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 Here's a place to post the profiles of all the epics we come up with for Oregon, I think it'd be easiest if everyone just made one post and then updated it with any new ideas, long bios should go in spoiler tags to keep things short.


Google Doc for Epic Ideas

Master list of current characters: (Work in progress):

The Dominion:

Occasionally called the Dark Dominion. An area of Portland Ruled by Portland and the remaining National guard stationed at the Kliever Armory. They wish for total domination over Portland and eventually the rest of the states as well.

Corpsemaker: The leader of the Dominion. Can kill people with a stare and cancel(?) their power.
Murphy: Makes everyone unlucky. Works for Corpsey.


Quota: A morally bankrupt empathic Soother who likes to push people to suicidal despair while drinking lattes. Formerly an Internet troll.

Electro-A jerk of a punk who Calamity stupidly granted strong electric powers to. Thinks of himself as a devout “feminist”; he likes women very much.


Timeport: A limited teleporter and time traveler, who can teleport up to 5 feet away and up to 5 minutes into the future. He was a sociopath even before becoming Epic, so he’s not a very good person.


Empire of Light

Lightwards--a delusional necromancer who rules “The Empire of Light,” stationed in a floating museum in Portland.

Doctor Funtimes: An exuberant matter manipulator/teleporter whose calls Calamity “The Great Noodly One.” Whether or not she actually thinks Calamity is the Flying Spaghetti Monster is up for debate.


Nighthound: The guy that needs to die to the point it became a meme. Sadly, his healing, increased strength, speed and minor mindcontrol make this harder than it should be.

Lucentia: Nighthound’s sister. Also a very bad person. Tyrant of her own city but currently participating in the Portland turf war.

Red- A minor Epic with the ability to create and control her blood. She likes being enslaved by High Epics. However, she dislikes failure. If a High Epic fails her, both her and the High Epic disappears. It has been long suspected that the disappointing Epics are killed. She has a way of making sure nobody knows about her. Currently enslaved to Nighthound in Portland.



Aldo the Enigmatic: A stage magician turned Epic with the ability to shrink and engorge objects, with a calculating power that borders on precognition.


Cricket: Aldo’s assistant, gifted with exceptionally strong legs which allow her to leap great distances and kick with tremendous force.


Jeff Carlisle/Purple Phoenix/Penumbra (Portland): A shadow manipulating and resurrection Epic with multiple personalities and access to Epic-based technology. Married to Saccharine (Marigold Carlisle)

SoulSwitch (Portland): A former PI turned Possession Epic, has served under several powerful Epics including Koschei the deathless.

Thought Town

Altermind-An exclusive mental illusionist Epic that reigns over a district of Portland comprised of the smartest in the city.

Flashpoint-A nicer Epic, Altermind’s right hand man and security chief. Has flying and minor electric powers and needs a girlfriend.

Sightline--Teleporting Batman


Voidgaze--Surprisingly nice High Epic that can manipulate white objects and use them to annihilate adjacent objects.

Panacea: A nervous healer with a form of OCD that makes her unable to handle injuries and compels her to heal them immediately.


StrongSteel: A former Australian construction worker who became an Epic with the ability to coat anything he touches in steel and enhance the strength of any non-living object.

Team Funacid


Nathan Sperry: A former Newcago server who would have been brutally murdered if not for Funtimes. Though immediately following his rescue, she spirited him away to Oregon, declared herself his girlfriend, and told everyone he was an Epic with her teleportation powers, so compared with being murdered….it’s kind of a toss-up.


Remington Springfield: A hunter from The Dalles who killed Koschei the Deathless before moving to Portland to live with his in-laws, who were recently murdered by Lightwards. This led Remington to declare Lightwards his next target when Funtimes picked him out of a crowd and declared him one of her “friends,” placing him closer to Lightwards than he would have been otherwise.


The Unicyclist: He wears a kilt and a Darth Vader mask, can shoot fire from his bagpipes, and compel animals to do his will through the songs he plays. And he rides a unicycle. 

Minor Epic Empire

The Minor Epic Empire is a league of minor Epics trying to overthrow any single ruler of the city, particularly the High Epics. They believe that all Epics should be able to rule Vanillas but that they should not rule each other. 
Zip and Refill(Portland) -Leaders of the MEE

Zip: A quiet, middleaged Epic with the ability to compress space. Started the MEE along with Refill and with the latter's death is now the sole leader of the MEE.
Refill(Deceased): A former bartender with the ability to refill the liquid in any container he touches. Became one of the leaders of the MEE before being murdered by Voidgaze when he attacked

Mommy: A minor female Epic with cleaning abilities. She always has a hoard of children with her that she cares for, and dresses in olden-style 1700’s dresses.
Neverthere: An Astral projector with a sense of humour and very little sense of morality she was last seen riding a dinosaur near the Dominion.


Portland Neutrals

Max-After his love and partner’s death at Electro’s hands, he became vengeful and is igniting a rebellion with the help of the Reckoners.

Chimera-Has the power to combine animals and to absorb traits. He is a gifter, and as such, is a kinder Epic. He is free from the factions warring at present.


Astoria Epics:

The Financier: A resurrection Epic who sees numbers as increasingly violent entities with each death, and has started an entire religion rallied against the wiles of the One Who Ate Nine. He can also multiply and divide reality, as well as divide by zero.

Deathgale: Evil bartender/butler.


Bloody Mary: Epic that would give horror movie nightmares. Has control over blood and then some. Acting spymaster under Lucentia.


The Metal: A poor unfortunate soul that is stuck working for Lucentia, because his bones got replaced with her diamonds. Self proclaimed badchull of Astoria.

Black Jaguar-A strength Epic with additional powers, he leads a team of four other Epics, the Destructors, who destroy and then ravage a city, making their way around the country.


Hawkwing-A member of the Destructors, he is the second in command and the technical brains behind the operations, though one of the weakest members.


War Smasher-A brutal fighter, Smasher can alter his density and create forcefields as well as turn intangible, the fourth member of the Destructors.

Desolation-A recently made Epic, he has very destructive powers and joined the Destructors. Rash and arrogant.

Brightdeath- A High Epic who can summon solid light and make it absorb water. She is in Astoria. She can teleport by melting into light.

Azrael: High Epic with healing, shadowshaping (making stuff out of solid darkness [don’t think, it’s magic :P]) and teleportation. Arrogant, delusional, not good with people, and very grouchy.

Blackwave: Everything an Epic should be; Arrogant, hateful, destructive, petty. Also, a Pirate.

Epics of the Dalles:

Koschei: A healer who saw himself as a god and had no qualms against slitting a toddler’s throat. Deceased, but still present in backstory.
Reader: A telepathic Epic that doesn’t read thoughts, but instantly knows everything about a person by looking at them. His favorite pastime is sitting at his desk, drinking wine, and insulting people where it hurts most.
The city guard

Scribbler: Preferring to go by her original name of Lucy she is an ink-manipulating Epic with the ability to actualize anything she has written in ink, the effect or size of the construct so created is relative to the size of the word she actualized. She works for the Dalles city guard and bears a grudge against all other Epics.

Glamour: A light-controlling Epic, twenty years old and formerly named Wilbert Abners. His ability to manipulate photons makes him a mild illusionist, capable of making himself or others invisible, blinding targets with bright lights, and casting simple and low-resolution illusions. When on missions he invariably wears dark goggles and a music-blaring headset that he refuses to turn off. Silence is his weakness, although this is not publicly known.


Redlight: A mobility Epic, twenty-three years old and formerly named Rhonda Stick. She is capable of "freezing" up to ten people within her line of sight, preventing them from moving. Targets thus freezed are still capable of speech or using most Epic powers.



He possesses the ability to create duplicates of any piece of technology he has personally seen before. Having been in the military, he is thus capable of reproducing a number of different weapons and combat vehicles. His ability has kept The Dalles' police force stocked with state-of-the-art technology for a little over a year now.


Deathwish: Thirty-five years old and formerly known as Edgar Hawk. Deathwish is capable of flight, and has slightly enhanced senses that render him a formidable adversary with a rifle. Deathwish can heal from any injury that would otherwise have been fatal; wounds delivered with the intent to kill are redirected onto the attacker's body. Many snipers have died from inexplicable bullet wounds to the head after attempting to kill the Epic from a distance.

Frostfire: Energy manipulation Epic (shifting heat/kinetic/gravitational potential [maybe?] from one object to another). Highly unstable, but relatively decent, for an Epic. (For now.)

Paladin - A limited precog with the ability to fabricate a sword and suit of armor out of thin air. Also has resurrection capabilities. Believes that Epic-worshipping cultists are behind a vast conspiracy to kill his wife, and so has declared war on them. Notably, refuses to admit that he’s an Epic, instead insisting that he’s been given power from an alternate source.


Guardian - A regenerator/teleporter with forcefields, a limited danger sense, and the ability to bond with other people for their protection. It tends to be the overbearing, suffocating stalker sort of protection, but she doesn’t mind. She’s also a gifter, and runs with Paladin.


Ranger - The third member of Team Paladin, Ranger can create a camouflage field, has preternatural abilities to shoot a welsh longbow (and isn’t far from a perfect shot with a sniper rifle, either), and has a deflection field that pushes things shot/thrown/etc at him just slightly off target. Tries not to use his powers, to stave off the corruption.

Ari - A young girl with the ability to imagine things into existence by telling herself stories. So far, she has imagined herself a dragon, a unicorn, and a daddy, not necessarily in that order. Even better, her daddy is riding on the dragon, and will soon be protecting her from an army of giant pandas. If there are any left, that is.

Shiny Sparkle--The only Epic that could rival Doctor Funtimes in being colorful, also capable of explosions and teleportation.

Autumn Glass: Not an Epic. A former Mt. Hood Forest Ranger, she moved to The Dalles following Koschei’s death and took a position as a chaplain with the City Guard. She is currently attempting to fight off the panda invasion with the aid of Shiny Sparkle, an Epic who declared her “adorable” and made her wish for the simpler days when Epics would just try to kill her.

Edgerunner-A gentle human, but a crueler Epic, Edgerunner acts as an assassin and spy for Mayor Vondra of the Dalles.

Frequency-A devout follower of Koschei the Deathless, he has returned to conquer the Dalles to restore it to Koschei’s reign. Delusionally believes that Koschei will reincarnate.

Mistwraith- A new High Epic with the ability to turn into mist, create mist, and control mist. She just became an Epic. Is not going on a Rending. Was first discovered by BusDriver.

BusDriver: A matter manipulator that can turn matter into one thing: buses. He also hates buses, and believes Calamity was playing a cruel trick on him by giving him those powers, and he complains about it. A lot.

Team Backtrack:

Backtrack(The Dalles)--a dorky minor Epic with the ability to see past events.
MV: MV and her twin sister Impact are 19 year old sisters who both gained their powers at the same time. Collectively they call themselves the momentum twins.MV is the more wild and emotional of the momentum twins, possessing the ability to shift momentum from an object to any other object in her field of vision.
Impact: Impact is the more calm and analytical of the two, she possesses the ability to impart momentum to anything she touches. After overusing her powers in a fight with the Panda army of the Dalles she has been significantly corrupted by Calamity’s influence.


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Epic Name:  Night Hound


Human Name: Michael Jäger


Primary Power: Strengthened agility and strength, although agility more so than strenght. His body´s durability isn´t incresed however, causing him to injure his own body when using it. This disadvantage gets mostly counteracted by his healing factor, leaving him with the capability to move his body in many ways that would usually be impossibly because of human anatomy, by breaking and healing his own joints and similair manouvers.


Secondary Power: Domestication: Nighthound has the capability to control the motor functions as well as power usage of bodies that hold his power. This ability is redundant concerning himself but has a great effect when used on individuals he gifted to, as it allows him to control them. Given that he only controlls their motions but not their mind his victims are limited to activities that don´t requiere high intelligence and are incapable of speech. There exsists no kind of information feedback to Nighthound so he must see them to know what they are doing, however he can send information to his hounds, as he likes to call them, including orders, which they can perform while out of his sight. If they don´t have a current objective given to them they will just stand around and wait for more imput. How long he can take control over them depends on the amount of power gifted, as it feeds on the gifted power within them and speeds up the time in which the gifted power is used up. It varies from roughly 5 hours to about 1 day at most. Black mist forms around the victims hands, feet and head causing them to appear slightly canine. The mist might take the form of claws or teeth but they aren´t tangible and as such not harmful. Because he dosen´t affect their minds they are fully aware in all of this and retain their memories.


Passive Power: Regeneration/healing factor: Pretty self explanitory. His healing is strong enough to heal wounds that should be leathal but only to a certain extend: Being set aflame, shot multiple times or have only some of the less vital parts of the brain damaged are perfectly within the bounds of his healing factor and will not slow him down significantly. Having his entire head smashed or being impaled in a way so he can´t heal for a prolonged amount of time can however still kill him.

Another detail not common to regenerations is that, when actively healing him it generates black mist around the area it is healing, similar to the mist around his hounds.

As mentioned before this offsets the strain caused by his primary power, as well as more mundane things such as the need to sleep and breathe, which could arguably be clasified as seperate powers, however this also means that, when he uses his physical abilitys, there is always some mist around him, which gives an indication how strong he is at the moment.


Power transference: Nighthound is capale of gifting his powers.


Weakness: *shrugs shoulders* You don´t know it, at least not yet.


Trivia: -He was studying to become a Vet before calamity hit.

-He is in his mid 30ths.

-He wears his black hair in a ponytail that goes down to his shoulders, is cleanly shaved and well clothed, although neither expansive nor flashy.








Epic Name: Voidgaze


Normal Name: Rita Blue


Primary Power: As long as she can see it Voidgaze is able to destroy everything that is white and in the process can inflict damage to everything adjacent to her target.


Seconadry Power: Voidtwist: Voidgaze can slightly influence the shape and movement of solid white objects. She can not completly reshape them. While twisting objects like this she can also make them stick to other surfaces.


Passive Power: Ressurection: Upon death Voidgaze respawns, fuly healed from any injuries she might have suffered, within a radius of 1 kilometer. In case she is aware of a white surface in that area she can use it to reappear, otherwise she respawns from a random surface in the area, which will subsequently be bleached white, as will everything else she touches.


Weakness: you know the deal.


Appearance: Long white hair, that might or might not be bleached, fitting white clothing and pale skin. Early 20ths


Voidgaze was still fairly young when she gained her epic powers. Instead of joining the fights for power and territory she just took herself a nice house in Portland and piled up various kind of entertainment she could find. In present time she is barely seen outside her mansion, normally only when she needs to stock up on food. Given that she has no territory to speak of most other Epics in Portland don´t really thing about her. She herself has a "you leave me alone I leave you alone"- policy in regard to other Epics. She seldomly uses her epic powers because her lifestyle, which makes her rather pleasant when compared to other Epics. Of course this only lasts until she is in a position where she frequently uses her power.








Lucentia, the diamond queen


Human Name:  Jeanie Jäger


Primary Power: Diamond creation: As the name suggest, she can produce diamonds starting at her skin in any shape she wants. The outgrows can continue to grow as long as they hold contact to her, for example she could rise spikes out of an already coated floor and stab anyone present. She can also cause her diamonds to move, to effectively create constructs, this is also limited to physical contact. Lastly, she can reduce her creations into dust.

Other uses for this power that just pop into my head are: the creation of objects (weapons or otherwise), changing terrain, imprisonment, augmenting the "aesthetics" of the surroundings or completely destroying the local economy.


Prime invincibility: Crystal body: As long as her weakness isn´t in play any injury she suffers, will be covered by diamond, said diamond then turns back into flesh. This effect even activates if the entirety of her body is destroyed. If her weakness is in place, wounds heal normally and can be lethal.


Weakness: :ph34r:


Trivia: -As you know she´s Nighthound´s sister. She´s the younger sibling in fact.

-She is in her early thirties.

-Took control over Astoria, Oregon.

- Was studying science before becoming epic.

- You can thank indirectly thank Twilight for her. After she compared NH to king Sombra I did some research on him. Under a youtube video someone claimed that Queen Chrysalis was his sister, which after further research seems to be complete nonsense but the idea already existed, my thought process went somewhat like this: chrysalis -> Chasmfiend -> gemhearts -> gems -> Diamonds -> her powers









Normal name: Rachel Butler


Power: Forming energy lances, her fingers work but other objects such as toothpicks work better. When in contact with flesh she can discharge her energy into a small explosion, other material such as bones block this. (For reference see the part she blew up a part of Nighthound, I know you want it.)


Trivia: -Short red hair and sporty looks.

-Prefers to wear jeans and T-shirts

- Most likely the weakest not cannon fodder Epic you will ever see from me

-She was a bit of an upcoming athlete in her high school years, then her parents died in a car accident and everything went downhill from there.

-I feel sorry for her yet I can´t stop being cruel. What shall I do?





Canon fodder.

Candyflame: Can burn and caramelize all the sugar around her.





Baxter Game



Age: late 40-early 50~ish


Appearance: A man of medium size with short brown hair and slightly dark skin. Most of the time he wears a a white doctor coat over a rather informal jeans and shirt combo.


History: Before Calamity Baxter Game worked as a doctor, this did not change after the Epics appeared. However, it did make it harder to run a proper clinic. Because of this he traveled the fractured states with his wife and daughter, helping people as best as they could and making a habit out of serving his patients hot choco.


About 1 and a half years ago they found a place that both needed help and could offer stability, the Dalles, and settled there. There they ran a proper clinic again, his daughter working as his assistant and his wife dealing with their paperwork. Around a year later their lives were disrupted again, after Baxter´s daughter turned into an Epic and run away from home almost immediately. His wife folloewd her in an attempt to bring her back and hasn´t returned since. Currently he´s working alone in his clinic, well almost alone, he keeps a european shorthair cat.


Seeing a lot of suffering brought about by the hands of Epics, he supports Vondra fully but his child´s transformation caused him to start and consider Epics in a new light.


Shiny Sparkle


Epic Name: Shiny Sparkle


Normal Name: Liz Tanner


Primary Power: Sparkleplosion: Can cause solid matter to explode. Instead of the fireballs one might expect from random explosions they erupt in a shower of colorful sparkles, whose brightness can range from festival fireworks to an effective flashbang. Both force and shrapnel are existent and dependent on the object exploded. For example destroying someone’s clothes like this wouldn´t really harm them but probably manage to cause a moment of shock, an explosion from a rock would kill a person and glasses wouldn´t make a very strong explosion but the shrapnel would be very dangerous.

Size wise she can cause something about a bit larger than a head explode but there isn´t an actual cooldown for her ability. Should an object be larger than her effective size, she can explode a section of it.

Everything except living animals and humans can be affected. For clarification´s sake, she could for example explode someone´s tooth only after it was punched out but while it is still in their mouth.    

Line of sight or another means to pin down the exact location, such as touch, is required.


Secondary Power: Teleportation: Causes sparkling non-harmful explosions to appear along with her. She can take with her only about as much as she could carry herself, so one maybe two persons including clothes at most, when physical contact exists. Range is about 100 miles and cannot end in a solid object.


Tertiary Power: Shinyfication: The power to make every surface she touches shiny. The object still keeps its original color but the shine emitted from it will be a bright shade, even in the case of darker shades in the actual object. White is special, causing it to sparkle in all colors of the rainbow.


Appearance: Shiny Sparkle is a woman in her mid-twenties, has full red hair that goes down a bit longer than her shoulders and wears jeans combined with a white blouse underneath a tourquise light jacket, depending on mood clothes may or may not sparkle.

Furthermore, she wears sunglasses that have a bright green tint. Hidden behind her glasses are her eyes, who have turned prismatic, meaning that instead of a single color they are a swirl made up from all colors







Vapor Snake



Epic name: Vapor Snake


Normal name: Jack Hayter


Age: 31


Appearance: Amber eyes, short light brown hair, above average height, muscular build


Primary: Can turn his/her body into smoke and grow snake like constructs out of his/her body. The constructs even though they are made out of smoke can constrict people’s movement, have enough strength to lift a person up and bite with the snake head at its end.

In smoke form it is relatively easy to move through porous materials, cloth or walls with cracks.

The turning into smoke happens automatically to prevent injury but is not possible when the affected body-part is soaked in water. (Not the actual weakness just a quirk)


Gifting: The amount of power the gifted get can be adjusted but if s/he wants to gift to a larger group of people the amount of power will give them the ability to turn into smoke on will or with injury and form one smoke snake slightly larger than a knife.


Secondary: Capable to adapt the colouring of his clothes so they can act as camo gear in every enviroment.






Astoria (backstory no longer Muhahahaha!)


Lucentia: see Portland




Pre-Calamity: Johnny Freeman grew up in the more seedy parts of town, taking up the habit of smoking and ended up employed as a bartended in an establishment owned by the local crime ring. Mostly a quiet job, be “respectful” to the customers and they usually have enough sense not to stir up trouble. Worst that ever happened was that he had to break the fingers of people that didn´t want to pay. Granted, that was still enough to almost get him drowned at one point.


Life changed when Epics appeared in the world. Monsters that could rival armies on their own did not favor organized crime; as such Deathgale decided to hand in his resignation.  


Powers: His every movement, including his very breath, can be extended in a razor wind strong and sharp enough to slice apart buildings.

He can also control the movement and increase the density of smoke, for example from a cigarette, he breathes out, to the point where it can support the weight of a human.

He can dissolve his body into smoke that returns to his old form, if wounded it triggers automatically.


Current situation: He never developed a taste for ruling himself, which caused him to travel the fractured states, searching for an Epic´s domain, he considered suitable. For the most time every ruler he meet was unsuitable in one way or another and often times incapable to survive his inspections.


Ultimately, he ended up in Lucentia´s domain and settle down there, working as her main enforcer, while she kept to herself in her Diamond Gardens. On his cheek is a triangle shaped scar, carved there to testament that he disclosed his weakness to his mistress as a prove of his obedience






The Metal


Primary: Pressure. In a radius of 1km he can put pressure on anything from any direction. Imagine a truck (or 50 or 50000) falling on top of his target just that they can hit from anywhere, this is very much capable of reducing someone to a pile of goo or alternatively pin them to the ground. (Human pinballs are also possible :P )

He can also use this to keep a "touch" on anything in his range, granting him perfect spacial awarness of everything that is within 1km of him.


Secondary: Sound. perfect hearing and the ability control/amplify his voice to selectively decide who hears his voice (or the music from his headphones) and how loud, also within 1km, although this still gets blocked by everything that would block sound normally. And just because he´s broken he can also create a sonic boom around himself by snapping his fingers, this one got a smaller range though.


Passive: Super strenght and Invulnerability, because why not.






Bloody Mary



Primary: Bloody stream. She can use her own blood as a kind of Portal allowing her to move anything through one patch of her blood to another. (you can think like the Portals from well Portal just connecting everything and not just two points) In a similiar vein she has a minor form of Clairvoyance that allows her to see and speak through her own blood.

Furthermore, she can can control her blood to form construct like whips or to grab/slash something, this cannot ignore the laws of physics. (A very vague statement with moving blood I´m aware. ;))


Secondary: She can assimilate all blood she touches to her own. This blood acts just as her own would.


Passive: If she dies she resurrects by bursting out of the blood vessels of a near person without invulnerability.


A petit woman with pale hair that goes down to her shoulders. Wears a blue tie in her hair and a pale blue A-line dress.








Epic name: Kenshin


Primary power: Weapon Creation: can create an infinite amount of bladed weapons out of thin air, these can be swords of all kind but don´t have to be others such as axes are also viable. Sword sheaths and the like can be created in addition. After a blade has been re-sheeted she can dismiss it at will. The weapons themselves are not magical (technically).


Secondary power: Supernatural Swordsmanship: Exactly what it says on the tin. Using a bladed weapon, not necessarily of her own creation, allows her to wield it with perfect accuracy, supernatural speed, increased agility and lets her cut through everything that isn´t magically indestructible.


Tertiary power: Danger Sense: A very minor form of precognition, all it can be used for is sense the general direction an immediate threat is coming from, so for example it can tell from where a sniper rifle will be fired from just early enough to cut the bullet out of the air but can´t tell what exactly her opponent will do next in a fist fight.









Set(h) has the ability to turn stone/earth into sand and control sand, both to use it as solid objects and starting sandstorms. Furthermore he can initiate dust explosions with the sand.




She can take control over everyone that feel sexually attracted to her, the effect leaves the victim with the basics of their personallity but at her beck and call.

Furthermore, she can give a kiss of death to her victims


Teatime Can stop time


The Devil: Invincible and can force others to obey contracts, if they are broken the party at fault dies, period. This is also his weakness. In case there are any elements in the contract that can be interpreted in different ways he gets to decide which interpretation is valid.


Crow (Halloween special)


Has control over nearby crows. He can use those crows to rip out the life energy, represented as a flame, of other people and absorb it. The absorbed energy can be spend to achieve multiple ways, which can be summed up in two main groups: 1) Physical strengthening and healing. 2) Forming bird themed constructs, feathers, wings, birds etc.,that can also manipulate others life energy as well as burn as a normal fire would.


Up for adoption:


Incognito: Can turn invisible.

Streamline. Free control over a limited amount of water.

Frostwyrm: Ice breath.

Spinnin Records: Can “spin” everything he touches in a radius, the Epic does not have to be in the center of the spin. Applications: turning a part of a wall in a revolting door, switch position with someone else, spin out a piece of wall to create higher ground

Black Skeleton: can summon a skeleton with black bones that copies the Epics movements. The skeleton can´t be destroyed, must not connect the bones like an actual skeleton does and can grow to about the size of a skyscraper.

Dancer/Tänzer: Creation of multiple (let´s say 5 for now but the exact number can be scaled for the wanted power level) flying energy orbs that obliterate anything they touch.

Desolation/Trostlosigkeit (admittedly this translation is a bit of a stretch :P) Has the ability to turn Stone into sandand then control sand, both to use it as solid objects and starting sandstorms. Furthermore he can initiate dust explosions with the sand.




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Main Characters:



Permanent Sight: He always has Perfect Vision. He has Night Vision and can see through Mists and Fog. He can also see through Things close to his Eyes, such as blindfolds and Eyelids. This does NOT mean that he can press his face into a Wall to see through it.


Short Range Teleportation: About 20 ft Range, Line of Sight Only. When he teleports, Only what's touching his skin teleports with him. So if you want him to teleport you, he has to be in contact with your body, and all of your clothes. Awkward. For this reason, he doesn't wear socks, if he did, he'd leave behind his shoes.



Power: Primary: Deathsight: He can literally kill anyone he see's, Autopsies reveal the cause of death as being the destruction of parts of the Victims Brain. Can be blocked by Prime Invincibilities. Victims take 5 seconds to die, once CorpseMaker targets them.

Power: Secondary: The Great Equalizer: Can negate any Active power of another Epic, making them unable to use that power. But he can only negate one power at a time He can't negate Passive abilities.


Power: Passive: Prime Invincibility: Cannot be killed in any way. Literally, doesn't need to breath except to talk. Regenerates if disintegrated or Incinerated. Immune to toxins, bullets, knives and Epic abilities.



  • Murphionic Field. Anything that can go wrong, Will. If you insult him, you'll bite your tongue. If you try to attack him, you'll trip, if you try to use a Power on him, you'll hit an Ally instead. If you right about hymn, You'll Make Typo's.


Blackwave and The Tidebreaker


Blackwave: The Tidebreaker's Captain

Defensive Abilities:

Water healing: When in contact with Water (as little as a Damp shirt) He has instant healing.


Offensive Powers:

Tidal Control: Can alter the flow of the Currents of the Ocean/River/Lake/Waterfall to suit his needs. Can cause Tidal Waves/Tsunamis.

Water Control: Waterbending from Avatar; the Last Airbender.

Metal Precog: Can sense all metal around him, and can predict it's path in a fight. Can gift this ability.


Support Powers:

Navigation: Can get to anywhere near a body of Water. (Body of water in this case being bigger than a Golf Pond)

Aura of Fear Confidence: Automatically causes low Level Fear in those who oppose him, Confidence on those who support him. Others are unaffected.

Wood Restoration: Can heal any wooden Object to any previous State.



Part of the Tribal Council of Hawaii

Lives on a Massive Pirate Ship.


Sharkbait: The Tidebreaker's First Mate. (Played by Kobold)

Pre-Calamity Information


David Manō was a Hawaiian surfer and fisherman before Calamity, living on one of the smaller islands. As his surname suggests, he had some traditional Hawaiian heritage in his family history. Though all things considered, David was more in touch with his westerner heritage than with his indigenous side.


He spent much of his time fishing, surfing, and wooing charming young ladies in grass skirts.


One of the more traumatic incidents of his life occurred while surfing. While out in deep water early in the morning, a he was attacked by a great white shark. The incident almost cost him his life; the doctors told him he was lucky it only cost him his left arm. David never quite shared this sentiment.


Powers and Abilities


In time, a red star appeared in the night sky. This red star would change David Manō's life forever--and once his life was changed, he'd set about ending a great many other people's lives.


Whether by a deliberate joke or by some cosmic irony, David was given the power to control sharks. When David Manō held a shark's tooth against his skin, he forged a deep internal link with the animal it had come from. Once the extent of his powers became clear to him, David began decorating his body with necklaces and bracelets strung together from shed shark teeth.


Through the sharks he controlled, David became capable of quite a few spectacular feats. First and foremost, any shark he owned became like extensions of himself, following his every command at a mere thought. He was also capable of sensing what they sensed, if he so chose. As Calamity's corruption grew, he often allowed himself to feel the same bloodlust and feeding frenzies as his minions.


Another interesting ability he reaps from his shark connection is the ability to sap attributes from the sharks. 

David Manō--or Sharkbait, as he steadily began calling himself--is capable of draining the strength and health of his minions into his own body, radically improving his own physical condition. His fist delivers all the force of a tiger shark's bite, and he can heal mortal wounds by taking the life of one of his minions. As long as he had shark teeth on his skin, Sharkbait was like a force of nature.


Modus Operandi


While David Manō was a nice enough person, Sharkbait certainly is not. He basks in his pets' bloodlust, feeling compelled to slaughter and maim whenever they feed. He can often be found dumping buckets of chum over the Tidebreaker's side, rousing his minions into a frenzy. Few dare ask how he makes the chum--or exactly what kind of animal supplies the blood for it.


One particular irk of Sharkbait's existence is that his healing ability does not allow him to regrow his lost arm, as this was a permanent wound inflicted before Calamity. He will forever be a one-armed Epic.


Wandersail (Played by Mail-Mi)

Primary power: Wind Control. Strong enough to create minor storms, but can't create anything like a hurricane.

Passive power: She innately knows exactly where she is on the planet and which way the cardinal directions are. 


Other Crewmembers

Catchwind: Wind Epic, can cause powerful winds of varying direction by whistling.

SeaSpark: Electrical Epic, uses his ability to perform electrolysis on various salts in the ocean, causing eruptions of toxic chlorine gas and metallic sodium and potassium which then spontaneously ignite.

Fusion: Capable of fusing objects together, creates perfect shackles that can't be unlocked, can walk upside down by fusing his shoes to the roof. Lost a leg before calamity and has since fused a wooden leg with himself.

Clockwork: Can concentrate his power on any object he's touched to 'charge' it, causing the object to glow, after a length of time he can release the objects charged energy causing it to either spin rapidly or be repulsed and shoot away from him. Can use a long beam with his power and a significant charging time to create whirlpools.


Swabber: Capable of instantly cleaning any Surface.


Calico Harry: The Tidebreaker's Quarter master. Not an Epic, just a Pyschopath. He enjoys sneaking up on Blackwave.


One-Eye: No one ever bothered to learn his name, just calling him One-Eye as a label of Respect. He put out his other EYe in order to join Blackwave's crew.




4 Epics, 4 powers, One Expanded Mind.

Power1: Mindmeld. This Epic can take control of another Epic, absorbing their Power, Personality, and Mental Intelligence.

Power2: Healing Gifter

Power3: Personal Invisibility and Emotional manipulations. (Soother/Rioter)

Power4: Distance Telepathy: Can sense when people are thinking of him, and can contact them from any distance.




Gordon Walker: Informant, Part-Time Reckoner. Works with Sightline, and Hivemind. Important Character.


Kyle Erubus: Auto Mechanic. Reckoner. Lives at Gordon's Hideout.


Dr. Pace: Medical Doctor. Reckoner. Got his liscence two weeks before Thundergun destroyed the Hospital at which he worked.


Captain Tagon: Intelligence Officer for CorpseMaker


General Jakksmouth: Leader of the Armies of the Dark Dominion


Lt. Ebbinorath: Personal Aide to CorpseMaker

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Doctor Funtimes

Epic Name: Doctor Funtimes

Primary Power: She can transform matter with effort proportional to what she's transforming. Changing a carrot into a gun could be accomplished with a snap of her fingers; changing a cottage into a fishing boat would take a bit longer and more concentration. Of course, she'd be more likely to turn a gun into a live hamster and a fishing boat into a bouncy castle, but that's just her.

Secondary Power: Long- and short-range teleportation

Weakness: To be revealed

Modus Operandi: Ooooohhhhhh, you want to fight? You're funny. And now you're dressed like a clown! LOL now your handgun is a box of Pop-Tarts! What, you're not going to GIVE me one? Well, your face looks like a butt! And now the Pop-Tarts are a bag of marbles. Hahaha, don't try to throw them at me; I'll just turn them into M&M's! Okay, now I'm bored. Buttface.

Appearance: She wears a knee-legnth silk dress with thick black tulle petticoats. The silk is rainbow colored, as though someone pelted a white dress with dye-filled water balloons. (Which is exactly what happened.) She wears light-up knee-high socks, one blue and one green, and Converse high-tops, one yellow and one red. Her short black hair is nearly always sparkling with glitter, and she's nearly always smiling, but no one can say why. It scares them.




