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Current Name: Skaa


Gender: Male


Faction: The Investiture-Challenged Awareness Society


Position: Founder and President


Backstory and History: I am an engineer from the Scadrial of an alternate Cosmere, where the persons you call Elend and Vin did not exist (or perhaps they died early and were lost to history). In my universe, it was Tindwyl who became Harmony. She made the Lord Tyrant Rashek saner and less violent, but the discrimination against the Investiture-challenged was still allowed to continue. Except now Feruchemists have joined the Allomancers in oppressing the disenfranchised individuals they label as "skaa" (a term which now means anyone in the Empire not born with power and isn't part of the Hemalurgic College).


I escaped this wretched society as soon as I could, traveling in search of a rumored civilization located on the opposite side of the planet. Along the way I met a Worldhopper from Sel (from MaiPon to be exact). Together, me and my companion discovered the secrets of the Scadrian civilization Rashek hid all those centuries ago. From there, armed with Allomantic technology, I traveled across Shardworlds, learning various ways to access Investiture without myself being Invested. Since then, I have made the Investiture-challenged in my universe a Cosmeric force to be reckoned with.


And now I have come to your universe.



Powers: Absolutely nothing. And everything.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Aluminum-alloy handguns, and an army a collection of Invested killer robots devices that also utilize giant laser beams the latest technological breakthroughs.


Likes: Science! And Freedom!


Dislikes: The Invested Oligarchy

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Current Name: Snoopy (or Gerald Hobbes, depending on the RP)

Gender: Male

Original (if any) name: N/A

Faction: Root Beer Bar/Barrel/Guild; the Dark Alley

Position: Head Brewer of ^^ Denizen of ^^

Backstory and History: Snoopy (originally thePattern, but widely known as inexorablePanda) came to the forums less than a month ago after reading Sanderson's books. Since being here, he has posted more than most oldies have. He may have made himself a nuisance to those more learned than himself, but that remains to be seen. He is a Denizen of the Dark Alley specializing in bamboo-related research and Forgery.

Powers: For RP purposes, pretty much anything I decide, because my two favorite magic systems are Hemalurgy and Forgery. In real life, sarcasm.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Hardwood bo-staff; my sparkling wit; my ineffable humor

Likes: Piano, reading, politics, sarcasm, piano, Hemalurgy, politics, Forgery, camping, politics, rope (yes, anything that involves rope), eating, piano, politics. And politics.

Dislikes: Desserts that include toffee, coffee, caramel, butterscotch, frosting, or whipped cream, doors or drawers getting opened on my left big toe, those latchhooks that close doors (I always think that they're going to stab me in the eye), humorless people who can't take a joke.

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Current name: Karlin SprenSummoner


Gender: Male


Original name: Karlin SprenSpeaker


Faction: Observers Guild


Position: Member/Polyp supplier


Back story: A Purelaker who moved to Jah Keved when he was a teenager after his village shamed his family after learning about his ability to speak to spren. he met a sect of SprenSummoners in the Horneater peaks and was brought in by them where he trained for years to become a SprenSummoner. He now works as a Assassin and "Political Persuader".


Powers: can brew practically any poison, and can speak to and command/summon spren at will.


Weapons: poisoned short sword, and spren


Likes: Spren, Sleeping, fried fish, swimming, and mixing drinks (though they'll most likely be poisoned) 


Dislikes: Paying for things, Horneater stew, the Weeping, and Painspren (so annoying) 


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Current Name:

      Depends on the planet.

  • Scadrial = Xaneth
  • Roshar = Xanas
  • Sel = Xaanaeth
  • Nalthis = Xanan'eth
  • Threnody = Xanth
  • First of the Sun = Fourth of the Night

Gender: Male


Original Name: Xaneth


Faction: Dark Alley


Position: Head of Compounding Research and Disclaimer Creation


Backstory: Drawn to the Dark Alley bakeries after a near lynch on Scadrial (evaded by the use of Kandra TalNaat), the full Feruchemist Xaneth then traveled to Roshar, where he seemingly died. He did this to disappear from society for a time, later reappearing in the Dark Alley as a Compounding researcher with a love of Dislcaimers.*


Powers: Full Feruchemy, Hemalugically-grafted Allomancy (Mistborn), Hemalurgic abilities, Fifth Heightening (sometimes), 2 voices in his head (Sarcasm and the Cookie-Maker)


Weapons: Lots



Dislikes: Burnt Cookies


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The Twilight Continuum

In Equestria there is a mirror, created by Starswirl the Bearded, which- when accompanied by the proper incantations and the planets are aligned- will allow one passage from this world to another. This Mirror was used by Celestia's former pupil, Sunset Shimmer, to flee Equestria and establish a powerbase in a different universe.


