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Sael Scarfr

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Character Name: Sael Scarfr (As "sail" and "scarf-er".)

Character Race: Lesser Aasimar

Character Class: Lightbringer Spontaneous Domain (War) Cloistered Cleric 1

Alignment: LG

Diety: Halmyr (Slightly modified from his Complete Warrior appearance. Modifications are at the bottom.)

Player Name: Thor

Gender: M

Age: 27

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs

Eyes: Silver (almost Chrome)

Hair: Bald

Character Level: 1

Known Languages: Common, Celestial, Draconic, Sylvan


Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


Armor Class: 13 = [ 10 BASE + 0 DEX + 3 ARMOR ]

Flatfooted AC: 13 = [ 10 BASE + 3 ARMOR]

Touch AC: 10 = [ 10 BASE + 0 DEX]

AC Penalty: -1

Maximum DEX bonus: +5

Armor Type & Weight: Studded Leather (20 kg)


Hit Points: 8


Base Speed: 30'/round

Total Encumbrance: 44 lb. - [58 L/116 M/175 H]

Normal Speed: 30'/round


Save vs. Fortitude: +4 [2 CC + 2 CON]

Save vs. Reflex: +0 [0 CC + 0 DEX]

Save vs. Will: +5 [2 CC + 3 WIS]


Initiative Modifier: +0 [0 DEX]

Melee Attack Bonus: +2 [0 BAB + 2 STR]

Ranged Attack Bonus: -2 [0 BAB + 0 DEX - 2 Shaky (Flaw)]




Attack: +4 ( 2 BASE + 1 WF + 1 LUCK [divine favor] )

Damage: 1d8+4 (20/x3) (1d8 BASE + 3 STR*1.5 + 1 LUCK [divine favor] )

Weapon weight: 6 kg


Skills (put X in box if a class skill. * indicates armor check penalty):

[Class]SkillName - Ranks - Attribute - Misc. = total

[x]Concentration - 4 ranks + 2 CON = +6

[ ]Hide* - 2 ranks + 0 DEX - 1 ACP = +1

[ ]Intimidate - 2 ranks + 3 CHA = +5

[ ]Jump* - __ - __ - __ =

[x]Knowledge (Arcana) - 4 ranks + 2 INT = +6

[x]Knowledge (Dungeoneering) - 2 ranks + 2 INT = +4

[x]Knowledge (Nature) - 2 ranks + 2 INT = +4

[x]Knowledge (Religion) - 4 ranks + 2 INT = +6

[x]Knowledge (The Planes) - 4 ranks + 2 INT = +6

[ ]Listen - 0 ranks + 3 WIS - 4 (Inattentive Flaw) + 2 (Aasimar) = +1

[x]Spellcraft - 4 ranks + 2 INT = +6

[ ]Spot - 0 ranks + 3 WIS - 4 (Inattentive Flaw) + 2 (Aasimar) = +1



Feat Name & Description:

Armor Proficiency (Light) (Cloistered Cleric)

Weapon Proficiency (Simple) (Cloistered Cleric)

Weapon Focus (Spear) (War Domain)

Extend Spell (Planning Domain)

Persistent Spell (Flaw: Inattentive)

Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell) (Flaw: Shaky)

Extra Turning (1st)


Racial and Class Skills & Abilities:


+2 Racial to Spot and Listen

Resistances: Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5

Spell Like Ability (Caster Level = 1): 1/day daylight


Equipment & Gear

Spear - 6 lbs - 2 gp

Studded Leather - 20 lbs - 25 gp

Backpack - 2 lb - 2 gp

Bedroll - 5 lb - 1 sp

Grappling Hook - 4 lb - 1 gp

Silk Rope (50 ft) - 5 lb - 10 gp

Spell Component Pouch - 2 lb - 5 gp

Wooden Holy Symbol x2 - {} - 2 gp

Weight of Equipment: 44 lbs


Money: 52gp, 9sp, 0cp



Lore - As the Bardic Knowledge ability, but substitute Cleric levels for Bard levels.



Planning - Grants Extend Spell feat

War - Grants Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus in Deity's Favored Weapon

Knowledge - All Knowledge skills are added to the Cleric class skill list and all Divination spells are cast at +1 CL.



