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[ooc]Another page's worth :) I'll be back with more after work[/ooc]

There is a brick wall there, almost reaching the roof. No way out.

Alfie could fly up.
Use steel.
But then she would shoot him again.
He tapped connection. Lots of it. Made himself adorable. Then collapsed.
He had little hope of stopping it, but perhaps she would hurt him less.

While the cat was staggering about, losing blood, Felendwyl almost reached the pavement.
Suddenly, she felt intense love and protectiveness towards the cat. Poor, helpless creature seemed in pain.
While she was still curious, it wouldn't do to hurt it overmuch.
She approached and started to bind Alfie's wounds.

Alfie felt his wounds being bound.
It was working.
He burnt zinc to increase the woman's feelings of love and care.

Peripherally, Felendwyl was aware that something wasn't right, but right now she couldn't stop herself. The cat seemed just so precious!
She bound his wounds to stop blood loss and decided to carry it to her house for more treatment. Whatever plans she had for interrogation went completely out of her mind.

Alfie felt himself being moved and snuggled into her arms.
She was murderous and crazy but for now he'd play the part. He had enough connection to last him for three hours or so, and his Zinc was full, about an hour’s worth. He’d have to be careful with its usage. He'd use it more sparingly, to reinforce at key times. He also had some metal cotton on his stomach.

After retrieving her dagger, Felendwyl carefully climbed the rope back to the roof. She then retrieved the rest of her gear on the roof, taking care not to jostle the cat, and started down on the other side.
She carefully heads towards her house, not far from lord Sindred's manor.
Getting back should take her about an hour, though she supposed she could hire a coach. Yes, that would be best. She hailed a cab once safely on the street.
Soon enough, she was riding a comfortable coach, stroking the poor beast

Alfie was woozy, yet relatively comfortable. He would go along, slowly healing. He loves everybody, especially Felendwyl, since she cares for him. He wants to thank her. He felt so loved and cared by the woman.
There was something in his head yelling no.
But he yelled yes.
(Alfie's poor condition weakens his minds somewhat. He can feel the next Zinc use rebound strangely, as if distorted by one of his spikes)
(He also hears a voice "If you love her, kill her!")
For just a moment, Zinc affects wrong emotion. Suddenly, Felendwyl is overcome with curiosity! Carefully, so not to hurt the animal, she starts to look him over. She discovers some kind of metal cotton on the stomach, tangled in fur. Even more curious, Felendwyl tried to carefully remove cotton, but to no avail. It was too tangled.

Alfie felt so in love.
Fel was the most wonderful person he had ever met. So beautiful, and kind, and sweet.

Giving up on cotton, she checked for broken bones.

…The way her skin looked. She was radiant… Alfie feels a curious twinning sensation in his head.
Alfie heard a voice, distantly.
“Kill her kill her kill her kill her kill kill kill kill kill kill kill… (I would love to hear her scream)”
Felendwyl was so caring to him.
So why did he feel like this?
One of the spikes felt sore. One of his mental spikes.

In the meanwhile, Felendwyl discovered that this cat had strange-formed ribs with slight edges. One of the more normal ribs was broken, though. She bound it tightly. Truly, this was a magnificent, mysterious cat. She should never let it go.

Alfie had to know. He started flaring tin, pushing through the pain, trying to identify what was going on.
He twitched.

Never, Felendwyl thought. She bound its broken paw to his body, tightly.

The voice in Alfie’s head came into focus. "She is one of the most dangerous, sadistic evil people you will ever meet. Kill her. Kill her now."
("She is like me")
("I want to frolic with her on the fields of death")

Alfie clenched a still functioning paw. He looked around. Where was he? He looked around with tin and steel, trying to work out where he was.
(he was in the coach, closing to Felendwy'ls house)
(some metal around, though not too much. The windows provide a good view of the sky from his angle)
(more metal beams in the distance, buildings)
(Are the windows open?)
(Terris compound, close enough to make out with Steelsight, just to the left. No, the windows are closed.)
Alfie resolved to make a break for it when the door opened.
He cared for her. He couldn't hurt her.
If he stayed he'd have to kill her. Or she'd have to kill him. That's what you did to people you loved. You hurt them.

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 Felendwyl retied makeshift bandages on the back leg,fixing the leg so it couldn't move. She wasn't very good with helping animals. And she didn't want the cat to run away in panic, it was too precious. "Here we are, m'lady," said the coachman


The world was a mess of pain. His body was broken and bound.


She held Alfie close to her, and opened the door.

His head burnt so. But yes. The door was open. It was time. His connection buzzed, his steel was tight in his belly.


 Felendwyl stepped out,holding the cat tightly. Her head felt strange.
Alfie burnt steel and tapped pewter, trying to get away and run away on the ground.


His push was not stong enough to break her grip, but strong enough to throw her forward several paces.


The coachman gaped "Please pay the fare my lady. The cat started to twist in her hands. Poor beast, it must have been frightened out of its wits. Felendwyl nodded her head to the coach, where she left the fare in advance. With a strange look at her, coachman retreats.


He felt his ribs twist in his chest. damnation. That hurt


With a deft twist, Alfie manages to fall out of her hands. He then finds out that the cats are not really made to run on two working paws and skittered about. Alfie then used his steel, trying to make it look like he was running while floating on steel, using whatever metal sources were nearby.


Felendwyl watches in astonishment as the cat swelled like a Brute and fell, trying to run on two paws


He aimed at an alley, going as fast as he could to it, away from prying eyes.


Before she could gather herself, the cat stated to slide away, swinging his working paws in a strange manner.


Alfie tried to break out of his bandage with his strength, to free his legs.Already strained by his bulk, bandages snap easily enough, falling off and unfortunately tearing the scab on the wound.


As she gotten over her astonishment, Felendwyl runs after the cat.  Luckily for both of you, the street is deserted. Alfie manages to achieve something like three-legged slide-gait. Alfie pushed his steel harder, accelerating quickly.
He prepared his pewter to make a massive leap, to bound up high into the air. He'd then push onto a building and make his way away from her.


As Alfie approaches the building, the door opens to let out 3 people, probably going out somewhere. They see the most adorable cat, seemingly flying over pavement on three legs, suddenly bulk up and soar into the air. Next they see a frazzled Ferris woman run after the cat. "Please catch it" - she implores. Too late though, as the cat is on the roof, out of immediate reach, leaving a trail of blood.

Alfie didn't want to be caught, even by such good fellows but he didn't want to hurt anyone. So he used steel to run up the building and escape.


Three gaping witnesses were left behind, along with Felendwyl, who looked around for a good place to climb the roof

Alfie stopped tapping connection. Woah. That was...Weird. He had work to do though. He flared his zinc slammed it against the group, trying to drive them insane.


 Felendwyl blinked. Suddenly pursuing the cat didn't seem as important. She knew where it lived. Maybe later.

He *felt* their confusion, though not Felendwyl's, since she moved away and is farther. Why was he doing this? It was...
He had to continue. Felendwyl wasn't pursuing him yet. Yet. He kept an eye on her with steel


He flared his zinc at the group again.


The three people look around, confused. What were they doing, anyway? They remember something magnificent and cattish, but are not all cats magnificent? They turned and went back home.


Alfie used what remains of his bandage to cover his wound, successfully, while burning electrum and looking for a safe path away from Felendwyl.


Felendwyl considers blood trail on the wall.  Felendwyl carefully went to an alleyway (opposite) and climbed on the roof with her grapple. She found the place where the blood trail ended, but there was no indication as to where the cat went


Alfie succedds in stopping blood loss. Movng that paw is not recommended.


 Desperate and bleeding he knew he had to escape. He would then the shadow route, using electrum to check every path and course. He would store connection. Becoming as invisible as he felt. He'd been captured, perhaps revealed them all. damnation.


Oh well. Another day, cat, she thought. Though… SHe remembered her feelings. Connection, The cat was more dangerous than she though at first. And what were those bones? Deep in thought, she went to her home for a change of clothes. She was supposed to meet lord Sidred before Satsu's house after his meeting. Maybe she'll meet the cat again.