Name: Panacea

Primary Power: She can heal minor wounds with little to no effort. More serious wounds take concentration and an expenditure of energy, while near-fatal and fatal wounds can only be healed by taking them on herself.

Secondary Power: Self-healing, at a greatly accelerated pace.

Modus Operandi: Hello there, how may I--Calamity, how did you get that blood all over you? Oh, that gash is terrible! No, it looks terrible, too! Let me fix that. Ah. There we go. All is as it should be.

Personality: As you might have guessed, her perfectionism is her strongest motivator in healing others. That she can't give her power to injured Epics makes her eye twitch, which she remedies by seeking out a vanilla with a paper cut she can heal. However, her ability to take fatal wounds upon herself has granted her a modicum of empathy for those who her fellow Epics injure, and no respect or kindness for Epics who delight in causing harm.

Appearance: Small, with honey-colored curls she tames with a red headband. She dresses like a Red Cross nurse, usually from the 1940s.


Name: Quota

Primary Power: Quota can dampen all positive emotions to the point that they essentially vanish. With those who have traumatic experiences in their pasts, he is especially dangerous, as this dampening of joy, peace, happiness, etc. will cause their most traumatic memories to rise to the surface. Whether or not he can dampen negative emotions is unknown, as he has never tried.

Secondary Power: Low- to mid-range empathy. He can sense strong emotions and uses that as a basis for the targets he chooses.

Modus Operandi: Ah, so many people on the bridge today. That lady's stressed….yeah, I'll make that worse. Just a little. Heh. She's crying now. That guy….oh, he's angry. Let's give him a little more of that, and….ah, he just bumped into that chick and lost it. Good stuff. Oh, let's give that chick a little more despair….haha. Awesome.

Appearance: Quota wears dark, nondescript clothes that might cause him to be mistaken for a vanilla were it not for the green-grey cloak he never takes off. He is fond of coffee and makes a point of finding any remaining coffee shops whenever he arrives in a new city.




The Financier


Epic Name: The Financier (known as Monsieur de Finance to his subordinates and Finnigan to his superiors) 


Primary Power: Number-crunching. The Financier can determine trajectories of bullets, potential directions of adversaries, and other threats. He prefers to do it in his head, but when he must, he can chart out far more intricate scenarios on paper. 


Secondary Power: Quantification. He can determine an army's number, the number of bullets, etc. within a minute. Again, he would much rather do this in his head than write the numbers on paper. 


Tertiary Power: Basic math, especially multiplication and division. Zero is his favorite number. When he multiplies an object up to the size of a tank by zero, it vanishes; this only applies to objects, not sentient beings. (He could, however, multiply an assailant's weapons by zero, even if they were hidden in his clothes. Fortunately for all, the Financier has no interest in multiplying clothes by zero.) Dividing by zero causes a temporal disturbance that resets everything within a ten-mile radius to ten minutes before he divided. However, division by zero kills him, so he only does it when they are out of options because….


Passive Power: Upon death, he resurrects precisely ten seconds later. However, each death causes him to see numbers as increasingly violent living entities, so he holds death in the same regard he holds numbers: something evil to be avoided at all costs. 


Modus Operandi: WHAT THE SPARKING SPARKS IS THIS SHEET OF NUMBERS DOING ON MY DESK? Oh, you want me to crunch them. I'll crunch them. Those numbers—oh, they're wily, they are. That 7. He thinks he's perfect. Everyone in the whole world thinks he's perfect, but I'm wise to you, 7. I know your tricks. You're just like the rest of those horrible, horrible numbers—and I will crunch you. I will crunch you! No, I'm not giving you my pistol—are you mad? Do you aim to leave me unguarded from this numbers? Oh, if I could multiply you by zero, you'd be multiplied by every zero in the world!


Notes: He is the founder and pastor of the Church of the Singularity, the only religion that refuses to admit it has more than one member.

Deceased Epics


Epic Name: Koschei (the Deathless)

Primary Power: Self-healing. Any wound up to a fatal wound will mend in a few seconds. A nonlethal dose of poison will cause him a few seconds of discomfort before the effects fade.

Secondary Power: One quirk of his healing abilities is that his healing factor does not include fatal wounds. If he does receive a fatal wound, he will die and resurrect less than a minute later, completely healed of any additional wounds he may have received while dead. Oddly enough, he is not immune to pain, and the amount of time it takes for a fatal wound to do its work is neither accelerated nor slowed.

Tertiary Power: Koschei is a gifter, able to heal others of their wounds, and provided he works quickly enough, he can heal fatal wounds.

Modus Operandi: In his opening scene, he slit a toddler's throat to gain her parents' cooperation. He is not a nice man.

Appearance: Tall and thin, with pale blond hair set with a gold circlet. He wears loose-fitting dark pants and white shirt, with a purple cloak and a gold signet ring.




Epic Name: Scorch

Primary Power: Flame generation and shaping. He can conjure fire and direct its shape and movement; however, as he isn't terribly imaginative, he usually opts for fireballs instead of, say, a box for holding prisoners or a battalion of fiery wraiths to keep them in line. The most creative thing he's done with his power is create a flaming vortex with the aid of a wind Epic. They didn't work together long.

Secondary Power: Immunity to fire and intense heat, which allows him to conjure fire without burning himself.

Personality: Most describe him as "angry," and that is the emotion he seems to display most often. Altermind made no bones about the fact that he barely passed Thoughttown's strict entrance exam, and because of this he has a chip on his shoulder. As part of the town's security force, he was much harsher than he needed to be, which did help Altermind keep an effective grip on the populace. He hates working with others, even other Epics, since it reminds him that he's not as powerful as he would like to be. He has recently defected to join CorpseMaker in his quest to retake the city.

Appearance: Tall and muscular, with skin that has gotten progressively fairer the longer he's stayed in Oregon. (He's originally from sunny Arizona, but he left when most of the humans in the state cleared out. The hot, dry air made his powers more effective, but there was no fun in using them if there was no one to rule.) He puts bright red streaks through his dark hair, which he wears as a mohawk or flattened, depending in his mood. In keeping with the Epic style, he dresses rather like a Marvel Comics character from the 90s—dark pants, combat boots, no sleeves, too many pockets and pouches for any one man to have, and a flamethrower slung across his back. (Redundant most of the time, but he thinks it looks cool.)

Weakness: Watchmen comics, particularly The Comedian's character. Any DC comic will make his powers short out somewhat, however.


Primary Power: Looping—Rewind can create small, stable time loops around an area of up to about 50 feet. Within this loop, he can control up to 5 seconds of time. These five seconds can be rewound for up to a minute; after that minute time will resume from the last second Rewind rewound to—that is to say, people within the loop will pick up where they left off, but be 55 seconds behind those outside the loop. People within the loop can be killed by ranged weapons from those outside the loop.

Secondary Power: Déjà vu—When Rewind loops a group of people, they have no idea they are being looped until the loop is broken. Sharp ones might think something feels vaguely familiar, but that will be forgotten once the same 5 seconds are rewound once more.

Tertiary Power: Silencing—for as long as Rewind keeps up the loop, he will remain unnoticed by those caught in the loop.

Note: Rewind's powers are dependent upon his being in the presence—preferably within line of sight—of a clock. If taken to a room without a clock, he will be powerless, and always wears multiple watches for this purpose.

Backstory Epics


Epic Name: Soulflicker

Primary Ability: He can drain the life force of those he chooses. Eye contact is all that is needed to drain as much strength, health, or physical skill as he chooses, giving him superhuman strength, reflexes, etc. Those he drains remain in a trance-like state until he breaks eye contact, and remain weakened, dizzy, and/or confused for several minutes or several hours, depending upon what he drained, how much he took, and how much the victim had to start with. He can drain up to three people simultaneously; though he can drain more after that, the attributes he drains fade after an hour, so he values quality over quantity.

Secondary Ability: Blood control—Blood contact with a person speeds the draining process. Drinking a sample of their blood kills them instantly, granting him their strength, strong memories, and some skills and intelligence. He cannot gain an Epic's abilities by drinking their blood; however, he can leave them weakened and out of sorts. How long they remain in this state depends upon the strength of their powers; a Low Epic like Backtrack would remain weakened for an hour or more, while a High Epic would remain weakened for one minute to ten. (A super High Epic like Steelheart would experience little to no effect.) The attributes he steals using this method fade much more slowly, remaining strong for about a week and fading increasingly quickly over the next month or so. The longest he held onto a victim's memories was six weeks, though they had become little more than vague images and sensations by that point. Strength and skills fade at a comparable rate.

Tertiary Ability: When Soulflicker drains strength and health, he gives himself a healing factor of sorts. For example, if he puts two people in a trance, a cut would heal twice as quickly as usual. However, if he were to drink their blood, the cut would heal in minutes.

Passive Ability: Life-sensing—Soulflicker can sense the strength of those around him; Epics emit a somewhat stronger "signal" than vanillas. He cannot sense an Epic's specific powers, but he can sense how strong those powers are. In the same way, he cannot sense a vanilla's specific skills, though he can sense physical strength, health, and intelligence.




Epic Name: Amarok

Primary Ability: She is a huntress. Anyone she chooses as her prey will not escape; although this power is most effective when it is used against one person or group of people at a time, she can divide her attention and track up to three when they travel in separate directions. Her tracking ability is strong enough that she can determine the path of a teleporter across hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Secondary Ability: Super speed. Amarok can run at the speed of a car (60 mph, give or take) without trying; when she decides to sprint, she can reach speeds of up to 200 mph.

Tertiary Ability: Amarok's teeth and nails contain a poison that induces rapid infection, including fever, chills, general weakness and, in some severe cases, vertigo. Survivors have been reported; however, due to the fact that Amarok is either especially angry or enjoying the moment when she attacks someone, most infections are too severe to treat without the intervention of a healing Epic.



Human Characters


Name: Nathan Sperry

Age: 22

Appearance: Short red hair, blue eyes, fairly tall. Wears a dark brown pinstripe suit, neon green tie, brown duster, and red Converse.

Epic Name: The Traveler, or simply Traveler (Doctor Awesomesauce to Funtimes)

Powers: None

Home City: Newcago

Interests: He enjoys watching old episodes of Doctor Who (the ones that aren't banned; Steelheart wasn't fond of those where the Doctor overthrows an oppressive dictator, but he did like the ones where he never quite figures out what's going on) and reminiscing about those that he saw as a kid. He used to work as a server in a casino catering to Epics, until Doctor Funtimes stole him, saving his life in the process. His current interests include figuring out how to use his alter ego to keep the people of Portland safe from the dangerous Epics there, keeping his cover intact, and wondering how the heck he managed to get himself into this mess.




Name: Remington Springfield

Age: 31

Appearance: Tall and muscular, with blond hair he pulls back into a neat ponytail. (He can never find the time to cut it.) Grey eyes usually paired with a scowl.

Home City: Born and raised on a farm outside The Dalles, moved to Portland for college and back to The Dalles after the Capitulation Act; currently resides in Portland

Interests: Hunting, shooting, surviving, keeping those storming Epics off his lawn. The last often translates into shooting on sight. Recently Funtimes and Traveler claimed him as one of their servants, so his current pressing interest is in using his new position to wreak havoc on whatever plans Lightwards has for the city, destroying his Empire from the inside out and sipping a beer atop the ruins….though the last part will come later.




Name: Autumn Glass

Age: 28

Home City: Born and raised in Cottage Grove; currently resides in The Dalles

Appearance: Average height, with straight red hair she usually pulls back into a ponytail, brown eyes, and freckles.

History:Autumn grew up in Cottage Grove with a love-hate relationship toward her name. That is to say, she loved it as a child and a teen; being homeschooled, she had little to fear from being mocked by her nastier peers. Those within her homeschool co-opt group either liked her name, saw little unusual about it, or politely refrained from remarking on it. By the time she joined her twin brother, Addison, as a ranger in Mount Hood National Forest, those in her peer group had grown out of the mocking stage, and many of her coworkers thought Autumn Glass was a beautiful name.

Then came Calamity, which seemed to inspire men and women to choose the most ridiculous names possible, and Autumn Glass received many an odd look. Her good sense of humor came in handy, and although she secretly resented the connection, her default greeting became "Autumn Glass, not an Epic."

When parts of Oregon descended into chaos and anarchy, Autumn chose to stay at the ranger station, which became a safe house for refugees. For several years, many residents were not permanent; they simply stayed at the station and were supplied with food, arms, and a ranger to guide them through the wilderness to their destination, which was often a city such as Portland or Salem. Autumn and Addison became the guides to and from Cottage Grove and its surrounding area.

Living as she did at the ranger station, Autumn was far from the epicenter of the disaster that was Koschei the Deathless. She heard of him through terrified and frantic survivors, but was never graced with his presence. Her first sight of the healer came when Remington Springfield killed him.

That spring, she moved to The Dalles, offering her experience as both a forest ranger and a lay minister to Vondra. She currently resides there as a chaplain and the good cop to Reader's bad.



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Kobold King's Characters




Full Description (Sans weakness):
His name is Lightwards, formerly known as Thomas Cardinal. He was a thirty-four year old professor of ecology at UC Davis before gaining his powers.
His powers are similar to that of a necromancer--he is capable of restoring corpses or body fragments into whole, living beings. These living beings, of course, experience varying levels of intellectual decay. Most of them retain a decent portion of their former memories and intelligence, but become extremely susceptible to his voice and commands. He can repeat the process on a subject however much he wants, though eventually their minds will have decayed to the point of uselessness and he'll find new bodies. As a general rule, less intelligent entities are easier for him to maintain control over, so he usually travels around with an escort composed of various pieces of roadkill rather than control many human corpses at a time. Theoretically he could probably maintain a hold over around twenty dead humans at a time, although it would take a lot of focus.
This is his primary power. His secondary power is the ability to resurrect himself after being killed, though the same intellectual decay still takes effect. He's been killed twice before, once by a lucky student with a gun and once by another Epic. This has knocked his sanity down a few notches--while once he was a semi-rational if immoral teacher, now he's become a delusional man who believes himself to be part a "guiding light" for civilization. In his educated mind, he is a unique opportunity for humanity to defeat death and become the dominant force of the universe. His original goal was to simply carve out a small chunk of territory for himself, but his intellectual decay has brought him a far loftier ambition: the universe itself. And he has just enough cleverness left to make this insanity a dreadful possibility.
His weakness is [DATA EXPUNGED].
Summary For Those Bored by the Rambling Above:

  • His name is Lightwards--a delusional title based on the idea of the dead moving towards a light.
  • He's basically a necromancer, reanimating corpses into healthy living entities under his control. The stronger the original mind was, the harder it is for him to control the reanimated corpse--the extent of his power is probably controlling around twenty human corpses, with focus. Zombies he creates tend to experience mental decay.
  • He can resurrect himself, but with the same mental decay handicap. He's died twice before, turning him from a fairly rational if immoral man to a delusional psychopath who sees himself as the savior of civilization.





Dramatic Re-Enactment
He was standing back by the vending machine.
Frank Costel's heart began to race. She didn't, he thought desperately. I was useful. Why would she do this to me?
He started walking, first slowly, then at a brisk pace towards the end of the hall. He threw open the door at the end, glancing out at the cool countryside. He stepped out--
He was standing back by the vending machine.
His panic was an unstoppable tide now. He ran towards the door again, flinging it open and leaping out.
He merely landed face-first on the floor next to the vending machine.
With a look of fear and hopelessness, he looked up and down the short hallway he'd spend the rest of his life in.
At least there was a vending machine.
The body of Frank Costel was never found. Partially this was because nobody went looking for him; everybody knew not to question what Möbius did with servants, and trying to find the man would only dishearten the survivors. A secondary reason was because the hallway in which Frank Costel met his end was not accessible by any conventional means. From the perspective of anyone trying to find Frank Costel, the hallway and its vending machine never existed. All that remained was a cheap roadside hotel which was now inexplicably missing a hallway.
Frank Costel did not die from starvation, or thirst, or disease. Frank Costel killed himself by repeatedly slamming his face into the hallway exit's doorknob, finally collapsing his skull. In the end, it was the hopelessness and solitude of his situation that drove him to hate his life, doing whatever he could to end it.
Pre-Calamity Information
Her name was Alexandra Hawkins. Alexandra was a 19 year-old college student who lived in a small Californian town about twenty miles south of the Oregon border. She felt that she was pretty and smart, a sentiment that was shared by the majority of her peers and professors. She was shy and introverted, rarely coming out of her dorm except to attend classes and work her job at a cheap, dingy "sushi bar" with a menu as unauthentic as the faux Japanese artwork that decorated the place. She hated every second of her day job, but she carried on in order to pay the bills; not only did she have a college debt to pay off, but her mother proved to be a substantial drain on her income. Alexandra, being the kind young woman that she was, didn't much mind. After all, years spent with an abusive husband had taken their toll on Maria Hawkins, and all she felt like doing nowadays was nap and watch cheesy local soap operas.
If Alexandra were more comfortable talking to people about her life, she would have explained that she was ultimately satisfied with her lot in life. There were parts she loved and parts she despised. She loved attending the local college--she hated the debts that came with it. She hated the time she spent at the sushi bar--she found her self increasingly enjoying the company of one of her male co-workers, a handsome guy named Josh. And while her mother would urge her to socialize more during the midst of soap opera commercials, Alexandra was quite content to edit Wikipedia and read the sporadically updated ecology blog "Towards the Light," maintained by a young professor who lived in Sacramento.
When the impossible star Calamity appeared in the heavens, Alexandra Hawkins was overjoyed at such a monumental discovery being made in her lifetime. Within minutes of the official announcement, Alexandra was drafting the Wikipedia article, finally coming out of her shell to explain the star's significance to Josh. All who knew her were delighted by her sudden behavioral changes.
Around a year later, Alexandra's behavior was to change again--as were other traits surrounding her. Calamity's gift bestowed itself upon her, and the young woman changed her name and demeanor.
Her mother, her fellow college students, and her recent fiancee Josh disappeared shortly afterwards, as a new Epic named Möbius made headlines as the most powerful Epic to hit northern California.
The sushi bar, of course, was obliterated from the face of the planet.
Powers and Abilties
Alexandra Hawkins--soon to be known as Möbius--possesses one of the more mysterious yet deadly of Epic powers. Möbius was capable of manipulating space. Möbius is capable of controlling the omnipresent medium through which three-dimensional objects travel. Her mastery over the fabric of space made her capable of a wide variety of feats, summarized below.
The first use of this ability to manifest itself was the folding and tunneling of space, allowing Möbius to create wormholes capable of connecting any two points in space. She could take a step in California and wind up in Australia, taking a step out of the bathroom and finding herself on Mars. Distance, she soon discovered, meant nothing to her. If she could visualize a location, she could travel to it effortlessly.
Having studied a book on Einstein's theory, Möbius understood that gravity is best defined as the curvature of space. So she tried it--within a few days of practice, she had mastered the ability to control the force of gravity, allowing herself to hurtle through the sky or crush objects with massive bursts of weight.
But the young Alexandra soon found another use for her ability that suited her introverted nature far more--and eventually, would be used by her hidden inner sadist to horrifying effect. Möbius discovered that she could seal off regions of space, creating "pocket universes" completely disconnected from the main body of space. No one save teleporters could enter these pocket universes, and no one save teleporters could escape once sealed inside. They took the forms of infinite loops, in which all "exits" merely led to the beginning of the loop. Frank Costel's vending machine stocked hallway was made into one such pocket universe--his attempts at escape always caused him to find himself standing by the vending machine he soon came to curse.
It was of course from these pocket universes that Alexandra Hawkins drew her new name of Möbius, after the famed Möbius strip. An infinite, closed off loop.
Current Information
Möbius staked out a claim for a large section of northern California--a claim which is disputed by few, as this "Kingdom of Calamityville" is contained within its own pocket universe, impossible to invade or escape. It is largely governed day-to-day by lesser Epics, as Möbius herself retains introverted tendencies and generally cannot be bothered to deal with the people. Using her own teleportation, she frequently makes forays into other Epic's territories to raid supplies or simply to cause general destruction.
The traits which once made her a sympathetic individual now fuel sadistic tendencies. Her introverted shyness became a callous demeanor that leaves her unperturbed by her victim's pleas for mercy. Her natural kindness and aversion to violence leads her to avoid prolonged conflicts, preferring to simply seal anyone annoying her in a small pocket universe where they eventually lose the will to live and kill themselves. Her empire is both surrounded and filled with such pocket universes. They are scarcely connected to our own universe at all--except that occasionally, one can hear the frenzied screams of those trapped, or hear the sound of melancholy men slamming their heads into doors.
She once ventured out of her little empire to meet with another Epic--a man named Lightwards was crossing through California, whom she soon learned was the ecology professor whose blog she used to read. They chatted briefly, until Lightwards realized his servants--undead "Warriors of Light" whom he traveled with--were no longer following his orders. He quickly came to the realization that something about Möbius had set off his weakness, causing his powers to fail. The professor attempted to kill the young woman, failing rather pathetically and nearly losing his life in the process. Möbius was infuriated to meet both a reminder of her past life and a threat to her current life, and was unhappy at the man's escape. She wasted no time in destroying his increasingly self-aware "Warriors" and beginning to track the professor down.
Lightwards attempted to flee the area, but was soon tracked down a bare ten miles from Portland city limits, where Möbius appeared from nowhere and took his life. Leaving the professor for dead, Möbius returned to her closed-off empire, content that a challenger--no matter how small--had been eliminated.



Aldo the Enigmatic

For this one I sort of stole the same info format TwiLyght used.
Epic Name: Aldo the Enigmatic
Pre-Calamity Information: Aldo Acquarone was a stage magician from San Diego, who went by the stage name of Aldo the Enigmatic. He recently moved to Portland looking for a safe place to show off his tricks to vanilla folk.
Primary Power: His primary power is an ability wherein he alters the mass of an object by an order of magnitude. Clearly speaking, he can amplify an object's mass by a factor of ten, or can reduce it by the same figure. This power cannot be used on the same object multiple times in succession--while he can re-use objects, the object's mass will always remain within a couple orders of magnitude of its original mass. He often uses this ability to render heavy objects portable, or to radically increase the mass of an object as he throws it to inflict ungodly amounts of damage on his enemies.
Secondary Power: Aldo's second power is far more interesting. Calamity has increased his already sharp and observant gaze into a power of deduction that borders precognition in its scope. If a box of marbles were flung into the air in his presence, Aldo can predict precisely where each marble will land and where they'll roll once they hit the ground. If a gun is fired at him, he can track the trajectory of every bullet, and is capable of dodging every one (with a dashing smile and flourish of his cape, of course.) This power is generally limited to a few seconds into the future, as events he's unaware of tend to throw off his prediction.
Weakness: A magician never reveals his secrets.
Modus Operandi: Let's just say that the whole "sawing someone in half" trick is a little more messy when Aldo the Enigmatic takes the stage. He's usually a charming personality though. He's usually not keen on getting into fights with other Epics, but is perfectly fine with getting his hands dirty should the situation demand it. Or if not his hands, then he'll simply bounce a golf ball off a wall and knock his enemy into the nearest ravine with is skilled deduction.
Appearance: A tan-skinned man with a long mustache who wears his old magician's outfit, a neat black suit with an indigo cape. He of course wears a fine top hat to go with the rest of the attire, and his eyebrows are unanimously declared "magnificent."










Pre-Calamity Information


Caitlin Didsie was an athletic teen with an interest in competitive jogging, living in the state of Kansas. She was known for having a smart mouth, frequently poking fun at teachers or other adults she found particularly annoying. Despite this--or perhaps largely because of it--she maintained a tight circle of friends throughout high school. Caitlin was noted to be a generally understanding friend towards those she felt had earned her respect.


When Calamity appeared and her talents became apparent, Caitlin Didside initially felt uncomfortable with her powers. Her wit was noted to become slightly more biting, her attitude slightly more hurtful when she used them. She avoided her Epic nature until a series of disasters occurred throughout the state, forcing her to use her abilities more and more regularly. Eventually she decided to leave her home entirely, encouraged by a travelling Epic called Aldo the Enigmatic. The two of them struck up a quick if unconventional friendship.


Uncommon for an Epic, the newly renamed Cricket left her former friends and family alive. At Aldo's suggestion she procured a distinctive grasshopper tattoo on her left upper thigh, and the pair set off on a series of travels throughout the Fractured States.


Powers and Abilities


Cricket, like her insect namesake, has highly developed legs which are capable of exerting an enormous degree of kinetic force. With a running start, Cricket can leap for hundreds or even thousands of yards. While she can run faster than nearly anyone else on the continent, she prefers to travel by jumping.


In addition to jumping, Cricket can also deliver extremely powerful kicks to her assailants. One of Cricket's kicks can shatter bones and liquefy organs, and she's even been known to wreck cars with her blows.


Her legs are capable of absorbing any degree of shock, allowing her to survive any impact provided her legs take the brunt of the blow.


Current Status


Cricket has spent most of her years as an Epic travelling with Aldo the Enigmatic, journeying across the Fractured States. Aldo taught her a number of magic tricks, and the pair have a number of shows and routines they regularly display. Cricket has even been known to don a stage girl outfit left over from Aldo's pre-Calamity act. Privately she takes a guilty pleasure in these acts, though she's more likely to mock and deride them.


Cricket is not known for as many atrocities as other Epics, preferring to merely glare at people who annoy her instead of kicking them into pulp. She is notable for stealing sneakers and running shoes from all across the Fractured States.


The dual act of Aldo and Cricket was lasted spotted on the road to Portland, Oregon.








Pre-Calamity Information
Arnold Grisslie wasn't what you would call a "professional." His back alley den in San Diego didn't have the faintest hint of medical authority, and yet saw more young women cut open and stuffed with plastics than half the professional clinics on the west coast.
Yes--Grisslie was a shady back alley surgeon in the grand tradition of shady back alley surgeons. Young women desperate to make it big in Hollywood all filtered into his dark alley, where he would cut along the dotted lines and work his dubiously legal magic. Most survived the operation itself; a few died a few years later from the dangerous plastics he used in his trade, but the vast majority lived long enough to spout his virtues to close friends and contacts.
This went on for a number of years, until Grisslie began to expand his trade. There are many countless cases of good men corrupted by Calamity; Arnold Grisslie was not one of these men. His ethics were drifting from the straight and narrow long before he received his powers. In addition to stuffing aspiring actresses and ironing out the wrinkles from aging women, Grisslie began to deal in organs. Most of the organs he got came from third world countries in Asia or Latin America; Grisslie would inspect them before shuffling them off to a nearby hospital, where the doctors knew better than to ask probing questions. Eventually, the plastic surgeon began to harvest more local sources of income. Some of his patients--the ones with no contacts to speak of, who wouldn't be missed--began to show up in pieces, sealed in neat little containers delivered to the local hospital. The doctors who worked there began to privately refer to his establishment as "the slaughterhouse."
Of course, he couldn't get away with it forever. He got greedy. Arnold Grisslie killed a couple of women who had more suspicious contacts than he'd thought, and before he knew it had the police at his door. A warrant was procured--Grisslie was arrested. Grisslie was kept out of the public eye in the hopes that the media wouldn't catch on to the case and inspire copycats. He was given a life sentence and plopped into a secure cell.
Eventually an impossible star appeared in the sky. Eventually the law enforcement became too preoccupied with droves of supernatural criminals to ensure security was as tight as it should be. And so nobody noticed when Arnold Grisslie slipped through the bars of his cell, leaving his bones behind him.
Powers and Abilities
A new Epic began to rampage across San Diego, bearing the name of Slaughterhouse. He quickly became known for perpetrating some of the most creatively atrocious acts of the new age.
Slaughterhouse possessed the ability to control human flesh. He could cause it to grow or retract in any way he desired; he could rewrite a human body's entire anatomy, shaping men, women, and children into creatures scarcely recognizable as being Homo sapiens. No bullet could kill him, as his own body was subject to this same control. Even a shot to the brain would only go so far, as the remaining grey matter could subconsciously rebuild the rest of it. When thrown into a fire, he simply morphed into an enormous hulk of scar tissue and stormed out. When shredded into hundreds of pieces, the neural network simply regrew and connected the giblets, forming an aggressive living net made entirely of flesh. Slaughterhouse was feared by many.
This power was only at its most precise when he touched the target; while his power would work from a distance, he was limited to crude uses of the power such as leaving random ruptures across the target's body.
Current Status
Slaughterhouse established a small land holding for himself north of San Diego, where he was supported by a staff of servants who were often forced to undergo "corrective improvements." Many of his servants sported wings, additional eyes, and permanent smiles. Suicide rates were quite high, forcing Slaughterhouse to patrol the surrounding areas and abduct new minions.
During one of these patrols, Slaughterhouse encountered a young woman wearing plain attire, apparently engaged in destroying a sushi bar from a long distance away. She irritably introduced herself as Möbius, the mistress of Calamityville.
Slaughterhouse proceeded to make a pair of ill-advised comments about Möbius' chest and how it could be improved, resulting in him spending the next four months in a pocket universe consisting of nothing but himself, a patch of sand, and a few cacti. While most of Möbius' victims died within such an amount of time, Slaughterhouse managed to reconstruct his body to subsist entirely on cacti and his own body mass. He thus survived four months, his biomass steadily shrinking to only a fraction of its previous size.
Möbius usually doesn't ever check back on those she traps, but in this case, she stumbled across the location quite by chance. Slaughterhouse's universe was one of those she didn't distance far from our own, so she could still hear the faint sound of his breaths and groans. She entered and was astonished to find the impolite surgeon as a flat piece of flesh stretched out on a rock, a few basic organs and a brain connected via neural wires.
Deciding that such an Epic would be a useful addition to her growing kingdom, Möbius brought him to the Kingdom of Calamityville, where another Epic in her employ assisted in reconditioning him as a useful asset. Nowadays Slaughterhouse is a trusted member of her brigade, and is responsible for military excursions, social experiments, and occasionally diplomatic meetings. He is granted twenty servants per month, with which he is allowed to do whatever he pleases.
Slaughterhouse is reportedly very happy with his current position, and would give his kind regards to anyone whose bed he slumbers under.


Sentinel, AKA "Chicago Joe"

Epic Name: Chicago Joe (once in the RP I intend to have Lightwards suggest the name of Sentinel.)


Pre-Calamity Information: Jonah Trumble was a successful businessman in Chicago before Calamity, happily married with two children. He was a clean-cut, no-nonsense sort of man, and was a strict teetotaler. Once Calamity rose, however, his life slowly began to fall apart. His once spotless neighborhood was becoming a filthy slum with each passing day, and his teenage daughter was vaporized by Deathpoint in one of the Epic's early strikes. When Jonah's own powers came to light, his wife left him and fled the city, taking their five-year old son with her.


Jonah's powers were nothing special, but he began using them more and more frequently. The combination of Calamity's corruption and his own depression brought out the worst in him--he began to deliberately go against the values he once held, becoming increasingly slovenly and ill-mannered. When Steelheart took over the city, Jonah Trumble decided he'd had enough. Preferring not to live in a steel-plated city shrouded in darkness, he made his way to Portland, Oregon, stubbornly referring to himself as Chicago Joe and flying into a cuss-filled rant at anyone who used the word "Newcago" in front of him.


Powers: Chicago Joe is one of Oregon's less powerful Epics, with only a single power at his disposal. He is capable of transforming his body into a granite or marble statue, retaining consciousness throughout the experience. His statue form is immobile and can be damaged with sufficient force. Small chips and cracks to the statue's surface become scar tissue when he reverts to human form, but the infliction of major damage to the sculpture could kill him. He primarily uses his power as a means of defense, turning himself to stone when he's being attacked or when he wants to take a long nap. As his power really has no offensive capabilities, he generally lies low and doesn't interact with other Epics.


Modus Operandi: These days Chicago Joe has no home or possessions of any kind. He wanders around Portland's neighborhoods, stealing the food he needs to survive and the liquor he needs to maintain a constant state of drunkenness. He's angered easily, but has been known to fall asleep in the middle of cuss-filled rants.


When he is not drunk--a rare condition for him--he becomes a touch more rational, and is capable of proficiently using a knife.


Appearance: A heavy-built man with dark skin and graying hair. Hints of stubble dot his face, though for some reason his constant shifting into stone stunts his body enough to prevent the growing of a full beard.







Pre-Calamity Information


Before Calamity, Backtrack was known as Steve Lawrence, a mild-mannered 7-Eleven employee from San Francisco. He was not what you might call a notable figure: when he wasn't working his shift, he was usually playing online video games or watching an assortment of science fiction programs on DVD. He was fairly content with his life--the only time he ever felt disgruntled or powerless was when Firefly was cancelled. Not only was he content, he was a proud man, relishing his position as a small wiki administrator and his knowledge of obscure Doctor Who trivia.


Powers and Abilities


When Calamity appeared, Steve Lawrence gained a twofold power. He became capable of instantly divining a human being's path in life at a glance. By looking at a man, he could tell where he was born, where he spent most of his childhood, or even more subtle details like where he went for breakfast that morning.


His second power was similar in nature. When standing in any place, Steve could see its history unfold before its eyes. He could step onto the Californian street and watch Indian battles from centuries before; he could see primordial dinosaurs hunting in swamps from millions of years previously. And most intriguingly of all, he could peer into the minds of any human who'd come before him: by standing by the sidewalk, he could see precisely what was going through the minds of every person who'd ever walked on that street.


While an average man would be humbled to see eternity unfold before his eyes, Backtrack's powers only filled him with an inflated sense of self-importance.


Current Status


Backtrack was quickly run out of San Francisco, as the Epics who took over the city were unhappy with a man who could see into their pasts so easily. He roamed up and down the west coast for a few years, scavenging and occasionally working for more powerful Epics. Most recently, he was intrigued by what his powers showed him by the side of an Oregon road. He peered into the road's history, and found that two months previously, the Epic Möbius had killed another Epic and left his body in a ditch. Backtrack was fascinated to see that the man had eventually gotten up and walked in the direction of a nearby city.


