My Amazon pre-order of Secret History came printed ... upside down?

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I pre-ordered the 2022 release of Mistborn Secret History from Amazon months ago, and it just arrived today.  The book looks great, except that it's printed upside down/backwards?  MSH_Misprint.mp4  Somehow I just know Nazh will be blamed for this.

It looks like the content is all there, and it made me laugh -- so I think I'll probably just keep it!  Maybe I can get Brandon or Isaac to sign it at Dragonsteel Con.

MSH.thumb.jpg.06af924f6eef481d8b3861541b14d0c8.jpg  MSH2.thumb.jpg.d81051a126731ee03d149c501c6a1d1f.jpg


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Congratulations, you've just come into possession of a new collector's item. Use that honor well.


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