When Alfie got close, he would avoid going directly to the house, fearing that she had got there before him. He would look for her, or any feruchemists. Deeply wounded, Alfie nevertheless successfully returns to the area, spotting no Feruchemists on the way. He arrives before Felendwyl, since the meeting is scheduled to run for another hour.


Argh. Everything was fuzzy. Just a little further...  He had to get there  Somewhere safe. These paws were his? Or someone else's...


1Was that his pain he was feelings? Or the world? He could hear voices in his head, some yelling. Some whispering, though they were hardly less sinister.. He really wasn't doing well.


He went around the back and entered the house. Alfie got inside, drank some water, and collapsed on the floor, tired and broken.

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[ooc] OK, here are the somewhat cleaned up logs. I suggest you follow it up with a post on Sindred meeting Felendwyl, so I could continue on Alfiesearch without doubleposting[/ooc]



I have finished cleaning and went into the house. The meeting with Lord Sindred was scheduled to start soon. He should be here any moment now.


Sindred walked into the house and looked around for the Butler. Finnar, that was his name, was it not? He ahumed loudly.


Finnar greeted lord Sindred politely, stepping out of the kitchen. "Ah, Lord Sindred. Master Satsu is ready to meet you. Please go this way, I have just ordered your refreshments served."


He scratched the back of his neck, feeling the sweat. This robe was very hot, but necessary to hide the armorments. "Thank you, I appreciate your service." He nodded to the man politely, and started walking where the man had gestured.



I wait in the meeting room, samples of metals already arranged on the table, feeling some trepidation. How would it go today? What does he know?


The maids have prepared refreshments, and now only waited for a signal. Finnar moved in the small room near the meeting.

He noted that Sindred didn't bring his female guard today. A pity. She was quite pretty.


I hear footsteps outside, closing rapidly.


He walked in, opening the door, and looked squarely at Master Satsu. He closed the door after him and walked up to Master Satsu.


"Ah, Mr. Sindred. Welcome. Was the quality of the sample I provided satisfactory?" - I decide to start with a neutral topic.


"Mr Satsu, It was of excellent quality. I thank you for that. You have a way with metals that does very much impress us. That was why I came today. I have a business proposition. May I have a seat?"

"Of course, where are my manners? " - I point at the comfortable seat opposite of mine. - "Do you care for any refreshments?"

"I am always open to good business propositions."


He sat down in the comfortable chair, thankful for the rest. " I would appreciate a drink. It has been a long walk. May I? "He gestured at the refreshments near him, asking if he could take some."


I wouldn't offer if it wasn't allowed, now would i? Seriously, society was overrated. "Of course, Mr. Sindred. Help yourself, if there is something that catches your eye." I pour myself some tea, to give him some time to choose.


"Thank you. I appreciate your hospitality" He took a drink. Social niceties like this were very much necessary. You wouldn't want to accidently drink from their cup would you? "Anyway, onto the business. Are you aware of the antiallomantic properties of aluminium and its alloys?"

(A maid comes in, repleneshing the drinks and snacks. She is a Coppercloud, Smoking, as is her job during my social meetings.)


"Yes, of course. I have a theory that it absorbs Allomantic Investiture. Quite fascinating, really. Especially considering the fact that only some alloys of it share the same property."

(Finnar can hear the voices in the other room, though faintly. He takes out a newspaper and starts to read it)

(He'll hear if he is called)


"Oh indeed. Its properties are very useful for those who do not wish to be disturbed by allomancers. My consortium is one of the top makers of aluminium weapons for those who can afford it. We have also been experimenting with other metals. Nicrosil for example. If one metal can absorb allomantic investiture, perhaps another can enhance it?" He shrugged his hands.


"Not as far as I have been able to tell. As you know, I am a Nicrosil Twinborn, so I take some interest in Investiture research. It's allomantic effects are relatively well known, and do indeed seem to provide Investiture boost, but it seems pretty passive when not burned"

"It is also one of the few alloys that include large proportion of non-metal"

"Relatively speaking, of course."


"Our men of letters have been studying a lot of variations. Some believe that with the right tweak to the formulation (and as you say, there are a lot of metals so you can vary it a lot) you could use the metal in a more mechanical way. And we have had some interesting results..."



"Oh? That is most interesting. Would you like to share some of thoose results with me?" Interesting indeed. I almost forget that he is an adversary for a moment.



He took a book out of his robe, and took it to a certain page. "We wanted you to make us rather large focusing objects. Ones that you could focus a lot of power through. With a particular formulation and make that would require a lot of nicrosil. And you would get the results of our experiments. Perhaps you could complete it."

"Several tons worth of nicrosil."



"Nicrosil being my specialty, that is not a problem per se. Depending, of course, on what grade you want it. I have several tons worth of middle grade in storage in my country manor, and I have about 500kg worth of high-grade in the warehouse just across the street. All grades are at least allomantic level, of course."

"Shipping and creating more would take some time, though."


The man nodded. "The grade needed is quite exacting. Using the wrong grade can leave one with an awful headache. Since you must tweak the formula of the nicrosil what nicrosil is there must be of a very high quality to use it effectively." On that note, we might be able to help supply more high grade. Have you heard of the recent advances in processing of such metals with electricity?"


Careful now. "A little. Electricity is fascinating, isn't it? I believe the Vanishers used an electric smelter for hideout. I have heard the theory that it can be used for purification, but nothing that can be used outside of laboratory yet"

"My best methods for now are mechanical, I am afraid."


Sindred looked carefully at Satsu, trying to read his emotional state.

(I am excited. One can see the places where my vibrissae would be vibrating slightly)

(I am also apprehensive)

(Note: I don't have vibrissae in normal form)


Sensing that his words were hitting home, he continued.

"We have developed more advanced ways of getting the chromium out from rocks. Do you remember the great experiments of scientists, with metals and acids in massive rows, of batteries? We have found ways to apply that to our own refinery. Would you be interested in that?"



"Indeed I would be. Something that could increase the purity of Silicon wouldn't be amiss, either. How pure are we talking about here?"


"That is simply a matter of how much power you can produce, as I understand it."



That is interesting. The purer the metal, the better the results, yet I doubted many people beside Savants even noticed the finer grades of difference. "Ah, I see. That is most fascinating indeed, Lord Sindred. And what would you require from me in exchange for this technology?"

I think. His book was good, but experimental results would be better. Much better.


"It is equally applicable to aluminium, once we've worked out the kinks."


"That should bring the prices down, I think. The ore itself is quite plentiful. I imagine many people are unhappy with that"

"There are many powerful people with interests in Aluminium industry"



Lord Sindred put his fist down on the table. "The first thing I would require is that you return the book you stole. I know you have it. We can deal with a few uppity houses."

 (He was already suspicious. Your answer to the question of refinement left him more so.)



I wince. OK, this is not going well. "What makes you think I have anything of yours, Lord Sindred? I assure you, I have no such book in my possession" Since I have burned it to ashes, and all.


[ooc]He would try to read your emotions as you said that.

 (I look mildly affronted. My eyes are hidden, of course. My hair look slightly bigger)

 (He would listen to see if you sounded like you were telling the truth.)

 (Often a person who is lying has a certain tone in their voice.)

 (Lying: Charm (liar) vs. Wits (listener))

 (I am telling the truth, and sound like that So far anyway. But I am nervous, and he would notice my hair)

He would try to detect if you were lying.


(not so far. I am curious at why he is asking me that, and I don't have the book)



"We know about your trained cats. We know how you use them for your goals. And that is your business. We don't care. Now, we can still work together if you stole the book. If you burnt it. If you sold it, we may have issues. Where is it?"


[ooc](he assumes that the cats are well trained thieves, and that his tin burner was exaggerating)

(he has some idea that there was a cat on the train.)



"Trained cats, you say? Hm. Very well. The book was destroyed, mostly. I have copied out the schematics I was interested in. This is sensitive information however. Would you like to continue our discussion in my study?"

