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I don't know if this is the right thread for this... but yeah. Alright, so I'm writing a book with a magic system that has to do with crystals. Different facets determine the strength and effect from the magic crystals. So, I've been doing research about it all and thought I should make a thread to talk about it here. I'll occasionally come on with a question about it for any people on the shard who happen to know things about these things. 

Here are a few things I was wondering about, how fast does the spinny thing (it's a technical term lol) have to be to facet a gemstone or crystal? Does it depend on the crystal or gemstone? Is faceting for gemstones different from crystals? Also, does anyone know about foot pedal powered gem faceting machines? 'Cause, the book I'm writing doesn't exactly have double A batteries to put into the things to make them work. 

Anyways, anyone got any answers or know anything about this?


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