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Type 5 Biochromatic entity?

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It could just be people in general who have breaths, like something that holds a breath but has to give it back as an identifier,

I don't really know, or it could just be something we have yet to see.

i wonder if you could give someone breaths with a specific instruction, that would be fun but their spark of life might interfere, either way it would be fun.

This is very near what I'm thinking of. I think Type V (or Type 0) entities are auto-initiated BioChromatic manifestations. They include everyone who has performed Self-Awakening, which is the use of a Command that targets the Awakener himself. I believe this type of Awakening has the risk of weakening the connection to one's own Breath/s. Edited by skaa

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A belated note on the discussion of Shards seeing into the future:


We know Ruin cannot see the future as well as Preservation, but presumably his capacity to see the future is better than 5 seconds. I agree that it's odd that the Shard worse at seeing the future would nevertheless grant the power to see the future, in however limited a capacity.


However, Honor implies that most, if not all, Shards can see the future to some extent. We know for absolute sure that Preservation, Honor, and Cultivation can. It's strongly implied (if not outright stated) that Odium and Ruin can. At this point, I'd find it unique for any Shard to have literally no future sight.


Brandon Sanderson
Looking into the future was not something Ruin was good at doing. That ability is confined to certain shards, and not others.


1. Atium is a condensed form of Ruin's power.

2. Atium allows those who burn it to see into the future

3. Atium is the power Preservation Stole from Ruin, to weaken him to the point that they would again be equal, after Preservation created sentient humans.


Is it not Altogether likely that Preservation Chose specifically to strip away a specific part of Ruin's power, rather than simply a quantity of raw energy?

Brandon has said that Ruin was not good at looking into the future, but if Ruin possessed any ability for it at all, that trait could potentially have thwarted all of Preservations planning and efforts to overthrow him and create a successor.

It is possible that Ruin could not see into the future (partially) because that power had been stripped away, and condensed into solid form he could not access. Thereby, Atium would grant sight into the future because Ruin no longer could.


Admittedly, this is speculation, but the implications fit.

1. Ruin would have aproximately the same ability to predict future events as a VERY well informed human.

2. each nugget of Atium, representing only a tiny fraction of Ruins power, and being an exaustable resource (which if it were part of the body of Ruin, it would then be an inexaustable resource, as all investituredrawn from a Shard, when used, is assumed to return to the shard from which it was derived) would grant only a short glimps into the future, even if Ruin had origionally been capable of much more.

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