 [ooc](I am not good at hiding stuff. My staff, for instance, is willfully ignorant)[/ooc]


Finnar listens to the voices, noting that Sindred's voice have risen. He is accusing Satsu of theft, it seems. Oh well. Master is not calling for him. He returned to his broadsheet.


Sindred nodded, glad to have the truth. "Yes, we can continue in there. I am glad you didn't sell it. It would have gone poorly for you." No need to use his gun. He would happily follow him into the study, though he would keep his wits up for any trap (as foolish as that would be) and he tapped some small amount of steel to boost himself.

He did his best to hide his speed boost though.




I tap more Investiture to calm myself down. There seems to be something.. off.. about Sindred as I do that. My awareness of him didn't seem to… Ah well. Shouldn't matter. I lead the way to my study, checking my reserves as I go. Plenty of Investiture, Health, pewter in my stomach. Still not a good idea to go against Steel Feruchemists in case of confrontation. Sindred seemed to move.. faster - my eyes detected movement better than human eyes. Was he tapping? No matter.

On the way, I called for Finnar to move the tray in the study as well, and then provide us some privacy.


Sindred could see that the man looked more confident. Somewhat ready for a fight. He kept his steel up and walked after him confidently. He could fire a dozen bullets in a few seconds. He had no fear of a nicrosil twinborn.

"I hope all unpleasantness can be put behind us. No more cats should enter our houses. And in the meanwhile, we can provide you with a great deal of nicrosil and other metals to work into various forms."


"I can't guarantee that no cats enter your houses, naturally. I can take steps to make sure no cats that I… "trained" .. do, but sometimes they run wild. Still, they  should keep away from your belongings. "

"As for the metals, I have a lot of those. What I am most interested in is new technology." - I pull out a chair for Lord Sindred, and go to the wall to open secret compartment


Finnar shows up with a tray, puts it on the table, bows, and withdraws to the lower floor.


"So long as yours don't enter we will be good."

"We have done a lot of research. We've found out all sorts of interesting ways to use the metals."



"Yes.." - I withdraw the remnants of the book, arranged in a folder. I have made copies, of course. - "Here are parts of your book that are left intact, if you want them"

"I am, indeed, quite good at precision and metal purification. I can usually tell if the Allomantic metal is pure enough, even if I can't burn them"

"I am sure we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement"



"I am sure. This business arrangement could earn you a lot of money. Thank you." He took the remnants of the book. "Make sure whatever copied you have are well hidden. If they turn up somewhere, even if a thief stole them, we shall know. Lets do business."



"Quite so. What exactly do you require, and in what amounts? I am willing to waive up to 60% of my price for additional information about those purification methods, and allomantic research. I still have to cover my base material costs, of course"


He pulled his robe down slightly from the top. A metallic mesh protected him.

"I would be happy for such a good deal. We have found you can get a lot of results with expensive metals by making them into a metallic mesh. We would need several items made of meshes."

"A good grade of metal is needed for them, and so we can provide you access to a furnace. We have a factory with a large electrical generator inside, where you could purify metals more easily."

"And we have many special items we need made in nicrosil. You could talk to the feruchemists, perhaps learn from them how to better use your power."



I look thoughtfully. "Hm? That is the mesh armor. I think it has Aluminium in it, but it doesn't protect your head. Sorry. Yes, I can make mesh objects. My existing manufacture assemblies can be modified easily enough. Though, in Elendel..." I can feel my spike scars itch. Something is going down with Alfie. Was he in danger?

"Yes, I would take you on your offer. I would probably  require some modification made to your equipment though, subject to your approval, of course"

"I don't have an large enough foundry in the city myself, mine are near the mines."




"Of course. Though you will have to approve them with the engineers there. I do not do much relating to the... smelting and such." He respected those who worked with it, but he didn't understand it well.


"Of course. My methods are not secret. Most of them aren't." The itching is annoying. Distracting, somewhat.

"I am looking forward to working with you" - Well, not truly, but I am looking forward to your information.


Lord Sindred noticed the man was distracted. Had something happened? He wished Felen had been able to join him. Nothing escaped her eye.

"I am too. Shall we shake on it?"



"I was thinking about something more.. formal, to an extent. I have the brief contact forms here. The official workers like the paper trail, as you are well aware." I rummage in the cabinet, and withdraw two forms.

"A preliminary contract should be fine, I think"



"Of course."

"Although this should be kept secret."

"We don't want our mining efforts to get out to the general public."



"Very well. I shall put down order of a ton of high-grade nicrosil from my stores, and the services, unspecified, duration of a month with possible extension. As well as a boilerplate in High Imperial, I trust you are familiar with it." I quickly fill out the form and give it to Sindred. "It does not mention your mining efforts… Let me see. Payment… Money and information exchange.. protected. I have done my share of such contracts in the laboratory I worked in. This should satisfy bureaucrats."

I wonder how much can I trust this Sindred person. Does he not wonder why I keep wearing shaded glasses in the darkened room?

He probably does.



"That is excellent, I can sign that. I am familiar." He skims the form, and, assuming he found nothing out of the order, would sign it.



I look as Lord Sindred goes over the forms. They should be in order, though it was a while since I last used those.



As per orders, Finnar has passed word that master invoked privacy clause. The servants gathered in the kitchen for a repast.


In the meanwhile,I was considering removing my glasses. Though...

"Lord Sindred, as long as we are talking technology, have your heard rumors about the third Metallic Art of old? I have seen it mentioned in some sources as I searched for metallic lore"



"Yes... This place is safe isn't it... I know a little of it. I know that the kandra and the koloss of old had spikes of power. We did some experimentation of our own."

"Piercing someone with metal apparently isn't enough."


"Oh? Quite safe, yes. Just the same…" - I go to the door, peer our, and then lock it.

"Safer now."


Sindred looked slightly confused. He tapped more steel, enough that he could run or fight a lot faster.

"I had heard reports that people were stabbed by someone with metal..."



"What about Kandra of now? I have seen you talking with one on the train. Sorry. The room is quite soundproof, and with the door locked we do not risk my staff accidentally overhearing our talk"

"You can easily open it from inside. "

"People stabbed with metal seems common enough. Most weapons are metal, after all"



"Yes. Perhaps that was it. These incidents seemed unusual though. A thug of some sort, a bandit lord, had some metal object removed from his body and people reported the Kandra did it- though I asked them and they said they had done no such thing."



"Most curious. I did read about the incident. What do you think it was?"



"A rogue kandra perhaps? I know from reports of the times of Lord Ruler that it did happen."

[ooc](he was slightly wary when you mentioned it, but he has no real idea of how that would work.)[/ooc]


"Possible, though a bit frightening. Could this rogue Kandra be gathering power? Or working on special orders from Harmony to prevent the spread of such knowledge?"

"I think it was most likely it was a power struggle, though. Makes the sleep easier.”


Lord Sindred listened carefully to the man, taking note of his tone of voice and wondering if he was saying all he knew. He seemed very enthusiastic...

 [ooc](he would sense my curiousity, and that I am trying not to ask something.)(and ethusiasm, yes)


(So, "I think it was most likely it was a power struggle, though" would register as true?


(It would register uncertainty. It was a power struggle, but not between the powers he means)(but he'd probably notice that I am not telling everything)[/ooc]


Sindred continued: "I do not know nearly enough about it. We don't have many contacts among those parts of society. Do you know any more?"

This man knew something, he could tell. He was far too certain about what was happening, being authoritative on it. And he was hiding something.



"Yes… Some. I collect rumors."

"Just to know what is going on. The man who was killed called himself harmony"





"Apparently he developed  Connector ability some time ago, after brutally murdering a noble family"

"If what I have read about third art is true, it was somehow involved"



"I will look into whether this Harmony has any terris ancestry. If not... yes, the third art may be involved. I think I may know the noble family you mean..."

News spread fast to him about any incident involving terrismen.

Particularly of such a high profile slaughter of a famous connector...



"And on the night of his murder, some of his guards have gone  mad. Emotional allomancy or Connection is suspected."

"Rumors are inconsistent about the nature of assailant"

"As many seem to call Ironeyes as Kandra"



"I know this Ironeyes is real. We have perfect records. He could be involved I suppose."



