just finished reading it. spoilers

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It's basicly a pseudo american harry potter if squibs went to hogwarts, hermione and ron were one person and snape was good looking and evil the whole time.

And i dusting loved it.

I also love casting movies so its time to pick who you think should play the characters.


Melody - Jane Levy best known from Suburgatory and Fun Sized she is way olde rthan sixteen but plays younger than she is in both of the previously mentioned projects anyway.

Fitch - Mark Ruffalo. I could be wrong but thats who I saw when I was reading the book. Especially during the whole you do my assignment ill do yours fitch is right there he can probably hear you "sure can" moment.

Nalizar-Ryan Gosling. Melody went on and on about how good looking he was and thats who came to mind.


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I wouldn't call a school for magic something that's exclusive or original to Harry Potter though (but it is hard not to think of it).  You do give an interesting breakdown of the archetypes of characters.  Was a nice rollercoaster ride for the twist-type evil person.  This book could have some really nice visuals were it a movie.  Would be fun to watch.  


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