Amaram, Moash, and The Way of Kings

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Alethela, the country that is the watcher at the rim. Who learn war to better protect the world when the voidbringers return. Within this country is a book. An important book that every officer has to read. But why?

lets look at two people that suffer from the same affliction especially when you look back. Moash and Amaram. 
exhibit 1: Amaram

Let’s look at past interactions with the light of RoW to see what’s happening in the background. (Also SA5 Prologue in spoiler section) 

We know after kaladin gained his first pair of shards Amaram betrayed and killed kaladins squad.  But why? 
in tWoK after winning his shards kaladin and his remaining squad are in Amarams command tent waiting for Amaram to finish talking to someone. This someone we find out is restaries. The herald Kelek, leader of the sons of honor. 
we then hear Amaram saying that after hours of discussion he finally agreed to restaries idea to take the shards himself to better serve alethkar. 


In SA5 prologue we see that Amaram was aware of the voidbringers coming back to an extent and wanted a reliable way to fight them. Possibly fancying himself a knight radiant with the shards

Within this we can see that kaladin himself mentioned that he saw Amarams guilt on his face. And tried to do the most honorable thing in his position and sold him as a slave.

after Amarams confrontation with kaladin and Dalinar he starts regretting letting kaladin live. A bit different then during the confrontation, where he looked hurt and guilty but also apologized and said that he did it for alethkar not personal. 

now in oathbringer we start seeing Amaram descend into a downward spiral. 
he tries to forge an alliance with Dalinar(who he witnessed burn a city killing everyone in anger) but keeps being shamed by him(for killing four men for literally one of the most powerful weapons in roshar). Being put to physical work in a broken country that every alethi knew would be a perfect, easy, capture. Being contacted by odium with promises of power, and no guilt or anger. 

exhibit 2: moash

not much is really needed to be said in this post about moash. I talked more about Amaram because people don’t seem to want to understand him. Hating him because kaladin hates him. Or at best feeling sad about lost potential. 
but moash has been debated on and hated on constantly sense WoR 

we know he’s effected by the unmade losing his negative emotions and feeling a void. (Interesting especially sense it seems positive emotions aren’t effected as far as we know) 

and it seems he truly wants this. So theirs that.

so back to alethela, 

my theory on this is that people read tWoK not just to make it easier to bond spren, but to help the leaders not to make miss steps, to not act in greed to open themselves to the unmade,

as we saw the unmade alone completely wiped out cities, countries, with their advance emotional allomamcy. 

so what do you think? Was tWoK used as a life style to better live by honor? 


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Very possible that was a consideration in it's construction, as a culteral counter to the influence of the Unmade. Also note, from OB Ch 76 (And the events at Rathalas).


Dalinar left the table. He should hurt more. Shouldn’t he? Storms … he was so numb, he could barely feel anything, aside from that burning within, simmering deep down. He stepped with Sadeas out of the tent.

Showing a similar "void" aspect of the Thrill. 


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