"What do you know about him? I have always wondered what his goals are."



"He pops in and out of history. Saving one person, killing another. Some of these incidents even make the broadsheets. Our people have had a few contacts with him."

"Lord Mistborn had some contact with him I believe, though I don't know the records of those times well."



"Do you think he'd involve himself in something like this incident?"

I would like to lure him and capture for study!

… and I think I need to calm down



"Perhaps he already is involved. Perhaps he killed this Harmony and those thugs near the inquisitor's spike."

"His motivations... I don't know that he ever showed any care for religious sensibilities. He helped people out a lot. He rescued people from danger."



"Hm. most people consider him Death incarnate."



"People see him when they are close to death.I imagine seeing that face, with its dead iron eyes, would terrify anyone."



"I see. That might explain it."

"But you have mentioned experiments before. Were there any interesting results?"



"Which experiments? We've done a lot."



"The metallic art ones. Mechanical ones, or those related to the third art."



The man waved his hand.

"Nothing of great import. We have tried putting metallic spikes into gold feruchemists in various places- pewter, tin, iron, steel- some resulted in some damage to the person, some weakening, but we could find no way to impart these qualities onto another."



"I see. We shall leave that information out of our deal, then. Mechanical usage of metallic arts would be more than enough."



"Yes, I probably shouldn't share those results. They cost a lot of blood for those brave enough to volunteer. The results are theirs, not ours."



"Speaking of which, we appear to be done with contract. Are the forms to your liking?"



"Yes. You seem worried. Do you have some business to attend to? I am satisfied with the forms."



"I might be. I also have other matters to attend to, and I have to arrage the transfer of nicrosil, as per our agreement. I shall sign the forms now."

I proceed to sign the forms, including the copy going to the officials.

I then proffer the forms back to Lord Sindred.



Lord Sindred would sign anything necessary, and nodded. "I will leave you be then. I am glad we had this chat."



"Indeed. I apologize about your book."

"Let me see you off.  Do you want Finnar to order a cab for you?"



"Yes, thank you, I would appreciate that."



I nod, and head downstairs, opening the door on the way. I find Finnar flirting with one of the maids, and ask him to arrange a cab.

I then rejoin lord Sindred



"I shall be off then. Thank you for your hospitality."



"Thank you. Please do not hesitate to contact me."

The cab arrives.



"I shall be seeing you."

With that, Lord Sindred leaves.


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Lord Sindred strolled outside, confident that he had made Satsu seen reason and weathered the worst of it. And a 60% discount, ooh, it made his hands itch in anticipation. He wouldn't be able to get a much better deal than that.


Politely saying goodbye to the Butler, he left the house and went to get his cab.


Felendwyl was waiting for him, looking eager and agitated.


"I captured one. It flew through the air like an eagle but I got it! And then it twisted my mind with emotional allomancy- I wouldn't care for a cat like that! But I held onto it, until we got to your estate. Then it used pewter to bulge like a frog and escape from my arms. I saw it all!"


Sindred patted her. "Of course. His cat is a frog eagle. I have completed my negotiations. Are you ready to return home?


Felendwyl looked sad. "Yes... I guess."


They walked, Felendwyl telling him all about what happened, Sindred listening knowingly.


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I sigh with a measure of relief as Sindred leaves the house. I thank Finnar and retreat to my study. My scars itch, indicating trouble. Or over-excitement, but probably trouble. Alfie has problems. The lack of the direction is highly annoying.

I nya, and for a few moments allow myself to relax,  even chuckle. The sound is strange in my ears. All in all, the meeting with Finnar went well. He probably thought he got the best of me. With reason, but on the other hand, he knew nothing important. Yet. And with access to his technology, I could ramp up Aluminium production to more that cover decreased profits from Nicrosil deal, before the prices plunged. I wondered if his information on mechanistic Metallic Arts would allow creation of machines running on Investiture, further decreasing costs. 

And then... Suddenly overcome by mixture of rage and excitement, I ripped through the skin on my palm with my claws on the other hand, grasped a chunk of Nicrosil I used for a sample, filled it with Investiture and burned it, feeling my hand warp and twist.

Somewhat calmed down, I managed to absorb some of the released Investiture, and healed the cuts.

The itching, if anything, intensified after my stunt. Waste of resources. Where could he be?

Nervous, I decided to check hiding places around the house, hoping that Alfie had enough strength - and common sense!  - to get back here. Also hoping that he didn't lead a tail of angry Terris people after him.

The first round of search produced no results. Alfie wasn't in the house proper. Made sense, in a way. I went out of the house and into a small garden. There were several semi-secret entrances there, cat-sized. I checked those.

Blood. It smelled of fresh blood near a small entrance. I could feel my hair puff out, a ridge raising on the back of the head and seemingly along spine. Alfie? Yes. I could see him, lying in the dark, barely moving. There was another entrance, barely large enough for human. I squeeze through it and head to the prone cat.


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Alfie wiggled on the floor, spinning through dreams and fantasies in his head.


He felt so weak. Even in his dreams he could barely stand. The world was against him.


And a cat couldn't do much against the world.


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Alfie squirmed. That was well, considering. I needed him to be at least marginally awake for the next stage. Or I could just leave him be and avoid wasting a charge...

I checked his wounds. They were many. They were severe. Without intervention, they would take a while to heal. Even with Pewter, they would leave scars. I was not happy. Whoever did this... I hoped I could make them pay the price. High, high price. I punched the floor, hissing.

No real way around it. I needed Alfie in better form, soon. Still, a waste, and a painful one at that...

I removed my jacket and slashed my claw over the rib, where a goldmind/spike combination was positioned. It didn't take at first, and I had to concentrate to keep myself from healing. There it was. I sighed. Each transfer between bodies made a spike lose some of the charge. Not so much if I was fast, and my Investiture consumption adjusted to compensate for loss, but still. Also, nya!

I had to use my claws to get the spike out of bone groove. Alfie definitely needed one of those. Or maybe I needed to stop screwing them down like that. I had to boost Pewter to keep the pain bearable. Additional strength made me break off a bit of the rib. There. Full of Heath, too. I found the spot on Alfie's body, and drove the tip into it, none too gently, hoping that the shock would wake him and he'll tap.


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Alfie floated. Then, from afar, a massive metal object flew towards him. He danced and dodged but nothing could stop it. It hit him. He gave in.


Healing flushed his body. His bones knitted, his skin healed. Old wounds closed. He stopped breathing. He didn't need to breath. Wow.


He got up, feeling quite strong. He had... something new in him. A spike. The source of this power?


"I remember the beatings and the attacks... where am I?"


He forced his eyes open, against the blood and sweat that had dribbled onto them from a cut on his forehead. He was in the basement and Satsu...


Was in a lot of pain. "Your... gold spike." he flexed his paws, the world coming into focus.


"Thank you. You saved me from her."


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I was shaking. I couldn't help it. I was tired, I was in pain, and my lung was showing. I was also angry. I wanted to hiss, to claw. I was not sure at whom. Anywbody would... nya... Resstraint.

"It was female that did thiss to you? I ssshall sssstrangle her withh her fallopian tubess. Ssspike... I would like it backthh."

I breathed deeply. Very unwise,  as my damaged rib reminded me sharply.

"Keep healing assth I pull it. It iss not going to be pleassant."

I start pulling, barely controlling myself. I needed. rest - today was intense, but not now. I pulled the spike out, hoping that Alfie had a presence of mind to keep tapping. Therrre - it was out. I pushed it back, more or less into place, and almost fainted from sudden pain. The power was there, though depleted severely. Enough. I tapped it out, and watched my bones reknit. Ahh... better.

"I apologize for suddenness. Now tell me more about "her", and what happened to you. Wel'll see if the revenge can be reaped now or shall be postponed."


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"The woman took me. She knocked me out as I was leaving with a brick. She shot at me." Alfie shook, remembering the dark events. It had been bad.


As Satsu asked for the spike, he started healing heavily. He would try to have a lot of that power within him when the spike left.


Arrrgh. It hurt. But the tingles of power within him numbed it. This wound wouldn't cut as deep as most.