Eventually, Sunset Shimmer returned to steal the newly-coronated Princess Twilight Sparkles crown. Though she was eventually defeated (as detailed in the "Equestria Girls" reports), the Mirror was not destroyed. With the creation of Twilight Sparkle's kingdom, she took possession of the Mirror, so as to study and catalogue it's effects.


During the course of these investigations, Princess Twilight Sparkle discovered that the Mirror connects, not just to the "Equestria Girls" universe, to an infinite number of parallel worlds, some so alike as to be identical, while others were radically different. This realisation led to Twilight assembling as many counterparts of herself as possible, forming a vast, multiversal group, devoted for the betterment of Equestria- wherever in the multiverse that may be.


The Continuum's meddling with the mirrors- linking them to enable travel between worlds at will- also revealed the existance of a structure beyond the Multiverse; an Omniverse, worlds where the very foundations of the universe were shaped differently. Both the Multi- and Omniverse are in the process of being catalogued. What follows is a list of the worlds within the Equestrian-Multiverse; other worlds (such as the various worlds and possibilities that exist within the Cosmere-Multiverse) will be recorded eventually.



The world of Friendship is Magic, as depicted on the show. As the foundation of the fourth Equestrian-multiverse, interference with this world sends shockwaves and ripples across all others. For this reason, their Twilight has been refused entry into the Continuum, and all travel to this world forbidden.



A world that rests just above/beside/within Equestria-Prime in the multiverse, Equestria-One is practically identity to Equestria-Prime. It has Princess Twilight Sparkle and friends; Luna's redemtpion, and all other major events of Equestrian history occured exactly the same as they did in the Prime universe. It is currently theorised that this world split from the Prime world based on what Twilight had for breakfast one day.



Aka the "Equestria Girls" universe, Equestria-Two is unique in that, while within it's own universe, Equines are transformed into the titular Equestria Girls. Celestia's former student, Sunset Shimmer, fills the Twilight role in the Continuum, whereas the Equestria-Two Twilight is unaware of the Multiverses existence as anything other than science-fiction.



The "mirror universe", a world where good is evil, east is west, and the good King Sombra battles a never ending war against Empress Celestia on behalf of his little ponies. While she can never be away from her world too long- for fear of reprisal by the "Mean Six"- Sombra's student and Element of Humility, Princess Trixie, provides aid to the Continuum whenever possible.



The "Fallout Equestria" universe. A horrific wasteland, as far as the eye can see. Following Celestia's abdication to Princess Luna, tensions with Zebrica grew to the point that open war was declared between Equestrians and Zebra's. After decades of warfare, the advent of nuclear-level weapons, known as "Megaspells", were launched, resulting in the near-destruction of the world. A few ponies survived underground in secure bunkers known as Vaults. One of them, a mare by the name of Little Pip, was ultimately responsible for activating the Equestria Restoration project and reassembling the elements of Harmony. She is considered one of the worlds greatest heroes, and an honorary member of the Continuum. This worlds Spike- a fully grown dragon- serves as it's representative on her behalf.



Equestria is corrupt. On the surface, it appears as cheerful as any other universe. In reality, Celestia is master of a vast criminal network, a mafia don who banished her sister thousands of years ago when she threatened her authority. Dawn Sparkle is Celestia's student, a spoiled rich child who has lived a life of luxury while studying her mentors criminal ways. Sent to Ponyville, Dawn has assembled a loose confederacy of "friends"- the Mafia Six- and intends on one day overthrowing Celestia and ruling as the Godpony of Crime.



Equestria's golden age, a time that began when Celestia and Luna reconciled their differences before the apperance of Nightmare Moon. As a result, Equestria entered the Age of Harmony, a time of peace and prosperity that has lasted more than a thousand years. In this world, the Mane Six never formed, and Twilight never became Celestia's student, instead devoting herself to scientific pursuits and discoveries.



A world where technology has progressed further and become more common than in other worlds. Steam engines have become smaller and more affordable to a general public, and gas has been harnessed to light lamp posts in the place of flame. The increase of technology, however, has increased the gap between the rich and the poor, a situation re-enforced by a rigid social hierarchy. Fortunately, heroes such as the brilliant detective Pinkamena Pie and her assistant/biographer Twilight Sparkle are always ready to lend aid to any perplexing case or mystery. In times of great peril, the two have been knwon to join forces with other heroes of the age to defend the empire of Equestria from her enemies. The periodicals refer to these heroes as the 'Gaslight Six', but to their fans and loyal admirers, they will always be the League of Extraordinary Equines.



