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We dont talk about Jasnah.

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take that @AonEne I wrote it first, I was getting impatient.


KEY: ((person singing)) (in song stuff)

We don’t talk about Jasnah, nah, nah, nah!

We don’t talk about Jasnah… but

((Shallan)) it was my wedding day

((Adolin)) it was our wedding day

We were getting ready and we’d just won the battle

No voidbringers in sight

Jasnah walks in with a mischievous grin-


Are you telling the story or am i?

Sorry schizophrenic go on

Jasnah says it looks like war

Why did she tell us!

In doing so spren flood Urithiru

Dalinar get the investiture

Married in an unwritten scene

What a joyous day… but anyway

We don’t talk about Jasnah, nah, nah, nah.

We don’t talk about Jasnah!

((Renarin)) Hey! Grew to think about books thanks to Jasnah

I could always hear her sort of reading and reading

I associate her with the sound of turning pages, turn, turn, turn!

It’s a heavy lift with so many books

Always left the servants heaving and fumbling

Grappling with large textbooks they couldn’t understand

Do you understand?

((Wit)) a nice shardblade

Investiture along her back

When she calls your name

The lecture’s on its way.

Yeah, she sees your freight

And feasts on your books (hey!)

We don't talk about Jasnah, nah, nah, nah! (We don't talk about Jasnah nah, nah, nah!)

We don't talk about Jasnah (we don't talk about Jasnah!)

((Veden)) she told my my religion was false

The next day: DALINAR! (no, no!)

((Amaram)) gavilar told me, jasnah would be my wife

But jasnah said no… (no, no!)

((Mink)) she said all my country would be defeated, now look at herdaz! (no, no! Hey!)

Your boredom is sealed when she starts lecturing!

((Kabsal)) she told me to stormin leave that ward named Shallan alone

She told me that that jam was super gross, like the gossip that thrives on misfortune.

((Shallan)) Stormit, Odium’s on his way.

((Renarin)) My spren told me that Sja-anat wasn’t Odium’s spren anymore

Come to their senses.

It’s like an unwritten arc.

((Kabsal to Jasnah)) hey heretic, I want not a sound out of you.

((Renarin)) It’s like an unwritten arc.

((Kaladin)) um, Jasnah.

Yeah about that Jasnah…

We really need a queen from Jasnah.

Please don’t be a bad queen Jasnah.

((Jasnah)) hey guys you do know I'm right here?

((all)) time for chouta!

(chorus things)

She’s here!

Don’t talk about Jasnah, nah! (why did i talk about jasnah?)

Not another textbook from Jasnah!

I never should have borrowed that textbook!


it needs a little editing, but it's awesome.


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I like it! Impressive and very good


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yeah, far easier than I thought somehow. I tried writing "the family Smedry" but it failed miserably.


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You should try taking a newsies so g and applying it to the skaa rebellion


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