Curious to meet his first resurrection Epic, he decided on a whim to follow Lightwards into Portland.


Unclaimed/Minor Epics

Rat with Wings: a weaselly little flight Epic with a very literal pair of wings jutting from his shoulders. He was a particularly cheesy, entirely self-proclaimed pickup artist before Calamity. Eventually Rat was invited to join CorpseMaker's coalition, refusing on the grounds that the High Epic sounded like a snob. Electro killed him with a giant Starscream robot. Status: Deceased
Blindside: a member of the Bone Burglars, an Epic quartet who captured and refitted "the Portland Museum of Natural Awesomeness." Blindside possessed the power to render himself and anything he touched invisible. In addition to his invisibility factor, he was also known for an intrinsic fondness for knives, stabbing, and other knife-related activities. He was lethally out-creeped by Nighthound during the battle for the museum. Status: Deceased

Blockhead: Capable of mentally controlling any Lego blocks within his immediate vicinity. Status: Unclaimed


Bugcatcher: Can fire transfiguration beams from his hands, transforming targets into insects. The insects generally match the target's self-image, but do not maintain their previous intelligence. Status: Unclaimed


Viral: Anyone Viral touches has their mind overwritten with Viral's own mind and personality. The original body is kept intact, and Viral must become accustomed to it. Viral has steadily spread across the world since Calamity's first appearance--there are whole towns composed entirely of Viral's mental duplicates, living together, fighting together, and even breeding together. No one even knows what the original Viral looks like, or even what his or her gender was. Status: Unclaimed


The Honest Man: If he catches a person in a lie, he is capable of compelling that person to obey his every command. Status: Unclaimed


Glamour: A light-controlling Epic, twenty years old and formerly named Wilbert Abners. His ability to manipulate photons makes him a mild illusionist, capable of making himself or others invisible, blinding targets with bright lights, and casting simple and low-resolution illusions. When on missions he invariably wears dark goggles and a music-blaring headset that he refuses to turn off. Silence is his weakness, although this is not publicly known. Status: Employed by The Dalles City Guard.


Redlight: A mobility Epic, twenty-three years old and formerly named Rhonda Stick. She is capable of "freezing" up to ten people within her line of sight, preventing them from moving. Targets thus freezed are still capable of speech or using most Epic powers.


After years of having Mayor Vondra refer to her as Ms. Stick, she's really kicking herself for not choosing "Mystic" as her Epic name. Status: Employed by The Dalles City Guard.


ArsenalFormerly known as Daniel Dewhickey, Arsenal was an army chaplain who settled in Oregon shortly after Calamity first appeared. He aided in the National Guard's futile efforts at resisting Epics, but gained powers himself before the fighting's end.


He possesses the ability to create duplicates of any piece of technology he has personally seen before. Having been in the military, he is thus capable of reproducing a number of different weapons and combat vehicles. His ability has kept The Dalles' police force stocked with state-of-the-art technology for a little over a year now. Status: Employed by The Dalles City Guard.


Deathwish: Thirty-five years old and formerly known as Edgar Hawk. Deathwish is capable of flight, and has slightly enhanced senses that render him a formidable adversary with a rifle.


His most effective power is his prime invincibility. Deathwish can heal from any injury that would otherwise have been fatal; wounds delivered with the intent to kill are redirected onto the attacker's body. Many snipers have died from inexplicable bullet wounds to the head after attempting to kill the Epic from a distance.


He is not wholly invincible, however. While attempts at terminating Deathwish have all failed, he cannot heal from wounds given without the intent to kill. Deliberate shots to the legs have been known to weaken him and force him to withdraw from conflict.


Deathwish arrived in The Dalles shortly after Koschei's death. He attempted to take the city for himself, planning on naming himself Emperor of Oregon. He was slowly worn down and captured by Vondra's forces, however, and ultimately agreed to serve as a high-ranking police military leader. When Mayor Vondra decides that offensive action is necessary within the city, Deathwish is the Epic most commonly employed for the mission. Status: Employed by The Dalles City Guard.





Alice Regway


Samantha Trattner


Revolution Sunburst Jones


Stephen Vondra


Stephen Vondra was born on a farm a few dozen miles outside of The Dalles, many decades before Calamity. He was a passionate hunter as a young man, and his home is still decorated with various trophies he began accumulating in his teens.
The day he turned 18, Stephen volunteered for U.S. Army service. He was deployed across the world to Vietnam, where the war was rapidly drawing to a close. He got there just in time to assist in the evacuation of Saigon.
But there were other wars. Vondra rose through the ranks, proving his courage and commitment through quite a few firefights.
Vondra married a technical engineer named Elizabeth Arbitage, and the couple had a total of three children. His eldest son Roy joined the Army on his 18th birthday, while Zachary Vondra chose to attend a police academy. The pair's only daughter Sequoia went into business for herself, establishing a hunting supplies store just north of The Dalles.
When the first Epics began wreaking havoc in America, the government began transferring military forces worldwide to National Guard duty. Stephen Vondra elected to serve in his home state, becoming the head of the National Guard installation stationed in The Dalles city proper. He helped recruit new soldiers for city defense, and established a number of patrol and supply lines throughout the city.
The rest of the world went to Calamity in a handbasket. Nearby cities began rapidly losing any semblance of government authority, descending into chaos at best--High Epic dictatorships at worst. The Dalles struggled to maintain order within itself, and for a time almost seemed like it would succeed.
This was until Koschei the Deathless rolled into town. No termination efforts even came close to eliminating the Epic tyrant. Countless soldiers lost their lives in an attempt to stop the madman, including Stephen's eldest son Roy. With a bitter heart, Stephen Vondra began organizing a full evacuation from The Dalles.
In time, Koschei the Deathless met his death. People began returning to the city, hopeful for a fresh chance at remaking the pre-Calamity way of life. Stephen Vondra became dedicated to keeping his city safe from marauders of all species. Upon his return he deposed the city's government, declaring martial law over The Dalles and instituting himself as "mayor." Under Vondra's new leadership, The Dalles was quickly militarized. Armed forces seized control of all public services. All minor Epics in the city were tracked down and cornered, offered the choice between aiding in the reconstruction effort or being executed by firing squad.
With Vondra at its head, The Dalles was sanctioned off from the outside world, surrounded by barbed wire and watchtowers. Heavily armed patrol units were tasked with coldly eliminating any Epic or human criminals within the city limits, and local farms were required by law to sell food at low prices to the urban population.
Stephen Vondra swore that no matter what else happened to the rest of Oregon, The Dalles would survive.
As might be gathered from the above, Stephen Vondra is a harsh man. He tends to have little patience for those around him, and it's apparent to all inhabitants that justice in The Dalles grew a hundred times quicker with his promotion to mayor.
This being said, he is generally a fair and benevolent leader. With the aide of the Epic called Arsenal, he has established working hydroelectric power in the city, and running water is available in most residential areas. He trusts his family more than anyone else in Oregon; his son Zachary is a prominent leader within the city's police force, and Sequoia Vondra runs their logistics department.
Above all things he fears the coming of another High Epic bent on conquest. There are few things Stephen Vondra wouldn't do to prevent this nightmare from returning to his city.
Vondra is now in his early fifties, but has kept in good shape throughout his life. He has a thick and grizzled appearance, with sharp eyes that seem locked in a perpetual glare.
I may or may not picture him in my head as looking exactly like this guy.


The Pony Vault


This list comprises the whole sum of Pony Create Codes I currently possess. They are released here for public use.


For use with General Zoi's Pony Creator. Please note that not all codes were created by myself; many are the work of TwiLyghtSansSparkles, Edgedancer, Mailliw73, and others.


Aldo the Enigmatic Pony Create Code:
Aldo the Enigmatic Pony Accessory Code:
Alice Regway Pony Create Code:
Alice (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Pony Create Code:
Altermind Pony Create Code:
Altermind Illusion Create Code:
Amarok Pony Create Code:
Arsenal Pony Create Code:
Autumn Glass Pony Create Code:
Backtrack Pony Create Code:
Backtrack Pony Accessory Code:
Big Al Pony Create Code:
Blackwave Pony Create Code:
Bloody Mary Pony Create Code:
Brandon Sanderson Pony Create Code:
Brandon Sanderson Pony Accessory Code:

Calamity Pony Create Code:



Chaos Pony Create Code:
Chicago Joe Pony Create Code:
Conflux Pony Create Code:
CorpseMaker Pony Create Code:
Cricket Pony Create Code:
Crow Pony Create Code:
Darkrose Pony Create Code:
David Charleston Pony Create Code:
David Charleston Pony Accessory Code:
Dawnslight Pony Create Code:
Deathgale Pony Create Code:
Deathwish Pony Create Code:
Desolation Pony Create Code:
Desolation Pony Accessory Code:
Doctor Funtimes Pony Create Code:
Doctor Whooves Pony Create Code:
Earl Greyback Pony Create Code:
Earl Greyback Pony Accessory Code:
Edgerunner Pony Create Code:
Edgerunner Pony Accessory Code:
Electro Pony Create Code:
Euphoria Pony Create Code:
Euphoria Pony Accessory Code:
Fade Pony Create Code:
Fantomah Pony Create Code  (sky panthers not included):
Flamethrower Pony Create Code:
Flamethrower Pony Accessory Code:
Flashpoint Pony Create Code:
Fortuity Pony Create Code:
Fortuity Pony Accessory Code:
Intervention Pony Create Code:
Jafar (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Pony Create Code:
Jafar (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Pony Accessory Code:
Jingleberry Pony Create Code:
Karl Marx Pony Create Code:
Kenshin Pony Create Code:
Khione Pony Create Code:
Kobold King Pony Create Code:
Kobold King Pony Accessory Code:
Koschei Pony Create Code:
Koschei Pony Accessory Code:
Lightwards Pony Create Code:
Lightwards Pony Accessory Code:
Lord of the Silverfish Pony Create Code:
Lucentia Pony Create Code:
Max Pony Create Code:
Megan Pony Create Code:
Metal (The) Pony Create Code:
Mizzy Pony Create Code:
Mobius Pony Create Code:
Mobius Pony Accessory Code:
Mocha Maxima Pony Create Code:
Momentum Twins Pony Create Codes:
Impact Pony Accessory Code:
MV Pony Accessory Code:
Moral Guardian Pony Create Code:
Moral Guardian Pony Accessory Code:
Mr. Sadry Pony Create Code:
Mrs. Sadry Pony Create Code:
Murk Lurker Pony Create Code:
Mundivore Pony Create Code:
Murphy Pony Create Code:
Nathan Pony Create Code:
Neverthere Pony Create Code:
Nighthound Pony Create Code:
Night-Mare Pony Create Code:
Nightwatcher Pony Create Code:
Nightwielder Pony Create Code:
Obliteration Pony Create Code:
Obliteration Pony Accessory Code:
Paladin Pony Create Code:
Paladin Pony Accessory Code:
Paladin Pony Pose Code:
Panda (The) Pony Create Code:
Prof Pony Create Code:
Prof Pony Accessory Code:
Purple Phoenix Pony Create Code:
Quota Pony Create Code:
Rainbow Pony Create Code:
Rainmaker Pony Creator Code:
Rainmaker Pony Accessory Code:
Ray Pony Create Code:
Reader Pony Create Code:
Red Pony Create Code:
Red Queen (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Pony Create Code:
Red Queen (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Pony Accessory Code:
Regalia Pony Create Code:
Remington Springfield Pony Create Code:
Remington Springfield Pony Accessory Code:
Revolution Sunburst Jones Pony Create Code:
Revolution Sunburst Jones (Epic) Pony Create Code:
Saccharine Pony Create Code:
Samantha Trattner Pony Create Code:
Sandman Pony Create Code:
Scorch Pony Create Code:
Scorch Pony Accessory Code:
Seth Pony Create Code:
Shallan Davar Pony Create Code:
Shallan Davar Pony Accessory Code:
Shiny Sparkle Pony Create Code:
Slaughterhouse Pony Create Code:
Slaughterhouse Pony Accessory Code:
Soulflicker Pony Create Code:
Steelheart Pony Create Code:
Steelheart Pony Accessory Code:
Stephen Vondra Pony Create Code:
Superman Pony Create Code:
Taylor Swift Pony Create Code:
Taylor Swift Pony Accessory Code:
Timeport Pony Create Code:
TwiLyghtSansSparkles Pony Create Code:
TwiLyghtSansSparkles' Brother Pony Create Code:
TwiLyghtSansSparkles' Sister Pony Create Code:
Upgrade Pony Create Code:
Val Pony Create Code:
Vapor Snake Pony Create Code:
Voidgaze Pony Create Code:

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Epic Name: Electro

Normal Name: Thurston Towne

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>
As he worked at a movie rental place for a long time, he came to hate chick flicks. Seeing chick flicks or cheesy romances kills all of his powers.

Primary Power: Power Cutter. He can create highly focused electricity that allows him to cut through objects and people.

Secondary Power: Scrambler. He can scramble the electrons in people's minds causing them to be disoriented and confused for short periods of time. He has to be within ten feet of someone to Scramble them. He can do it from farther away if they are connected by metal or water.

Passive Power: Electric Field. There is a small electric field always surrounding his body. If someone touches Electro, they receive a medium-sized shock; enough to hurt them a bit and cause their hair to stick up. Soft materials (such as: paper, fabric, or thin wood) vaporize when they hit the field. Electro can allow some materials not to be vaporized. Eg: his clothes or paper he is writing on. The field is electromagnetic. Electro can choose to make the field repel or attract metal. The field's size flares out when Electro experiences strong emotion.

Appearance: Short, spiky blond hair. Electro looks like a punk rock star. He wears a studded leather belt and jacket over ripped jeans and a t shirt.

Age: 24

Home City: Seattle

Interests: Punk, rock, death.

Job: Thurston used to be a clerk at a movie rental place. Then he became Electro.

Weaponry: His powers and two knives he keeps sheathed at either hip. He lived most his life in the streets and alleys and grew up knife fighting.

-Both of his parents died when he was 12
-He raised himself through teenage years
-He belonged to a gang


Milton was a regular guy before Calamity. When Calamity appeared, Milton gained superpowers. He began thinking he would be like the comic book heroes he always read about. Now, he doesn't care for humanity's good. He cares for his own.

Powers: Mental Illusionist and Telekinetic.

Illusions: He can cause people to believe they see things where nothing really is. His powers are all in the mind, though. The illusions are forced hallucinations. He can create auditory and olfactory hallucinations as well as visual and feeling ones.

Telekinesis: His telekinetic powers aren't as strong as his illusionary ones. He can move objects proportional to effort that are within a fifteen foot radius from him.


Epic name: Altermind {subject to change for now}

Appearance: Not many know his true appearance as he often causes people to think he looks differently than his real self.

He is a shorter-than-average, quite scrawny twenty-four year old. He has pale blue eyes and short blond hair in a buzz cut. He has a birthmark on his neck and many freckles. Only a few people in the entire country know what he looks like. Most were killed. Since he became an Epic, he has changed everyone's perception of himself.

His standard hallucination is a tall, muscular man in his late twenties. That's who most people recognize as Altermind. He is very tan and has wavy, blond hair with brown eyes.

Altermind always carries a handgun in his underarm holster and a pouch of bullets on his hip. He usually carries a rifle on his back, but not always. A bulletproof vest is what he eats, sleeps and breathes in. He can't stand not having that protection.

Hometown: Portland


Epic Name: Chimera

Human Name: Cadmus Potera

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Chimera can combine multiple animals into one. Usually, it's only two or three, as more just creates a jumble of animal parts. If he sketches out what the final creature should look like and solidifies an image that way, he has more control over how the two animals combine. If he just combines quickly, he may get a rabbit with a rattlesnake tail instead of a furry rattlesnake. The more effort he puts into imagining and shaping the animal in his mind, the more control he has.

Secondary Power: Mind control. The animals he creates are under his mind control. They obey any orders he sends. He can gift this ability to others. He gives humans the ability to control specific Chimerans.

Tertiary Power: Absorbance of traits. Chimera can, after creating a creature, absorbs one of its traits. Whether it's the ability to breathe underwater or sharp fangs. When he assumes that trait, the animal loses it. He can only absorb one trait at a time. After he is finished, he can remove that trait from himself, but the animal does not get it back. This is also giftable. Chi can gift a certain trait to a human and they receive that trait until they or Chimera removes it.

Appearance: Chimera tends to wear a variety of animal print clothing and clothing with animal images. He is very into that theme. An example outfit would be a wolf shirt with a zebra striped pair of shorts. He will wear skins of animals a decent amount of time. After heavy usage of his powers, he has sometimes worn full skins. A full bearskin was what he wore, draped over his entire body once when he went on an animal creation rampage.

Age: 31

Home City: Billings, Montana

Interests: Hunting on occasion, drawing, painting.

Job: He used to be a developing nature artist. Growing up in the outskirts of Billings, he had lots of nature to draw and paint.

Weaponry: Two long, steel sabers with handles of bone sheathed on his back.


Epic Name: Night-Mare

Human Name: Maren Noles

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: She can create shadowy black mares that have razor sharp teeth. They are made out of her shadow, but become tangible when created. They can fade between being shadows and being solid. She has mental control over them and guides them to attack. The most she can make at once is twelve.

Appearance: Night-Mare has long, black shiny hair that reaches her middle back. She is of Cherokee descent and has darker skin and deep brown eyes. She is around 5'6" and is of middling build.

Age: 25

Home City: She was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but her parents moved to Portland when she was six.

Interests: Horseback riding

Job: She used to be a horse trainer.

Weaponry: She carries a bow and quiver of arrows.

Night-Mare is generally even-tempered and happy. She is quiet, but thoughtful. She has a darker side, though, and it comes out when she uses her power. When she creates a Shadow Mare, she becomes vicious and almost bloodthirsty. She is dispassionate about death when in that mode. She is like an Indian chief of old.


Epic Name: Flashpoint

Human Name: Frank Ponte

Weakness: Being in close proximity to Cats. (This was revealed in the RP already.)

Primary Power: Electricity shooting. Flashpoint can shoot off small electric burst ps from his fingers. It can power small devices for short periods of time or shock people. The strongest it can be is enough to cause someone to almost blackout.

Seconday Power: Flying. Flashpint can fly up to 150 mph and can fly up to around 1,000 feet in the air.

Appearance: Flashpoint has shorter brown hair. It's long enough to style, but just barely, and he just spikes it up in the front a bit. He has brow eyes and is around six feet tall. He is fit and in shape. He has a bit of Latino blood in him and so has a bit darker of skin, which is normally just mistaken for a dark tan.

Age: 23

Home City: Spokane, Washington

Job: He used to work as a security guard for an electronics company.

Weaponry: He carries a rifle around.

Kathy/Flamethrower: (Originally created by Theorymaker.)

Epic Name: Flamethrower

Human Name: Katherine Flearson

Appearance: Blond hair and brown eyes

Epic Powers: She can turn to flame, throw fire, heat things up (without fire), and generate a heat field around herself when not in flame form.

Weakness: I'm not telling. You could be a reckoner!



Epic Name: Intervention

Human Name: Isaac Vino

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>
Shattered glass.

Primary Power: He can cause others to become immediately intoxicated. He has to focus on one person at a time. Can choose how strongly to intoxicate others.

Secondary Power: He can fill glass containers with alcohol. The types can be chosen, but the default is wine.

Passive Power: Cannot become drunk.

Appearance: Tall, with long black hair that he lets hang on the side of his face. It reaches to his chin in the front and collar in the back. He has a small goatee that is just an arrow under his lip.

Age: 34

Home City: Detroit

Interests: Murder

Job: Hired Assassin

Weaponry: a pair of knives and a staff.

Intervention became an assassin after Calamity granted him his powers. His powers allow him to walk right past security guards and other people who get in his way. He began to assassinate powerful Epics. He sends the people they rule into chaos by murdering their leaders.

Smoke Bomb:

Epic Name: Smoke Bomb "Smoky"

Human Name: Sarah Bomers

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>
Being soaked in water.

Primary Power: Smoke manipulation. She can create large amounts of smoke that emit from her hands. She can control the smoke as well. Any color of smoke can be created.

Passive Power: When injured, light blue smoke fills the wound and heals it. This can only be done to non-fatal wounds. Anything with more than around a cell phone sized hole won't heal.

Appearance: Smoky is tall with long blond hair and light brown eyes. She wears light grey clothes usually, to blend in better with smoke.

Age: 19

Weaponry: A pistol.


Epic Name: Summoner

Human Name: Dallin Arre

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>
The word Sh.

Primary Power: Summoner can store items in another dimension to later retrieve them. In that dimension, nothing changes. If he puts a bomb that is one second away from blowing up, it will stay that way until he removes it, at which point, it will blow up. He can tie things to a position in the other dimension or they will follow him. If he ties something, it will stay anchored to that exact location. When he brings it back, it will be in the same place he tied it to. He does this frequently with bombs. If objects aren't anchored, they will follow him. If he stores a rifle, when he needs it, he can summon it back and it will appear next to him. It takes ten seconds for any item to be brought back out of that dimension.

Secondary Power: He can enter the other dimension himself, after ten seconds of concentration. When he enters that dimension, he can travel in there and his real body disappears from the real world. That dimension reflects the real world's geography, but not the objects that are in the real world. When coming back, he appears in the real world equivalent of that location in the other dimension. He has to be careful not to appear inside of objects.

Appearance: Summoner is tall and has a muscular build. He has black hair that is cropped short and tends to wear blue clothes.

Age: 20

Weaponry: He keeps a long sword, two loaded rifles, a pistol, and extra ammo always stored in the Other, ready for his use. He keeps a knife at his waist just in case.

The Dalles:


Epic Name: Edgerunner

Human Name: Emma Runes

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Friction manipulation. Edgerunner can manipulate her own friction. She can increase her friction, allowing her to climb vertical surfaces as well as decrease it, which allows her to slide around. She can also change the friction of inanimate objects.

Secondary Power: Gravity manipulation. Edgerunner can manipulate her own gravitational pull. (eg Basic Lashing)

Passive Power: Accelerated healing. It isn't much faster than normal, but allows her to heal from diseases or small wounds quicker than normal. It is three times faster than a regular human's.

Appearance: Small and lithe, Edgedancer has long, curly, dark hair. She keeps it pulled back out of her face with a black headband. She tends to wear a dark blue zip up hoodie. She also wears dark colored leggings. Black boots complete her outfit.

Age: 19

Home City: The Dalles

Weaponry: A knife inside her hoodie pocket, and a knife strapped to her right forearm. She keeps a very small emergency pistol in her boot.

Edgerunner is quiet and tends to lurk in the back of conversations. She is stealthy and sneaky. She hid when Koschei came into town and was able to stay away from him. She now works as a spy and assassin for Mayor Vondra.


Epic Name: Frequency

Human Name: Quinn Franc

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Natural Frequency. Frequency instinctively knows what the natural frequency of any object within a thirty foot radius of him is. If he concentrates on anything outside of that, he can learn what the object's natural frequency is. He can whistle to the exact frequencies he learns. The intensity of the resonance that occurs depends on his concentration. He can cause something to shake a little bit or completely shatter an object.

Secondary Power: His clapping can send a burst of air hurtling forwards. This can disrupt radio waves as well as impact people. People will feel the air hit them, it is enough force to cause them to stumble backwards, or, on occasion, knock them over.

Passive Power: Any radio waves in a fifty-yard radius, he can hear.

Appearance: Tall, he wears a suit with a short black cape. He carries a cane that is for appearance as well as fighting. He wears white gloves on his hands that have small metal pieces on the palms to increase the volume and power of his claps. Frequency slicks back his brown hair that is beginning to show signs of grey.

Age: 43

Home City: Outskirts of Eastern Portland. Once factions started building and tension rising, he decided to head somewhere less Epic-filled. He is just arriving in the Dalles.

Weaponry: Metal cane and a revolver.

Frequency is very cocky and very much a performer. He likes to talk and show off his powers. He whistles quite often, ready to switch frequencies if needed, and occasionally claps for fun.



Name: Max Kennon

Appearance: Max is a bit shorter than average with long brown hair. He is fit and strong, as standard of those who fight Epics. He has deep brown eyes and a rumbling voice.

Weaponry: Max's standard weaponry consists of two handguns on both hips and a pack of ammo on his back.

Job: Works with Mel (played by Delightful and is her backup and cover fire man. (Tentative) Mel is now deceased and Max is looking for revenge and is starting the Black Fist rebellion.

Travis: (Originally created by Theorymaker)

Name: Travis Malchow

Age: 25

Appearance: Black hair and green eyes

Job: Takes pictures of epics and sells them to people who want them.

Minor Epics:

Frozen: Can shoot jets of from for her fingertips. Can encase herself in ice.

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Epics Of Oregon


Epic Name: Mundivore

Name: Sven Cross



Perfect Body: Passive Power, He never changes. He doesn't get Hungry, or Tired. He never runs out of Energy, or feels full. He finishes Healing before he finishes getting Hurt. He's not affected by Temperature.



Before Calamity, Sven was fairly fit, but very very cautious.  He was a marathon runner, and a rock climber, which was the only time he decided to do something that would risk his life.  He discovered his power when he slipped while free climbing, fell about thirty feet, and didn't have anything bad happen to him when he hit the ground.  Since then, he has gotten much more relaxed and nonchalant about everything, seeing as nothing can kill him.  Mundivore now takes courses of action that he would have been terrified of doing before Calamity, and enjoys every bit of it.  He has picked up some martial arts and combat experience from some training, but also just by walking up to people and attacking them.  When he needs to go far distance, he prefers to just run places, but seeing as he has basically infinite time he is very relaxed and often just walks aimlessly.


Appearance: He has short white hair, is about average height, and switches clothes almost constantly as his power doesn't stop them from being shredded when he battles Epics with powers.



Epic Name: Parity

Name: Elizabeth White


Primary Power-Upon contact with an object, can leech away all color until it goes to black.  This leaves a ball of swirling white that is held and heals Parity at an enhanced rate.
Primary Power-Upon contact with an object, Parity can leech away all color until the object goes to white.  A ball of swirling darkness appears in Parity's hand, can can be thrown. When it impacts with something, it will explode outwards with a force, as well as spears of darkness that will try to impale organic forms. 
Pre-Calamity Elizabeth was a college student working towards her PhD in mathematics.  She was happy with her life, and her academic goals.  After Calamity, she immediately left town and conquered the towns she felt like staying in for a while.  Parity generally holds onto a white sphere at all times, so it is much harder to kill her with an ambush.  Because of this, she leaves a trail of black and white objects behind her.  She likes to casually toss the black spheres around, and the explosions are the best reason for using them, in her mind.
​Appearance: Parity dresses tie-dye shirts and very colorful clothing, so she always can drain them of color, if needed.  She prefers to keep the colorful clothes, knowing that it unsettles normals, to be conversing with an Epic with such happy clothing.

Epics of the Dallies


Primary Power:  Can control and compress water
Secondary:  While submerged in water, healing is greatly increased.  
Name: Steven Polint
Background:  Hydron was one of the first Epics in Oregon to receive their powers from Calamity.  He wandered from place to place, and settled down in the Dallies.  Shortly after he did, Koschei took over the town, preventing Hydron from ruling.  Hydron didn't like Koschei, so he stayed out of his way and eventually even had disguised himself as a normal human.  He survived Koschei's rule by completely hiding from all Epics.  After he was removed, Hydron decided to follow the mortal Vondra, and which kept his humanity mostly to the fore while he assisted Vondra in creating a more civilized place.
Appearance: After his stint as a normal human, he learned what clothing such as Koschei wore made people think about them.  When he serves under Vondra, Steven wears the officers uniform that Vondra had given him when he was offered his current position.

Primary power-can accelerate plant growth to extreme levels, and control how the plants grow
Secondary Power-can control how plants move, florakinesis
Passive-life sense up to 50 feet away from Florist
Background: Florist doesn't remember his life before Calamity.  His memories start with his powers awakening, so he didn't have a person to base himself off of.  He enjoys gardening and growing plants immensely, and normally keeps at least a few tree seeds and other plants on his person if he is ever threatened.  Florist has lived a decent amoung of time in the Dallies, keeping on the fringes just growing plants.

Event Horizon
Primary-can summon miniature black holes and toss them
Secondary-Event Horizon can change the gravity of an region
Passive-ish: Event Horizon can control the amount of gravity affecting him
Background: Event Horizon served under Koschei, and when he was killed Event Horizon went underground to avoid Vondra.  When Quicksilver came to town, Horizon quickly flocked to his banner, and has served him faithfully.

Passive: Has a circling aura of colors, it completely surrounds her.  While inside the aura, it projects a slightly different visual location to everyone.  Also, slightly resists and pushes objects that enter it, to try to divert them away from Aura
Secondary: She can sacrifice the passive to completely remove the aura for a period of time and attack with tendrils of color.
Background: Aura has recently wandered into the Dallies and was immediately accosted by the police, under charges of "Using Epic powers."  She broke out, discovered Quicksilver and his group, and decided to join up with them.

Epics of Astoria

Vis Vires


Force Fields-Vis Vires can create force fields that are unbreakable and unmovable.  They distort light when looked through, so they are clearly visible.  They can be created an banished on a whim provided he can see the spot it would appear in

Unbreakable Body-Vis also has a forcefield permeating his body, making it impossible for him to get hurt/damaged/broken.  It doesn't give him any extra mass, but he has slightly enhanced strength as his body can't break, so he can strain it more, and no longer consumes food or liquid for sustenance.  However, a punch from someone like the Hulk would still shoot him backwards, he just wouldn't get hurt from it

Appearance: He is tall and slender, with short blond hair and black eyes.  He doesn't carry weapons, preferring the attrition kill of using his force fields, and wears solid green, a pure green metal bracers on his upper arms.  

Background: To Be Added....

Other Epics

Facade-Currently located in Calamityville.

Epic Name: Facade
Power: Facade can create copies/illusions of anyone he can see or has seen in the past.  These creations are identical to the original, and so they walk around, talk, and act like the original.  However, they are illusions, so they can't physically affect objects.  Because of this, Facade has made them so they try to avoid passing through something unless he commands it.  Facade does have control over these actions, and this control is mental.  For example, he could make a copy of someone start blaming the original for everything bad that has happened in their/it's life.
Secondary: Facade, upon death, will resurrect into one of the copies of him, and all of the other copies will disappear immediately.  Because of this, it is still possible to kill him, Facade has reasoned, so he constantly creates more copies of himself if any vanish.
Modus Operandi: Almost always has at least one other copy of himself running around to confuse people which is which, Facade makes copies go up and talk to their original.  These copies are commanded to be cruel, as the example above.  
Appearance: Facade prefers to keep metal rings and bracelets on his arms, to assert his divinity.  He normally wears a leather jacket with ripped of sleeves, and monocolored clothing.

Epics of Hawaii

High Council


Powers-Mental.  Enigma has a huge set of mental powers that work together, but they all deal with the mind.  Enigma has a large range, at least large enough to cover the entire island of Hawaii, and within this range she can exercise his full extend of his powers.  She constantly mind reads everyone within this range, but is capable of tuning people out.  She can transmit thoughts through telepathy to anyone within this range as well.  She would be threatening as a surveillance Epic if it was just that, but she also has the ability to edit memories.  Enigma can't mess with things currently being created, or current emotional states, but everything else he can edit.  There is a limit to this, if she alters a mind too much, all the edits snap off and the person's true mind reawakens, with the knowledge of what Enigma did.  She can edit the mind again, but each time it snaps, the tolerance for edits goes down.
History-Enigma is the only member of the High Council to have awakened to her powers on Hawaii, and when she got her powers, she immediately set on finding her limits.  Luckily for her, it was shortly after Calamity that she got her powers, and she discovered all her limits shortly after.  She decided to kill her family after their minds snapped back and they confronted her angrily.  She kept a low profile for a while after that, until Causter arrived.  Enigma sensed that she planned on taking over the island, so Enigma contacted her and they negotiated an agreement.  They would share the island, and not interfere with each other.  They kept to their deal for several months, before the arrival of more High Epics caused Enigma and Causter to work together.
Appearance-Enigma is average height, with short brown hair and brown eyes.  She favors grey, white and black shades of colors, and wears a cloak.  She used to carry a weapon, normally a gun, but with the creation of the High Council, she hasn't bothered carrying weapons in a long time.
Personality-Enigma favors speaking in even, calm tones, but has not affected the airs of royalty and divinity that other High Epics have.  She has become, well, friends is the wrong word, but it is the best description between her and Causter after they were forced to deal with the onslaught of new Epics.  She carries a mental map of what is happening in the minds of everyone in her range, and only turns it off in the most extreme situation.  The extent to which she can mess with minds is known by the High Council, but she keeps it a secret from everyone else, so she has an ace up her sleeve if she is attacked by anyone else.  She isn't close with anyone else on the Council, but trusts them as they do to each other, but with her she has more confidence in that there won't be betrayal, as she is constantly aware of their minds.