The counterpart to Equestria-Seven, where that world is industrial with an empire, Equestria-Eight is somewhat simpler. That isn't to be mistaken for being soft or weak, though; as Canterlot expands it's territories into the Frontier, it runs into more and more unexpected dangers. Life can be tough for the ponies who risk settling in one of these Frontier towns; fortunately for Ponyville, they have a dependable lawmare in the shape of Sheriff Applejack. A third generation Ponyvillian, AJ knows better than anypony the dangers one can face, from roving packs of Diamond Perros, to cattle trying to rustle townsfolk out of their hard earned bits. She knows enough abut it to have made a name for herself back in Canterlot. Twilight Sparkle may be a liaison for Ponyville and the capital, but Applejack knows that sometimes, the only kind of law here comes from the barrel of a gun. There's more than one varmint who's been sent runnin' at the sight of the 'Frontier Six'.



A thousand years after her banishment, it was prophesied that the stars would aid in Nightmare Moon's escape, and she would return to Equestria to usher in an eternity of night. She didn't. Instead, the summer sun celebration went off without a hitch, and when the ponies of Equestria went to bed that night, only Princess Celestia was aware that something was amiss. That night, all the creatures of Equestria were tormented by horrific nightmares, or Rainbow Factories and cupcakes. Dreams that happened the next night. And the next. And the next. And the next...

Princess Luna may not have returned, but the Nightmare Forces- the beings that corrupted her- had. They roam Equestria, bringing dark thoughts to all it's inhabitants, driving many mad. The only one's who can defend Equestria are the chosen of Princess Luna, Amethyst Sparkler and the Dream Warriors.



Information to be collated.



"The Pirate Universe"



"The Ninja Universe"


More to come, whenever I can think of them. Suggestions are more than welcome; most of these worlds come from fanfictions, so be sure to check them out!

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Current Name: KaladinStormblessed (not to be confused with Kaladin Stormblessed)

Gender: Male

Original (if any) name: CLASSIFIED

Faction: I play many sides. Knights Awkward, Newcago Court, The Pulsers

Position: Knight Awkward, Earl of The Newcago Court, Owner of The Ashen Stallion

Backstory and History: Cosmere traveller from Scadrial. At the rise of the Lord Ruler, I was given an alloy of Lerasium which transformed me into a Pulser with so much power that I could the Cosmere...

Powers: Cosmere traveling, Cadmium allomancy, Awkward spren bond

Weapon(s) of Choice: dueling cane


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Current Name: Bortholemew the Blind

Gender: Male

Original (if any) name: Bortholemew

Faction: The Knights Awkward

Position: Forumlurker, Wordsmith, and seeker of the Shardmarks

Backstory and History:  When he was but a boy, Bortholemew was apprenticed to the local Wordsmith and gradually, over time, mastered his craft (although some would call it an art). A few centuries later, his master was killed in a bandit raid, leaving Bortholemew alone to continue their work.


Unwilling to give up, Bortholemew realised that, should he fall, his master's quest for the fabled Shardmarks would go unfinished, so he visited the Nightwatcher, to request a boon and a curse. His boon was that he would be able to protect himself and his allies using Beardomancy, but his curse was that everyone he met would believe he was blind, even though he could see perfectly well. He took the name Bortholemew the Blind in respect of this.


Since that day, Bortholemew has crossed multiple worlds thanks to his talents at Hairhopping, always seeking the next clue to the location to the Shardmarks.


Powers: Beardomancy. Hairhopping. Bonded to a Beardspren named Luma.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Beard-Fu

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Reading. The other Knights Awkward, Cooking. Having his beard stroked/brushed.

Dislikes: Being shot at. Ignorant people. People who mess with the beard.

Edited by Bort

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Current Name: Maggie

Gender: Female

Original (if any) name: Margaret Susan

Faction: The Knights Awkward

Position: Referencecaller

Backstory and History: Erm. . . Maggie is me. I'm not sure if I want to tell the story of my life here. I'll just do the Cosmere conversion story. Maggie picked up a copy of Mistborn at the age of 11. From there it was a slow meander through many of his books. Until the beginning of 2015 she got a hold of The Way of Kings. Part of the way through Words of Radiance, she found out about the Cosmere, and proceeded to devour every single Cosmere book she could find. She joined the 17th shard soon after.