Stars flashed before his eyes and the world went out of focus. The wound dripped a little more blood onto the floor.


"It was the terris woman. The tin burner who you saw before. She was waiting for me outside with a gun and a brick. She knew something about us. She captured me, and I mollified her with my metals. I managed to escape with pewter and steel and electrum."


He breathed in deep, trying to focus. He felt very dizzy.


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"The terris woman, huh. I don't think she acted on orders from her master. I have just finished a productive meeting with him, and so far he seems to think you are well-trained common cats. We probably shouldn't disabuse him by killing her, though she won't rest until she gets you. The revenge would have to wait - we will have to discredit her first. Perhaps if I were to catch her in one of my properties, I could arrange for her arrest or disgrace... When she does, oh yesss" - I hiss maliciously, imagining some of the more... disturbing.. hemalurgic techniques - "But for now, better stay our distance. I have reached an alliance with lord Sindred, tentative though it may be. I'll have more Feruchemic knowledge. However, you'll have to stay away from his holdings for now, and I'll warn the other cats.

In the meanwhile, you'll need some time to recover, though  the spike should have taken care of the heavy damage. Then, perhaps, you would like to continue what the attack on you have interrupted? I mean tracking down the rumours and scouting. And I'll have to arrange meetings and start delivering on my part of the contract... But first.."

I stand up and go to the exit. I'll need to change, I have dirt and blood on me. 

"What do you say about supper, Alfie?"


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"She took me to what looked like his sort of region. I think she was going to use me as proof. Present me as her prison. After petting me and playing with me. I tapped a lot of connection. I can probably avoid her better in the future. Tin and electrum will guide me. I didn't use it properly last time, to protect myself. I won't make that mistake again. This terris feruchemy is versatile, but it can't match the total control over the world that allomancy brings."


Alfie nodded.


"I am hungry. It took a lot out of me, those injuries. I'd love something good."


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"Something good. Well, there is cause for small celebration. What do you say about fresh rainbow trout? By the way, what is your reaction to catnip? I am sure I can also find something else tasty."

I squeeze through the exit and and head towards the entrance proper, confident that hunger would lead Alfie after me soon enough. Why isn't lead allomantic, anyway?... OK, that wasn't a coherent thought.

In the building, I sneaked into my room and changed clothes. Of course, sneaking was probably useless - the clothes would still end up in a laundry, but the principle was important.

That done, I have ordered trout, raw and roasted, some more meat and a vegetable stew, to supplement my own diet.  The food was soon ready, and delivered to my study. A copy of the forms was prepared and I've sent Finnar to submit it to the authorities. It was also getting late, so I asked Finnar to arrange for a meeting with lord Fenkel, at his house this time, for tomorrow, if convenient.  I also plotted revenge.

I hoped Alfie had enough strength to go for a stroll tonight. Collected rumors were all well and good, but specific scout reports were better. And the walk would do him good.


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"Catnip? I've never tried it. I remember..." He closed his eyes and burned tin, trying to remember. "I remember hearing about it. I was told it was manna of god and I should have as much as was physically possible." He opened his eyes again, no longer burning tin. "I'd happily try some."


He followed after Satsu, flicking through his metals. The gods had decreed that each had a purpose and he would accept faithfully their choices. All his metals were true and potent, chosen for a purpose, for a mission.


As the food came, Alfie quickly went to eat it, showing his enthusiasm.


"Oh, I wondered something. I know that mistborn don't exist anymore, but feruchemists do. Full ones. Have you tried taking more than one power from a person before killing them?" He wanted to stab a tin spike in both of that bitch's eyes.


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"Hmm. "

I rummage absentmindedly in one of my medicine cabinets, before recovering a packet of catnip, the smell of which makes me giggle for a moment.

"Why, yes. You can extract a power without immediately killing person. You can then extract another power, but each spike reduces the person, and the next spike gets weaker... Never managed to extract more than three spikes from a person, and the third one was barely worth the metal. You can also try to extract several powers at once by using atium or common metal, but that is... not very effective, and sometimes doesn't work. Also, there is a problem in giving several powers from the same person... In general, doable, though."

I open the packet, smell causing me to giggle again. I suppressed the desire to paw at it, and hand it over to Alfie.

"Enjoy, nya... Why, my forehead spike is a dual spike, but I just got lucky on that one - it should have killed me. Why do you ask?"


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Alfie burnt some tin, and smelt the faint traces of catnip in the air. It smelt like mint. A very musky sort of mint. He did like mint.


"I hate the woman. I thought a good punishment for her deeds would be for her to lose her sight completely from both eyes. Two spikes would be enough, three is not needed to hurt her more."


Alfie bit into the catnip. He felt a buzzing sensation in his head, like he was floating on air. He tentatively took a step and fell over, weekly pawing his feet at the air. This felt good. He lay their pawing his feet around staring at the wall. That wall was really grey. Like stone. Woah.


He tried to stand up again and managed a few steps. Then he fell over onto the floor. It felt like the plant was cuddling his brain. Woah.


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I looked at Alfie quizzically. His reaction was mildly unusual. I expected more activity. Nya, well.

I pawed at the wall, my claws not in a good position to scratch it properly. I should probably wait until it wears off. The refractory period should start in a few minutes. Luckily, catnip didn't give one a hangover.

Of course, there was a matter of thinking about revenge. Unfortunately, Tin spikes damaged all senses- and weren't drawn through eyes. At least, I didn't know any specifically sight points. One spike drawn would leave her mostly blind, deaf, without sense of touch and smell, and would even impair her Tin ability - since there would be no place in soul to affect. There were also bizzare physical side effects... Nyaa... Maybe she'd lose her eyes, or grow scales. It was hard to predict, how the body would react when a large part of the soul was ripped off. Yes, that would probably be fitting...

Well fed, and enjoying the stimulating smell, I relaxed, and waited for Alfie to come to.

[ooc] Sorry about all delays. Still quite busy, hard to concentrate on something else :( [\ooc]

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I looked at Alfie quizzically. His reaction was mildly unusual. I expected more activity. Nya, well.

I pawed at the wall, my claws not in a good position to scratch it properly. I should probably wait until it wears off. The refractory period should start in a few minutes. Luckily, catnip didn't give one a hangover.

Of course, there was a matter of thinking about revenge. Unfortunately, Tin spikes damaged all senses- and weren't drawn through eyes. At least, I didn't know any specifically sight points. One spike drawn would leave her mostly blind, deaf, without sense of touch and smell, and would even impair her Tin ability - since there would be no place in soul to affect. There were also bizzare physical side effects... Nyaa... Maybe she'd lose her eyes, or grow scales. It was hard to predict, how the body would react when a large part of the soul was ripped off. Yes, that would probably be fitting...

Well fed, and enjoying the stimulating smell, I relaxed, and waited for Alfie to come to.

[ooc] Sorry about all delays. Still quite busy, hard to concentrate on something else :( [\ooc]


After several minutes of scratching and confusion the delusions continued. Alfie didn't like this. He wondered if there was some way... he focused on the wall. He started burning brass and tried to calm and soothe the wall. Slowly but surely he felt his senses return to him. This leaked sensation thing was pretty good.


He weakly got to his feet.


"Heyoo Satsuuuu." He blinked again, and burned more brass, soothing the wall's highness.


He staggered to Satsu and licked his ankle.


"Lickity lick lick."


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Still not ready to restart. But! Today is my birthday! I will be selfish and post the short story i did finish:


She walked along the roof of the building, looking for her quarry. As usual, the night air was full of sensations, her flared tin augmenting every one of them. She walked with the gait and the grace of somebody for whom simply stepping down was an almost painful experience. Painful and irregular – she habitually stored Touch at the very moment her feet came into contact with the ground, reducing sensation, but then tapped it again soon after. 

She could fly, of course – the city was full of metals, girders in the newer buildings, lampposts, sometimes even pipes running underground. But she always felt conspicuous in the air, especially tonight, when she was on the track.

