Alcatraz birthday party

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My daughter wants her birthday party to be themed after the first book.  

We're thinking a treasure hunt for the sands of Rashid, and "forging" origami sunglasses. Any other ideas? 


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That sounds like an amazing party! I think you should track down a rutabaga for them to sample, as it seems vital to anything smedry themed (and i feel like anyone who has read the series is very curious as to what a rutabaga tastes like). And maybe all the kids can have nametags with their talent, which they can choose, and they can try to demonstrate their talent throughout the party. Also, there's a blow-up knight of crystalia sword on the Sanderson website that could be a great gift for your daughter. The kids could try to design covers for their own dramatized memoirs in the example of Alcatraz.

I hope you're daughter has an amazing birthday! I'm gonna encourage my little sister to have a Smedry themed birthday too because this sounds SUPER fun.


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