Temperature Control-Causter can fully manipulate the temperature of an area ranging from a small point to as large as a house.  She has fine control over this power, and while she can't bring something to 0k, she can still do enough with it.  Her speed isn't the fastest for an open area, as it takes her around 10 minutes to heat the area up hot enough to reach fire temperatures, but her focus on objects can bring them to burn people in a few minutes
Heat Telekinesis-Causter's form of telekinesis is simultaneously broad and narrow.  She can't move around anything unless it has reached a certain threshold of heat.  Once anything reaches the moving point, she can control it like normal telekinetics.  She can't affect anything organic, but the temperature needed for Causter's telekinesis to affect any object are fairly low.
Heat Shield-She has an aura of heat extending a foot or so off her body, and this aura is as hot or hotter than the surface of the sun.  Causter can turn it off, an manipulate it, but most of the time it is stationary in relation to her body.  Normally the heat from the shield is in continuous conflict with her heat control, as with no prompting, the temperature doesn't spread from her shield to the surrounding area.  She can turn this off, but she prefers not too, as everything around her starts melting, including whatever she is standing on.
Temperature Normalization-Anything within an inch of Causter's skin has it's temperature normalized to around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit
Heat Awareness- Causter is aware of anything past a certain temperature around her, provided it is hot enough.  Most things don't get anywhere close, so it is minor at best
Flight-Not terribly fast, but faster than running
History-Causter was born and raised in North Dakota.  When Calamity gifted her with powers, she started experimenting with them in secret, as she and her town had seen on the news what other Epics had done.  Eventually she decided to claim the town, but a short time after, an Epic came and challenged her.  He called himself Vis Vires, and the ensuing battle completely annihilated the town.  Causter managed to melt a hole under him, and fled before Vis could regain himself.  He didn't pursue, but that didn't stop her from putting as much distance as she could between him and herself.  She decided to head to Yellowstone, as the hot springs and latent volcano seemed like a perfect place for her.  Yellowstone was under the domain of another Epic, and not wanting to fight, Causter just passed through.  But while she was in, she discovered that she could feel the locations of the superheated water.  That was the spark of an idea that eventually spawned fully as she kept on moving.  She attacked a military base, and forced some personnel to fly her to Hawaii.  Right before she landed, Causter was contacted by Enigma.  Causter proposed that they share the island, and don't interact with each other, to which Enigma accepted.  Causter didn't want to fight on unfamiliar ground, so she scouted out the island and, to her excitement, she could feel the lava moving underneath the island.  She created a base on the Kilauea volcano, and started ruling the people.  When other Epics approached, she and Enigma decided to work together.
Appearance-Causter is tall, and has long blond hair.  She wear warms colors, and has a heat shimmer on her which makes her clothes appear to move like flame.
Personality-She has gotten quite confident, and no longer worries about weapons, after repeatedly seeing the effectiveness of her heat shield.  Causter moves around calmly, and started affecting the airs of rulership after arriving in Hawaii.  The formation of the High Council has brought it down, but she still talks occasionally like a queen.  Thanks to Vis Vires, she is very cautious about getting into fights with other Epics, and was one of the driving forces for the formation of the Council. Despite that, when she decides that someone should be defeated, she is ruthless.  To the Council, she has the same relationship as all of them do, mostly, of knowledge that this is the best thing.  After negotiating with Enigma and forming the Council, Causter is closer with her than the others.


Mastery-Shadowdancer is above the human average at anything he tries, but if he focuses, he can become fantastic at the task, better than anyone on Earth.  He become a great author, paint masterpieces, know intuitively how to shoot and hit, gain martial arts and such.  He can only keep three masteries at a time, and can release one to gain another, but there is a cooldown time of about a day in which he would only have two masteries.  
Enhanced Body-Shadowdancer has regeneration, acts quickly but during the regeneration, instead of blood, shadows coat the injury perfectly, and is slowly removed by the regeneration.  He is also sturdier than a human, shrugging off hits that would take out a human, and has enhanced reflexes, making him react faster, dodge quicker, and attack faster than normal, as well as being able to see in darkness
Shadowstep-Shadowdancer can move through darkness, entering some and exiting in another dark area.  He can access any shadow on Earth, and move through it.
History-Shadowdancer gained his powers, and, after a day of experimenting with them on his home city, Denver, confronted several Epics.  He played with them, taunting them and such, before vanishing in a shadow and appearing several states over.  He spent the next several months following this same routine; appearing in an area, terrorizing the locals, ruling over them, and leaving after bringing down some of the Epics in the area.  Eventually, he popped up in Hawaii, and started on terrorizing the population.  He had a few weeks of nice life, before he was ambushed by Enigma and Causter.  They had a "civil" discussion, threats and issues of rulership, but Shadowdancer let himself be convinced to form the Council.  He took up a somewhat recruiting job, stepping out of the island, finding other Epics, and if he deemed them useful, fighting them and offering them positions in Hawaii.  No High Epics accepted, but a few others did.
Appearance-He stands slightly taller than Enigma, but shorter than Causter, which slightly annoys him.  He wears clothing that doesn't restrict his movement, but doesn't get in his way. Shadowdancer carries two pistols, holstered at his sides, a sword he found, which he normally straps to his back, and quite a few daggers and smaller knifes hidden about his person.
Personality-Shadowdancer is cocky and arrogant, not as much as some Epics, though.  He greatly enjoys terrorizing anyone, from Epics to humans.  He always keeps at least one offensive mastery, and normally two, ranging from guns to martial arts to swordfighting.  Shadowdancer is mostly okay with how the Council currently is, he was a little disappointed in it before Fortune and Demosthenes joined.  


Powers-Like Enigma, she has quite a few, and they work together to give her incredibly powerful luck/probability manipulation.  Without doing anything, Fortune exerts an aura of about 10 feet in which everything that can go right for her, will.  Coin tosses will go her way, she will win in cards, guns pointed her way will jam, weapons will break, people will trip. Her shots will hit, ricochet to hurt an enemy, and such.  It is such a significant effect that literally everything that could have a chance to hurt her or be less than perfect for her , doesn't happen instead.  If Fortune wants, however, she can focus his power on a region, a task, something and things that would be viewed as inconceivable will happen for her.  Absolute events that people would say are impossible would happen for Fortune.
History-Fortune can into her powers at a young age, in New York.  She discovered how they worked and decided she wanted more money.  Conning casinos was insanely easy with her powers, however, most caught on after she never lost any money.  There were generally two situations after that, gunfire and shots at Fortune, or the casino owner groveling and insisting that she take the money.  Either way, she left the town.  She often would pass through Epic territory, and in exchange for a use of her power or too, would get nice treatment.  As she continued to do this, Fortune eventually started hearing rumors that of an Epic who would appear, beat up other Epics, and offer them positions in Hawaii.  No one seemed to take up the offer, and if they were, it was in indignation, but Fortune was intrigued.  She traveled to California, and with a concentrated use of her power, hijacked a boat that was heading there. When Fortune arrived, she was met by Enigma, Causter and Shadowdancer, who listened to her and offered her a position after Shadowdancer failed to kill Fortune three times in a row.
Appearance-She is about Enigma's height, with short brown hair.  Clothes are clothes to her, she doesn't need to show that she is an Epic, as people notice right away.  She has periodically carried and not carried a gun, she acquired one from Shadowdancer a few days after Fortune arrived on the island
Personality-Fortune is arrogant, easily shrugging aside others and turning her back on those that she dismisses, no matter their threat.  She has yet to encounter someone that could actually get her hurt, so Fortune views herself as invincible.  She is quite happy with ruling over Hawaii, and she enjoys the Council as well.  It is "more entertaining" than elsewhere, she says.


Limited Omniscience-Demosthenes is aware of everything that is happening a few miles of him.  He can hear and see everything in his range, and there is no hiding in this area.
Gates-He can also create portals in this area between two points in his range.  They can be any size, or shape, but they have to be within Demosthenes' range.  These gates don't have to keep any of the same orientation as each other, and they conserve momentum when traveled through
Protection Gates-If a ranged projectile would hit Demosthenes, he automatically opens two gates, one in front of the projectile and one behind him, so the object doesn't hit him
History-He received his powers while he was living in Australia, and decided to turn parts of Sydney in a deathtrap for a decent period of time.  He tortured the people there until another Epic, Dyna, decided to fight Demosthenes for the city.  After several days of neither getting the upper hand, they agreed an co-rulership of the city.  Eventually, Demosthenes got bored, and decided to leave, figuring out a method of moving through his gates that over open water that wouldn't kill him, allowing him to move across the ocean.  Demosthenes decided on heading to America, and started gating in that direction.  It took him about six hours before he he came across some boats, and happy for a diversion, he dropped down and dropped everyone on the boats into the ocean.  He traced their origin, and changed course for Hawaii.  When Demosthenes arrived on the island, Enigma contacted him.  It took a while before he realized that the voice wasn't any sort of attack, and he met Enigma in person, and they negotiated Demosthenes onto the High Council.
Appearance-Demosthenes is a shorter than average, doesn't look around at all. Demosthenes often never moves his head, except when he changes directions, as he is always aware of his surroundings.  He wears shades of blue, and took to a dark blue, almost black, cloak after he saw Dyna and Enigma wearing cloaks.  He carries a pistol as well
Personality-Demosthenes is fiercely stubborn and believes that nothing can defeat him.  He has developed many ways to use his gates, and often blindsides opponents with many attacks at once.  He has a sadistic streak, but it is more due to the fact he believes he is better than others.  He has a high satisfaction with the High Council and Hawaii, because it is a perfect playground for him, as well as having other allies that can fight off those he can't take quickly.


Teleportation-Blink can teleport. Plain and simple.  He can teleport to any place he is looking at, or has seen before, with no limit on what he can bring with him.  Blink can teleport inside people, hurting them immensely or killing them instantly, depending if he did something along the lines of put his hand inside their shoulder, or ripping out someone's heart.  If someone has even a slightly tougher body, it is more difficult, and if they are invincible, Blink can't get inside of them.
Knowledge-Blink has a couple of secondary powers as well.  He gained an eidetic memory with his powers, which he has found incredibly important, as well as another "sense".  It only triggers when Blink teleports, and when he arrives in his new location, he gets a feel for his surroundings.  A five foot bubble around him, he gets a sense of everything in the bubble.  It isn't as accurate as sight, but somewhere between smell and sight in terms of being able to identify and locate objects.
History-When Blink gained his powers, he went to work and ended everyone who ever wronged him.  After killing all of them, instead of taking a ruling role somewhere, Blink decided to move around, entering a city, and killing those he felt like, while acting like a normal human.  After several weeks of repeating his process on various cities in North America, Blink was accosted by an Epic.  She said that he was fascinating, and that she had been tracking him, and that her master wanted to offer him a position.  Blink decided to accept, and he began working as an assassin for Still.  Blink would take out Epics and humans Still sent him at, but he began to get bored.  After about a month of working for Still, Blink decided to wipe out Still's organization, killing everyone except the Epic who recruited him, Poise, and left the area.  Blink started teleporting around, seeing sites and leaving, staying in each place no longer than an hour, before he arrived in Hawaii.  Enigma attacked him, thinking he was a threat, making him brain dead for half a second before releasing Blink and communicating with him.  Blink cautiously accepted responded to the show of force, and offered his services to Enigma.  She talked with the Council before they accepted him, and Blink was offered a position on it.
Appearance-Blink enjoys the game of walking along and teleporting to hurt or terrify people, so he favors muted colors, those that ordinary people wear.  He never has any weapons, as his power is more than sufficient.  Blink is the tallest member of the High Council, but to the ordinary person of Hawaii, may not exist at all, which suits Blink.
Personality-During his time with Still, Blink learned to enjoy killing even more than he already was.  He is a sociopath, delighting in the pain and death of others.  Off his own choice, Blink doesn't take much into the rulership of Hawaii, just using the grounds and occasionally blinking into America to go on a killing spree.


The One Who Helps seems to be a mysterious person watching over Oregon.  They know what should happen and exactly who should do what, so when someone falls by the wayside and appears to stop function, TOWH steps in and controls their actions until they start resuming their place in the world.
The One Who Helps has appeared to have been puppeting Event Horizon, Aura, Hydron, Florist, Mundivore and Parity for the last while.

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Epic name: Saccharine


Real name: Marigold Carlisle


Primary Power: Short range object teleportation


Secondary Power: Animal communication/ manipulation


Background: Before Calamity, Marigold Carlisle was a successful biologist working alongside her husband Jeff Carlisle. Marigold had always had a keen interest in the works of Nicholas Culpeper and in experimentation with the herbal arts. Often wishing she could travel back in time and live in a world where her passions (Herb lore, baking, and tea drinking) reflected her true ladylike nature, Marigold began to dress as an Edwardian high society heiress soon after many began to turn into epics, and used their transformation to mask her attempts to put her poison making skills to the test.

After her powers began to manifest, Marigold chose to continue working alongside her husband in the laboratory right up to the day when a crazed energy epic broke free from his observation cell and destroyed the entire lab and all its occupants. 

Surviving by teleporting the energy ball directed at her to the other side of the room, Marigold hid, and used the opportunity to reclaim her husbands body and bring it to safety, as she witnessed his body return to life. Taking a vow at that moment, Marigold became Saccharine. Now dedicated full time to the obsession with her loved one, Saccharine remained hidden and disguised her survival of the attack from all, in order to keep a protective eye over Purple Pheonix-Protector-Penumbra.


Appearance: Tall and statuesque, with wild and unruly brown curls, Saccharine prefers to wear full edwardian lace attire at all times, with a gibson bun and various pearl pinned hats. Her height was often commented upon, along side her tiny button nose. 

At times, her preoccupation with the P's has granted her a wild - crazy witch of the woods appearance, aided by small flowers tucked into her outfit and many secreted vials tucked away. 

There is more often than not, a discreet trail of crumbs following her.


Modus Operandi: Saccharine has no qualms with taking life, as she feels that her work as a biologist has taught her that life is fragile anyway, and though those with epic powers are harder to kill, she despises the crude and often rudementary methods other epics use to fight. Therefore, her preferred method is through poisoning cupcakes, cookies (spiked and un-spiked), tea and her hair pins.

However, as calm and delicate as Saccharine would prefer to be, she is easily drawn into hysteria when her husbands safety or virtue is called into question and can be prone to exceedingly violent and gory attacks using the animals at her command, excessive doses of pain-inflicting (and non lethal) poisons, or using teleportation directly against opponents' bodies.



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Portland Epics

Minor Epics


Can dodge/evade practically anything, even while driving.

Passive: perpetually energized

Description: A hyperactive teenager  with a big smile and dark brown hair. Wears shorts with big pockets and a t-shirt. Loves playing real-life Frogger. Catchphrase: Missed me!

Favorite song: Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.



Can make objects longer or shorter. Can turn a pool stick into something you could use for pole vaulting or turn a 50 foot ladder into a step stool. Objects he lengthens maintain structural integrity of their former sizes. If he turns a well made pocket knife into a three foot sword, it will still be strong, not become flimsy and weak.

Description: also a teenager. Dirty blond hair, jeans and a jacket he wears unzipped. The more reserved of the two.



Can create balloons(complete with attatched string or rope) of any type, from regular party balloons to water balloons to weather balloons. Is not limited by size, amount, or even color. He can fill his balloons with liquid or gas (helium, hydrogen, etc.) While this could be used to startling effect, he generally just uses it to supply himself with drinks. His passive ability is that he's immune to death by falling, but when ever he does fall from a normally fatal height, he forgets all about it.


Weakness: Ducks. Not his actual weakness, he's just terrified of them.


Baron Heinrich von Shtiekelwurst was an eccentric ballooning enthusiast who was visiting America when Calamity happened. Dressed as WWII fighter pilot, complete with snazzy leather jacket and cool helmet with goggles, he considers himself quite dashing. His hair and ridiculous mustache are black and his eyes are "blue like ze sky unt ze oshun, yah". He is tall and muscular, no doubt thanks to Calamity. Accompanied by his servant Schultz. Carries two Luger pistols, which aren't very accurate in his hands.



The worlds first Tape-mancer. Can create and control tape of any kind, from Duct tape to Electrical tape. The Mad Ballooner's butler, Schultz is not easily phased. Shorter and with a less impressive mustache, he remains the baron's loyal companion, though why is anyone's guess. He too wears an antique military uniform, at the baron's command, though it's much less flashy. Carries an MP-40 submachine gun and no less than five Luger pistols.


Major Epics

Jackson Black, aka Fade:

 His power primary power is that he can control his existence. He can cease to exist physically, completely or partially. This means he is no longer affected by the laws of nature. He doesn't have a physical body, so he can't be killed when in this state. or he could make his hand incorporeal and reach through a wall. You can't affect him in any way in this state because he doesn't exist. If shot or injured in anyway, he instantly ceases to exist and can thus survive. In extreme circumstances he can exist purely as a thought. When nonexistent, he can fully heal, though this takes time. He can cause this to affect objects and organisms only if touching them with his bare hands.


Passive power: Unless you are actively focusing on him you will lose track of where he is or forget he is even there. He just fades into the scenery (ba-dum-tiiiiiiiiissssshhh). Slightly increased strength, senses, and reflexes.


Weakness Pm'd 


Description: An Undertaker in his late 60's, with salt and pepper hair that has become mostly salt. Tall and thin, yet in surprisingly good shape, he wares his formal undertaker suit which is black with a grey waistcoat and a top hat. Stern features and intense grey eyes, he's not generally described as friendly to say the least. Grew up as a street fighter, till he settled down and got away from that life. After his daughter was murdered by an Epic, he was left with his grandson who also turned out to be an epic. He trusts no one.

Equipment: his old 1911 Colt and a pair of escrima sticks from his younger days. Always has a knife or two about him.




Maximilian Black, aka The Sandman

 Primary: Can cause any vanilla or Epic to fall into a deep sleep within a 100 ft radius. he can put multiple people to a light sleep, or one individual into a deep sleep. While asleep they have incredibly vivid dreams which are manifestations of their subconscious. he can go into and control these dreams, making them either pleasant experiences or nightmares. While they are dreaming he can essentially search their minds, prompting them to reveal their thoughts, feelings, and memories. They will stay trapped in the dream until he releases them. 



Secondary: Teleportation and levitation. Can teleport up to two people other than himself. However, if he teleports others they may project parts of their subconscious that will be visible to the other person being teleported and to the Sandman. Teleporting leaves a cloud of dust. His levitation allows him to float slowly through the air and control his altitude, but  he can only float at running speed. 


Passive: Everyone around hims feels drowsy and and sluggish, even those who don't need to sleep. Accelerated healing in a limited sense. 


Weakness: Pm'd


Description: Grandson to Jackson Black, he's only 10 years old, with brown skin, wild curly hair, and his grandfathers grey eyes. he was a bright kid but always either daydreaming or getting up to mischief. He became on epic the day his mother was murdered. He was scarred and lost track of reality. Sometimes confuses the real world with dreams and vice versa. He wears a grey hoodie with sleeves that are too long and black cargo pants and not a singe piece of footwear. 


Equipment: throwing knives 


Modus Operandi: Fade is no nonsense and will break bones at a moments notice. Doesn't hesitate to kill, but is very practical about it. Useful people are permitted to live and stuff like that. What really sets him off is perceived threats to his grandson. This could be anything from a spoken threat to a curious glance. When he starts a fight he generally finishes it. Max will often dismiss reality as just a dream, but he's not generally a murderer. Enjoys messing with the minds of others. They fight in tandem with a high level of coordination. 


And they're ready to enter the arena that is Oregon.



Dalles Epics



Primary: Can completely control any metal he's touching. Can make it fluid and form it into practically anything, knives, shields, lock-picks, grappling hooks, etc. If he or the metal he's controlling touches metal he can use it. Must stay in contact though, can't control metal he's not using.



Secondary:  Can completely alter metal on the molecular level. He can strengthen metal or make it weak. He can make it dense and heavy or make it lighter. If he takes control of some aluminum he can make it as strong as steel. He can also make steel that is as light as aluminum, while not compromising structural integrity.


Passive: Can sense metal sources. Greatly increased healing, takes alot to stop this guy. And he has greatly increased physical attributes. 


Description: Zachariah Smith was a hit-man. He was good at what he did, but calamity made him better. He came to Dalles a short time after Vondra established himself,. Though he was originally just passing through, Vondra caught his professional interest, and he decided to stay for a while. Instead of trying to conquer the city, he decided to set up a crime ring. Since then, he's established himself as a ruthless crime lord, and become a major thorn in Vondra's side. Leads the Slivers.

He is tall and broad, with buzzed grey hair and hard features. He lost one eye and replaced it with one made of metal that matches his real one, which is grey. Wears a long black trench coat with large sleeves over a black shirt and pants, as well as combat boots.



The Slivers 


Surveillance: can create surveillance equipment out of anything. Cameras, bugs, heat/motion detectors, etc. All the equipment relays their input directly to his mind, but he can make it so that it relays to a screen or speakers.


Cannon Fodder: Can make duplicates of himself. They wear whatever he's wearing, whether it's armor or plainclothes. These clones have a field around them that attracts damage, bullets, shrapnel, that sort of thing. If they are interspersed through a group of people and the group is attacked, the attackers will subconsciously aim for them first. Can make up to twenty.


Reflection: Can create a mirror that reflects anything. bullets, energy beams, explosions, punches, etc. It is reflected back with the same momentum.


Shatterblast: If he touches an inanimate object it fractures into pieces, yet maintains it's shape. He can then shoot them with his mind like a machine gun. Example: he could grab an icicle and send hundreds of razor sharp ice shards at your face.


Fritz: Disruption. Disrupts electrical devices especially. Screens show static, phone lines buzz, electrical locks and gates malfunction. Can even disrupt radio waves. If someone gets within 10 feet of him, he can create a ringing in their ears and make them see spots.




Primary: He has the ultimate prankster powers. His hands are joy buzzers that can stun a gorilla, he conjures stink and smoke bombs out of thin air(and those little party snaps), as well as itch powder, the flower on his shirt squirts water, and he can conjure a can of "peanuts" that launches a projectile that's guaranteed to knock you out cold. 



Secondary: His razor sharp wit!


Passive: Aura of Happiness. Everyone feels more jovial around him, and those standing close enough will always laugh at his jokes. Also has really good aim when throwing pies.


Description: Antonio Torres was a trouble maker growing up. He loved practical jokes, but he never knew when to stop. At 15 he ran away from home to join a circus. He learned from acrobats, knife throwers, and most importantly, clowns. He wouldn't wear the make up, so he was never allowed to perform, but he excelled at anything he tried. He was small and limber and very agile. But when Calamity came he ran for it, afraid of what people would do to him when they found out he was an epic. He is just arrived in Dalles a little while ago and has been getting up to mischief while dodging both the law and the criminals.  

He's Puerto Rican with Taino in him, so he's got brown skin and very dark curly hair. At 18 years old, he's on the small side, barely reaching 5' 5". He wears a hooded patchwork cloak  that puts one in mind of a jester. Beneath that he wears a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. With a lopsided smile and fingers that are too quick for his own good, he excells at charming his way out of sticky situations, which more often than not are brought upon him by his ow actions.


Calamityville Epics




Primary: Can control bones. He can use this for all sorts of things. He can reanimate skeletons, human or otherwise, he can create bone constructs (yes, the man makes nightmares. Stallord anyone?), He can even make bone warriors by encasing humans in suits of bone. He can also create essentially a Skeletal avatar for himself. Can grow bones out of his body and can grow bones from other bones easily.



Secondary: Possession. If you are stabbed with his bone, he can possess you.(Yeah, it's a hemalurgy knockoff. DA represent!) Must have at least three inches in the body to work. Victims are freed if bone is removed.


Description: No one knows what he really looks like, because he is always encased in bones. Has antlers coming out of the skull he uses for a head and a long spiked tail. Has multiple bone arms with clawed fingers. Is hated by undertakers everywhere. He scavenges battlefields to build his army, as well as murdering nearly anyone he comes across.



Primary: Can create Ghostly Black chains that can sprout from his body: the center of his chest, his shoulders his hands and feet, etc. He can manipulate and control these chains at will, using them as offense, defense, and a means of locomotion. Chains are incredibly hard to damage but light-based weapons are effective. If they are touching someone the chains slowly drain their energy, and are so cold that they burn.



Secondary: He can resurrect, but only if he is killed at night or in extreme darkness.


Description: A tall, broad-shouldered  figure wearing a dark grim reaper type robe with a large hood that generally keeps his face in shadow.  When his face is visible it it grey skinned with black eyes set deeply in his bald skull. At night he wanders the streets and kills without reason or purpose. Doesn't discriminate between epic and vanilla. Catchphrase:" Any last words?"


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So I assume I just post my character descriptions here? right?





Old Name: Seth Nathsha

Primary Power: Is a time traveler. He can travel up to five minutes forward in time. While traveling, his body disappears (so if he decides to travel forward thirty seconds, to another person, he'd disappear for thirty seconds, then reappear in the exact same place.) He does have knowledge of what happens while he's traveling; the knowledge he gains is sensory knowledge gained as if he'd stood in the exact same place for the time he was gone.

Secondary Power: Is a transporter. He can transport up to 5 feet away from his position in any direction. (so it's as if there's a sphere with a radius of 5 feet around him, and he could end up appearing anywhere within that sphere). He can theoretically end up inside of a solid object.

Passive Power: Resurrection. When killed, he is resurrected 5 minutes later somewhere 5 feet away from his place of death. He could theoretically end up resurrected inside of a solid object.

Weakness: Well wouldn't you like to know.

Description: He's got spiked brown hair, he's young (older teens/younger twenties), he's of average height, he's skinny, you wouldn't call him ripped but he's got some muscle

Pre-Epic: Seth grew up in the suburbs of Portland, and was just a pre-teen when Calamity rose. A few years later, he joined up with a group of friends that worked with him to help him overcome his sociopathic tendencies and help him to actually feel. However, one early morning while the group was hiding in a relatively small house outside of Portland, a High Epic came very near, seemingly looking for a kill. The friends sprang up and rushed out of there, and in their haste they left Seth behind, sleeping like a baby. It turned out to be a false alarm, but the friends didn't know that. When Seth woke up, it seemed like everyone had abandoned him. 


That was when he turned to Calamity.


From that point forward, Seth Nathsha worshiped Calamity as God. He begged it for powers so that he could become superior to other mortals like Calamity's other Chosen. Finally, after months of failure, he decided to make one big bargain to Calamity: He would join with the Reckoners, but for one reason only: to eventually betray them to Calamity's Chosen.  


Apparently, it worked.


Old Name: Jamie Weddleson

Primary Power: Can look at anything and clean it. More technically, it returns anything she looks at (if she wills it) to its "perfect state," so long as it doesn't require moving any objects bigger than the size of a Wonka Nerd. 

Passive Power: Pre-puberty Children are more inclined to obey her. It's not total obedience; she doesn't have complete control, but children want to obey her more.

Weakness: *crickets*

Description: A middle-aged woman with a motherly air about her. She has shoulder-length greying hair, typically wears long olden-style dresses (I'm thinking pioneer-ish here), and is usually surrounded by at least a few children.




Description & Backstory: Angel is a 13 year old vanilla who has lived in Portland all of her life. She doesn't really remember a life before Calamity, but her family was relatively untouched until recent events. She looks really young for her age, and most people perceive her to be eight or nine years old instead of 13. She has brown hair that she usually pulls up into a ponytail and prefers to go around in a T-shirt and jeans.




Primary Power: Can change various parts of his body into and grow various airplane parts, such as turning his arms into wings, growing out engines from his armpits, and growing a cockpit over his head. 


Sidestep (stolen from Voidus)


Primary Power: Can step into an alternate dimension parallel to ours, although this dimension contains no air so he can only remain as long as he can hold his breath, cannot perceive the world while in his dimension.


The Dalles




Primary power: Just by looking at a person, he can know things about them. Past events, real name, Epic-ness and powers (not weaknesses), love life, etc. 



haha made you click


Description: He's skinny--not skin and bones, he's got some volume, but he's not fat. He is usually in a suit, but his shirt is untucked and his tie is typically loosened.




Old Name: Dave Ewles. 


Primary Power: He can manipulate matter, but only in a very specific way: he can only turn things into buses. He can turn anything into a full-size bus, but he can only have up to 10 buses at any point. He can put a short timer on when the matter transforms into the bus after he touches it. The buses last until they are out of fuel or BusDriver changes them back.


Weakness: No response


Description & Backstory: Dave Ewles is an older man who grew up in Texas. He became a school bus driver, but grew to hate the job and everything that had anything to do with his job (mostly children). However, even as he looked for jobs in other places he could not find any, so he was stuck as a school bus driver until he finally got fed up and quit, and lived off his meager savings for a year. 


And then Calamity came. BusDriver's Rending was not particularly nasty, considering he lived in a pretty rural part of the state, but when he came out of it he realized what a joke Calamity had played on him: giving him a primary power of something he loathes. After a few years in Texas, BusDriver took a long drive around the country, searching for a permanent place to live far away from his home, and that is when he came to join Quicksilver's gang in The Dalles.

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Finally getting around to posting these.



Age: 35


Human Name: Thomas Jonson


Epic Name: Paladin


Weakness: (Not revealed at the present time)


Primary Powers: Paladin's primary powers have a passive mode, which is always functioning, and a passive mode, which requires concentration to enable. Paladin may only use one active power at any given time. His passive powers continue functioning while he uses one of his active powers.


Precognition -

     Passive: foresees any events in the very near future (up to about 6 seconds out) that are potentially lethal to him in the form of shadows of the future events (as Allomantic atium).


     Active: foresees all potential actions of anybody near enough to effect him, covering the same timeframe. When fighting another precog, he experiences the same type of effect as two Mistborn with atium fighting each other. Other precogs experience a similar disorientation appropriate to their precognition power. If no appropriate disorientation effect exists, then the default reaction is that the precogs just can't sense his future actions.


Secondary Powers:


Armory - Active ability: He may summon a suit of armor and a sword, both of which are more powerful than their ordinary counterparts. The armor requires 6 seconds to summon, the sword takes 2. Their properties are detailed below:


     Armor - When summoning, his armor starts as a silvery plate that appears on his chest, and then spreads out from there as a set of flexible scales of the same metal. It is extremely resistant to all forms of damage, including both ballistic and energy projectile weapons, and also offers a degree of protection from extreme heat or cold. It may or may not include a helmet, depending on his mood. While wearing the armor, he gains improved strength and dexterity, for all intents and purposes functioning like Allomantic pewter. If the armor is damaged, he can repair it by resummoning it, but cannot use other active powers while doing so.


     Sword - When summoning, the hilt of his sword appears in his hand, and the blade extends out from there until it reaches its full extent (36 inches). The sword is a katana apparently constructed of gold and clear crystal, and cannot be broken by any conventional means. He may dismiss it at will, and it automatically disappears (as if it were dissolving) if it is taken more than 100 feet away from him against his will. When fighting Epics, each strike that hits discharges a burst of white and yellow energy that causes severe burns in addition to any other damage caused by the blade. The sword is able to damage metal and stone (not effortlessly, but repeated strikes will cut steel or granite), among other materials, without sustaining apparent damage.


Reincarnation - Passive ability: After dying, he reincarnates 12 hours later in the last location where he slept for more than half an hour straight (dozing doesn't count). After reincarnating, he remains comatose for 6 hours, and is vulnerable during this time to being killed completely. The trauma of dying and reincarnating has the effect of almost completely resetting Calamity's effect on his personality, although his memories are a little jumbled, and any atrocities he has committed either retain justification in his mind or are projected as someone else's fault. Therefore, he is incapable of coming to the realization that using his powers is causing him to become increasingly sociopathic.


Limitations: He may only use one active ability at a time. For example, while summoning his weapon or armor (he can't summon them both at the same time), he can't use his active precognition or his active Epic resistance.


Other Weapons: He carries a 9mm pistol with an extended magazine (and generally holding armor-piercing rounds), as well as a heavy crossbow for times when he needs a silent ranged weapon.


History and Personality: See original post.


Appearance: See original post.



Age: 27


Human Name: Ariel Beck


Epic Name: Guardian


Weakness: (Not revealed at the present time)


Primary Powers:

Protection Bond - Active Power: Can create a bond with up to 5 people by touching them for 5 seconds. (This must be done with intent.) These people are under her direct protection, and her powers are most effective when employed in their defense. She can sense any danger that they experience. When they are in danger, she has a significant boost to her combat skill, strength, and reaction time.


Shield - Active Power: She may create a 360 degree force field around her at will, with a radius of up to 25 feet. This field is strong enough to indefinitely block small-arms fire or the equivalent in Epic powers, but it cannot sustain prolonged bombardment by higher-power weapons/powers. If she desires, her shield may instead cover a smaller area, and is harder to break through the more limited in size it is. She often uses it as a large heater shield, which is virtually impervious to just about everything.


Teleportation - Active Power: She chooses a "safe house," which functions as an anchor for her teleportation. At any time, she may teleport to the safe house, or to within 40 feet of any person with whom she has a protective bond. She may bring anyone along with her, as long as she has formed a protective bond.


Secondary Powers:

Regeneration - Passive Power: Heals from wounds at an exceptionally rapid rate. Deep gashes close together fast enough to watch, and broken bones are healed in under a minute. The more injured one of her protected charges is, the faster she heals. Healing works in a similar manner to Feruchemical gold.


Gifter - Active Power: Any vanillas who have a protection bond with her may be gifted a set of her powers (improved strength and skill when fighting, regeneration, and can make their clothing into armor).


Weapons: In close combat (which she prefers), she uses a Zweihander that is nearly as tall as she is. She also carries an arming sword (a large, one-handed sword intended for use with a shield) as well as a .45 cal pistol as sidearms. When she is forced into ranged combat, she prefers using an assault rifle. She has a well-stocked armory that she likes to bring with her from city to city.


History and Personality: Ariel Beck was a member of the Homedale SWAT team that went with Thomas Jonson to assault a cult center suspected of performing child sacrifices. She survived, and developed Epic powers during the traumatic experience during and after the raid. Her husband was the fourth member of the team to survive, and she created her first protection bond with him. He died in the confrontation with Firelord, leaving her nearly comatose for almost 12 hours and severely traumatized for a great while after. She has recently began a relationship with Ash, and has shared a platonic relationship with Thomas for almost a decade, although at times she secretly wishes that it could be more.


The trauma of losing someone with whom she has bonded has a tendency of shocking her out of Calamity's influence on her thought patterns. This, combined with her abilities as a gifter, means that she is the most protected of the whole team from the corrupting influence of the baleful star. She is consistently kind, often shows mercy to vanillas, and attempts to hold Paladin's more excessive brutality at bay. Still, she uses her powers often enough that her attitude is mercurial, and she generally considers their self-appointed task of destroying Epics to be worthwhile enough to justify even brutal behavior.