No need to tap speed, increasing the sensations that already filled her mind, or rather, the part of her mind in the extra intelligence spike to near bursting – but there was need to hurry. Carefully. The target was near, but the sky to the east already started to blaze with a rainbow of thousand colors, signaling the coming of the dawn. She paused, allowing herself a moment of reflection. So beautiful, this dawn sky. It will be unbearably bright soon, but for now, so beautiful. She was dimly aware that she couldn’t see as many colors before the change, but this was not important now. She landed, and listened, filtering out the hum of her blood and the twin drums of her hearts accompanied by clapping of multiple valves.

There. A woman, and several men. Walking, in silence, as far as they were concerned. She could hear them, and, with the wind blowing towards her, she could smell them. She could smell allomancers, their breath stinking of metal they burned. She tapped Smell, to get the clearer picture. In the background of her mind, the spike filtered and sorted new information, and she knew. There was a Seeker in the group. She should be far enough. She was far enough so that she won’t be able to hear him burn., but then she would have to tap a lot of Hearing to hear the almost imperceptible soft susurration of the disappearing metal in somebody else. Still, she lamented her lack of copper. Better keep her distance, but she wanted to see as well as hear. She quickly looked around. There – that spot on the roof, with the decoration covering her body would do nicely. Storing Touch and tapping speed, she moved to the selected spot, too rapidly even for a tineye to spot, especially in the darkness. She looked. She saw them, and she smelled them, and she listened.

“Here we are, mistress Felendwyl. ”

One of the men – a Thug – addresses the target, pointing to an inconspicuous locked door. The Seeker glances around warily. Can he sense her? She dampens the tin as low as she could while still burning it, tapping senses to compensate. She feels one of her eyes change. No, just natural caution on the Seeker’s part.

“Very well, let’s get this over with.”

The target also looks around. A tineye, yet tineye senses are nothing compared to hers, even if the target were to flare her metals. She sees nothing. The street is small, and deserted. Woman takes out a set of picks, and moves to open the door.

On the roof, she taps Hearing and aligns her ears, concentrating. It would probably not be useful, but she would hear, and know. Several clicks, just so, and then the lock is opened. The target is good. The seeker, not so good. He doesn’t notice as she moves near, her tin still burning, ready to tap speed and get away if they were to notice her. Most likely, he thinks the tin comes from the target. Still…

With regret, she extinguishes her tin. Even with Feruchemy, it her body becomes numb and unwieldy, and she taps heavily to compensate. Not enough, but she will bear.

One part of her mission, the subtler one. She looks at the people, judging their mood. They are focused, yet calm. They did this before – something their master wanted done in secret, arrangements with local law enforcement notwithstanding, but nothing too seedy.

She judges the time, her lack of tin weighing her down, and taps speed. At least it doesn’t hurt as much. She moves to the chosen point, just on the verge of target’s vision, and moves slightly.  The tineye should be able to notice her… barely.

“What the…?” – the target did notice. “Hey, there is a cat…”

She tapped speed, lots and lots of speed, retreating too fast even for a tineye to track. She had to choose the place beforehand, of course – she couldn’t navigate well on the run – but she got away before the men turned, leaving tineye gaping.

The men turned, saw nothing, and exchanged glances. She was far enough now. She flared tin, and observed the target’s face lighting up with heat.

Part of her mission was done. She observed then, trying to see if another opportunity would present itself. None did, for now.  The target shook her head and calmed down, proceeding into the open door cautiously, with the three men following.

Spikes seemed to grind her bones as she moved, a consequence of re-heightened sensitivity after a brief lapse of tin burn.  She had to hear, and better yet, see. This spot should be good enough. She couldn’t see much, but she could hear everything and feel the vibration as people moved around. Enough. The Seeker didn’t seem to notice. She sat there patiently, and filed the patterns of their movement for the later half.

The light was starting to become painful as they emerged, closed the door behind them and left. She had to endure without tin again, as the group passed her hiding spot, the target looking around with the heat variation on her face showing some suppressed trepidation.  This was not the first time she was berated for “seeing cats”. Nor would it be the last. And did she really see it this time? Doubt. Instability.  Small things, but adding up.

The group was gone. Far enough,  now, she knew. The Seeker would not feel her, the Tineye would not hear, even flaring. She approached the door. It was locked again, of course. Was there a way in? No… But her fingers were deft enough. Unfortunately, she still needed the tools, and the time was pressing.

She sighed inwardly, and ran, tapping speed, to her closest tool stash with custom-made lockpicks. She had to start storing sight to reduce the glare, though it didn’t help overmuch.

The mission was simple, really. Erode the trust, and if possible, the sanity of the target. Make her the target of rumors, of jokes. And also…

She came back to the door. Still nobody around. Good. She had to climb on the stonework to reach the keyhole, but at least she didn’t need to maintain torsion, her lockpick being more of a customizable key. This lockmaker always used the same keyhole shape, and she knew the approximate position of tumblers from the lockpicking she heard earlier. There. Some slight resistance, some help from Steel,but the door to one of Yomen’s offices – which just happened to be an aggregation point for the House’s spy network – opened. Not the best spy network, and not the important node – but still, messing up with it might annoy the house with which the Terrisman was affiliated.

She slunk in. Ahh… shadow, so pleasant for her eyes. She looked around, her spike mapping the sounds she heard earlier to the places in the room. Circumspect, discreet, the target was good at what she did. Or was she?

Jumping on the table where the target stood, she realigned the papers there – just slightly, a small error. Another spot, another error. Small things, that could be done if someone was distracted – but that may get picked up by those who worked here.

She was done. This may work, or this may not – there would be other jobs like this one, preferably in the dark. She will be rewarded regardless. Already, the trust Sindred had in the target was eroding. She knew. She heard them talk.

Closing the door behind her, she soared above the rooftops, her eyes shut against the rising star, racing to her lair high, high above the city sprawl in the dark, abandoned attic. There, she lay down, satisfied, and slept, dreaming of the brilliant sun.


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(A pretty roleplay. She is really screwing with her mind. I sort of wonder at times if the cats around me are screwing with my mind too. They just sit there on walls or on the street staring at me. Then I look away and they've gone.)


Felendwyl sung the tune softly, waiting.


"Please pick me a flower,

a sweet scented flower,

Nurtured with love to lighten my hour."


In front of her the tube of glass bubbled and boiled, while a soft yellow liquid dripped down through the filter on the side. But if you left it too long then it would go black, and be ruined, so she sung this ryhme five times. This was the fifth time. She shut off the gas tap, turned off the flame and waited.


Behind her, hundreds of stems lay, the flowers ripped out. They were beautiful little things, and in them lay something more beautiful. Their pollen, leaves, most parts would cause terrible damage to any cat that ingested it, torturing them with agonizing pain, vomiting.




You could distil off an oil from them containing the poison. And that, mixed with a few other things, would make life extremely painful for any cat that tried to shock her. She reached forward and shook the tube, watching the yellow liquid swirl, waiting.


5 hours later Felendwyl walked through the streets of Elendel, armed to the teeth. Whenever anyone would come close she would look at them, hiss, and force them to back off. It was right. She didn't want anyone close to her for this.


She could sense the cat. Walking on the rooftops above, its little feet pattering on the stone. They followed her everywhere, watching for some chance to make people thinking she was insane. She never knew which cat was one of them. When she pushed her tin to its limits she sometimes felt she could hear something at the edge of her hearing, a gentle murmoring, trying to drive her crazy. Well, she'd show them all who was crazy.


She turned into an alleyway, one with a rooftop above it. The cat would have to follow her down here if it wanted to keep tracking her. She tensed her hand, and pulled the grenade out of her top. It was loaded with a mix of poisons she had harvested from plants mixed with explosives and shards. And the amazing thing? There was no safe range. It didn't matter how fast these cats were, they could still have a shard fly out into their bodies, a drop of poison fall on them.


The cat was there. Watching her. It was black, small, with green eyes, shortish fur. It probably didn't think she knew about it. But she saw it. Heard it. It had to die. She looked around- two beggars, one unpleasant looking fellow. She could deal with them. She flung her arm back, not looking, and tossed the grenade at the cat, and dived behind the stairs up to a house.


