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Hey everyone!


A couple of my buddies and myself are knee-deep in an off-the-wall Sanderson-inspired tabletop mini-series we've entitled MICEBORN! The title might give it away, but it is a Mistborn-themed adventure that has been lovingly mashed up with Redwall! It's only four episodes long and two of them have already dropped with the other two dropping on 5/18 and 5/25. Each episode is just under an hour so it's not a huge commitment, but we wanted to make any podcast listeners out there aware of this project. We had a blast recording it and we drop a TON of easter eggs for other Sanderson works throughout, but for the most part, we keep it spoiler-free for all Sanderson-related books. We hope all of you enjoy listening to this mashup and hope you stick around for our other mini-campaigns! Thanks for your support and sharing with your friends!


Episode 1: https://www.improvtabletop.com/e/miceborn1/

Episode 2: https://www.improvtabletop.com/e/miceborn2/

(You can also look us up on popular podcatchers)

-Improv Tabletop



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I've been seeing these in my Instagram searches, sounds whacky, going to check it out when I actually have time


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