Destroy Undead (The Lightbringer Cleric ACF from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Replaces Turn/Rebuke Undead. Counts as Turn Undead for meeting prereqs for feats/PrCs/etc. Same # time per day as Turn/Rebuke Undead and if a feat requires uses of Turn/Rebuke Undead then Destroy Undead is used instead.)

Standard Action: 1d6 damage/cleric level to all undead within 30 feet. Subtract Turn Resistance from the damage, if applicable. Will half, DC = 10 + cleric level + Cha mod

10/day = 3 BASE + 3 CHA + 4 Extra Turning (Running at 3/day with Persisted divine favor)

1d6 damage, Will DC 14 = 10 BASE + 1 Cleric + 3 CHA



Cleric - Caster Level = 1

Spells per day

0 Level Spells: DC = 13, ( 3 ) per day

1st Level Spells: DC = 14, ( 1 + 1 domain + 1 bonus ) per day

*War Domain spells may be cast spontaneously (replaces Spontaneous Cure/Inflict)

Memorized Spell List (Default)

0 Level: Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Read Magic

1st level: Detect Secret DoorsdD, Divine Favor*, Lesser Vigor

D = Domain Spell

d = Divination spell, +1 CL

* = Cast and Persisted



The deity of strategy and skill in warfare.

Domains: Knowledge, Law, Planning, Time, Travel and War. Base in CW is Law, Planning, and War. I added Time (Controlling the time of one's engagement is critical. When one is rested and your opponent is tired, victory is swift and sure.), Travel (As with time, controlling the location of a fight can make a difference between victory and defeat.) and Knowledge (...and knowing is half the battle. GIJOE!) I think they fit pretty well with him thematically (not that there is much in CW about him) and only 3 domains for a deity makes me sad.

Favored Weapon: Spear. Rapier in CW... I originally changed that to a greatsword, but I thought that might be a little much and spears are cool.


Character History:

Born to human parents, both devout worshipers of Halmyr (his mother was a former scribe for the church and his father was a retired fighter), Sael Scarfr was entrusted to the clerics of Halmyr within minutes after his birth. His parents came to this decision rather easily, as the child obviously had some Celestial blood flowing through its veins (both of his parents have Celestial ancestors around 5 generations back but are unaware of this) and they felt he would be able to serve their god in a much greater capacity with the priests than he could with his parents. Given his name by his parents, Sael grew up in the order of Halmyr. Learning combat and studying warfare in general, combined with holy training, Sael was a quick study in all of his work but preferred the actual combat training to book reading, of which their was very little. However, knowledge is an important aspect of warfare, and Sael put forth the effort necessary to succeed, though it was a fairly long journey. Now that Sael has completed his initial training, Halmyr is sending him to the nearby town that sits at the feet of the mountains of Perdoth, as the deity can feel the initial rumblings of something big. While a more experienced member of his clergy might have been a more appropriate choice, Halmyr feels that the Aasimar is ready and should do well.

While Sael knows his parents fairly well, as they were frequent visitors to the temple, his main family is the other priests and his god. Like most Aasimar, Sael has a different relationship with his god than other followers. It more closely resembles a younger child and their distant uncle, rather than a worshiper and deity, as the Aasimar share actual blood ties with most Celestials.

Sael's personality is fairly easy-going, though he becomes serious during times of battle. He is prone to over focusing on a task or idea, which leads him to miss details that a more careful observer would spot (this got him in trouble fairly often during training but it tends to serve him well during a fight.) Like his deity, Sael prefers to think and plan first, instead of charging into a situation, though if there is someone in need he will do so. Confident in battle, knowing that his deity is nearby, Sael is a rather talented fighter considering his mostly knowledge orientated training. However, Sael has a slight tremor that interferes with steadying his weapon for throwing. He ignores this, for the most part, and focuses on fighting at close range.


Item Wishlist:

(Cheap stuff)

Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker (MIC)

Reliquary Holy Symbol (MIC)

Anklet of Translocation (MIC)

This is for later (I will add to it as we go):

Lesser Rod of Extend Spell


Ankh of Ascension (MIC)

Glove of Storing

Belt of Battle

Bead of Karma

Lesser Metamagic Rod of Chaining

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I don't think there will be much overlap considering that you spont war spells and not cures.


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Alright, finally got the backstory typed up and my initial wishlist. I'll make a post in the HYHY thread in a few hours.

Edit: Boy, was that a lot longer than a few hours...

Edited by Thor

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