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Book 5 Title

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From the recent spoiler stream, Brandon talked about possibilities for book 5 title.  





Would you consider breaking the palindrome format of Stormlight titles to give Stormlight 5 a better title, or are you pretty committed to the KoWT acronym, since there's already precedent?

Brandon Sanderson

If I can find a KoWT acronym that feels right, I will use it. I would say that it's 75% likely that I'm going to, but if I can't come up with one that we all like, I will break the format. The title's more important than keeping, I wasn't even planning the ketek format until I changed book 3's title and got us, you know. And then I'm like, oh, this could actually happen. But I changed book 2's title as well. This is a happy accident that we can make it happen, but I'm not going to then become slavish to it. And I also might let the T slide, right? In actual keteks, both the "of" and the "the" can be rearranged, depending on how strictly you're following the format, so it's possible that we change the O's and T's.

YouTube Spoiler Stream 4 (June 16, 2022)



If "o" and "t" can be moved around, we can come up with possibilities for:













I might have missed some combinations.

None of the other titles have reused the same major word (again omitting "of" and "the"), so Way and Kings should probably not be used.

Knight or Knights is pretty obvious for "K".  Knave is a possibility.  Knife... Knowledge.  Kingdom... Keeper

War is almost too obvious for "W"

Now for ideas:

King of the World (will it be tOdium or Dalinar)

the Knave of Whimsy (Hoid messes up the contest for his own ends)

The Kingdoms of Woe (Roshar ends up split between factions permanently)

Knight of the White (this is Szeth's book after all)






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Posted (edited)

It's also supposed to be an in world book/song/etc.

Szeth's book was going to be Stones Unhallowed when it was book 3, which is probably an Urithiru reference, so it might have something to do with that...

Kingdom of Wisdom (Urithiru's its own kingdom now)?

Kingdom over the Winds

Keys of the World (a book about the Oathgates?)

OTOH we had tons of Urithiru in books 3 and 4 so the title might be something referencing Shinovar or Ba-ado-Mishram or the contest of champions.

Some thoughts....

Keepers of Wisdom (in reference to the Stone Shamans) ...but possibly sounds too much like the Mistborn Keepers.

Keys of/to Wisdom (an in world book about the Stone Shaman religion)

Knife of the West (an in world book about Szeth's time as an assassin?)

Keeper of Woe (something about Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment?)

King of the Winds (a book about Jezrien, the Windrunner Herald/Herald of Kings; the connection to book 5 could be the final disposition of his Honorblade)

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Posted (edited)

I like the H being used as a stand in for a letter so my favorite is 

“Knights of Honor”

it’ll also be a nice nod to vorin tradition 


add on: could also be a secret shin book about waiting for the return of the Voidbringers

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