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Hello Sharders,

i have a question about Healing in the Cosmere, especially about Dabbid.
In RoW, the Sibling tells Dubbid that he will heal from his mental illness once he bounds a spren.

In my understanding, a person can only heal from wounds that they don't see as a part of themselves, because Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version.

So the Sibling cannot know whether bounding a Spren will heal Dabbit or not.
It depends on how much Dabbid accepts his condition as part of himself in his subconsciousness.

Do you guys know if these statement is correct or have i missed the point here?

Ps.: Let me know if this toppic has already been on the forums before. I am new in the community i don't have the overview yet. Thanks :)


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I think you are correct, but I also think the Sibling is correct.  Two sides of the same coin.  I believe what the sibling meant was Dabbid would have the ability to heal once he bonds with a spren - meaning his mental illness can't be healed through normal medicinal means.  BUT you are also correct - even if he bonds a with a spren, that healing will only take place so long as his spiritual identity is of himself without the illness, just like Lopen's spiritual identity included having two arms.  If his self identity firmly included the mental illness, it would not heal through stormlight, like what happened with Kaladin's slave brands for 3/4 of the books.  


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