Appearance: About 5'10", with long, raven hair and bright green eyes. She has a Mediterranean skin-tone, and generally dresses in simple clothing that does not restrict her movement if she need to suddenly enter combat. When she is prepared for a combat situation, she wears partial plate armor with a Kevlar lining underneath, to protect against small arms fire. She weighs about 155 pounds, and keeps in excellent shape by training with her sword.



Age: 28


Human Name: Ashur (Ash) Sharon


Epic Name: Ranger


Weakness: (Not revealed at the present time)


Primary Powers:

Archery - Active power: His shots with a bow always hit his target. This is due to his ability to rapidly mentally solve the ballistics equations when he is using his bow. Attempting to do this with other weapons results in dismal failure.


Deflection Field - Passive power: All ranged shots fired at him are just slightly deflected, causing them to miss.


Chameleon - Active power: While the power is active, he blends in perfectly with his surroundings whenever he holds still. When moving, he still blends in, but can be noticed by someone with a sharp eye. Also, while active, his life force appears like a small forest animal to anyone with the ability to sense life.


Secondary Powers:

Enhanced Vision - Passive: Can see in the dark as well as in broad daylight, and has perfect daylight vision (and can see for quite a bit further than normal). Can also sense weak points in armor or other protections such as shields, force fields, and other means. (Cannot sense Epic Weaknesses).


Plant Affinity - Passive: Never causes noise when moving through living plants. Also, if he spends the night outdoors in a wilderness setting, he wakes up recovered from all wounds he has sustained.


Weapons: A replica Welsh longbow, with a draw weight of 110 lbs. Also, a .30 caliber performance sniper rifle, although he uses his longbow whenever possible (related to his Epic ability). Carries a machete for defense against a melee assault. Carries a variety of arrows for use with his bow, including arrows with tips designed to deliver biological or chemical agents and arrows with contact explosives in the tips.


History: Ash Sharon was a member of the U.S Forest Service in southern Idaho when Calamity first appeared. His job disappeared shortly thereafter, but he kept living in the ranger's cabin in the National Forest for years, until he was recruited by Thomas Jonson to the defense force for Homedale. His first action was in a support role during a raid on a religious cult associated with Epic worship and ritual sacrifice. He was one of the 4 survivors, and saw the wanton and casual destruction that Firelord caused on his way through the city. This instilled in him an everlasting hatred of Epics that didn't go away just because he happened to become one.


Of the team, he is the most conscious of Calamity's effect on him, and uses his powers sparingly as a result, relying on natural skill augmented by Epic powers only when he needs them. Although he has been warped to some extent by the use of his powers, he is not wholly sociopathic. He refrains from murder when he can, and consciously attempts to act in opposite ways from his Calamity-influenced tendencies. Because it is not a natural respect, though, it comes off forced, and he is rarely able to maintain relationships with vanillas.


He is fanatically devoted to Paladin, as Paladin died saving his sister's life almost a year ago. This devotion, rather than Calamity's influence (although that doesn't help matters), prevents him from questioning even the most brutal atrocities committed during Paladin's darker periods. He is also developing a new relationship with Ariel.


Appearance: Ash's mother was Sephardic Jewish and his father was full-blooded Native American. He inherited the Native American looks and the Jewish name. Black hair, copper skin, brown eyes verging on black, and a lean, short, muscular build. Generally wears dark greens and browns, even though his powers allow him to blend in perfectly. He prefers to be able to blend in in wilderness environments with or without his powers.



Human Name: Bill Hammond


Primary Power: Can manipulate (as in he can push/pull/use telekinesis, as well as heat it up to the point of melting, but can't change the shape or cause to come alive) any iron or iron alloy in his near vicinity. Can sense any metal within 5 miles, including underneath him.


Secondary Powers: Can turn a set of existing metal or mineral ore into pure iron or iron ore. The more metal he tries to affect, the more effort this takes him, and the longer it takes to recover.


He can also change his body into a hard iron alloy that is extremely resistant to damage. If he is hurt, his ability to melt iron lets him reheal quickly, including reattaching severed body parts, as long as he has not taken lethal damage.


Bio: Ironmonger once ruled over the city of Madras, before he was forced out by the Ringmaster and his gang. That battle nearly destroyed the city, and ended up in nearly all of the cars in the city transformed to iron and sunk over 2000 feet underground. Ironmonger was forced to flee to the east when he was confronted with his weakness, and barely escaped alive. He has spent the last year and a half drawing minor Epics to him, building up his forces for an assault on the city. His lust for power, however, has overcome his thirst for revenge, and he has decided to set his sights on The Dalles, from which he plans on extending his empire in all directions.


Miner: (Given to mail-mi)


Powers - Can create mine shafts and tunnels at will, and can shape them to a minute degree of detail. Can sense deposits of any type of metal ore or other mineral. Can change dirt into stone in a small area (no more than 10 ft by 10 ft by 10 ft).


Examples of his fine level of detail - he was able to create a shaft small enough to insert his arm into, and then change a ring of dirt into rock tight enough to serve as a tourniquet.


Weakness - Curry.


Physical description - short and heavy, with thick, black hair and beard. Lost an arm very recently, still wearing the ring of stone that served as a tourniquet to save his life.


Will O' the Wisp:

Human name - William O'Brian


Powers - Constantly accompanied by three floating fairy lights, which emit a pleasant music that induces a vague desire to follow them and to see what they are up to. Also predisposes a person who hears it to trust Will.


Can focus on up to three individuals, making it very hard for them to resist the compelling urge to follow the fairy lights wherever they go. Often uses this to lure vanillas to their deaths for his own amusement.


Epics are much more resistant to the compulsion, but are not immune, especially if he is only focusing on one.


Weakness: High Noon (from 12:00 - 12:01) on the Summer Solstice



Human Name: Jim Taylor.


Epic Name: Safari


Weakness: Carved ivory elephant tusks


Primary Powers:

Jungleification - Can turn his surroundings into African jungles (not savannahs, it's his perception of Africa that matters, not the reality, unfortunately). This can even be done indoors. The plants will grow normally, even without the light that they would normally need.


Animal Summoning - Can summon any African creature or creatures. They must come from out of his line of sight, and be in front of him generally (the 180 degree half-space that isn't behind him.) Example: He can summon a lion from around a corner, but not from behind him or right in front of the vanilla. Can control any animals he summons.


Secondary Power:

Animal Affinity - Animals won't attack him unless compelled by an animal-controlling Epic. Animals he summons will never attack him, and cannot be controlled except by himself. (Unless Lightwards kills them first and resurrects them, but that's another story.)


Modus Operandi: Likes to summon African predators to torment vanillas. Herds of rhinos to cover escapes, crocodiles for the terror value, etc. View vanillas as sport prey for his pets.



Human name - Prithvi Chandrasekhar


Powers - Can change any patch of ground into quicksand. When he stops focusing on it, it changes to regular sand.


Can also breath while buried underground, and can move through sand as if he were swimming through water, and has a sort of tremorsense while doing so.


Weakness - Coming into contact with water while he is moving through sand.



Human name - Linda Mayes


Age - 16


Epic Name - Ghostknife


Powers - Can become ethereal. While ethereal, nothing can affect her except for anything else existing in the same ethereal space as her. Also, she heals extremely fast from any wounds taken when she was material.


Her knife also passes through any solid object without harming it. If it passes through a living creature, it severs all of the nerves it goes through.


Weakness - Not revealed


The Lizard:

Human Name: Dr. Kent Walker


Primary Power: Shapeshifter. Can take on the shape of any reptile or amphibian that he has seen. Before his disappearance, he tended to shift forms often, using natural creatures to minimize his visibility. Can also take a hybrid form that combines various features of other forms he has taken on, such as a Komodo Dragon with rattlesnake fangs and gecko pads, or a human form with rock-hard scales and the flexibility and constriction of a python.


Secondary Powers: Can control any reptile or amphibian within 5 miles, and can maintain the control over a much longer distance (perhaps up to 50 miles). The only limit to his ability to control is his ability to maintain the concentration. The less direct control over individual movements he maintains, the more animals he can control. His preferred tactic is either to take direct control over one large, powerful reptile and control its motions with a human intelligence and grasp of tactics, or to control a massive group with a light touch, letting them do their own thing and merely stoking them with rage against whatever opponent he faces.


Bio: Dr. Walker, aka The Lizard, once ruled over a vast domain in what was once Mt. Hood National Forest. He eschewed the company of humans and other Epics, instead drawing to him a wide variety of large reptiles and amphibians, which he referred to as his subjects. The few reports that came out of his land indicated that he had used his engineering expertise to turn several hundred square miles of the forest into a vast swamp that he had populated with his reptilian creatures. About three years ago, he disappeared, and no news of him has come since then.




A hypnosis epic, able to use mind-control on both vanillas and epics. His latent hypnosis caused anyone directly trying to harm him to miscalculate just enough to miss him. Was also a minor illusionist. Killed by Torch's impact on the stage. (Set up by Ranger)



Able to fly, as well as to create and control fire. Killed by Ranger.



Able to create and shoot force bubbles. These could serve as a shield or a weapon. Her weakness was aluminum. Killed by Ranger.



A sniper Epic. Killed by Ranger.



A strength Epic. Powers included super strength and resistance to damage. Killed by a unicorn.

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The Panda

Real Name: Sebastian Ling


Name: The Panda


Age: Unknown


Appearance: Panda appears to be literally a panda. He isn't just wearing a suit. He's got every detail of a panda, down to every strand of fur.


Main Power: Organic Manipulation


Panda can alter biological matter. Panda can alter someone's biological matter without skin/fur contact, but he prefers to have that contact, as it's much faster and requires less concentration. Obviously, this power doesn't work on Epics without their consent, except for himself. Since he can alter organic matter, he can as a result clone biological matter, enhance or change (or cripple) someone's biological body, and even bestow higher sentience on something like a plant or animal, although that takes up a fair bit of stamina.


And yes, he can change people into pandas with this power. Or clone and bestow higher sentience on pandas.


Secondary Power: Yet to be revealed.


History: Sebastian was never really into pandas. His job was a scientific researcher specializing in biology, and so was brought in to research the Epics when the Epics and Calamity came. However, one night, he was visited by a vision of a radiant panda, and learnt of his Epic power. The vision tasked him into finding a land where pandas could thrive and live in almost-peace, and since then the Panda has devote to his task. He even changed himself into a panda, albeit one with human intelligence and very enhanced physical abilities.



Name: Informant/Erasion


Power: Memory Erasion

Informant can make you forget details about himself and other . You have to have seen Informant for him to erase your memory, of course. However, he can make you forget about him anytime he wants. The amount he can make you forget about himself can be anything ranging from his features to his existence. As for things other than himself, Informant can make you forget about their presence, but not their existence. The speed at which he can make you forget is just a bit slower than an average person's reflexes. For example, a guard, if he sees Informant, would begin to reach for his gun, forget about the fact that Informant shouldn't be there (or the presence of his gun), and abandon his action to continue his day normally. (or get assassinated by a cute panda who was taking advantage of Informant's distraction) As a result, Informant could be standing right in front of you, and you'd forget he was there.


Secondary: Word Erasion

Informant can erase information and data regarding himself. Words will vanish off pages. Data files will mysteriously corrupt and lose their data. Once again, he doesn't need to be in their presence to use this ability.


The Bamboozler

Appearance: The Bamboozler has been pandafied.


Primary Power: Bamboozling.


The Bamboozler fills someone's mind with bamboos. The affected person can only comprehend, think, taste, feel and see piles upon piles of bamboos. Occasionally, a Panda can be seen in the mass of bamboos. The Bamboozler can "Bamboozle" someone that is within 10 metres of him, and has heard, seen, felt, tasted or smelt him before (in short, someone that has made contact with him through the five senses. Contact through electronics such as phones doesn't work). The Bamboozling can last for a minute at the longest. The Bamboozling can Bamboozle anyone within 10 metres of him. People who have been Bamboozled will be disorientated after the Bamboozling, and will have partial amnesia and may even be in shock. The Bamboozler can still perform actions mid-Bamboozling.


Secondary Power: Prime Invincibility


Invincible, except for his weakness.


Energy Diffusi

Appearance: Energy Diffusi has been pandafied. He's also a member of the Shadow Pandas.


Primary Power: Energy Diffusi


Energy Diffusi can, as his name suggests, Diffuse energy that's being transmitted. For example, if a bullet is fired at him, Energy Diffusi can diffuse the kinectic and thermal energy in the bullet, rendering the bullet harmless. Energy Diffusi can even create patches of shadow and darkness by diffusing the energy in light.


Energy Diffusi's power is limited to a certain area. This area, measures 30 cubic metres, although this areas of influence isn't a cube-shaped area, can be altered in shape (for example, it can be stretched out). Energy Diffusi can focus on up to as many objects as he can comprehend in that area.


The energy that is diffused is generally diffused into the air, although it can be transmitted into select objects if Energy Diffusi wishes so.


Secondary Power: None 

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I'm having issues editing my post above, so I'll post these here for now. I'll try to fix it later.


Epic Name: Cipher

Human Name: Cindy Griffin

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Able to memorize languages and translate them in a small amount of time. Can do the same with codes.

Passive Power: Perfect memory.

Appearance: Her brown hair is beginning to gray. She's short and heavier, but still holding on to vestiges of her beauty.

Age: 47

Home City: Boston, MA

Weaponry: None.

Cindy had been a linguistics professor at a university for some time when Calamity hit. She was studying an ancient text when she realized that she could understand what it said perfectly. She noticed patterns in her subconscious and quickly translated the entire language. She had no other powers, so moved from town to town, working for any high Epics. Just last year, she decided to settle in the Dalles and work for Vondra.

Black Jaguar:

Epic Name: Black Jaguar

Human Name: John Guevir

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Enhanced strength. He is thrice as strong as an average human. Ex: he can bench press 600 lbs and deadlift 900. His jaw was also specially enhanced to have an incredibly strong bite.

Secondary Power: Enhanced vision. He can zoom in his vision as well as see heat signatures. He also has Night-Vision. He can see in the dark as if it were dimly light outside. In the dark, the world seems to be in perpetual twilight.

Passive Power: Tough skin. Jag's skin is tougher than normal and impossible to break. Hence, bullets don't damage and neither do sharp weapons.

-Retractable claws. Jaguar has claws on his hands and feet that retract.

Appearance: Jaguar is a tall man. He has black hair and very dark eyes. He wears thin, tight, black armor (like Batman) and boots with holes made for his claws. He also wears black paint on his face.

Age: 36

Home City: John moved around wherever his studies took him, frequently to South America, but he was originally from Colorado.

Weaponry: A machete.

John was a zoologist Pre-Calamity with a focus on big cats. He frequently studied the cougars of the Rocky Mountains and often traveled to South America for jaguars. Those were his favorites. The powerful bite of a jaguar and the strength packed into its powerful body intrigued John. After Calamity rose, he was blessed with characteristics of the jaguar he had loved.


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Editing posts in general is giving me issues. :/ I'll fix these another time on a different computer.


Epic Name: Hawkwing

Human Name: Howard Winchester

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Adaptations:

-Wings. Hawkwing can grow wings out of his back. He can also turn his arms into more powerful wings, but most often uses his back to leave his arms available.

-Talons. His feet can turn into sharp talons, most often used to drop people from heights.

Secondary Power: Hawksight. Like hawks, Hawkwing has the ability to see magnetic fields and the ultraviolet spectrum as well as sharper vision to see from high above.

Passive Power: Rebirth. Like a Phoenix, Hawkwing is reborn after a death. When he dies, his dead body burns and leaves only ashes. The body then reforms anew at the age he was when he was first granted powers: 34. He also can survive on very small amounts of oxygen, allowing him to fly very high.

Appearance: About six feet, Hawkwing is a thin man. He has sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. He wears a belt with pouches for ammo over khaki pants with a white button-up shirt. His shirt has an insignia of golden wings and the shoulders have gold thread. He wears shirts with slits cut for his wings with a white and gold trim suit coat over top that he discards when he flies.

Age: 41, in reality, but he was reborn again recently and is, for all intents, 35.

Home City: Boulder, CO.

Weaponry: two MP7A1 guns, which are personal defense machine guns. He carries lots of ammo for these in pouches on his belt. His attack style tends to be flying up in the air and letting loose with his machine guns.

Howard Winchester was John Guevir's close friend in college. They both studied zoology, but with different interests. John liked predatory cats and Howard was interested in birds of prey. They worked together often, traveling the west United States doing research. While John was very scientific and took logical approaches to everything, Howard had a fancy for the mystical. He was intrigued by legends and myths. Of all of them, the Phoenix's was his favorite. The idea of being born from ashes and the fact that it was a bird made it Howard's interest.


Epic Name: Metalmech

Human Name: Mason Morris

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Able to control mechanical items (guns, vehicles, etc.) within a twenty meter radius.

Secondary Power: Able to shape metal with a touch.

Passive Power: Able to sense mechanisms within a hundred foot radius.

Quick healing: when he is injured, Metalmech's injury is covered in metal, which then falls off and is healed.

Appearance: Metalmech has a buzz cut of light brown hair. He has green eyes and wears silver clothes with a metal breastplate underneath. He created a mechanical mask of metal that can be changed to show emotion. He wears it over his face as protection, intimidation factor, and as easy access to spare metal.

Age: 28

Home City: Detroit

Weaponry: Metalmech carries a handmade rifle that can also launch grenades. It is customized so that there is no trigger. He controls it all from his mind. Metalmech is also usually in charge of the group's tank. He is left near it so that he can drive and fire it remotely. He mounted machine guns to the top of the tank as well, adding even more firepower.

Mason was an engineering student in college who worked as a mechanic. He had always tinkered with metal and little mechanisms. His father had been the same way and he had grown up around them. After Calamity granted him his powers, he took control of the police department's cars and guns and wreaked havoc on his hometown. He was recruited by the Destructors soon after.

War Smasher:

Epic Name: War Smasher

Human Name: Sam Waller

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Force fields. Able to create force fields with up to a twenty foot radius. He can create them with himself as the center or he can create it somewhere else, but only a maximum of fifteen meters away. The force fields block all materials from entering or exiting. The force fields have a slight blueish tint.

Secondary Power: He is able to control his own density as well as objects he is touching. He can increase his/objects' density, making them impervious. Or he can decrease density, allowing him to be intangible, semi-transparent, and he can float around. He often lowers a part of his body's density, eg his hand, and reaches inside someone and then increases the density of his hand, causing extreme pain or death.

Appearance: He is tall and broad with dirty blond hair. He's muscular and works out so that he can have maximum strength when he hits something. He wears jeans with tight t shirts. He, to have a distinctive mark, wears a dark blue gloves that Metalmech reinforced with metal.

Age: 28

Home City: Cheyenne, WY

Weaponry: A rifle, but he doesn't use weapons often.

He was a football assistant coach at a high school. He had been a star linebacker and had also boxed. He loves fighting for the thrill of it and usually fights without weapons.


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I'm reserving this spot for my Epics.  I'll copy their bios over and fill out the details later. Only Planeshift, Memori and Current Event have appeared so far.  The rest of my characters are just plans.  


The Dalles:



Current Event


Planned, but have not yet appeared:


In Pursuit:







Lillian Razor

Boba Razor (human)






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My first epic here :)

Epic name: Snow Queen Elsa
Primary power: Able to create snow and Ice out of her hands, and also able to create literally anything out of it.
Appearance: Platnium blonde hair, looks about 21 years old, usually seen wearing an ice dress and sometimes a tiara.
Has a slim torso.
Personality: She is quite happy most of the time however, her mood can change very quickly when in danger or angered. She is much more powerful than she looks.
History: Elsa used to live in Arendelle then moved to Oregon with the other epics.


My second epic:

Epic name: Anagairia Sakitoa

Primary Power: Water Manipulation, flying, super speed and able to transform into a fish-like creature.

Appearance: Red straight hair, looks about sixteen, usually wearing a blue t-shirt and shorts with a glowing seahorse necklace around her neck

Personality: Friendly but when angered, she is one not to be messed with.

History: Anagairia used to live on a planet called Azrion, over 200 lightyears away, but at the age of twelve, she moved to Oregon. 

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Red. She is a minor Epic who treats any Epic with more power than her as divine. She says "Lord Divinity" or "Lady Divinity" to refer to a High Epic. She understands the importance of being useful to her superiors. With the more disturbed Epics, she is willing to do somewhat disturbing acts if she thinks it will make her favored. I.E. let them drink her blood. Red's powers is control over her blood. She transfer any surface into blood. She can't die of blood loss unless she's already unconscious. Red heard their was some High Epics in Oregon, so she figured her services might be useful to some of the more arrogant High Epics who only use minor Epics as their servantsl.


Mistwraith. A girl who just got her powers over mist recently. She can manipulate water vapor. Limited by the amount of water there is in the air.

"A Place Of Yet Undisclosed Name And Location But Will Surely Be Fantasmagorical" (Name Credit Goes to Voidus.)

Name: Puzzle Puzzler

Primary Power: Illusionary Epic who can switch seperate parts of your vision away from each other. Say an object was on one side of the room but Puzzler could make you think it was on the other side. He cannot create something from nothing. This is a mind Illusion power.

Passive Power: Illusion Sight, mind illusion Epics cannot fool him. Photon manipulating Epics can..


Backstory: He was, at some point, serving the same High Epic as Red. At some point he saw the High Epic do something that was not something a High Epic should be doing. He begged for mercy from another Epic. That Epic let him live. Red didn't see this, but Puzzler did. Puzzler wanted an alliance with Red so he told her. Red and the High Epic disappeared the next day.

(I threw the Red thing in because I wanted to put up some Red backstory.)


An Epic with the ability to control light. She can make light solid. She can make things brighter. She can melt into light and reaper somewhere else as long as there is natural light touching that somewhere else. Her teleportation instinctively activates when she is in danger. The solid light has no uniting substance. It's basically like if you look at the sun. A little less bright. A foot cubed carry up to 200lbs at it's maximum durability. The weight is always the same, it's a weird Epic phenomena. She can move the light with her hands and can move it with her mind, but not change its form. She does not need to be in natural light to initiate the teleportation. However, if there is absolutely zero lightwaves, she cannot teleport. However, she can summon solid light to brighten the place up. Her danger sense is like Obliteration's. However, hers is a conscious choice of what to bring with her. Her name is Brightdeath. Her solid light is strong enough to strangle someone. Strangling you is her preferred way of killing. (she summons light around your head.)


Name: Margaret Jones

Age: 72

Hobby: Knitting socks.

Occupation: Stealing DNA from powerful epics. And not powerful epics like Backtrack, of course.


She is a careful planner and rarely does anything seat of the pants. She's actually very strong but asks like an old dandy as a cover. Margaret is not good at fighting but is very good at running and is mobile. She can hack mobiles, though not to the Reckoner's level. Margaret is well known in the underground by her code name: Knitter. Most people assume its a refference to something a lot more badchull. It's not. Margaret also has a number of Epic tech in her arsenal, which has saved her on multiple occasions.

Amber is a Reckoner whose team was killed.

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The Dalles:


Ozymandias (High Epic)

Primary Power: Entropic Decay

Increases the entropy of anything non-living that he touches i.e.: Rots wood instantly, metal rusts, buildings collapse, soda goes flat. He can control this entropic decay.

So basically, his level of control is directly related to his level of concentration. The main focus is through his hands.

More detail about the Primary Power:

I should probably give a better explanation of the Entropic Decay power, though...

It has two parts, General Decay and Specific Decay (I'll have to come up with better names for those...).

General Decay is for taking down buildings. With General, Ozy can touch some large structure or object, like a building, and the entire thing will slowly decay. It will collapse, but it will take some serious time. The key of General Decay is that it refers to the whole of an object and its workings. So Ozy could use General on a gun and the gun would start jamming, rusting, and generally failing. General is much easier to control than Specific.

Specific Decay is for dissolving dice, rocks, gun grips, etc. It is basically the same as General Decay, only more specialized and over a smaller area. It has more do with what exactly Ozy is touching. It is much harder to control, thus it requires more concentration. It also works faster, assuming the concentration can be had. If Ozy wanted to rob a safe, he could just push his hand through the safe door, powdering it, and get the contents in a very short amount of time. Again, concentration is key.

Secondary Power: Speed

He appears as a fast-moving blur to those watching. While Speeding, his vision, mind, and powers speed up as well to comprehend what he is seeing. They remain the same relative to him (and anything he happens to grab), but faster relative to those watching.(This was recently changed)

Passive Ability: Healing Factor

He heals much faster than a normal human. Small injuries heal almost instantaneously, while arms, legs, hair, nails, and teeth take longer to regrow.

Passive Ability: Specific Decay Field

An intense Specific Decay field that instinctively turns on whenever someone or something intentionally makes an action that causes harm to come to Ozy. Bullets dissolve upon touching him, buildings dropped on him get an Ozy-shaped hole burnt through them. (Clothes and shoes are not affected by this XD)(This was also recently changed)

Weakness: PM’d to the GM.

Personality Traits and Other Stuff:

He likes to wear green shorts, flip-flops, aviators, and mussed-up hair.

As for personality traits, humor, backstory, etc…You’ll see. I’ll add to this post as more becomes available shown in the Dalles.


Primary Power:

Ravioli Manipulation. He can shoot streams of ravioli (in any form, sauceless, cheese-filled, just plain ravioli, whatever) out of his hands and then control that ravioli. Unlimited.

Secondary: He can make one can (any size) of ravioli (any kind) appear in his hand once every minute. He is quite adept at throwing these cans.

Passive: Strength Enhancement.

Weakness: PMd to the GM.

Backstory: He was a truck driver named Lester Teed who brought Ozymandias to the Dalles. He was quickly slaughtered by Pandas but resurrected by Calamity.



Primary: Can ‘pull’ an object or beings shadow from the ground causing it to become a 3 dimensional object capable of everything the possessor of the shadow is capable of (Excluding Epic abilities). He must have line-of-sight on the original shadow. Living shadows will obey orders given by Nightshade. Nightshade can cause non-living Shadows to form either by the original shadow or in his hand.

Secondary: Two-way simple-sentences telepathy with owners of living Shadows.

Tertiary: Easily convinces others, unless they are consciously resisting him. Very charismatic personality.

Midnight Tears

Primary: Can suck all light from a room, becomes completely intangible when in darkness however can solidify parts of his body at will however any parts of his body that become solid while still in darkness slowly exude a thick black liquid. Typically gouges out his victims eyes to kill them, leaving his signature ‘black tears’ on the corpse.

Secondary: Vigor. Does not need to eat or sleep. His muscles always work at peak performance.

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Dalles Characters:



Name: Ethan Mitchell


Weakness: PM'd to GM.


Primary Powers:

Energy Manipulation:

Can transfer energy from himself, or any object in direct physical contact with him, to anything within sight. Is allowed to choose the vectors of the energy he's applying (in the case it is something that can be described in vectors).


Secondary Powers:

Life Sense:

More energy-sense than anything, but he has the ability to gauge the rough location of objects around him. (The greater net energy the object has, the clearer it is, and the further away he can sense it from. Cool/room temp. stone is a dim blur. Quickly moving objects, open flames, people etc., are fairly definite, bright shapes. Epics (High Epics in particular) tend to be like small suns.) The more he concentrates on it, the better he can see like this.



Can draw energy only from things he is touching. He can also only transfer energy to things roughly within his line of sight, and to only one target at a time. The more distant an object is, the less effective his power becomes. Can only hold energy for a very short amount of time. Whenever possible, he needs to be rid of whatever he’s absorbed very quickly; the more energy he has, the quicker he needs to be rid of it before losing control and sustaining injury. (For example, when being shot at, he has very little time to stop and choose targets. If he's prepared, he usually won't suffer injury though.)

Has no prime invincibility. If you manage to catch him unawares, or somehow dump energy into him faster than he can transfer it (by no means impossible, a small group of people with automatic firearms could probably do it, if they managed to make him stay still long enough), he will die like anyone else.



Visual Effects:

It depends a lot on what exactly he's transferring.  Kinetic energy would appear similar to the momentum twins, powers (ie, as not much of anything, until it struck it's target). Frostfire would be able to trace it's path through the air due to the nature of his gifts, but most people wouldn't. Light/heat/electricity would be a little more visible. Probably just as a warping in the air, (like a heat mirage) as some of the energy is lost over the intervening distance.


There aren't really any immediate visual clues that he's using his power, most of the time. If he's not bothering with being subtle, however, he'll probably just start draining all available energy, which is very noticeable. (For example, when doing this, his skin, clothing, and any other objects he's in direct contact with [following the cubic meter rule below] will turn jet black, and start accumulating frost.)


Physical Limits:

It gets exponentially harder to for Frostfire remove energy from things as they get colder. For example, at room temperature, for an object on the upper end of his range for size* (something like a cubic meter) Frostfire usually only gains enough heat to light a few things on fire. I wouldn't even know where to start with exact calculations, but it'll just say that past about -20/30* C, it gets impractically difficult to lower the temperature of the object in question, even though he could theoretically make it much colder.

*(If he attempts to drain energy from an object larger than a cubic meter, heat is only actually drained from the immediate area he is touching, with a range of about a cubic meter.)



His mood fluctuates very rapidly. Usually, he's pretty calm, and nice enough, in his own way. It doesn't take a whole ton to tick him off though. When he's been using his powers fairly consistently, this is far more pronounced. He becomes increasingly unstable as his corruption manifests, and even when in a good mood, he is borderline sociopathic. 




Background: Minor Epic from California who briefly served the High Epic Shiasurprise. Disappeared with his death, current whereabouts unknown. Not much is known about Mirrorveil, she was a very reclusive Epic, rarely seen, seldom interacting with anyone at all except when ordered by Shiasurprise.


Primary Power: One way telepathy. Could pick up upon the emotional states and physical sensations of those nearby, intuiting things like fear, anxiety, deception, pain, excitement, sincerity, sadness etc. However, she in picking up these emotions and sensations, she feels them herself, and often has difficulty separating the feelings of others from her own.



Kayla Arden

Scavenger who's lived between towns for a few years, since fleeing Los Angeles. While in northern Oregon, heard a rumour of the Dalles, and went to investigate with the other scavengers that made up her small band. Clever, brave (dangerously so) and a fair shot with a gun, but very much skeptical and untrusting. (As one would have to be, to survive outside civilization.) She also has a knack for keeping order and settling disputes. You will almost never see her engage in combat.


Astoria Characters:


Azrael: (Currently on hiatus.)

Real Name: Isaac Horsfall


Primary Power: Shadowshaping. Can control darkness, giving it physical substance. It can take solid, liquid or gaseous form, can be manipulated in whatever way he sees fit, and be created from any available shadows within a five meter radius, natural or otherwise. The physical properties of the shadows he creates are dictated to some degree by the "purity" of shadow he's working with. (Darker=stronger, denser and more resilient, up to near unbreakable. Lighter=weaker and more brittle, probably bottoming out somewhere similar to a thin pane of weak glass.) He can only manipulate darkness he has created within a fifty meter radius, and when constructs he has created are more than one hundred meters away from him, they will decay under bright light.


[Note:] He is passively aware of constructs he has created, although this awareness fades with distance. His control of his constructs is very instinctual; the might as well be direct extensions of his limbs. He can easily keep track of very large numbers of individual constructs, assuming they're within fifty meters. This ability to coordinate his constructs also degrades substantially with distance,


Secondary: Teleportation. Azrael can teleport between any two shadows he knows the exact location of. This effectively limits him to line of sight, although the upper bound upon his teleportation, assuming he knows the exact position of the shadows involved, is about two kilometers. He can attempt to teleport through trial and error, and although, thanks to his PI, this isn't exactly dangerous, it is uncomfortable (or rather, agonizingly painful, if he's unlucky) and has the potential to make him look silly, so he prefers not to do this.


Passive: Fleshwarping. Whenever he is injured, his body will restore itself to an optimum state, although it cannot enact change on anything not a part of his body. Ergo, if he's cleanly shot by a bullet (or something small enough to force out of his body), he'll just heal, but if he's impaled by something, he's heal as far as he can, then adapt to be able to function while impaled. The speed of this healing is determined by the intensity of light touching his wound, (in complete darkness, it can basically be assumed to be instantaneous.) although even in bright light, he still heals hundreds of times faster than a regular human.


(Note: You will also see superhuman physical capabilities (strength, speed, endurance, damage resistance, etc.) from him. They're not a direct part of his powers, but if you think about them, you'll see how it works.)


Thanks to his passive ability, he looks to be about 25, although in truth he is into his early thirties. Deathly pale, with black hair and eyes. (Pupils are indistinguishable from irises. When he feels like discomfiting people, he will use his powers to add a thin layer of shadow over his sclera as well, so his eyes appear wholly black.) Extremely tall, (approaching seven feet) and thin to boot, looking almost skeletal. Very good looking, albeit in an uncanny valley sort of way. (Kind of trying to go for a deconstruction/mixing of tropes involving angels and demons here.) His whole body seems to be covered in winding black tattoos, almost like tribal designs. Rarely seen without his robe/cloak, which obscures most of his features.


Modus Operadi/Personality:

Very highly ordered, (almost compulsively so) irritable, paranoid, arrogant and constantly grouchy, Azrael rarely acts without thought. He has no compunctions against killing vanillas, but he has no real drive to be destructive, either. His main objective is to restore order. His order, and no one else's. However, he's not quite all there. He was a little broken even before becoming an Epic, and gaining god-like power didn't help matters. You haven't seen it yet, but once he starts facing more failures and having things not go to plan, he's going to start devolving. As he becomes more delusional, he will become more dangerous, but also potentially easier to take down.





