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The Black Piper has launched their newest project on Backerkit today! This group of incredible musicians is in the process of raising money to afford creating a book soundtrack for the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, starting with the first book, "The Black Prism". Yes, I said book soundtrack. These guys are in the business of creating original scores for works of fiction that have not left the medium of novels, premiering with their debut album "Kaladin" a few years ago, based on The Way of Kings. Support these guys on Backerkit and make this album a reality!

I am not a member or an official representative of the Black Piper, nor have I ever even read the Lightbringer series. I just love these guys and want to help support them in their efforts to make this music a reality! So I implore any and all of you who may be interested to check it out! Let's help make this happen!
You can find it here:

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