She shut off tin, and just in time as a massive boom rang out. Shards of the grenade flew out, some smashing into the ground just beyond her. She waited three heartbeats for it to end then went out.


The cat lay there. Somehow it was still alive, trying to get up- it had moved quite a distance, but several shards were embedded in it. She sprinted to it, before it could escape, and flung a steel knife into its leg. It collapsed. She smiled back at the people behind her starring, and quickly summoned up a lie.


"Cat extermination squad. They're a serious menace, these cats. I've been employed by the city to reduce their population to a managable number. You should avoid getting to close to them. They're filled with mad cat disease. A single scratch can leave you insane."


Then moving on, she went to the cat. It was trying to get the knife out of its body, limping on. She picked the cat up, grabbed the knife and twisted. It hissed in pain. She grinned. She then spoke to it softly.


"You tell your master that I'm coming for him. I will kill all his pets, murder his servants, and piss on his grave. But first..." She twisted the knife again, and ripped off the cat's leg below the knee. Oh, it must be feeling so much pain. With a quick twist of her bandage she tied up its leg, stemming the bleeding. "Go. This is mine." She threw the bloody cat onto the floor and walked off.

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[ooc]The sloth strikes again...[/ooc]




Finnar thought himself an honest man. Just doing a honest job, he was.  He wasn’t keeping anything from the police, either – if the coppers ever came asking, he would tell them everything. He never did anything criminal, after all, and was never asked to – as far as he could tell. He would tell the coppers about the times lord Satsu came home reeking of blood, of mint, metals or mix thereof. If asked, he may mention a few other things – like the time he glimpsed his lord’s eyes, but only if asked – no need to mention something that could end with him being sent to the loony bin. If the coppers would come – and he expected them to come often enough – he would tell. But they never came, so he never mentioned those things to anybody. Coming from the distinguished line of butlers, some of whom served Lord Mistborn himself, he prided himself in discreetness and efficiency. Sometimes he worried that the line would end with him – a single child, he was approaching forty and still single, work consuming most of his time. Work, like the paperwork he had to prepare today and the management of other staff members.  Jarasi, the second maid, in particular, was new to the house…

Deep in his thought, Finnar checked on every staff member before retreating to the living room and starting on paperwork for Satsu/Sindred deal – in particular, filling details of availability for metal shippings as given to him by Lord Satsu, aligning it with his own records. Soon after, he heard Mander opening the door for someone.


Lisene walked into the room. The man- Finnar, was writing some document on something. Time to work. She struck a professional and authoritative pose and walked in. "Finnar? I'd like to talk to you. Do you have some time?"


Finnar raised his head in some annoyance. These forms were expected tomorrow and were not going to write themselves. Some of the annoyance abated at seeing an attractive female before him. He really should be settling down. "Yes, miss?"

She smiled warmly at him. "I know your work is really important. I am representing the interests of Sindred. We just wanted to get some clarification on a few details. I'd be very grateful for any help you could offer."

Finnar nodded to himself. The woman did seem familiar, though he couldn't be certain from where. "Vey well, miss. Were we  introduced? I am afraid I cannot recall your name. I would be glad to help, though you understand that I was told not to discuss some matters with anyone beside their lordships"

The woman sat down. "I am 'Ene. I am an associate who makes sure all the little details are good. We haven't met. I wouldn't want to ask about any of the complex details. We just want to know that our relationship isn't going to have any unexpected hiccups."

Finnar felt mildly affronted. "None whatsoever, miss Ene. Everything is proceeding according to schedule, as you may make certain for yourself. " He remembered his manners. "Before we get to business, would you care for some refreshments?" She *was* pretty. And he was sure he saw her before… Where? One of the meetings with Lord Sindred's staff?

She nodded. "I would be delighted, thank you." She smiled warmly at him, thankful for the food. It had been a long walk here. She wasn't paid enough to take a carriage. "You understand that all of these dealings are very sensitive, security is paramount. I am sure you run an excellent household, but if you faced some security threat we'd like to know early. We could provide extra guards, or send someone to deal with any problems in a mining operation."

She shook her head. "Oh, where are my manners." She took out several documents, authentic ones, signed by Lord Sindred indicating her employment. She had worked with him several times before, even if he didn't know all of the details... Access to his stamp sure came in handy for this mission.

"Susie, refreshments, please." Finnar was rewarded by the sound of retreating footsteps. Susue would be naturally interested in any new guest, and in fact, it was her duty to be nearby unless dismissed. By the look of the documents, she would have to be, this time. He checked them over - they looked in order, with Lord Sindred's seal affixed as proper, though the gamut of miss Ene's responsibilities was somewhat unusual. Not the first unusual thing in this deal, though, so he dismissed the thought. "Our security is well maintained. Only a few members of the household know any details beside the fact that the deal exists, and those are directly involved and vetted by Lord Satsu. The mining operation is his domain - even I don't know all details about it." And he wasn't too happy about it, but that was the least of his lord eccentricities.

Ene nodded. "That's excellent, less weak links. Have there been any threats you've heard about? Bandits on the roads, people attempting to breach your security? Miners getting drunk? Anything that we could help with?"

"As a very wise and knowledgeable man of the household I am sure you would know these details well, any problems."

He frowned, collecting his thoughts. "No, no problems. All shippings so far has been on schedule. The mining operation itself mainly produces the ores or raw ingots, except for the part produced by small refinery near the mine." Now was the time to be discreet. "Most of purification is made here, in the town, and lord Sindred himself has examined the facilities and found them acceptable. There has been no reports of bandits." - and that was strange, for it was prime bandit season, but the bandits seemed to avoid the path of their shippings like plague - "We rely more on stealth than on guards" - the guards only guarded the last leg of the journey. "Could you please tell me what has you worried?" "Perhaps after you refresh yourself" -he hastened to add, hearing Susie approach.

"We are very interested in nothing sensitive leaking. We go over every weak link and try to make sure it's secure. There are people though, who have some idea of what is going on. If they could find a way in they might try to kill or steal the shipment. We've also consulted our contacts, and there's a lot of rumors of some great treasure at Lord Satsu's estate. If you rely on stealth then you might be more at risk- perhaps we could find a tin misting or ferring for the journey? An extra gun. Would he be receptive?"


"That is for Lord Satsu to decide - I will pass your concerns to him." Finnar frowned - the woman seemed oddly insistent, and apparently ignorant of the fact that certain areas were only discussed by their lordships. He was not invited, as was proper. He nodded thanks to Susie as she delivered a tray with tea and some sweetmeats, and pointedly glanced at the bell, indicating that she should go to the staff room and wait there. Susie nodded confirmation and left. "Please, help yourself. We can continue our discussion when you are refreshed. In the meanwhile, do you need me to prepare any documents?"


"Thank you. You know your security measures best and we don't want to pry, but we really do not want anything bad happening- we know not all Lords are that concerned about the nitty gritty." She took some refreshments and ate. "Why yes. There was another matter. Could you give us some details on any supplies organizations that you are unsure about? Giving you food, supplies, technology. We can investigate any you feel are suspect. You can send the details to Lord Sindred directly, in a secure manner. He can make sure they are safe. We don't want you getting poisoned." She handed over a document with a checklist noting potential routes of attack – all legitimate. She won’t be caught without an out.


Finnar scanned the documents, considering. Some additional checks may not hurt. But then again, some additional checks on Ene herself may not hurt either - most of the involved staff *has* been introduced to him directly, though the documents looked to be in order. He might just be getting old. "Poisoned? Do you think somebody would poison our workers? I am reasonably sure of our chef here in the household, and the strays lord Satsu is keeping do often taste the food before his lordship, as per his permission." As if on cue, a ginger cat walked through the doors, looked at Finnar and Ene and escaped through the window. The cats gave him the creeps, sometimes. "I suppose it couldn't hurt to check. Please wait a  moment." He decided to provide her with a list of supplying organizations that *could* bear looking into. Nothing much sensitive there.


