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Brandon's Draft of the Dark One Novelization has a Progress Bar!

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It's only at 10% now, but this is BIG NEWS in my opinion. I personally thought we wouldn't be seeing this until later in the year, if this year at all. Seeing it here gives me 2-3 potential possibilities for what's going on:

Possibility 1 - Dark One will take the place of Stormlight 5, and Stormlight 5 is being delayed until 2024. Brandon has been pretty consistent about having us know that he will delay SL5 if need be. I think this is a way of easing us into the idea that we may have something there in the meantime, or at least preparing something in the case that it's needed. Dark One could also work as a November release, given how November is relatively close to Halloween, and Dark One will most likely be a dark fantasy book. Heck, he could have the Mini-Con be the last week of October to coincide with this change. (I doubt it, but still.) 


Possibility 2 - Brandon has looked out at his schedule and decided that he wants to get ahead of this particular project. Collaborations like this take up less effort, and Brandon getting this off his plate now may clear him up next year for Stormlight revisions next year. 


Possibility 3 - Brandon wants to have a dual release with Dark One Vol 2 next year. There's no confirmation that Dark One Vol 2 will arrive next year, but I have a good feeling about it. It will have been three years since the original release of the first one, and we've officially known for ten months now that Vol 2 has been in the works. 2-3 years of good work should produce some results, I think. 


Regardless of the reasoning, I think this is a sure sign we'll see Dark One next year. All Hail the Dark One! 

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