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A Day In The Life Of A Coinshot Courier Part 1 (Mistborn Era 2)


Throughout the Cosmere, there have been many stories told on many worlds, each as unique and meaningful as the birth of a star.

This is a story in a world formerly covered by Mist and Ash, a world where heroes became legends and gods had died, a world that would soon rest in the hands of a courageous Allomancer, the champion of Harmony, fighting against the forces that sought to unmake everything he had ever known.

This is not the story of that particular Allomancer. 

This is the story of another Allomancer being woken up by his absurdly loud alarm clock. With it's rapid ringing echoing throughout his rather small bedroom. In the middle of this room was a mattress laying on the floor, with a lump covered with a blanket on the top of it. The top of this lump shifted the blanket revealing a head full of unkempt black hair. The head shifted until facing the window next to his mattress.

Tim gave a soft groan as he blearily opened his eyes, he then preceded to close them and groan louder as he was blinded by the light coming from his window, facing the sun as it was rising.

"Oh bloody rusting..." Tim annoyedly murmured out loud as he sat up and rubbed his eyes before trying to silence the ringing of the infernal contraption that he regretted buying every morning. After feeling around for it on his nightstand, while nearly swiping a vial filled with oil and metal flakes off by accident, he slammed his hand on the top of it, allowing his room to be drenched in blessed silence.

Despite the warmth of his banket enticing Timothy back to sleep he knew he had other obligations for the day, so after throwing off the blanket and standing up he went over to his wardrobe and got changed into his usual work clothes, a plain black shirt and pants, with a belt rimmed with pockets. "Gee, real daring today aren't you Tim?" He snarked at himself for how basic his choice always was.

As he left his room he made sure to snag the four vials sitting next to his accursed alarm clock and the two small bags of coins under his mattress, tucking each of them into his belt pockets.


Timothy Elariel, or just Tim as he preferred to be known, lived in a quaint little apartment in the fifth Octant of Elendel. Within view of the, rather overcompensating in his own humble opinion, Tekiel Tower. He disliked how it took up so much of the cityscape, why did buildings even have to be built so rusting tall anyway? He supposed that it came down to whichever arrogant idiot was currently running the oh-so great House Tekiel.

Not that Tim really gave a rusting damn how proper nobles did things, he had more important tasks to deal with, such as getting his own breakfast ready.

Checking his cupboards showed they were becoming quite bare, he'd have to have a shopping trip soon. He grabbed a packet of oats and turned on his stove to boil some water. While his body went through the motions of cooking his thoughts strayed to the rest of his day. If he remembered right he'd need to deliver five packages before noon, then six more before he could clock off. 

As Tim sat down and began eating a bowlful of tasteless, bland oats one spoonful at a time he realized that when he did go out for more food, he should try to fit honey into the list so he actually enjoy breakfast instead of just leaving it half-eaten all the time. He'd need to cut something else out of the list, perhaps cod oil? It wasn't as if he didn't already have enough for the next week or so. Heck he could just put his steel flakes into empty vials if he had to, it wouldn't make that much of a difference.

As he changed his mental shopping list he stood up, leaving behind a half-eaten bowl of oats, he walked out of his apartment while locking his door behind him then started to go for the stairs, there were a few people walking past him, also leaving for work. They went around him, trying not to make eye contact, they knew what he was. Tim tried not to let that bother him, it wasn't as if he was actually a noble these days. He supposed that the difference between a noble metalborn and a regular metalborn would be rather meaningless in the eyes of the average person as he went up the stairs to the roof.

He debated whether he should check his mail, then decided to leave that for later so he could at least try to enjoy his day at work.

Most people wouldn't go up to the roof unless they were having a smoke, but Tim was not most people. He came onto the roof, the apartment complex he was living in was one of the larger buildings in the neighborhood. He walked right up to the edge of the roof, peered over it to remind himself just how far up he was, six stories up, a height that would unnerve most others, all it did for Tim was put a smile on his face. He grabbed a few coins from his belt pouches in preparation.