Primary Power: Geas. Can make any contract or agreement binding. If somehow one who is bound musters the strength of will to break the contract, or fails in a task assigned to them, they suffer from debilitating pain and seizures. The pain will fade eventually for High Epics, remains constant for lesser Epics, and builds until death for vanillas.


Passive: Gifting. Can gift up to twelve people with his powers, full strength, indefinitely.




Temporal Manipulation: Eternity can take himself and others briefly out of the flow of time. While outside time, they cannot interact with the rest of the world (effectively becoming intangible). They can mover freely while time is stopped to their perceptions, and observe the world as normal. They can reenter the normal flow of time at any point, from any location, however, Eternity is the only one capable of starting and stopping time. It is not possible for him to leave people outside time excepting very specific circumstances, although he can destroy simple inanimate objects this way.


Minor Precognition: Tied to Temporal Manipulation, so that time stops before he would be injured.


Areadbhar: (Deceased.)


Absurd Weapons Proficiency/Empowerment: Instinctively knows how to perfectly wield any weapon she holds; likewise, any weapon she wields is capable of cutting/piercing any substance, and when thrown, can be recalled back to her hand with a gesture.


Bloodburn: Can set any blood she sees boiling. Not only will the blood she sees boil, but all the rest of that person's blood will boil as well.


Resurrection: Will resurrect in the presence of the nearest person who is about to die of unnatural means.


NPCs: Anyone can claim these, if they so desire: (Credit to Voidus, for coming up with most of them.) (On hiatus with Azrael.)

Eclipse: Photon manipulator/illusionist. Likes to shroud herself in shadow, then create a corona capable of blinding anyone who looks directly at her.


DarkQuake: Minor shadow manipulator. Can turn available shadows into solid surfaces, and can send ripples or vibrations through those surfaces. Tends to work with Eclipse. (Between the two of them, they can achieve a weak facsimile of Azrael's primary power.)


Twilight Spark: Energy manipulator. Can create constructs by drawing in light and energy (constructs continue to draw in energy to sustain themselves, after being created). These constructs will follow their creator's commands, or those of anyone who he has authorized to command them. They have a slight degree of free will, and are very dangerous, as their bodies are literally made of energy. Limited to a couple dozen constructs at a time.


Cynthia Holloway: (AKA Lady Truce, Proxy to Accord.)

??? (Will fill in later.)


Under Construction: (Anyone can take these, if they like.)

Puppeteer- Can form telepathic bonds to people nearby. Once these have been formed, they will last over any distance. Strength varies from full two-way communication, to simple location sensing. (General direction, plus flashes of emotion and the like.)


When in close proximity to someone with these bonds, they can be used to drain certain qualities from them. (Does not work on Epics.) Things like intelligence, strength, and health.


Can form these bonds with inanimate objects as well, and having done so, can use fairly strong telekinesis on that object. Works best with corpses.


Glutton- Can vastly speed up the metabolic process in himself and others. While like this, they have increased strength, speed, healing and endurance, but as soon as their chemical energy reserves are gone, they start to starve to death. Not a fun guy to hang around.


Apollo: Primary Power: Ability to play any instrument, in addition to being able to produce hypnotic music. (Various effects, paralysis, compulsion, sleep, madness etc. Doesn't work as well against Epics, but if he's focusing on a single target for long periods of time, he can still control them pretty well.)


Secondary Power: Will on rare occasion give prophesies, that more often than not turn out to be true.


Monk: Primary Power: Enhanced physical capabilities. Increased endurance, strength, and speed. Also enhanced senses, sight, hearing, touch, balance, everything.


Secondary: Enhanced mental abilities. Increased reaction time, information processing, and general mental speed. Can modify sensory input on the fly. (Blocking out pain, and things of that nature.)


Passive: Kinetoception: Can sense the energy inherent in objects around him. Heat, motion, volatility, etc. Also intuitively interprets the paths of moving objects, the chains of cause and effect started by the energy he can sense. In essence, a highly limited form of Precognition. Not quite a PI, but close.




Primary Power: Induced Hallucinations. Shadowman can force those nearby into a hallucinogenic state, but has almost no control over those hallucinations. The more control he attempts to exert, the weaker the hallucinations become.


Secondary: Emotional Manipulation. Shadowman can only increase emotions, and only effect a narrow spectrum. (Fear, shame, paranoia, despair, you get the gist.) Combined with his above ability, it allows him to create terrifying illusions, custom-fit to his target.


Tertiary: (Another Power I'm not sure what to call.) Shadowman can make his victim's hallucinations real. No one can see them save the one they belong to, but an damage they would cause is very real.


His MO most of the time is to sneak up on his target, pile on the hallucinations, and stay out of the way, afterwards. He rarely needs to confront anyone physically, and as such, often makes a point of appearing unthreatening, even pretending to be a vanilla to those he hasn't met before.

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Second post of my own countless army of Epic ideas:

Unclaimed Epics:

Macgyver: Can use a paperclip and a rubber band to escape from any situation.

The great bounce: Any surface he touches is super bouncy, the world is his bouncy castle.
Jigglicious: Has the ability to make everyone dance.
Pappadamus: Can divine the future through the shape of papadums.
Punosaurus: Makes everyone unable to stop laughing at/speaking in puns.
The caterpreter: Can understand with and communicate with cats. (Also known as the crazy cat lady)
Super Nanny: Can calm people down and if concentrating long enough, put them to sleep.
SilverToungue: People believe that everything he says is true.
Paradox: The ability to take everything literally. And by everything I mean literally everything. Someone tried to give her a piece of their mind once, but then they couldn't because a piece of their brain was in her hands and they died instead.
Understudy: Can become any fictional character, he gains the appearance, memory and plausible abilities of the character (Only works on abilities any normal human could acquire, no superheroes)
Finch: After being exposed to any dangerous or lethal effect acquires a lifelong immunity to that effect, sometimes this manifests as a physical difference, sometimes not. (He gained immunity to death by falling by growing wings, but his bullet immunity is just being impervious to bullets)
Shattermist: Can disassemble and reassemble his bodies molecules at will, turning into mist.
JumpRope: Can skip his time forwards 3 seconds at a time. Also likes regular skipping.

SonicAssasin: Can make music literal. Can create boulders with Rock music, explosions with pop, kill people with death metal.

BackScratch: No one can refuse her bartering offers.

FilterShield: Can create a shield which completely filters one type thing eg. fire, bullets
Chain of Command: Can cause a group to always obey orders given by superiors.
Rewind: Can cause a bubble of space to loop the same five seconds of time.

Gills: Can turn gasses into liquid, does not change temperature.
Buzz: Can transform into flies and mosquitos, universally hated.

Friend or Foe: Can mentally ‘tag’ people and will then be able to track their position relative to his own, gifter.

GameMaker: Can cause disputes to be settled by a binding game, in a fight the loser of the game will die.
Jeeves: Always uses whichever name people would like to be called.
Switch: Can swap places with people.
MD: Can diagnose the cause of any problem (Medical, mechanical, psychological or even economical)
Teach: Can Gift the ability to Gift to other Epics.

refresh: Can warp objects into another dimension, however they will return after 2 seconds.

resonate: Can vibrate hands at any frequency, uses the resonant frequency of buildings to cause them to shake and eventually collapse.

Fetch: Can teleport any item he has touched back to him, uses throwing knives.

Zeno: Can cause things to never quite reach him. (Weakness is calculus)

Antiquity: Psychometry- Can tell an objects history by touching it.

FX: Can create illusions of particle effects he has seen.


Protagonist: Has a rare prime invinicibility, the protagonist shield, anything which hits him will be just slightly less than lethal, people shooting at him have terrible aim and there will always be a healer passing by when he's injured.
His weaknesses: are trust and friends, those he trusts or those who are his friends will inevitably turn evil. And Trolling which will cause him to ragequit from life.
Secondary powers: 
protagonist-centered morality field: which makes any decision—regardless of whether another character made a similar one and was condemned for it—good and lovely and moral.
Romantic Interest: any female friend he has has a 500% higher chance of becoming attracted to him but being unable to show it
save and load: He can "save" moments in time and travel back in time to these moments, keeping all of his knowledge and memories in the process, it activates automatically if he dies. No one else can remember. But if his weakness is in effect he gets a Corrupted save error and must begin life again from the start.
Notice This: Anything that will help him in the future begins shimmering with translucent rainbows and they all have name tags hovering over them too.

Claimed Epics:

Collaborate: Strength Epic, gains the strength of people following him.
BioMed: Has X-Ray vision and short range very weak telekinesis. Uses these abilities to sever vital nerves if close enough.
Synesthesia: Can turn sound into light and vice versa (each frequency of one is correlated to another)
Entropic Decay: Increases the entropy of anything non-living that he touches ie: Rots wood instantly, metal rusts, building collapse.
Spitfire: Poison spitting, (Possibly with the option of changing what the poison does, from paralysis to lethal)
Subtext: Reveals what a person is intentionally not saying during conversation. (Essentially a limited telepath)

Impact: Provides momentum to objects he touches.

Leech: Can absorb the health of those he touches (Essentially he's a feruchemist by proxy), stores it up to gain regeneration abilities. Can kill with a touch by absorbing all of someones health at once.-Claimed by Joe

Upgrade: Can increase the effectiveness of anything he’s touching, knives become sharper, guns fire faster and more accurately, Epic abilities are increased.-Claimed by Joe
StreetWise: Can 'connect' with cities, gaining awareness of everything which is going on in it.-Claimed by Joe
The Admin: Can ban people from a given area, applies only to the people he mentally selects, he can't ban everyone only people he knows and they can't already be in the area.-Voidus
Sentinel: Can turn himself into a stone statue, retains all his senses as a statue and uses it for recon purposes, or to withstand attack.-Claimed by Kobold
Jingle Berry: Can grow mistletoe, frequently waits under the mistletoe giving meaningful glances to attractive male Epics -Claimed by Kobold

Minor Epic Empire:

Zip: Can create a bubble of compressed space.
Refill: Can increase the quantity of any liquid he considers to be a drink by touching its container.
Subtext: Causes his target to say what they really mean.
Latermind: Is perpetually reacting three seconds into the future.
FX: Can create illusions based on particle effects.
Stitch: Can manipulate thread, uses this ability to control corpses.
Collaborate: Gains the physical strength of those who are his allies.
Flowerface: Can perform photosynthesis and causes allergic reactions in those nearby.
Glint: Illusionist, can create small but detailed illusions. Illusions become semi transparent if a strong light source is directed at them.
Spitfire: Can spit poisons over long distances, skin contact poisons can be used but aren't lethal, her only lethal poisons need to be injected directly into a person, she files her teeth to points so that she can bite people to insert these lethal poisons.
Sidestep: Can step into an alternate dimension parallel to ours, although this dimension contains no air so he can only remain as long as he can hold his breath, cannot perceive the world while in his dimension.
Uriel: Can create a sword of flame, immune to burns from his sword but not other flames, sword is hot enough to melt through most metals.
Synesthesia: Can turn sound into light and vice versa (each frequency of one is correlated to another)
Whittle: Can shape whatever he's touching, is limited to what he can cup in his hands.
Yorrick: Can manipulate skulls, when he does so they produce a flaming aura around themselves.
Scrapyard: Can transform parts of his body into various types of machinery. (Drills, saws, etc.)
Cute Capricious Companion of Calamity (C4): Can secrete a gel which she can detonate with a whistle as long as she's within earshot of it.

Deceased Epics:
Quickslide: Friction manipulator, liked sliding around on things, tragically murdered by an unstable necromancer and his pet dinosaur.
Hammelin: Can summon and control mice and rats. Deceased
Voidknight: Can create vacuums pulling everyone in an area into one point, wears full armour and uses a sword to make use of the clustered enemies. Deceased

Voidus' Epics:

Jeff/Purple Phoenix/Penumbra:

Real name: Jeff Carlisle

'Epic' Name: Purple Phoenix

As a researcher he was installed with a state of the art mind-computer interface in his spine to allow his brain to control many of the devices they created from Epic abilities.

Resurrection: (He has no way of actually resurrecting, he just believes he can due to his 'deaths' every night) 
                      -Will resurrect in a nearby shadow upon his death, his mind will fracture further upon each death, resulting in a new                           personality

Has a protective field similar to what the Reckoners were supposed to have, only works on metal though as it's based on a magnetism manipulating Epic, also accelerates any bullets he fires out increasing stopping power.

Purpley explodeyness: Access to a pair of gloves which destabilizes the bonds of a given item (Usually uses pebbles) which can later be detonated by a specific frequency or a hard enough impact, is set off by a mental command explodes into a cloud of purplish energy.
As an ex-military he also is in good physical condition and quite adept at hand to hand and armed combat.

History: Previously a military engineer/Research scientist after Calamity he was part of one of the first scientific efforts to understand Epic abilities, during his time in this project they invented a number of devices to emulate Epic abilities such as Energy based explosives, however the Epics they were researching slowly became more and more violent and eventually one killed most of the research team, Jeff only managed to kill the Epic by using their recently fabricated energy based weapons against it, but the trauma of the event caused him to go insane, he suffers from split personalities, one which is aware that he's just a 'vanilla' and one that believes he is the Purple Phoenix, the vanilla identity is the protector and does everything to set up traps to protect him from other Epics, however PP believes himself to be using his powers to protect himself.
He also believes that he doesn't need to sleep and that instead every night an Epic tries to kill him, and then he resurrects the next morning, his other personality frequently takes over while he's 'dead' and sets up traps, plants exploding pebbles, recharges his gear and plans for the next day to keep PP alive.

He believes he has an Epic weakness, which practically means that when faced with it he will not even attempt to use any of his tech.



Epic Name: Penumbra
Real name: Jeff Carlisle/Purple Phoenix

Passive ability: Resurrection-When killed he will resurrect in a nearby shadow, this does have some consequences however so he's not too eager to do so.
Active ability: Shadow manipulation- He can fully manipulate any shadows he's in contact with, they can exert a good amount of force (He could lift a medium-sized car with them) and can detach from the surface they're on He must remain in contact with the shadow he's manipulating, he usually stretches his own shadow out until it touches others, allowing him to control them.

History: Jeff Carlisle's third personality, the only personality which is aware of his true Epic abilities, this personality has no memory of Jeff's life pre-calamity and doesn't remember much about what happens to Purple Phoenix either, as such his personality is entirely based around the traits which Epics acquire upon ascendance without any human filter. He is completely contemptuous of vanillas and lesser Epics, bearing a particular hatred towards energy Epics much as Purple Phoenix himself does.
This personality was formed after Purple Phoenix fell from the museum, part of his resurrection ability is that it fractures his mind each time he resurrects, the first time when he blew up himself and the energy epic who killed his team he formed the personality of the Protector.



Epic name: SoulSwitch
Powers:Can possess animals and non-Epics, his body disappears while possessing and reappears where the subject is when done (As in Dishonoured)
Weakness: Seeing cheese causes his mouse-mind to take control and ravenously consume it. Has similar weaknesses in other animals.
Pre-calamity: SoulSwitch was a PI before he ascended, he developed a wide array of accents and disguises for blending in to track people and find out their dirty secrets, he still frequently switches accents to maintain his skills habitually. He's relatively easy-going for an Epic, but harbors a low opinion of any vanillas, equating them to animals frequently.



Real name: Lucy Lockser
Appearance: Young for an Epic at 15 Lucy is short even for her age, she has brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail and is constantly chewing gum. Her body has been covered with tattoos since she became an Epic, though she has kept her face clear the rest of her body is crawling with tiny words that she can actualize in an emergency. Her wardrobe consists of precisely two t-shirts and a pair of jeans, she dislikes wearing anything resembling an Epic costume.

History: Lucy received her powers after the defeat of Koschei and as such was somewhat ashamed of herself initially for being an Epic but after seeing that she could prove helpful to Vondra and his new community she regained her confidence, she is disdainful of most other Epics and prefers to interact with Vanillas. She's still somewhat terse and withdrawn after the shock of getting her powers.

Powers: Primary ability- Ink manipulation, Lucy has full telekinetic control over ink in all its forms, her control is fine enough to maintain the shape of any words she has written as she moves them about.
Secondary ability: Written actualization- Lucy can actualize anything that she has written, although the effect will be limited to the area covered by the word.


Epic Name: Strongsteel

Human Name: Steven Santee

Weakness: <PM'd to the GM>

Primary Power: Strength Enhancer: Anything that is non-organic, Strongsteel can strengthen. He enhances its fortitude and resistance. 

Secondary Power: He can cover anything he touches, that is not living, with steel. 

Appearance: Thickly built, no discernible neck, wears a wifebeater, hard hat and jeans, light stubble. Drinks Farmer Union Iced coffee, imported from Australia. (The best drink in the world)

Age: 34

Home City: 
Born in Sydney, Australia he moved to Chicago to be with his family, when Calamity took him he felt that Steelhearts powers overshadowed his own and so has set off to Portland so that his abilities might be more acknowledged.

Job: Formerly a construction site manager.

Weaponry: Carries a shield at all times which he keeps enhanced, and a giant flanged mace.

Zip and Refill

Zip: Can compress the space an object takes up, this causes it to appear smaller although it actually isn’t. (If he used this on a bag, he’d still be able to store just as many items in the bag as before)

Refill: Can refill any container filled with a liquid he considers to be a drink.

Together Refill and Zip have started and now maintain leadership over the MEE.

Impact & MV

Epic name: Impact
Primary power: Can impart momentum to anything she touches, the momentum is applied only to the point of contact so if she uses this ability too quickly she can crush things, can use this ability on herself to fly but hasn't realized or tested this ability as of yet.
Appearance: Identical to MV in every way, they wear the same clothes and style their hair in the same manner every morning making it almost impossible to tell them apart.
They have long blonde hair, blue eyes and generally wear relatively normal clothes consisting of t-shirts and skirts from pre-calamity times.
Personality: As relatively new Epics they are both still getting used to the corruption which can at times make them extremely aggressive, however as they've not used their powers to their fullest strength yet they're not as corrupted as most other Epics and usually just act somewhat snobish. Impact is the less talkative of the two, usually letting her sister take the lead in conversations, she performs a variety of seemingly vague and vapid tasks such as twirling her hair during conversation to distract people but is actually quite intelligent.

Epic name: MV
Primary power: Momentum shifting- She can shift all of the momentum from one object to another, although she needs contact with at least one of the objects, this shift conserves momentum so if she moves the momentum of a car into a coin the coin will be travelling much faster. When she shifts momentum it applies to every particle of the object, so if she uses this on a speeding car it will stop instantly but not as though it had hit something, unless she deliberately includes the people inside though they'll still fly through the windscreen.
Appearance: Identical to Impact.
Personality:As relatively new Epics they are both still getting used to the corruption which can at times make them extremely aggressive, however as they've not used their powers to their fullest strength yet they're not as corrupted as most other Epics and usually just act somewhat snobish. MV is generally more talkative and not as intelligent as her sister, taking the lead in most situations, although in private this is usually reversed with her listening to her sisters advice.


League of Shadows:

Shadowstep: Shadow merging passive ability, merges into any shadows he comes into contact with, allowing instant travel across a shadow or seeming invisibility while hiding in the shadow. Former member, currently in the MEE.
Flicker: Can teleport only while in shadows, can also produce an EMP which temporarily shorts out electronics.

Nightshade: Can ‘pull’ an object or beings shadow from the ground causing it to become a 3 dimensional object capable of everything the possessor of the shadow is capable of (Excluding Epic abilities), living shadows will obey orders given by Nightshade
Midnight Tears: Can suck all light from a room, becomes completely intangible when in darkness however can solidify parts of his body at will however any parts of his body that become solid while still in darkness slowly exude a thick black liquid. Typically gouges out his victims eyes to kill them, leaving his signature ‘black tears’ on the corpse.
DarkQuake: Can cause any shadows to become a solid surface and also capable of sending ripples or vibrations through that surface.
Twilight spark: Technically an energy Epic however his energy constructs draw in light from around them, capable of creating replicas of living beings which can act with a degree of free will but will obey any of his mental commands.
Eclipse: Illusionist who creates a bright halo around himself, but shrouds his body itself in darkness. The halo is bright enough to blind anyone looking directly at it.

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Epic Name: Affinity

Real Name: Susan Marks

Gender: Female

Age: 20


-Can do anything that she has seen another do. If she sees somebody type their password into a computer she can replicate it.

-She knows how to operate anything she comes in contact to. If she hops in a helicopter, she can drive it like somebody who has been practicing all of their life. Even something as small as having a band-aid can give her the ability to do first aid and a little extra.

-Empathy: Can understand people's reasons for doing things and can recognize their intents.


Wears a black combat suit with light armor and has her hair in a ponytail. She carries a short rifle, think of Halo one in the books that switches between the modes of the Battle Rifle and the Designated Marksman Rifle. She also carries four small throwing knives, a combat knife in her boot, and two pistols. She sometimes also carries a backpack full of supplies that she could use to help her in different situations playing on her power


She works for Dragoon, an Epic that controls a city called Longbeach through crime. She is his personal guard, assassin, informant, and anything else he needs.


Epic Name: Blindsight

Real Name: Peter Handy

Gender: Male

Age: 37


-He has the ability to see everything mathematically. He can see where things would be best and how to optimally do everything.

Once he does the math, he can show people what he sees. For example, if he someone wants to throw a grenade so that it will bounce into a pocket, he can show them the trajectory. Trajectories and paths appear as red lines. This is what he calls his Red Vision. If it is something that needs to be done mentally, such as an action the person needs to take, they can feel what must be done. If they want to, they can heed the feeling, but they cannot be forced to do it. He can also create a form of Heads-Up-Display or HUD using his Red Vision.

-He can see things people see if they let him in. If an Epic has the power to xray a person, he could see what they see, again, only if they let him, and then use his math to know how to best save the patient.

-His brain works faster than a normal human, otherwise he would not be able to understand AND do the things he sees. By "faster," he is unparalleled in mental power. He can hold many things in his brain and can understand and interpret all of them. In this way, he is more like a computer than a person.

-He has slight regenerative qualities. It isn't a ton, but he can heal from most small injuries in a few minutes, most deeper injuries in a few hours, and most graver injuries in a few days. He is nowhere near Prof's level, but so long as he can survive an encounter, he will br back in the game after a short while.

-Some would say that he has predictive powers or spacial awareness, but these are (mostly) basically just extensions of his mathematical powerset.


He loves when people ask for his services, since usually only he can see his math, he doesn't really get many opportunities to show people what he does. He loves to share what he knows, so this makes him excited. He also loves to optimize things. He is concerned with getting the obsolute most out of life that he can. As such, he eats a perfectly ballanced diet and exercises the perfect ammount so that he is at his best at all times. He doesn't carry much weaponry, but he does own a sniper rifle and he usually carried a combat knife and a small accurate handgun. With the rifle, he can use his skills to get a perfect shot as far as the gun can shoot. Usually he has no need for this, but he can use it. He works totally and irrevocably for Winterspell. He has the utmost loyalty for him and will do anything he asks.


He is an Epic under Winterspell's command. He works for him and does anything Winterspell asks him, usually that is coming up with patrols and organizational work, but he does any odd jobs thst need to be done.


Epic Name: Disruption

Real Name: Thomas Rickshaw

Gender: Male

Age: 28


-His first power is to shoot bolts of lightning from his hands.

-His second power is the ability to make a disruption field around him. The field can extend 50 feet from him. All electronics, energy bases, and radio waves are disrupted. Light is also distorted, making it hard to see what is going on while in the field. He is uneffected by this and can see normally.

-His thirdpower is that he can have bursts of speed for about three seconds. During this time he is accelerated at five times normal speed. This ability needs 30 seconds to recharge for every one second that he uses it.

-His forth power is the ability to draw energy from nearby sources to heal himself. As long as he can get energy he will be able to heal. It does take a while to do, and getting hit while he does this will just take it back.


He is really stupid. More so than most Epics by far. He continually forgets his own powers and often stumbles over his own feet. Despite that fact, he is very full of himself. He thinks that when people try to put him off or get rid of him that they are just jealous.


He is an Epic that works for Winterspell. He is powerful enough to be useful, but not enough to be trusted with many big positions.


Epic Name: Dragoon

Real Name: John Denth

Gender: Male

Age: 34


-He is primarily a Gifter, able to transform normal people into Epic-like beings. He can Gift to four others, whom he calls his Horsemen.

-The Horseman Prescience has the ability to see through wallsand see partially into the future, but only if he is not moving quickly and is focused on it. He has better sight than others and can see at night.

-The Horseman War is given increased strength and density. His skin is extremely hard to pierce.

-The Horseman Journey is able to teleport, he can teleport up to a mile at a time with a recharge time of about five seconds. He can bring people along but his cooldown time increases with each person by an additional fifteen seconds.

-The Horseman Blight can shoot lances of lightning out of his fingers. He can either be precise with lots of power behind them or lots of tendrils that are very painful.

-As for Dragoon himself, the only power that he can use for himself and not Gift is the ability to heal himself faster than normal people. This isn't instant, but within a day or two he can fully heal from just about any wound.

If Dragoon dies, his Horsemen lose their powers. If he is knocked unconscious then they need to be within 100 feet of him or they lose their powers. While he is conscious they can be up to two and a half miles away.

He can only use one power at a time and he can only Gift one power to a person and he can't split up one power to multiple people.


They all wear black jackets and pants. The jackets have a symbol on the breast pocket and each sleeve at the shoulder. The symbol is of a rearing horse. Dragoon himself is shorter than normal and slightly overweight. He has slicked back black hair and a black goatee. All five of them wear goggles, the Horsemen wear them up at all times in public and Dragoon often just leaves them on his forehead. Dragoon wears a scarf around the lower part of his face and the Horsemen wear halfmasks like the Winter Soldier's. Prescience carries a custom sniper rifle with an extended magazine, thermal and laser sights with a zoom magnification up to x40. It is precise and the reload time between bullets in minimal. War carries a massive sword, a large two-handed sword with a vey wide, double-edged blade. Journey carries two short swords and two pistols. Blight does not carry any weapon.


He is a glutton, since he can have Journey send him wherever he wants. He does not usually walk more than he needs to. He usually carries at least two guns and usually uses more bullets rather than accuracy to take out his targets. In a world full of Epics, he is pretty stupid as he likes to be with his Horsemen when they are in the field. Sometimes he stays back, but he is overconfident in their ability to protect him.


He is an informant and crime lord of Longbeach. He has enough power to influence many different aspects of his city and a bit of the trade around him, but with Astoria in play he has difficulties getting as much power as he wants.


Epic Name: Kinesis

Real Name: Alaric Stuart

Gender: Male

Age: 26


-His first power was the ability to detect everything in a 500 foot radius of himself. He has the mental capacity to comprehend and use all of the information that he gains from this.

-His second ability is the teleportation of objects (non-sentient). When he does teleport them, he can kinetically charge them so that they don't just pop into existence but can go flying in different directions. This has a 250 foot radius.

He is part of Winterspell’s camp and is his personal bodyguard.


He sees himself as a god. He can see things coming from far away and he can cause changes before anybody else normally could. When the fight with the Destructors showed him that he wasn't a god and left him handicapped, he started going a bit crazy.


He is an Epic under Winterspell and high up on the pecking order. With Dustdevil dead, he should be the new captain of his guard. However, with his current mental state and being injured, that may not work well, so Blindsight is over everything.


Epic Name: Lightwrought

Real Name: Melissa Tint Sol

Gender: Female

Age: 42


-First power is illusions. She can create powerful illusions within 100 yards of herself.

-Second power is that she can make sky tints. She can change the colors of the sky to make it look drastically different. She can do this in a radius of 10 miles. She uses this to make days where the clouds look stormy, but aren't, spectacular sunests, different colored clouds, skies, and sun, etc. She does this based on her whims and it can change in an instant. It usually is correlated with her mood.

-Third power is that she can consume and eminate light. She can drain light from an area and drench it in shadows or create a nova of brightness.


She wears a dress that flows and usually changes it to match or compliment how the sky looks. She is normally unconcerned and actually happy and fun for an Epic, but she can have the temper of a storm if she is threatened or riled up.


She keeps the skies unique and changing all of the time. She can lengthen days for a time. She makes beautiful sunsets. Other than that, she doesn't go around much. If people ever were to attack Icesteel Keep she could aid in its diffense, but orher than the sky tints she mainly just lounged around.


Epic Name: Lockvault

Real Name: Zeis Raynes

Gender: Male

Age: 21


-Dimensional Storage: Can place objects in another dimension and draw them forth later. Cannot place sentient things there. Small things can be placed and withdrawn easily, bigger things take longer. While in Storage things stay in the same state as they were placed in. Therefore, food does not go rancid and things stay at the same speed, thst type of thing. He can Withdraw objects from Storage around him in about a fifty foot radius. Doing it farther is no harder than doing it closer. Withdrawing takes time to do, a few seconds for a rifle, about seven to ten for a larger table, etc. Placing does not take any significant amount of time.

-Danger Sense. He knows approximately ten seconds ahead of time if he is in danger. If he is distracted he will not notice the warnings from his Danger Sense.

-Mental Storage: Keeps all of his memories. He can Recall anything that has happened to him, so long as he remembers that he remembers.

-Increased Mental Acuity. Although not really a declarative power, he can think faster than normal people. This helps him to know where to Withdraw lots of things at a time and helps him Place things that are in odd states, like bullets.

Appearance: Wears a long black cloak or trench coat that billows when he walks and has lots of pockets (redundant with his powers, but hey, he's an Epic and he thinks it looks cool). He has gray eyes and black hair. Shorter than average and thin but always walks with a straight back so the height isn't always noticed at first

Alternate Persona:

-He has an alter ego of him as a non-Epic, normal person. Since he can easily Withdraw and Place things from storage he likes to sneak around as another person. When Sneaking he goes by the name of Tagon Vohs. He is dressed in a utilitarian jacket, cargo pants, and sturdy boots. Since he can use his Dimensional Storage to hold lots of things he can usually make pretty good disguises, but the above is his go to.


-He is lazy about many things, but if anything can get him moving, it is information. He loves to know everything and is very curious. He was a nerd before he became an Epic. He likes to go around without people knowing he is an Epic at times. He thinks it is funny when people can't tell, who he is. After a successful job is over around he will often reveal himself so he gloat and show how badly people have been duped.

-He likes to act as an informant and occasional assassin for Epics. He will establish himself in a city's underground and then use the information he learns to get contracts. His preferred payment is unique items. Since he can carry so many things around with him, normal resources don't have much sway on him. It is the crazy things that catch his interest.

-He likes to organize and give things titles. Storage is what he calls his Dimensional Space. Placing is what he calls putting things into Storage. Withdrawing or Drawing is what he calls pulling things from Storage. Sneaking is what he calls using his normal persona. He calls his Mental Storage his Memory. Withdrawing things from his Memory he usually calls Recall.

-Even though he is an Epic, he has moments when he will feel for the common people. He will think about them, often forgetting he is an Epic (yep, he's that lazy), and do something that he will usually later regret.


He doesn't have a specific title or position in Astoria. He is mainly with the Adventurer and just going around with him.


Epic Name: Winterspell

Real Name: Trevor Sol

Gender: Male

Age: 45


-His primary power is reducing temperatures of nearby materials. He can do this at basically any speed. He can also raise them, but only from a reduced temperature to a normal one, no higher. He can "bind" his ice to make it stay at the temperature that he set it at until it is otherwise affected. This is how he can keep the Icesteel Bridge and Keep from melting.

-His Secondary power is water manipulation. He can't affect water that is more than a mile away unless he has frozen it. Anything within that mile though can be manipulated. He is very goos at manipulating the water, he can focus on may aspects of it at once and in his glory can work with inhuman speed.

-These two above powers combined make him able to make something with the water manipulation and then harden it to become ice. His ice is extra hard and durable, especially when he binds it at a temperature to create Icesteel.

-His third ability is he can sense water within a mile radius.

-His fourth ability is being able to melt and reform himself. In this state he becomes waterlike and then can form back up when he needs to. If he is hurt, that part of him shatters like ice and the pieces will melt and then slowly come back to reform on him (this is a Prime Invincibility).


His hair is pure white. He no facial hair. He looks very pale and white. He is very tall and thin. He dresses mostly in light blues, white, and deep black. He wears a swirling white and blue cloak over a black vest, a white open top collared shirt, and black pants.


He sees himself above other people including other Epics. He does not like being confined and restrained. He is surprisingly loyal to those around him, but if they do not reciprocate he will destroy them with a fiery vengeance. In his inner circles, he actually cares and looks out for the people under him. He loves his wife, Lightwrought, and has a good relationship with him. The people outside of that, he doesn't hold too much stock in.


He watches over the river by Astoria. He keeps trade in check and keeps everything under wraps in regards to the water. He has a pretty large standing army of some two-hundred soldiers to watch the bridge and Icesteel Keep and twelve minor Epics with a commanding body of him, Lightwrought, Blindsight, and Kinesis. Disruption is also there, but he doesn't fit into either group.

Icesteel Minor Epics:


Has the ability to make portals. Each portal can have a radius of fifteen feet. He can make up to ten portals at a time and can change the connections between them. It takes only a second to throw up a portal, but it takes a few seconds to dismiss one.

Weakness: 1:17 a.m. exactly. It lasts a minute.

Lens Flare

Causes people to be blinded at crucial moments. Also can make people pass over and not notice things.

Weakness: Physical contact.


Can overload or block people's dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin receptors, making them either very depressed, very manic, overly pumped up, or extremely happy and carefree. He can effect up to two people at a time and it takes fifteen seconds to recharge.

Weakness: Beer.


Can make any inorganic object bigger or small by three times. Can do this to up to three objects every ten seconds or so.

Weakness: Actual magnifying glasses.


