin, but not a gun. He can also control water with dissolved carapace in it.

  Tertiary: Greatly enhanced strength and speed, which negates effect of the exoskeleton weight and then some. 

  Weakness: Sentient tacos

  Epic evil: He puts poisoned exoskeleton tacks on people's chairs  

3. Name: ForceLink

   Primary:  Powerful telekinesis and small amounts of omnikinesis with force and energy manipulation.  Can link objects and use them as a kind of counterweight. 

   Weakness: The biggest number :ph34r: 

 (Note:  He has a force damper field with wax's steel bubble style exemptions to it elevating him to high epic.)

Epic evil: Makes your arms counterweights to your legs, meaning that if you lift something you'll faceplant.

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Power: The ability to freeze time. If I freeze time, I can go about and rob banks, and alter anything I would like, but nothing could hurt me.

Weakness: People who are content with the time they have left won't be affected when I stop time.

Cheesy Name: TimeStop/MinutesMaster/RealityShifter (all of those are suitably cheesy)

Evilness: When they freeze time, the only way to un-freeze it is the kill somebody D:


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