He breathed in a deep breath, pulled one of his vials from his belt, opened it and drank it's contents. Immediately he felt that familiar warmth within his body, a well of power at his beck and call. His Allomancy.

As he began to lightly Burn his steel, Tim saw the familiar blue lines spread from his chest, leading to all metals around him. With his heart beginning to race he leaped off of the roof and began to fall.

Then when he Flared his steel and Pushed on the pipes and framework of the building behind him, he flew.

Within Timothy's blood existed a power that all coveted, the power to Burn metals for supernatural abilities. The metal he could Burn was steel, which made Tim a Coinshot, the most well known of all Mistings. 

Timothy was grateful for living in Elendel, though living tended to be hard if you weren't a noble, the sheer amount of metal a Coinshot like him could Push off of made even the simple experience of going to work an absolute blast. He was well experienced in how to Push oneself around the city and it showed in how his feet rarely touched the ground, he Pushed off of anything that could get him higher and further.

He looked down at the street, seeing the people walking around stopping and staring at him in amazement, he saw the occasional automobile and scoffed at them. They were faster transportation than carriages by a large margin, but they were incredibly noisy and hideously expensive to buy and even keep. He was glad that he'd never need to buy one. Not that he could afford it.

His distraction caused his Pushing skills to slip and he accidentally Pushed on a lamp post at the wrong angle, sending him hurtling towards the wall of a building, Tim gritted his teeth and Flared his Steel, Pushing several coins to the floor at breakneck speeds and as they hit the floor they sent him hurtling above the building. He managed to land somewhat gently on the roof and let out a sigh of relief. He looked back and saw that the lamp post was bent wrong from his Push, Tim winced. "Harmony I hope that doesn't get posted in a broadsheet" He said to himself.

He took a minute to catch his breath and let his jitters pass. He let this be a reminder to himself, even if he knew what he was doing, he should never get distracted while Steelpushing himself around the city. That would only end more close calls for himself. He threw down another coin and Pushed himself to the next roof.

Soon enough he was back to enjoying the freedom of movement throughout the city, then soon after that his favorite pastime came to an end as he made it to his place of employment.

Quicksilver Deliveries, a small courier company that was lucky enough to sit right across from the Fifth Octants smaller railway station.

Tim tossed a coin down near the door and brought himself down, Pushing lightly enough on the coin to make the landing soft.

"Time to get to work" Tim murmured to himself as he entered the establishment to begin his day of labor.


Author's Note: Hey everyone. Just trying to finally grind my [Writing] Skill over here. I'll be doing this until the neurons in my brain finally decide to get with the memo. Then I'll be posting some actual stories onto Spacebattles. In the mean time I hope you enjoy my first attempts at actually writing stuff.

If you have any criticisms, I'd like to hear them so I know how to improve.

This particular snippet is an idea I've actually had for a while, but as with many of my writing ideas I've just never stuck with it long enough to get through the planning phase and start writing it out, so I've decided to stop planning so much and just let my fingers type what they want and keep going until I'm satisfied with what I've written. This idea was born through the thought of just how amazing it must be to be a Coinshot Courier, being able to Push yourself throughout a cityscape in a psuedo-flight, experiencing an incredible experience everyday as a job.

I kind of wish Brandon had showed us more of the fantastical mundanity of Metalborn finding ways to profit themselves with their powers, instead of just telling us about them. But I'm not too hung up about it, that's what Fanfics are for! Besides we'll probably be seeing more of this kind of stuff in Era 3.

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This was really nice! Love the part with the lamp post, got a quick exhale from me : )

My only nitpick is that Timothy is too much of an Earth name.

Hope this goes further somehow!


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On 23/11/2022 at 2:23 AM, Ookla the Keys said:

This was really nice! Love the part with the lamp post, got a quick exhale from me : )

My only nitpick is that Timothy is too much of an Earth name.

Hope this goes further somehow!

I feel like I should have been more descriptive with how Tim navigates the city, maybe I'll revise it someday

I'm not sure how to make a 'scadrian' sounding name.

I'm writing the second chapter but it's slow going thanks to my constantly getting distracted.


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