Can trade places with anyone in a hundred foot radius. Kinetic energy is transferred, so if he is running or falling it he will continue doing so when he comes back. He can detect people in that hundred foot radius. He has subtle spatial awareness. Not a massive amount, but enough to see what is going on in the places he potentially will teleport. He also has improved mental ability to be able to comprehend and understand all that he sees and know where to go.

Weakness: Brick walls.


She can understand the intent of people when they perform actions. In messages, she understands if people are literal or sarcastic. She can understand what someone wants her to do by hand gestures, and can see through traps and feints.

Weakness: Baseball bats.


Can sense Epics nearby and identify their power base by sight. Cannot sense their weaknesses. He can also keep track of people over long distances by "tagging" them and seeing where they are.

Weakness: Rain.


He doesn't require sleep. He also can see just as well at night as in the day time. He can gift the second power to up to four others but not the first.

Weakness: Trumpets.


Has the ability to breathe underwater. Can move anywhere underwater as if he can fly, but underwater.

Weakness: Frying pans.


Has the ability to create a three dimensional illusional layout of a mile radius area. He can hi-light and zoom in on anything in that area. His second power is the ability to make "mini maps" in people's vision that show objectives and friend or foe tags.

Weakness: Night-lights. The kind that are in children's rooms.


Can blow himself up in a radius of up to ten feet. He respawns in the same place after thirty seconds and it takes another thirty seconds to recharge his power.

Weakness: Fire.


Can speed up his own time for any amount of extra speed he needs to have been slow for that much time (basically steel Feruchemy). Guns he uses never run out of bullets.

Weakness: Iron touching his skin.

Unused Epics:


Epic Name: Clipper

Real Name: Charles Skillicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 15


-Ability to cut grass instantly. He can make any lawn look perfectly manicured.

-Grass teleportation. He can move the grass clippings to a garbage or anywhere else. He can also use this as an attack by sending the clippings at enemies.


Looks like a typical teenage lawn care boy. Has a baseball cap, a dirty white shirt, and pants with grass stains on them. He also wears headphones around his neck.


Epic Name: Nightblood

Real Name: Jimmy Nelson

Gender: Male

Age: 7


-When he is in contact with those he views as enemies he can shur down their powers. They get weaker and weaker, until they can't use them anymore. If they manage to get away, they will come back slowly and be fully operational after about 36 hours.

-For contacting with hostile vanillas or Epics without powers, he sucks away their life force and they die. They skin becomes a withered husk and their insides turn to black smoking sludge.

-Has the ability to get people to want to hug him/touch him. The more he percieves them as his enemy, the more powerful the feeling is to them. If he really wants someone dead, they have an infinitesimal spchance of getting away. Still there, but small.


The typical little kid. Innocent, fun-loving, imaginative, cute, but also can get angry easily.

Appearance: Is a very cute looking boy. He wears a clash of black clothes and neon orange.

Red Star

Epic Name: Red Star

Real Name: Nikolas Asimov

Gender: Male

Age: 29


-Equality: All humans and Epics other than Red Star in an area of twenty-five feet of him equalize their abilities. No single being is more strong than anther, they all share powers, but to a lesser extent, etc. For example, if there was four vanillas and one speed Epic that could move ten times as fast as normal, all of the vanillas and the Epic now move two times as fast as normal. All abilities are shared.

-I'm-More-Equal-Than-You: For all Epics within his twenty-five foot radius, he has their powers. He can also leech off strength and endurance and such from nearby vanillas.

-Intuitive Learning: When sharing powers and abilities, he instinctively knows how to use them, as to not be at a disadvantage to the Epics he is fighting.

-Russian Accent.

Personality: He's freaking Russian. All of the good things that go with the stereotype and more! Because he lived in America, but his heritage is Russian, he takes the stereotype to a whole new level more than actual Russians would.


Epic Name: Proficiency

Real Name: Hank Thomas

Gender: Male

Age: 37


Up to ten vanillas of his choice gain peak performance in their fields. Good riflemen become deadeyes. Good runners become Olympic-level sprinters. Good trombone players become third trumpets (sorry, band joke. Trombones are actually really cool).

Deceased Epics:


Epic Name: Dustdevil

Real Name: John Stevenson

Gender: Male

Age: 45


-Can break things down into dust, kind of like the tensors. He can do this within ten feet of himself.

-He can control the air and make wind up to gale forces.

-He can change himself into dust and then move with his winds. This is not a Prime Invincibility, it only works if he is ready with it.

Personality: He served under Winterspell as the captain of his guard. He was loyal to Winterspell and actually liked his position.

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Epic Name: H-Hour
Real Name: Jaden Polin

Gender: Male

Age: 28





Primary Ability: Sand Manipulation
Secondary Ability: Shrinking
Weakness: Magic 8 Ball




Primary: Gravitron Sledgehammer

Secondary: Tec-9





Eyes: Brown

Hair: Auburn/Grey, Longish

Clothing: Denim Jacket, Grey Sweater, Brown Cargo Pants, Infantry Helmet

Features: Severe burn on side of face




Jaden enlisted in the military at the tender age of eighteen, and at the very end of his career he retired as a Staff Sergeant with thirty confirmed kills. He retired with his body incapacitated in a warzone, via a frag grenade detonating six feet from his face. His miracle to be alive become less miracle and more curse when Jaden was in a hospital for nearly a year, and was expected to stay there until he passed away. Even with three surgeries his bodily functions were still flawed and his scars remained. Family stopped visiting, contact stopped. On the day of Calamity he rose, his body seemingly healed. He set off and for the year had dwelt in time in the Midwest. And at some point reported in Utah burying a town. The past is in the past and Jaden, under the name of H-Hour holds a small gang of Lesser Epics and men willing to stand with them.

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Epics of Portland (Yay!)







Original Name: ? for now.

Epic Name: Upgrade

Age: 45

Hobbies: Long distance running, juggling, experimental baking.  


Physical Description:  Upgrade is a small man with sharp features.  He has fairly regular brown hair and eyes, and a tan complexion that lets him blend into the crowd.  His passion for fitness and for nutrition has helped him to stay fairly fit in his middle age, but even still his muscles lack the definition of some more impressive epics, and his lack of size makes it difficult for him to be perceived as a threat to anyone.  His voice is mid-range, but gets higher when he is frustrated.  


Personality:  A silent snarker.  While he has learned to be fairly cavalier about practically being traded from one 'master' to the next, being forced to use his powers often brings out his grumpy side, making him easily annoyed by epics who do not hold authority over him.  He treats his superiors with all due respect, but usually directs a mental dig their way.  Telepaths are his worst nightmare.  


Powers: He can enhance the properties of any object, and remove limitations.  This works on inanimate objects like bullets and knives, and extends to animate beings, including epics.  When his powers are used on epics, the epic's powers are amplified, and limitations are either removed entirely or severely lessened.  Upgrade requires physical touch to use his power, and any power boost ceases the moment contact is lost.  However, things created by Epics while Upgraded will remain, even if they would not be able to create similar objects without Upgrade.  .

MO: Unlike other minor epics, Upgrade doesn't truly fear epics with more power than he has (which is pretty much everyone).  He knows that one of the only things epics have in common, no matter how powerful they are, is a desire for more power, and thus he knows that, as long as he able to spit out his power profile before being offed, he will be taken in and protected like a prized possession.  He's a decent knife fighter and shot, so he gets by okay defending himself against attacks by Vanillas, but he spends most of his time moving from place to place being used by one epic despot or the next.  


History: .... working on it.  


RP Sample:  


"Upgrade!  My name's Electro and I'm here to offer you a job."  An unknown epic at the door shouting one's name might have unnerved some people, but Upgrade was, unfortunately, used to it.  Sighing, Upgrade got to open the door, pausing to pick up his twin daggers and giving them a quick upgrade before doing so.  While he was fairly certain he had nothing to fear, it never hurt to be careful.  He had hoped that coming to Portland, a city governed by warring factions, would provide him with some measure of anonymity and a break from a long chain of 'jobs' like the one this 'Electro' was no-doubt describing.  


"Yes?  And what is that?"  Upgrade blinked, staring into Electro's eyes, and not bothering to take in whatever costume he was wearing.  If news of his abilities had spread, then one of the leaders of Portland's factions would know about it.  Since he was not a leader himself, Electro would have to be a trusted lackey to one of the big three, making him only as important as his message.  


"Corpsemaker, maybe you've heard of him."  Of course I've heard of Corpsemaker.  Do I look like an idiot?  "Big Medusa type of epic, kills with a look, he wants to hire you."  Of course he does.  Who doesn't?  Upgrade almost shuddered at the thought of what Corpsemaker might be capable of with his assistance.  "He'll give you whatever you want.  See this robot?"  Electro paused his voracious efforts to state the obvious by pointing to a nearby robot that looked like something out of an action movie.  "You can have stuff like this too.  I've also been promised cities.  He's willing to give you whatever as long as you help him."


No threats, just promises.  That's sort of nice.  "Cities are good," he said, not sure if he was making a joke at Electro's expense or not.  "I'm interested.  Bring me to this guy and we'll talk."  Upgrade resisted the urge to tap his foot impatiently.  If he was going to be uprooted once again, he wanted to get it over with so he could start settling into his new role.  At least he wasn't being recruited by Altermind, the thought of failing one of those tests terrified him.  


"Good."  Why was Electro still talking?  "Grab anything you want and let's go."


Upgrade shrugged.  With his life, you got used to packing light, and letting go of possessions.  If Corpsemaker was as powerful as he seemed, Upgrade was pretty sure he wouldn't be in need of much.  "I have everything I need, and what I don't, this Corpsemaker should be able to provide."




Despite his nonchalance with Electro, Upgrade found himself almost cowering under Corpsemaker's gaze.  How could not, when standing in front of a man who could kill with the same look he was using to scrutinize Upgrade at that very moment?  


"So Upgrade, what's your power?"


The question, phrased so casually, still sounded like it was coming from a god rather than a man.  Upgrade licked his lips nervously and launched into his usual speech.  "I enhance.  I make knives sharper, bullets faster, epics stronger.  While my hand is on you, all your limitations are gone.  Completely."  Upgrade shrugged, and shifted on his feet nervously.  Corpsemaker would have to be an idiot not to make use of his abilities, of course, but no matter what logic he used, something about that gaze made him feel closer to death than he'd felt in a long time.  


Epics of The Dalles


Taylor Swift




Epic Name: Taylor Swift. "That's right! I don't need a special epic name, because my name is already freaking special."

Primary Power: Taylor swift is a powerful shape-shifter, able to adjust her shape and mass pretty much however she wants. It is difficult for her to maintain a form for more than a few seconds if it is more than five times or less than half of her total mass, but she can do it in a pinch. Also, the less humanoid a form is, the more difficult it is for her to maintain. For example, turning into a fully functional automobile might be totally beyond her, she would likely be able to change into a puddle of water for a few seconds, or a tiger or dog for a few minutes to a few hours depending on size and if she took liberties, but she could appear to be another person, complete with voice, eyes, and fingerprints, pretty much indefinitely (but why would she, she's Taylor Swift!). Being humanoid in shape gives her more flexibility (example: she can be a rubber skinned human much longer than she could be a cube of rubber). Generally, she stays herself, with helpful modifications when in battle (such as metal skin, sword hands, claws, growing to twice her usual size, or 'melting' to get through a crack in the door or window). She can only affect her own mass, but she's difficult to tie down or trap.

Secondary Power: Not true secondary power, but her shape-shifting happens automatically when she's put in danger, granting her nearly prime invincibility. For example, if you tried to shoot her, either her skin would turn hard to repel the bullet, or it would shape shift AROUND the bullet, letting it pass right through her. If you tried to burn her, she would shapeshift to withstand the fire. Try to drown her, she'd likely grow gills. The only way around this would be to somehow contain her (perhaps by using her weakness), and then either trap her underwater, in an airtight room, in a furnace, or some other environment that would require her to transform to survive, and then find a way to keep her there until she becomes unable to maintain the transformation any longer. This can be difficult, as she is able to 'reset' her clock by shifting to a new form, so the fewer ways for her to survive, the less time you would have to keep her contained.

Weakness: SSSSH! That's a secret! Has to do with her secret mission. I'm going to include her weakness here in a spoiler, but it's not known to anyone, so only click the spoiler if you want to know more than your character, and feel like you will be able to keep it out of your mind while writing. Also keep in mind that it is a SPOILER, so part of her story will be spoiled if you peek (mods are, of course, encouraged to peek).


First things first, she's not really Taylor Swift. Her real name is Kacey Jane Fernquist, Taylor Swift's number one fan (don't you DARE say she was number #2! Janice Garland was a hack and everyone knew it!). Upon discovering her powers, she quickly transformed herself into her idol. Her weakness is PROOF (not just suspicion) that she is not the real Taylor Swift. Proof can take the form of T-Swift trivia she does not yet know, interviews she has not watched, or pictures of Taylor at an event Kacey did not know about. The downside is that, if she gets out of a situation where her weakness is used against her, that particular bit of proof will likely not work in the future, since now that she knows about it she can still pretend to be Taylor. Meeting people who knew Swift personally prior to calamity will usually only weaken her powers, unless they have proof she is not really Taylor. Meeting the real Taylor Swift in the flesh would completely nullify her powers for as long as the true Taylor Swift remains in her presence. Because of this, Kacey has dedicated much of her time as an epic to hunting the real Taylor Swift down. She doesn't know what she will do if she finds Taylor (could she really kill her idol to protect herself?), but knows that she will not feel safe until she does. Rumour has it that in the early days of Calamity, Taylor, her team, and a group of friends from the music industry, absconded to a secret hideout in a secret remote location, and have been living in relative luxury there ever since.

Modus Operandi: I know what you're thinking. "Taylor Swift became an epic, really? I mean, she was already super cute, really talented and filthy rich! Did she really NEED to get super powers and an evilish ego boost?" Do you think it's easy using these shape-shifting powers when my natural form is virtually flawless? I thought not. AND to top it all off, my evilness has totally killed my song-writing abilities! At least I can still perform the HELL out of 1989! Maybe, if you don't want me to kill you right now, instead you could listen to be sing "Out of the Woods" for the next five hours! Or I could just go all HULK-SWIFT on you and smash your head against that wall. Your choice :).

Personality: Let's just say that, since Calamity came, I've been a little more "Blank Space" than "Love Story."




. . . And then she became an epic. After a dating a string of powerful High Epics, she's currently traveling the country with a handsome young Vanilla named Brandon.

Brandon Hennessy (Vanilla) 



- Twenty something, too handsome for his own good, aspiring actor with little talent for anything else, pretends to like Taylor Swift so she doesn't kill him.  Used to be a slave to an Epic in Vancouver named Radiance.  Currently wandering, confused, through the Dalles.


Ian Buhler (Vanilla)


Name: Ian Buhler

Age: Late 20s, early 30s.

Place of Origin: Pennsylvania?


Physical Description:  Ian is short for a man (about 5'5", though he tells people he's 5 1/2 feet tall), and very thin.  His skin is pale and freckle-less, making him very vulnerable to sun burns.  He has light blond hair that hangs around his ears and eyes in a roughly trimmed tangle, which he usually covers with a toque or hat.  He is clumsy, and his movements usually seem awkward or erratic.  He's the kind of guy who often ends up feeling completely invisible when he wants to be noticed, and incredibly suspicious when he does not.  His voice is low in the tenor range, with a slight nasal quality.  He wears a flashy pair of glasses with rounded rims, and is usually wearing some combination of casual and camping gear.  


Personality:  Ian is a talented researcher, and disciplined when it comes to study and research.  He has the ability to focus no matter what his surroundings are, a talent which can get him in to trouble when he becomes so focused that he becomes completely oblivious to what is going on around him.  Though he is quite good at problem solving and interpreting disorganized or difficult to understand information, he is horrible at explaining things to other people, and is easily frustrated when others do not catch on to things as quickly as he does.  He thinks of himself as a friendly guy, and hates disappointing or upsetting others.  He can come across as a pompous know-it-all at times, but usually quite charismatic and pleasant to be around.  While he is usually a fairly cautious individual, his strong sense of curiosity often overcomes his natural timidity and gets him into trouble.  He enjoys camping and the outdoors.  He uses technology in limited ways, mostly just to communicate with his peers and record information.  He has developed a working knowledge of how to fix common problems out of necessity, but anything more complex than the simplest of issues to be completely boggling.  Despite his general disdain for technology, he thinks very highly of himself, and would prefer to struggle along alone instead of asking for help.  He is slow to ask others for assistance in most scenarios, and finds it difficult to admit to mistakes.  


MO:  As a junior lorist field researcher, Ian travels around the Fractured States researching epics and reporting his findings to his mysterious superiors.  He is largely self sufficient, though he sometimes receives supplies (especially new electronics when his inevitably break down) from the lorists.  He does not know much about the organization he serves, and works mostly independently, enjoying his research in and of itself.  


History:  Before Calamity, Ian was a University Student who alternated between travelling and working on a Degree in English Literature.  A proud nerd, he spent most of his time debating the merits of classic novels and films with his peers, and the rest of his time reading or watching said novels and films.  He was in the process of preparing to Graduate and preparing thesis proposals to send out to Grad Schools when epics began to appear and tear the world apart.  After narrowly escaping death a dozen times, and wandering the wilderness alone, he eventually met up with some travelling lorists.  After getting to know Ian, the lorists quickly realized his talent for researching and cataloging information, and invited him to join the mysterious group.  After passing through the initiation process, Ian was given a job as an independent field researcher, and proceeded to wander all over the country in much the same way he had before, only this time he had a purpose to guide him, and a network of colleagues and allies to assist in his survival.  


Eventually, he made his way to Corvallis, where he hoped to study Euphoria's powers up close.  At first he managed to avoid being dosed by Euphoria's agents, lest their influence corrupt his ability to observe the epics of the city accurately.  Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him, and he fell in with the other humans for a "Emotional Temperature Check" appointment, in the hopes that he would be able to see Euphoria up close.  After waiting in line for hours, and going through air-port level security, he was disappointed to find that his visit was in vain.  When he reached the front of the line, he sat down in front of the wrong side of a pane of one-way glass, and slid his hand palm down through a hole in the bottom.  He felt the light touch of a single finger on the back of his handed, which lasted for less than a minute.  Then, a light next to his seat flashed, and security escorted him out, allowing the next person in.  


What Ian didn't realize at the time was that those brief moments had changed his emotional perception of the past few weeks, making him view them with fondness.  After that, he became less vigilant about avoiding being dosed with Euphoria's powers, and soon settled into his role as a servant in truth, instead of using it as a cover to gain information.  Weeks and months slid by almost unnoticed.  Even when Ian missed doses, he could only remember feeling anything besides happiness for the past week or so, and those memories were always altered at his biweekly Emotional Temperature Check appointments.   It was not until Euphoria vanished that Ian reviewed his journal and realized what had happened.  Not wanting to get caught in the Epic's spell of complacency again, Ian snuck out of Corvallis the next time the bubble dropped, and began making his way to the Dalles, in the hopes of studying some of the 'tame' epics who he had heard were living there, and to compile the research he had managed to gather in Corvallis to send to his superiors.  


RP Sample:


 Ian stopped to make camp a few hours after sunset, only then deciding that he had put enough distance between himself and Corvallis to feel comfortable again.  After setting up a make-shift shelter using some rope and a sheet of poly from his back-pack, Ian lay down with a flashlight and his journal, hoping to find some much needed clarity.  


I am going to meet Euphoria tomorrow.  


The words, written with such arrogance and unabashed curiosity, now sent a slight shiver down his spine.  Surely he was smarter than that, wasn't he?  After weeks of evading Euphoria's power, he had walked right up to her.  What had he been thinking?  


His journal held the answer, written in a private code to avoid discovery by prying eyes:


I've decided I must meet her directly if I am to learn anything about her powers.  The effects of her abilities are widespread: you can see her nefarious influence in everyone, from the wide lazy grins of her frequent customers, to the slight skip in the steps of people who should be down-trodden slaves.  And yet, nobody can tell me anything about how her powers work.  The feelings of happiness just come to them, they say.  Others claim they are just always happy, or that they have been ever since arriving in the city.  I've uncovered vague mentions of 'Euphoria's Agents': men and women who stalk the streets bestowing her powers on their peers.  While this indicates that Euphoria likely has the ability to gift her powers, it answers few of my other questions.  These 'agents' have been nearly impossible to find or track, proving to be nearly elusive as Euphoria herself.  Her name is on the lips of every human and epic  in Corvallis and the surrounding area, and yet no one can provide me with even most mundane of personal details.  Her false joy rains down on the city like Rainmaker's unnatural sunlight, but unlike the sun there is no trace of the source . . . 


Realizing that this bit went on a while--apparently he had been feeling particularly eloquent that day--Ian skipped over a few pages of metaphor to the part where he began discussing his plans.  


And so, out of desperation, I have come up with a plan.  Every human citizen of Corvallis must attend scheduled "Emotional Temperature Checks" with Euphoria on a bi-weekly or tri-weekly basis, depending on the rank of their epic masters.  Apparently there are safeguards in place to protect her identity, but everyone I've spoken with indicates they are certain Euphoria is physically present at these appointments.  I will know if their certainty is correct or just a symptom of their altered state of mind tomorrow, when I attend one of these check-up on my own.  


Wish me luck.


Ian shook his head in disbelief.  The journal entry had been written almost a year ago.  He could remember writing it clearly.  He remembered that he had enjoyed writing it immensely, just as he remembered enjoying every single thing he had done since arriving in Corvallis.  


Flipping back through the journal, Ian searched through previous entries, but no matter what was being discussed, the only emotional state he could remember being in was one of blissful content.  At one point, he wrote about his computer malfunctioning, something that would usually send him into a grumpy fugue like no other.  The prose was purple and dark, and yet as he recalled writing the words on the page, he almost imagined himself laughing with glee as he put the words on the page.  


There were other entries later, after he had attended the check-up, of course.  As he flipped through future pages, we could see a clear progression in his writing.  After the appointment, he had quickly grown lax about avoiding being dosed by Euphoria's power, and within a month he had been seeking it out like the rest of the population.  A stay meant to only last a few weeks or months at most had extended to just under a year.   The only reason he was out of the bubble and on the road again was because of Euphoria's mysterious disappearance.  All at once, his feelings of happiness had been yanked away, and while in a state of melancholy associated with a happiness hangover, Ian had started paging through his journal, and had begun to notice the discrepancy.  


At the appointment, Euphoria hadn't just made him happier, as he was expecting.  As he reviewed his journal and reflected on the last year, he was becoming more and more certain that she had altered his memories to make him think he was happy in the past.  The ramifications of this power were startling, especially when paired with the ability to bestow present happiness on subjects.  While part him desperately yearned to return to the city to continue to study Euphoria and her abilities, Ian knew he needed to get out while he could.  He could return to Corvallis eventually perhaps, after giving himself a year or two to clear his head and begin feeling like himself again.  Suddenly exhausted, Ian set his journal aside and lay back in his sleeping bag.  He would figure out his next steps in the morning.  


Epics of Corvallis






  • Selective Weather Distortion - Instead of manipulating the weather like other Epics with similar powers, Rainmaker distorts the weather around her. This power has two components, one passive, one active. The passive piece is a 'bubble' of affected weather within Rainmaker's 15 mile range. When weather patterns, natural or epic generated, such as storms, strong winds, or cold and hot fronts, meet the edge of her range, they will break and go around her, reforming on the other side as if nothing had disrupted their path. Because of this phenomenon, unlike other Epics with weather-based powers, Rainmaker's distortions have no effect on anything outside of her range. If she is moving, areas on the edge of her range can change very quickly, shifting directly from whatever she has decided the weather will be to what the weather would be but for her interference. If she does not change the weather at all, her passive ability sets it to average, creating slightly overcast skies, average temperatures, and absolutely no wind. If an epic with the power to manipulate the weather entered her range, they likely could effect the weather as they normally do, but the changes they made would then be limited to Rainmaker's range. The active part of her power allows her to selectively distort the weather within her range however she wishes. The changes she makes do not impact each other--she can create a hailstorm that is contained to one square foot, and have supernaturally bright and hot sunlight shining down inches away. The more specific the changes are, the closer she has to be to enact them. She can make general sweeping changes, such as creating more natural storms and winds or brightening a day from afar, but must be able to see clearly in order to use her powers with more precision. In the day time, she can intensify sunlight enough to cause severe sun burns, and can also alter temperature to be cold enough to cause frostbite almost instantly (especially when combined with wind), but she is limited to weather conditions that actually exist. She could not increase air temperatures to the point of melting people, or instantly turn them into ice-cubes by freezing them. Her powers are also limited when she is indoors. When inside, she is still able to distort the air and create winds, as well as adjust air temperature and moisture, but her more dramatic powers and devastating attacks require wide open spaces.
  • Perfect Flight - Rainmaker is able to fly, hover, float, or suspend herself in mid-air without moving. Her top speed is about 90 mph.
  • Shining Skin - a mostly decorative power, when in the grips of strong emotions, negative or positive, Rainmaker shines like the sun, without giving off any heat. She can control it somewhat, using the ability to see in the dark for example, but she can only reach her brightest when truly enraged, impassioned, or sorrowful. When calm, the ability doesn't manifest at all, and minute emotional changes are marked by only a soft glow.
  • Cloudburst PI - When threatened, Rainmaker turns into a cloud. The size of the cloud is based on the size her body would be if converted into a gaseous form. She can still use her powers while in cloud form, but will lack precision. She can use this ability at will to pass through bars or other tight spaces, but cannot pass through solid or airtight objects. This ability only protects her from immediate harm, and reacts before anything can touch her skin. It can protect her from things like burning,electrocution, or drowning (if under water, she will rise up out of the water like steam. If someone tried to poison her, she would turn into a cloud before the poison can be ingested. If she were trapped in an airtight room, she could assume her cloud form indefinitely, but would be trapped that way until conditions became survivable again. It should be noted that Rainmaker finds turning into a cloud to be highly undignified, bordering on ridiculous, and is annoyed when she is forced to do so.



Rainmaker's weakness is crude oil. If affects her similarly to how kool-aid affected Sourcefield. Also, coating oneself in oil will protect a person from passive effects (such as burning or freezing), but not from active effects like being squished by a hailstone, or blown away by the wind. The oil must be in its crude form, and the more processed it is, the weaker the effect becomes. Refined gasoline will weaken Rainmaker's powers, reducing both her range and the extent to which she can distort things, but only if she is soaked in it. Plastic products have little, if any, effect on her.

MO: Rainmaker has a flair for the dramatic, and enjoys descending from the clouds while shining dimly and giving grand speeches about the paradise she is building. What no one but Euphoria knows is that Corvallis is really only a test ground for Rainmaker's ideas, and that after a few years of working out the kinks, she plans to move on to a larger city more worthy of her. Rainmaker has expensive tastes, and enjoys being pampered, living a life of luxury. She has a cunning, strategic mind, but is ultimately a coward, preferring to bully weaker epics into serving her rather than facing epics whose powers rival her own. In battle, she prefers to devastate opponents by immobilizing them with wind from all sides, and then exposing them to searing sunlight, freezing winds, giant hailstones, and lightning. She generally prefers to keep her distance from the action, hovering in the sky to get a clear view of the entire field.

Appearance: Rainmaker has long, silky smooth black hair that comes down almost to her waist, light brown skin, and dark eyes. She usually wears dramatic white form fitting outfits, usually decorated with prisms and reflective beads. When just going about her day, Rainmaker keeps a constant beam of direct sunlight following her like a spotlight, and fills the air around her with a barely visible mist. The the casual observer, it seems like she is constantly surrounded by rainbows. This effect is intensified when she starts shining.

History: Before calamity, Rainmaker was the daughter of a powerful Saudi-Arabian oil tycoon, and the wife of a prominent west coast politician. The couple never had children, and Rainmaker spent most of her time on the campaign trail with her husband, giving speeches and planning events. After calamity, Rainmaker was tricked by her husband into being imprisoned so that the government could run tests on her. They trapped her in a heavily defended complex underground. To escape, she had to push her powers to their limit, fully corrupting herself. After her escape, she traveled the country for a while, until she eventually found Corvallis, where she met Euphoria and began setting up her empire.





  • Emotional Amplification - Euphoria can amplify the positive emotions (such as happiness, love, pleasure, and self-esteem) of the people around her, essentially giving them an unnatural state of happiness that can act as a sort of 'high' that Euphoria's targets can become addicted to. Which positive emotions become dominant depend on the present emotional state of the individual. Euphoria only intensifies what is already there. The amount she can alter a person's emotional state and how long it lasts is tied to proximity, decreasing rapidly the farther away a person is. Her maximum range is about the size of a medium-large lecture hall. The effect also intensifies when she is able to concentrate on particular people, but is diluted if she is trying the affect multiple people at once. If she is influencing a large crowd, Euphoria is still capable of making those closest to her genuinely happy (if they were neutral to start out), but not to the unnatural state of happiness that causes addiction. Those at the edge of her range will only experience a slight uplift in their mood when influenced with a crowd of other people. At maximum, she can only directly affect approximately fifty people at once. When affecting multiple people, the effects usually fade a few minutes after leaving Euphoria's range at maximum, or immediately for those who are farther away. If she alters individual emotional states directly, and at close range, she can give them a positive boost for the next few hours. Euphoria can gift this power to others through physical contact, but people who are gifted the power can generally only use it on themselves or individual people close at hand, and lack Euphoria's range and her ability to use it on multiple people at once. For clarity, proximity, number of targets, and the existing emotional states will all have an impact on Euphoria's ability (proximity and number of targets having the largest effect, existing emotional state having the least). When these factors are minimized, she can exert incredible influence, but as they start to stack the effectiveness of her powers decreases exponentially. This power also has no effect on other Epics, including Euphoria herself. Euphoria can recall both the positive emotions themselves, and the gifted ability to create said emotions, at any time from any where.
  • Emotional Memory Revision - With physical contact, Euphoria can alter the emotional aspect of a person's memory. She cannot alter the events themselves, but can alter how a person remembers feeling at certain periods. She does NOT have the ability to see into people's histories, so when she is altering things, she is doing so blind. She can choose how far back she goes, often using what information she can find out about her target to determine a suitable time frame, but she cannot do so selectively (she can make the last five years happy, sad, or boring, but she cannot make them alternate between all three). She also has to start from the present, and cannot effect the past without affecting the time between that period and the present as well. She can alter the degree or intensity of the emotional memory, giving a person's memories one solid emotional tone, or can layer the intended emotion over a person's existing memories, letting the person's original emotional state determine the strength of the feelings. The farther in time she goes back, the longer the alteration takes. To alter emotional memory of the last few weeks will take about one second per three days, to alter a month or two would take one to two seconds per day, and to alter a full year would like take an average of fifteen seconds per week. More than a year would take one minute per week, and increase from there. If the physical contact is interrupted, the emotions will be changed for the time period reflected by the length of time the contact lasted. If Euphoria wanted to take things further after an interruption, she would have to start again from the present. This power works on most epics and all vanillas. While all of Euphoria's powers can be gifted, she refrains from gifting this one, choosing to use it personally as a sort of last resort.
  • Gifting - Euphoria can gift all of her powers to any non-epic within range.  Her primary power can be gifted to anyone in range, but her secondary requires physical contact in order to be gifted.  



Euphoria's powers will not work on someone who is romantically attracted to her. This takes more than just physical attraction or a passing fancy. The person doesn't necessarily need to be in love with her to immune to her powers, but they would need to be close. This is part of why she avoids contact with people, to prevent them from meeting her and risk triggering her weakness.

MO: Euphoria prefers to work from behind the scenes. She is organized and logical to a fault, and rarely lets emotions cloud her judgement. Even without her powers she is very good at handling people in professional settings. In personal settings, she is often seen as stand-off-ish or awkward. She does not like to admit she has a sense of humour, and even prior to Calamity she was somewhat cold-hearted. While she takes some comfort in the control she can exert over people, on the whole Euphoria does not particularly enjoy using her powers. She is also often frustrated at being unable to affect her own emotions, and struggles with ennui and minor depression. Rainmaker has encouraged her to keep her identity a secret, so when out in public, Euphoria acts as a mere aid, just part of Rainmaker's staff. In fact, while using her powers, she also fulfills the role she pretends to play, often coordinating security and other staff members, and keeping day-to-day operations within Corvallis running smoothly. In the interests of keeping her identity a secret, Euphoria gifts her power to various agents to hand out positive emotions to the general populace. The standard practice is to meet her agents at non-descript locations, and given them instructions in advance not to look in the direction she will be coming in from until one full minute has passed after the power is gifted to them. Before Calamity, Euphoria had no combat experience or expertise. For the monthly "appointments" she has with people to rewrite their emotional history (a task that takes up several hours of each day), Euphoria meets her "patients" behind a screen of bullet proof, one way glass. When his or her turn comes, the "patient" sits down and sticks her or his hand through a small hole in the glass. On the other side, Euphoria grips their hand, and starts the process of altering their memories. For most people, she only alters the last few weeks, leaving them with months here and there with accurate emotional recollections. For dissidents and rebels, she does a more thorough rewrite. Only her body guards, the other Queens of Corvallis, and the most trustworthy members of both Euphoria and Rainmaker's teams know her true identity. Since Calamity, she has taken some basic self defense classes, and has trained at a shooting range, but is by no means a natural.

Appearance: Euphoria has a stick thin, curve-less shape, and all but the best fitting clothes seem to hang off of her. She has pale skin that burns easily, and is covered with freckles because of the near-constant sunlight Rainmaker chooses to bathe Corvallis with. Her hair is strawberry blonde, and would hang down just passed her shoulders if she did not always keep it tied up in a neat bun or pony-tail. For clothing, Euphoria chooses to dress in business attire, favouring clean cut pant-suits, heels, and freshly pressed blouses, all in darker colours. She rarely goes without her her trademark dark rimmed glasses, and never wears any sort of jewelery. Over time, as she has become more paranoid about her position in Corvallis, Euphoria has taken to carrying a hand-gun and a knife, stored in a holster she hides underneath her jacket.