Powers: Referencecaller stuff and. . . Duraluminum misting? Sure, why not.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Shardkindle

Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Cosmere, Gravity falls, Legend of Zelda, Dr who, and Harry Potter fandoms. Singing and many kinds of music. Arranging cups by color. Solitary reading.

Dislikes: large crowds of people. When people use 'geek' or 'nerd' as insults.


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Current name: The one who watches for the Potato (Or, if that gets too cumbersome, Thow)


Gender: Male


Original (if any) name: N/A


Faction: None as of yet, but hopes to assist the KA


Position: The one who watches for the potato


Backstory and history: He does not remember anything from his past. All he knows is that he woke up in a tree, wearing brown robes, with a piece of paper that said, "Watch for The Potato."


Powers: Has a backpack full of potatoes. These can be eaten, thrown at surfaces to create portals, or thrown at animate objects to explode.


Likes: Potatoes. They have saved his life on multiple occasions. Also, a man named Brandon Sanderson. He does not know why he likes Brandon. He just does.


Dislikes: Blasphemy against potatoes and Brandon Sanderson.


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Current Name: Amrynn

Gender: Male

Original (if any) name: He's been called "Link" by many people, leading him to believe that he was previously named Link, and returning memories support this fact.

Faction: The Knights Awkward

Position: Forumlurker

Backstory and History: Amrynn was previously the Skyward Sword era Link of Skyloft, but was transported into the Cosmere, forgetting everything about his previous life in Hyrule. His Master Sword (now a Shardblade) and Fi (now his Spren) came with him, Fi also loosing her memories from Hyrule.

The two awoke on the edge of a vast forest, looking out towards a land of plateaus. They traveled the edge of the treeline, eventually stumbling across a carriage train. They were taken in by the hospitable traders and taught the way of the Church of the Stick. The train made it close to a series of craters- called warcamps by the traders- when a bridge collapsed, taking the entire group with it, excluding Link. He continued to the nearest warcamp, supposedly ruled by a man named Dalinar.

Once he arrived, he was asked his name. As he couldn't remember even that, he adopted the name Amrynn from one of the merchants. As he recovered his strength, he began traveling the land with only Fi as his company. During this trying journey, his Windrunning abilities and Allomancy emerged, assisting in his travels. His memory also began to return, but with no clear way of returning, he resumes going by the name Amrynn. He caught wind of many factions across this new land, but one order- The Knights Awkward intrigued him, drawing on his interest in reading. He soon joined, becoming a Forumlurker and befriending his fellow Knights Awkward.

Powers: Tineye and Windrunner.

Weapon(s) of Choice: His Master Shard (Master Sword Shardblade), small throwing knives, and bow and arrow. Will sometimes use a shovel.

Likes: Reading, dueling, archery, his fellow Knights, Brandon Sanderson's writings.

Dislikes: Fi's incessant teasing

Edited by Amrynn

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Current name: Raven


Pseudonyms: Ri, Resha,


Gender: Female


Original name: Unknown


Faction: Knights Awkward


Position: Forumlurker and seeker of Shardmarks.


Backstory and History: Raven is a bit of an enigma, even to herself. She awoke in a corner of Somewhere, and managed to find her way to the Library of the Knights Awkward, where she swore their oaths with no idea of her own self. Her bond with her Awkwardspren, Ien, has helped her gain a sense of self, though neither are sure if her current personality is the same as her old one, or a imprint of the previous Knights Ien had bound to. Her attempts to find a world that seems familiar to her have failed, though she has traveled through much of the cosmere that she is aware of, and her fragmented dreams have been no help.


Recently, her presence on Nalthis introduced her to a fellow Knight, Bortholemew, and he recruited her to his quest to find the missing Shardmarks. His quest has grabbed her interest in a way that even her disturbing dreams have not, and she joins Bortholemew, worried that his quest leads to danger for him, her, and their Library in a way that neither of them can predict.


Powers: Foretelling dreams, paper manipulation, and disguise (in a mixture of Lightweaving and shape-shifting). All three seem to be granted to her by her spren, Ien.


Weapon(s) of Choice: Defusing situations with her words. If forced to fight, she prefers to animate paper creations and let them fight for her.


Likes: Stormlight Archives. Reading in general. Traveling. Her fellow Knights.


Dislikes: Tripping (even though she does it all the time). Forgetting. Bullies.




(At this point, I'm sort of leaning towards her being from the world of the book that Brandon Sanderson currently has titled "Silence Divine." Of course, we don't know a ton about it, so I'm leaving myself open for some options for when he writes it, if I can fit it in with Raven.)


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