She nodded. "Thank you. I hope you have well paid and happy workers- you know that best, and we hope you would inform us if you felt at any time they might be a risk. We're more worried that someone could subvert your suppliers and directly poison you, or try to knock you out so that some sensitive equipment could be stolen. Or try to sneak into your household."


She looked at the cat. "There's another issue. Have you checked out all the entrances to the house? Are there any small enough that a thief could sneak in through a cat hole?"


"The sensitive equipment in the refineries is well guarded, with lord Sindred's men helping augment security already. We thank you for that. As for this household, we try to keep sensitive materials either well hidden or in better guarded locations. Although this area is relatively secure as it is" - at least Finnar did. What lord Satsu had in his quarters was his business. "The cat holes are cat sized. Last time a child thief tried to get into, the ruffian got stuck, and the strays gave him the what for - they are very territorial" He smiled at the memory. "But of course, if you are worried, you can take a look for yourself - I would be glad to give you a tour"


"Thank you, I would be happy to have a tour." She smiled warmly at him and touched his hand briefly. "I hope you understand, I am not being at all critical of you, or trying to invade your master's privacy. We just want to make sure that there's no little holes that anyone missed. You are keeping excellent security, and we want to keep it that way so no one can get in."

"The cats are quite impressive, aren't they? They serve as a security force? I heard Lord Sindred call them trained cats. What's it like living with trained cats like that?"



"But of course, I understand your concern" - he would not gossip with other people's retainers. It was unprofessional. -"Lord Satsu seems to train the strays for his own amusement. They do tend to prevent robberies - if not by force then by making a horrible racket when somebody tries to break into the house. So I suppose you might call them a living alarm." He shrugged. No need to mention the creeps, especially at night, when the glowing eyes stared at him. "I don't think many of them are well trained though. Living with them is fine - they don't make much mess, and are housebroken fast enough, though new ones present a problem." He smiled, rising. "Should I show you around?"


She stood up, ready to follow him. Her eyes flickered over his body approvingly. She got ready to follow him. "If it works for him we're glad. We'll definitely keep an eye any pewter or tin child thieves in the area though. We don't want to rely too much on strays, no matter how well trained." She looked around. "I hope you don't mind me mentioning- I and a few others were asked to scope out your house before. Make sure there were no obvious security flaws- you won't believe some of the things people do, like building works leading directly into their private quarters. I saw some of the cats at the night, their eyes glowing..." - She shuddered. "I wouldn't want to try anything against that."


"Worked well enough for a long time already. The cat's eyes do glow at night. I believe one of the thieves got a heart attack because of that when he tried to climb to the roof, and fell to his death." -He shrugged, leading her around the house - "We shall avoid the areas master wants to keep more private, you understand" - he explained- " But the whole of the ground floor is quite accessible." "Our lord does not have any routes directly to his rooms, of course. You can see that the walls are not thick enough for that. Here is our kitchen" - Finnar greeted the chef, who was busy working on master's next meal, two of the cats staring at him intently - "And here is where the cats usually come in" - he pointed out a small door near the floor with a sturdy lock visible, barely large enough for the toddler to squeeze through. "Of course, if we are inside, we may open widows for them." "And of course,  the constables do good work around here to begin with, and Mander is a well known Pewterarm and quite handy with a gun."


“I see.” Lisene nodded, seemingly satisfied. "The house is very secure and I am impressed by your security measures. I have a few minor questions to wrap this up with. We were going over some of the financial details- and bribing those who held them, or convincing them that they didn't need to hold them."


"Very well. Should we return to the room?" Finnar turned back without waiting for an answer.


"Sure." She followed after him.

"We can't find any records of the miners. We checked quite carefully. Which is good for you. But that got me wondering..."


Finnar lead her back to the room, finding the tea replenished. "Yes?"


"That part of the operation is very secure, is it not?" -too secure for his tastes, truth to be told.


"Either you have very not drunk and quiet miners, or he's found some other source of labor."


He poured the tea, turning away from her for a moment. "I am afraid that is private business of his lordship. "


She looked directly at him. "Is he using the cats? These trained cats? Could he use the cats? I've heard of dogs dragging carts? Have you heard anything that might imply this?" – She looked at him intently, preparing Zinc.

"This is just about security- we won't need to investigate this any further. And I'd be very happy to know more." She smiled at him warmly, pushing out her body suggestively.


Finnar was taken aback. "Trained cats? In the mine? That seems quite impossible." (he doesn't know. he knows that the source of labor in inconventional. "However, as I said, that is a private affair. Trade secrets have to be protected, you know"

Finnar looked at the  beautiful woman. Would it hurt to tell her more? Still, he had his integrity to consider…


"Of course, I wouldn't want to invade your privacy. But we really do have to know if there are any... leaks. We've heard people describe him as... very good with cats. Has he got some special advantage? Perhaps some person with emotional allomancy with cats, or some special connection with cats?" She rioted his desire lightly, trying to influence him to tell this little thing that would make Felen very happy.

"We don't want to have to investigate any further, but we really do need to know what's going on. Loose tongues sink mines."


Finnar felt flushed. Ene's body was quite close. "Good with cats? I suppose… But at the mine? Quite ridiculous… I think. Though the cats are…" He blinked. She didn't move, but seemed even closer. Recognition stirred in his memory and was gone, but closer now.

"Lord Satsu is…" What was he talking about?

She dropped her rioting, letting her natural charm take over. "Lord Satsu has some special talent? What talent? We thought so. It explained a lot."


Finnar blinked, his thoughts clearing somewhat. Clearing? "Lord Satsu is a very private man. He doesn't share everything." He hesitated.

"The mine security all goes through him. I may tell you my something to allay your fears, if you promise to keep it to yourself" -what was he thinking?


She moved closer, stroking his hand, body language warm and inviting, trying to cloud he. "Of course. And then, if you wish... my duty will be done. We know all the dangers and can stop investigating. I'll be off work."


Investigating… Ah yes. Finnar’s memory cleared. She was PI infamous for use of her body and Rioting to learn things she was not supposed to. Was she Rioting him now? Better not show that he was on to her. Well. "The miners have a special contract with lord Satsu."

"As far as I know- the contract was never cleared with me, you understand - they never leave the operation until the contract is over - and they work on the newest equipment. Still in development, but it cuts down on the labor a lot - you understand why it is so secret, right?""


She drew back, looking slightly disappointed. A simple, boring theory. "I suppose. And they are well paid, well looked after, and so unlikely to talk I assume?"


"Quite so. And out there - I've heard the woods a filthy with beasts - unlikely to run, too" - he was sure that was truth at least.


She smiled, her smile slightly weak. "Yes, I heard. Many a bandit has been lost to those beasts. I am glad we know. Well, make sure you keep them in line. Tell us if there are any problems with them you need help with." She concentrated on his face, trying to see if he was lying.


"I will, miss Ene. But you haven't heard it from me. " (he is telling her a minimum of lies (that he knows of), and he is good with his expressions, now that he knows her game - he is professional, after all, trained to resist emotional manipulation if he is aware of them. She cannot tell. She may be able to tell that he is more restrained) "If you are satisfied with your inquiry, I must regretfully return to my work. But I will finish soon. Would you, perhaps, be available for dinner today?"


"Thank you for your help. I will forward all your concerns to Lord Sindred. I hope we can continue to have a happy relationship without any bandits ruining it. Thank you. I think I must go though. There's a lot of information to deal with. I have my own paperwork. Those Terrismen do like their forms. Thank you again." She could tell he was holding out on her about something. She'd find out.

But she wasn't going to reward him for lying. She'd be polite and professional though. "Thank you." She offered her hand, to shake.

"Thank you for you concern. " - he was mildly disappointed. She did have a nice body, and was smart enough. He shook her hand. "Perhaps another time. Please visit if you have need of anything else." He headed to the door.


She left, going with what information she could to her mistress. "Perhaps another time."


He was not about to compromise his integrity for a pair of pretty eyes, though. Perhaps lord Sindred could do with a mild rebuke about his agent's actions. He should pass that to his master. Finnar shook his head and went back to the paperwork. His lord would be sure to hear all about this visit, and check those documents she provided.


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