History: Euphoria was born and raised in Corvallis. When Calamity came, she was an economics student, just beginning her masters degree. After discovering her powers, Euphoria avoided using them for the most part, mostly due to her anti-social nature, and tried to do her best to go about life as usual. Things changed when Rainmaker discovered her, and forced Euphoria to realize the potential of what she could do. Since then, she has been Rainmaker's silent right hand as the more powerful epic stepped into the spotlight and took over Corvallis. As her role in keeping the city under control has become more and more pivotal, Euphoria has grown increasingly paranoid, and is thus overly cautious in her day to day activities. She is one of the few who knows that Rainmaker has her sights set on larger cities than Corvallis, and that when the High Epic is done experimenting in Oregon, she plans to destroy the whole city and relocate with her team to a location deemed more worthy. While being an epic has changed Euphoria, and she was not the sentimental type before Calamity, part of her is still bothered by her own participation in the subjugation and eventual destruction of her home.

Insight [WIP]



Incorporealilty - Insight can become incorporeal at will.  Like all incorporeals, he can levitate and fly at a moderate speed.
Immateriality - Insight can also make himself completely incapable of being perceived (seen, touched, heard, smelled, etc.)  He is also able to use this power on others, but must become fully corporeal before transferring someone into an 'immaterial' state.  Becoming immaterial lessens a person's connection with the world, muffling sound and making it difficult to see colours.  He can use this power offensively by shifting an item, moving it through someone, and then shifting back into the physical plane.  While Immaterial, Epics can use their powers to affect others who are immaterial, but those powers have no effect on Incorporeals or those who are fully manifested on the physical plane.  
Immaterial Time Manipulation - Insight can affect how he perceives time while immaterial, and can speed himself up or slow himself down in relation to others.  He can also apply this ability to others who he has made immaterial.    
Memory Viewing - While immaterial, Insight can view his own memories, or the memories of others who he has made immaterial.  To Insight, the memories appear to hover around people, with positive memories appearing more vibrant and negative ones appearing dingy or dark.  If Insight focuses on a particular memory, he can force both himself and the owner of the memory to relive it as a vision, from the owner's point of view.  He can use this power to view memories that have been repressed, and the memory he views will be closer to the truth than what the person actually recalls, but memories that have been altered or lost entirely will remain so.  
Old Power Description (for reference):


Cognitive Space - Insight carries what he calls his 'cognitive space' around him at all times, and can transfer himself, and anything or anyone he touches, in and out of it at will.  His cognitive space is a shadow of the actual space he occupies, and because of this, he can observe the real world from it.  The cognitive space has about a half kilometer diameter, and moves with Insight, keeping him at the center.  If other people are brought into the cognitive space, the only way to leave it is if Insight touches them, or if they reach the border and Insight allows them to pass through it.  If Insight wishes for them to stay in the cognitive space, they will be trapped within the diameter of the space.
While in the space, Insight and any other occupants are invisible and intangible to the rest of the world.  They completely incapable of being perceived.  They can hear and see what is happening in the real world, but sound is muffled slightly, and only objects or persons in the Cognitive space can be seen in colour.  Things outside of the cognitive space when viewed from inside of it are seen only in black and white.  Insight himself can 'half-shift' being in both his cognitive space and the real world at once.  While 'half-shifted' he can see and hear both spaces, and can be seen and heard in both, but becomes incorporeal incapable of touching people or objects in either space.  His ability to become incorporeal at will functions as a prime invincibility, but it can only be exercised at will, and will not kick in automatically if he is put into danger.  Another property of the space is that the memories of living things who are present in the space become visible, hovering in the air around them, and Insight is able to view them.  

Insight has control over how time flows within the Cognitive Space, and is able to speed it up or slow it down relative to time in the real world.  This ability only affects him, and others within the Cognitive Space, and has not effect on the regular passage of time.  He can use this ability to travel quickly while in the Cognitive Space, or to take time to think or view his opponents or other parties in slow motion before deciding how to engage them.  He can only affect the flow of time when he is fully present in his cognitive space, and cannot do so when half shifted.  

This power has many applications, however most are defensive in nature.  Remaining in his cognitive space allows Insight to be invisible, intangible, and silent, making him an excellent spy.  Half-shifting, as mentioned above, can function as a prime invincibility, but limits how else he uses his power.  When fully shifted, he is vulnerable to harm from any one else who is fully within the Cognitive Space, and epic powers will function normally there  Offensively, he can make objects intangible by shifting them, place them inside a person, and then shift them back to the real world.  



Butterflies - Images and Likenesses will also work.

MO: Insight tends to work alone, using information he gains from spying and from viewing peoples memories to black-mail other epics into following him when he has need.  He rarely reveals himself to anyone, and only with good reason.  This isolation has made him a tad unstable, and he tends to live in his tragic past more than he lives in the present.  He has also been known to hold epics captive by making them immaterial and then becoming incorporeal so they cannot harm him.  Then he lets them suffer from thirst and starvation until they agree to help him (though this only works in cases where the epic is vulnerable to such treatment).  He often follows important epics around without their knowledge, searching for secrets he can use to his advantage.  

Appearance: Insight has curly brown hair and inquisitive green eyes.  His face has a cheerful roundness to it that is ill suited to the severe expression he always wears.  In his early thirties, Insight is in fairly good physical shape, though a little on the thin side, and is of average height.  His skin is pale from the many hours he spends out of direct sunlight, though if he were to spend some time outside he would tan quickly.  Since he is not seen often, he dresses for comfort more than to impress, usually choosing comfortable jeans or sweatpants, a tee-shirt, and a bunny-hug (hoodie for you non-Saskatchewanians out there).  

History: Insight became an epic fairly recently, discovering his powers less than a year ago.  His history before, and his movements since, are shrouded in mystery.  





Damage Transference - Skinsaver can transfer any sort of physical damage or illness from one living thing to another through bodily contact with both.  He can also use this power on himself, either to heal himself or to take on damage from others.  In order to make a transfer, the 'patient' and the 'host' must be biologically similar enough for the damage or illness to take effect.  If a potential 'host' would not normally fall victim to the particular injury, due to physiological differences, then the damage or illness cannot be transferred.  Skinsaver's powers also do not work to transfer damage between members of different species.  To heal a human, he needs another human.  To heal a tree, he needs a tree of the same breed.  He is able to transfer damage to and from epics, but not at a 1:1 ratio.  Any damage taking from an epic doubles in severity, while any damage applied to an epic is halved.  This effect applies to Skinsaver himself as well.  The use of his power would trigger any sort of danger sense, likely preventing him from making physical contact with an epic with the ability.  Generally, Prime Invincibilities that make an epic incapable of receiving harm prevent Skinsaver from transferring any damage to them, but he can transfer to epics who have healing factors or similar abilities.  
'X-Ray Vision' - Though not actually utilizing 'x-rays', Skinsaver does have the ability to see through any object, commonly described as 'X-Ray Vision'.  He can control this power selectively, seeing through some objects but not through others.  


Rejection letters.  The letter must be addressed to him to fully nullify his powers, and it will do so even if it is from a fictional school or work place that he never applied to.  Letters addressed to other people will weaken his powers, and make it more difficult to transfer damage.

MO:  Skinsaver enjoys his work as town doctor, perhaps a little too much.  He usually operates by making himself useful to more powerful epics, such as Rainmaker.  He has a cold and awkward personality, and often tries (but fails) to make his patients feel more comfortable with inappropriate or ill timed jokes.  He treats the people he transfers damage too ('hosts' or 'invalids' as he calls them) as both pets and specimens, alternating between doting on them and using them for his experiments.  Skinsaver had some medical training prior to gaining his powers, and uses it in conjunction with his abilities to heal, as well as to keep his invalids alive as long as possible.  
Appearance:  Skinsaver is in his late fifties, and has well styled silver hair.  He dresses in scrubs, a doctor's coat, and wears reading glasses that hang from a chain around his neck.  He jogs regularly to keep in shape, and eats healthy, but still has developed a slight paunch that he can't quite get rid of.  His eyes are clear blue, and his stern face is lined with wrinkles.  
The child of two talented surgeons, Skinsaver wanted to be a doctor like his parents all his life.  He devoted himself to his studies, hoping to get into medical school some day.  He put school before friendships, and soon found himself isolated and awkward, incapable of making friends even if he tried.  He got scholarships his first year of University, and did well throughout his undergrad.  When it came time to apply to medical school, Skinsaver applied across the country, and in Canada as well.  
He was admitted to medical school, but a few months into his studies, he suffered a mental break down from the strain.  After he recovered, he tried to return to his studies, but his professors advised against it, saying he lacked the necessary 'bed-side' manner to be a Doctor, and that perhaps he should consider a different career path.  They also noted that his marks had been sub-standard compared to his classmates, and that they feared that his continuing to push himself into a profession he was obviously unsuited for would only serve to aggravate his already fragile mental state.  
Skinsaver tried and failed to get into other schools, usually during the 'interview' phase of recruitment.  Determined to enter the medical profession, Skinsaver grudgingly entered nursing school.  Unlike many medical schools, most nursing programs did not have an interview process, and so Skinsaver was able to apply and get in using his high school and university marks alone.  After he graduated, he worked as a nurse in a hospital for a while, but often ran into trouble in the workplace when he tried to act superior to the other nursing staff.  Eventually, his supervisors suggested that he get out of the hospital system, and so he found himself a job working as an on site nurse as a government facility.  He was working at this facility when Calamity came, and was still on staff when Rainmaker, betrayed by her husband, was imprisoned there.  
Skinsaver's rending hit while he was at home.  In a night, he left most of the people in his apartment building incredibly injured, but alive.  The country was already in chaos, so no one thought it was odd when he arrived for work after missing almost a week.  Skinsaver helped Rainmaker to escape her prison, and has been with her ever since.  By using his powers to provide medical care in Corvallis, Skinsaver finally felt like he was living up to his parents' legacy.  It helped that he hunted them both down and killed them, of course.  That way, he eliminated the risk that even in their old age they might find a way to make themselves even more difficult to live up to.

Her Royal Highness Princess Genevieve Oprah Ornatia Delicious (Princess GOOD)




The Gift of Beauty -  This power has three main forms.  The first is a passive aura of beautification, that makes her and everything in her near vicinity more attractive to observers.  From angry epics to park benches, you'll never see them looking better than when they are in Princess GOOD's company.  The second is the power to actively beautify particular objects permanently with a touch.  This usually consists of giving something a good clean, or perhaps restoring it to 'new' condition.  It may also involve the random conjuration of lacy doilies.   The third way this power is used is really just a unique quirk of the active version of the power.  With a touch, Princess GOOD can turn any cloth or fabric into a ball gown or dress.  She cannot change the mass of the material, so the size of the dress is limited by how much material she has, but she can use multiple materials at once in her creations.  She can also turn existing clothing into dresses.  The dresses she makes default to her size, if there is enough material, or when she changes clothing someone is already wearing, it defaults to their size.  The outcomes of this power are informed by Princess GOOD's sensibilities and tastes, but she doesn't have any control beyond choosing when to exercise the active form of the power.  
The Gift of Song - Princess GOOD has the power to randomly burst into song at any time.  Unlike normal people, her songs always seem to be well written and strangely rehearsed.  People who listen to her singing will often feel the urge to either respond in song, join in during the chorus, or to play along if they happen to have any musical instruments handy.  This urge can be resisted, and passes as soon as the target is no longer within earshot or Princess GOOD stops singing.  Her songs also have a strange power over animals, imbuing in them a strange desire to clean things and to make dresses.  Unlike humans, animals cannot resist the urge the song creates.  Princess GOOD can direct the animals to some extent, but only with the words of her song.  She cannot control them by mental will alone, and it is difficult for her to instruct them to do anything other than clean or make dresses.   Animals affected by Princess GOOD's song will remain under her spell until their task is complete, even if they can no longer hear the singing.  
The Gift of Sleep - Prime Invincibility:  When endangered, Princess GOOD will fall into a deep sleep like death.  While in this state, she cannot be moved, and is completely indestructible.  She will stay like this until someone kisses her, or until a few hours after the danger has passed.  
True Love's Kiss - If Princess GOOD ever kisses a handsome man of royal lineage, all of the epic powers (excluding her own and the kisser if he has any) in her vicinity (within her line of sight or hearing) are instantly nullified until sunset on the third day after the kiss.  Since there are not many handsome men of royal birth running around Oregon, Princess GOOD has not yet had a chance to use this devastating power, but looks forward to the day when she can use True Love's Kiss, and show the world its power.  


Spinning Wheels.  If they are in her vicinity, Princess GOOD's powers will be weakened.  If she pricks her finger on one, her powers will be neutralized, and she can be killed.

Princess GOOD likely could have been a Queen of Corvallis, but she chose not too, obviously, because Queens are old and evil, and Princesses are the best.  Rumors of a paradise where everyone was happy attracted her to the city, where she promptly took charge of city sanitation and beautification, using her powers and her animal friends to keep the streets shining and spotless.   Princess GOOD normally seems to have a cheery and bright demeanor, though near constant use of her powers has rendered her completely corrupt.  She often falls for handsome men who visit or immigrate to the city, usually after seeing them only once.  
Appearance:  Princess Good has red hair which falls in impossibly perfect ringlets to her slightly too small waist.  She has bright blue eyes, eyelashes that flutter, a smile that is always pretty, and usually dresses like the Princess she is.  




  • Adaptive Resurrection (Vanillas): When killed by a regular human, Legacy will resurrect instantly in a blinding flash of light.  The resurrection will only take place upon actual death, and thus can be delayed by any efforts that prolong her life.  Upon resurrection, Legacy inherits the identity of the person who killed her, including all of the skills, talents, abilities, and memories of the person.  These traits stack, and so the more times she is skilled, the more traits she acquires.  Immediately after resurrecting, her most recent acquisition will be strongest, and will overpower her, usually making her believe she is the person who just killed her for a time.  The effect is less prominent if she is killed multiple times in quick succession.  Focus on a particular objective and adrenaline also lessen the effect, however, once her adrenaline dies away and people stop killing her, sometimes all of the new memories will hit her at once.  Over time, Legacy has collected trinkets that help to remind her of who she is.  She's wears them on her person at all times.  Once this effect wears off, Legacy still often has difficult piecing together which memories or tendencies are her own, and which have been acquired from others.  The memories she inherits exist as if she had always had them, and like regular memories, they are not easy to organize or gather information from.  Prolonged use of particular skills or contemplation of particular memories, especially when they come from a single source, will often make the rest of that person's traits become more prominent again, which can be a source of some confusion for Legacy.  Being killed multiple times by the same person has no effect, in order for her skills and abilities to stack she needs to be killed by different people.  Deaths with no human cause have no effect, and will just cause her to resurrect normally.  
  • Adaptive Resurrection (Epics):  Legacy's resurrection power works differently on epics than it does on regular humans.  The focus of her power is identity, and thus Calamity's influence changes how Legacy's power works.  If she is killed by an epic using their powers, Legacy will reincarnate possessing the power that was used to kill her.  She will also inherit their skill and ability at using the power, so if she inherits powers from a new or inexperienced epic, she will be less capable with her powers than if she inherits abilities from an epic who uses their powers often.  This ability does not allow for her to stack powers, as she loses each acquired power upon her next death.  Usually she will only acquire a single power, unless the epic who kills her uses multiple powers to do so, in which case she would inherit all the powers which were used to kill her.  She can acquire passive powers, such as super strength, speed, enhanced reflexes, or precognition, if the epic holding those powers used them to kill her.  For example, if an epic with super strength stabbed her, or an epic with enhanced vision shot her with a gun, then she would inherit their respective powers.  If either epic poisoned her, she would reincarnate normally and inherit nothing.  The stipulation that she needs to be killed by a power in order to inherit it prevents her from acquiring most PIs or defensive capabilities.  When inheriting and using another epics powers, Legacy also becomes subject to that epics particular brand of corruption, leading her to be inconsistent at times.  Because it is the epic's identity as an epic, rather than as a person, that Legacy inherits, she does not gain an epic's memories or skills that are not related to the use of the inherited power.   Legacy uses this to her advantage, sometimes getting her epic allies to kill her after acquiring many skills.



High School Classrooms (Location Based)

MO: Legacy gathered a small team of mid-strength epics, and together they work as mercenaries for the more powerful epics of Oregon.  She also tracks and studies powerful epics, in the interest of finding opportunities to acquire their powers.  Under the right circumstances, she will even accept particularly useful powers as payment for her services.  In between powers, Legacy tries to get herself killed often, and by as many skilled people as possible.  Sometimes, if she needs a particular skills set, she will hunt a person possessing the skills she needs down and force them to kill her somehow.  She also uses her powers for gathering information, by inheriting people's memories, and then getting members of her team to question her while the memories are fresh.  When she has a particularly valuable power, Legacy tries to avoid dying at all costs in order to hold on to the power for as long as possible.  Though her powers make her somewhat unpredictable, when in control of herself, she usually tries to be calm and methodical when planning and in action.  During missions, she will sometimes get members of her team to kill her in order to acquire their powers.  Having inherited the skills of several squadrons of soldiers during the early days of Calamity, Legacy is a fierce hand-to-hand combatant and a competent strategist.  
Until recently, her team consisted of herself, Peregrine, Fast-Forward, and The Iron Ogress.  Several months ago, Fast-Forward and the Iron Ogress inexplicably betrayed Legacy, leaving her squad to join a mysterious epic named Insight.  

Appearance: Legacy is an asian-american woman in her early thirties, with dark eyes and thick black-brown hair.  She usually wears her hair up in a tight pony-tail.  She favours comfortable athletic gear in dark colours, usually choosing leggings, hooded sweaters or jackets, and sturdy boots.  She also usually carries a gun in a holster and a few knives hidden on her person.  





  • Calamity Sense - Peregrine can sense epics and their powers.  The more powerful or more corrupted the epic, the farther away Peregrine can sense him or her from.  When epics are not using their powers at all, it is very difficult for Peregrine to sense them unless they are very close.  Similarly, he can sense motivators only when they are use, and only at close range.  His Calamity Sense not only tells him the location and intensity of the power being used, it can also tell him the nature of the power (ie what it does).  
  • Linked Gateways - Peregrine can link doorways to one another, and use them to travel.  There is no range limit, so he can use linked doorways to travel across the globe instantly.  To link doorways to one another and form a gate, he needs to visit each individual doorway in person first, and then walk through it to another door in order to create the link.  He can take other people with him through the gates, but he needs to be touching them.  At maximum, he can only link up to ten doorways at a time.  To unlink a gate, he must use it and then unlink it, meaning he cannot return the way he came after intentionally unlinking a gate.  If he tries to link more than ten doorways, the oldest link will fade.  Since this is more desirable than leaving himself stranded at some rather doorway, he prefers to use this method.  
  • Personal Telekinesis - Peregrine has limited telekinetic powers.  He can move objects from anywhere within his line of site as if he were moving them with his hand.  His powers are limited by his own physical capabilities; he can only use his telekinesis to lift something as heavy as he could lift himself, and only keep it aloft for as long as he personally could hold it.  When using his telekinesis, his body feels the same strain it would feel if he was actually lifting or moving objects.  He can also use this power to deliver sharp blows or to shove people, but the offensive force he can muster is limited to the amount he could generate with a physical punch, kick, or shove.  While he can use this power with mental effort alone, it takes enormous concentration, and it is usually easier to make the actual motions that correspond to the movement of the object.  



His powers won't work properly on someone who is crying due to genuine strong emotion.  The more severe the crying, or the stronger the emotion, the greater the effect on Peregrine's powers.

MO: Peregrine is Legacy's second in command.  He supports her by finding epics to serve or steal powers from, and by making sure they always have a way out.  Since he is physically weak, Peregrine usually doesn't participate in the fighting, and instead observes the field offering support, and remaining ready to provide the team with a means of escape.  If she isn't interested in acquiring skills during a fight, Legacy will also sometimes order Peregrine to kill her with his telekinesis before a mission, to give her an extra edge.  With her inherited talent for combat, she is able to use his telekinesis to much greater effect than he can.  

Appearance: Peregrine is very particular about his hair, and wears it up in perfectly styled spikes.  He usually wears goggles, skinny jeans,  fashionable scarves, and utilitarian hoodies.  Since he is asian-american, he and Legacy are often mistakenly seen as brother and sister, despite the fact that she was adopted from South Korea, and his family originally came from Japan.  

History: coming soon...

Corvallis NPC's:
Ethereaon - Can conjure incorporeal hands (up to ten) of various sizes, and can use them to levitate himself, or in combat (specialized telekinesis); Can project words or thoughts into the minds of others; Other yet to be discovered 'useful' powers.  High ranking Corvallis epic, good at intrigue, pleasure seeker, vain.  
Slaughterine - Pal of Ethereaon; not much known yet.  Quite the name though.  
Brian and Francine - Nurses in Skinsaver's employ.  
Charlene - One of Rainmaker's underlings; recently promoted.  


Corvallis To Do List

Epics of Edmonton

Pony Codes (So I Stop Losing Them)


Pose: 000247046070267056023000290354000295016024005333
Accs: 0EEFE6E066CC660FFFEFF066CC662FEFFFF04E8FBAFFFF8C3FE00840B700FE3FE0084066CC66
Pony: 305K2S7234FEFEFEF0FE4A03801383A18UN1837540000000Z10000008CFEF20K107F3FCC004CB2
Pose: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Accs: 2000000D000000066CC664000000066CC660CC000019191957F7F7F066CC668000000066CC66
Pony: 2S5K000000FE8CAD000000046010066FEBE173850522000181FEEC8FFEB5662U107F3FCC004CB2
Princess Genevieve Ornatia Oprah Delicious:
Pony Code: 2S2S000500CFECFEFEB5C4045017DE9FEUZ1837003220000H1FE8C40FEF6001N00FE8636004CB2
Accs. Code: 066CC66066CC66066CC666FEA6A63FEA1A104E8FBAFFFF8C2FEABAB07FFE7D2FEABAB066CC66
Pose Code: 000254000087000000000000000000000000000003000000
Brandon Hennessy:
Pony Code: 3T2S2S4000C9AA67FFC49D006000A8E0AUI3C3330I021000718C692BFEEA8032107F3FCC004CB2
Accs Code: 066CC66066CC66066CC6650000000B5B5B52E8FEE5FEFFFF066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66
Pose Code:  000237354078355000000000001000359320025000000000
Pony Code: 3T5K2S5080545454FEFFFF0064026FE12UI1G38104440002I059431CFEEA802X107F3FCC004CB2
Accs Code: 066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC663000000191919066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66
Pose Code:  000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Pony Code: 3J1H003200A5A5A5FFFFFE0000000AEFEUI1736428031000C0EAEBA7FF7FFF04107F3FCC004CB2
Accs Code: 066CC66B000000066CC66189CCCC066CC662FFFEFF191919066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66
Pose Code: 000256319069293012084005000027019346029329334024


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Epic Name: Blossom

Age: 24



Elemental Breath: Blossom has the ability to breath ice and fire from her mouth. She has control over the distance the breath travels, the shape of the breath as it leaves her lips, and the force of the breath. Each of those parameters has limits, though. Through research she discovered the limitations; max distance is 20ft, “max” shape is the cone that extends from her mouth, and the max force being the equivalent of a grenade (mostly only important when breathing fire).


Lightning Bolts: Blossom has the ability to shoot lightning bolts from her hands. Max range, like her breath power, is 20ft. She doesn’t like using this power very much.


Flight: Blossom has the ability to fly, with perfect control of her body in 3-D space. When flying at speeds greater than 10mph, a trail of pink light flows from behind her for about 10ft. She’s researched into this light, and has had few conclusive results; she has no other light based powers, the light does not change color or luminosity at different speeds, and the color seems to be based off of her favorite color as a child.



Please only read this if you are capable of keeping your knowledge of her weakness out of the hands of your characters.

Butchering her hair: Blossom takes great pride in her hair, and her greatest fear is having it butchered. This means that her hair would need to be cut horribly, from uneven lengths for different portions, to having a section shaved off. When Blossom is having a particularly bad hair day her powers slightly diminish, though this is rectified when she re-does her hair. Due to this she always has a brush on her person, and cuts her own hair.



Blossom avoids combat when possible, and really dislikes using her lightning power. Like Euphoria, she prefers to work behind the scenes, having an apt for strategy. Blossom is often jealous of Euphoria and the treatment she gets, but understands the necessity behind such circumstances, though she has her doubts about who would perform the job better. Blossom adores her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup, but she struggles with no longer being their
“leader” like she was during their childhood. She currently supports Corvallis by being the head of PR and Advertising, though she supports Euphoria and Rainmaker in other fields whenever necessary.



Blossom has long orange hair, kept straight at all times, and falls to her mid-back. She usually wears a red, form fitting suit dress with matching open-toed high heels and red coach sunglasses. Over dressing is never an issue, as she likes to say.



Blossom was one of three children that resulted from an accident. Her father, a man often known as Professor Utonium, had reached stability in his professional life, but was unable to find success in his love life. Having always wanted to raise a child, he made the decision to hire an agency to find a woman willing to birth him one. The agency made a mistake, however, and sent Utonium’s deposits to three women rather than one. Being the kind hearted soul that he was, Utonium, upon learning of the mistake and the three pregnancies, decided to keep all three children.


Blossom has always had an interest in learning. She attended college and graduated with two degrees, one in engineering and the other in business.  Whenever Blossom finds herself with free time, she’s reading. As such, when growing up she was often labeled a nerd, a classification she resented due to her father enforcing the importance of knowledge.


During their Rending, the girls went on a killing spree like most Epics. Slaughtering fair portions of their home city, their Rending concluded in their own home when Blossom accidentally killed Professor Utonium with her lightning bolts. To this day she hates using that power, though she’s mostly moved on from the guilt.



Epic Name: Bubbles

Age: 24



Force Field Creation: Bubbles has the ability to create force fields of various sizes, though they are all spherically shaped. Due to her name and the fact that they are spherical, the force fields that Bubbles creates are generally known as bubbles. Bubbles has the ability to, upon creating the bubbles, decide what can and cannot diffuse through the force fields. She cannot resize a bubble, and instead must lower the force field and then erect a new one, and her bubbles are always centered around her. There is a maximum limit to the bubbles she can create, however. Bubbles is incapable of making force fields when the sum of her bubbles’ radii reaches 9mi. If she tries to make a new bubble after reaching that point, any previous bubbles disappear.


This power also serves as a prime invincibility, for if Bubbles is in immediate danger a bubble will erect around her. This occurs without her having to think about it, and will occur even if she has no knowledge of the threat.


Flight: Bubbles has the ability to fly, with perfect control of her body in 3-D space. When flying at speeds greater than 10mph, a trail of light blue light flows from behind her for about 10ft. Blossom researched into this light, and has had few conclusive results; she has no other light based powers, the light does not change color or luminosity at different speeds, and the color seems to be based off of her favorite color as a child.



Please only read this if you are capable of keeping your knowledge of her weakness out of the hands of your characters.

Pitch Black Dark: Bubbles is afraid of the dark. Her powers are still fully useable at levels of darkness like outside at night with the stars and the moon. On a new moon, however, it would be dark enough outside to begin messing with her powers. As it proceeds to get darker from there, her powers work less and less. Objects will begin to be able to move through her bubbles, with smaller objects gaining the ability first, and larger ones later. If she is surrounded by pitch black darkness her powers will not work at all. It is for this reason she keeps a pocket flashlight in her hoodie, always handy just in case.



Bubbles is one of the key Queens within Corvallis. Her job is to erect a bubble at her max size from the center of the city, Oregon State University, meaning that a 9mi radius bubble is constantly around Corvallis. This bubble allows air, water, light, and sound to pass through. Bubbles, once a day at a scheduled time, lowers the bubble to allow people to leave or enter Corvallis, and shortly after erects a new one. Due to this bubble being her maximum size, Bubbles is constantly guarded and her safety is a prime concern amongst Rainmaker’s underlings, including Bubbles herself. This constant protection annoys Bubbles at times, but her life isn’t completely governed by the need for her protection, and she is often allowed to wander Corvallis itself, so long as she is within a short flight away from OSU’s campus.



Bubbles likes to be comfortable. She keeps her shoulder length blonde hair in a ponytail, and loves wearing a blue hoody and either pajama pants or jeans. She finds multicolored socks to be cute, often mismatching them, and wears her favorite pair of converse any time she’s not at home.



Bubbles was one of three children that resulted from an accident. Her father, a man often known as Professor Utonium, had reached stability in his professional life, but was unable to find success in his love life. Having always wanted to raise a child, he made the decision to hire an agency to find a woman willing to birth him one. The agency made a mistake, however, and sent Utonium’s deposits to three women rather than one. Being the kind hearted soul that he was, Utonium, upon learning of the mistake and the three pregnancies, decided to keep all three children.


Growing up, Bubbles was a very popular girl and liked everything cute. She struggled with learning the value of money, buying everything cute that she could. This love of cute lead Bubbles to become an artist, often making caricatures or fan art.


The loss of her father after her Rending hit Bubbles the hardest. She fell into a depression that she struggled to come out of. She is now back to her chipper old self, after having used her powers extensively.



Epic Name: Buttercup

Age: 24



Super Strength: Even though her muscles have not increased in size, Buttercup has supernatural strength. She is capable of throwing cars with ease and punches harder than her sister Blossom could measure.


Healing Factor: Buttercup has a natural healing facter, healing from wounds much faster than the normal human. Bruises and scratches disappear almost instantly, and broken bones mend themselves in minutes. In fact, the only wounds Buttercup cannot heal from are the complete severing of limbs and appendages, the piercing of her heart or brain, and explosions that engulf her whole body. She still feels pain, however, though her natural high pain tolerance does help in this regard. She is also capable of drowning and suffocating from lack of air.


Flight: Buttercup has the ability to fly, with perfect control of her body in 3-D space. When flying at speeds greater than 10mph, a trail of green light flows from behind her for about 10ft. Blossom researched into this light, and has had few conclusive results; she has no other light based powers, the light does not change color or luminosity at different speeds, and the color seems to be based off of her favorite color as a child.



Please only read this if you are capable of keeping your knowledge of her weakness out of the hands of your characters.

Standing on a Frozen Body of Water: Buttercup is deathly terrified of standing atop frozen bodies of water. Lakes, ponds, rivers, any body of water that is frozen over. The thickness of the ice does not matter. When the girls were younger, Buttercup convinced the other two to ice skate on a lake because she wanted to play hockey (though Blossom and Bubbles wound up pretending to be figure skaters rather than play with Buttercup). Needless to say, the ice broke and Blossom and Bubbles fell in and nearly died. Buttercup never forgave herself, and had chronic nightmares for years. To this day she cannot get herself to stand on frozen bodies of water.


NOTE: Buttercup is unaware that this is her weakness.



Buttercup’s powers have allowed her to become the perfect security guard. It was due to this that she was appointed Queen of Security in Corvallis. She takes her job very seriously, and is often protecting Bubbles or Euphoria in person.



Buttercup loves mobility. She keeps her black hair cut short and wears a black and green track suit and tennis shoes when not in her security gear. She always has an earpiece in her ear open to the channels that her team uses.



Buttercup was one of three children that resulted from an accident. Her father, a man often known as Professor Utonium, had reached stability in his professional life, but was unable to find success in his love life. Having always wanted to raise a child, he made the decision to hire an agency to find a woman willing to birth him one. The agency made a mistake, however, and sent Utonium’s deposits to three women rather than one. Being the kind hearted soul that he was, Utonium, upon learning of the mistake and the three pregnancies, decided to keep all three children.


Buttercup was a tomboy when growing up, loving sports and working out whenever she could. She trained in martial arts her whole life, and had opened a dojo of her own before gaining powers.


Buttercup really enjoys her new life as a Queen of Corvallis. She treats her job as though it were the most important one, something she truly believes. She does, however, tend to prioritize her sisters’ safety over the rest of Corvallis.


Minor Epics


Primary Power: He is capable of contacting anyone via mobile, so long as he knows their name (Epic name is sufficient).

Secondary Power: He can broadcast mobile feeds to anyone he wants, no matter the distance.

Weakness: Being kissed



Primary Power: Can control heat and heat transfer.

Weakness: Lakes



Primary Power: Can apply and manipulate resistances to electrical currents.

Weakness: Moon Bounces

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I only have the one profile written now, but I'll write the others and edit them in soon. For now, you have one profile and four basic power sets.



Name: Charles Frederick Williamson, aka "Timelock"


Primary Power: Time manipulation. He can manipulate his own personal time or that of another object/person's, though not an Epic's. He can create time bubbles about the size of a house, on a good day, and can fully control time within that bubble. Think bendalloy, If you've read Mistborn.


Secondary Powers: Danger sense that triggers his time powers. Near agelessness as a result of primary power (Note: he still ages, just slower than a normal human). Enhanced dexterity.


Brief Bio: Formerly a linguistics professor at Stanford University. Became an Epic three years after Calamity. His Rending was unusual: instead of going on a killing spree, he merely became a recluse and hired someone else to do his Rending for him. It may or may not have addled his brain – he switches randomly to other languages mid-conversation, and is fond of cursing by other culture's afterlives.


MO: For standard, non-mass killings, he prefers freezing people and then shooting them. If he's especially annoyed, he has been known to freeze time around vital organs, essentially preventing them from doing their job, thus killing the person. 


Appearance: Tallish, brown hair with dark blue eyes. Wears a suit similar to the 11th Doctor's second one.





Primary Power: 


Secondary Powers: 


Brief Bio: 






Avatar is an Epic who can control the elements, but not create them. 


The Architect is an Epic with telekinesis.


The Inquisition is an Epic who's rather good at gathering information. I'll let your imagination fill in the rest until I can do a full write-up.

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