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Shard-Dawnshard Classification based on all known info

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Now that we have 15 of 16 Shard Intents, here's my attempt at classifying them with known Dawnshards. Each Shard goes with the Dawnshard that's best related to its intent, even things such as Preservation being the absence of Change. Unconfirmed Shard and Dawnshard names are in red.


  • Preservation
  • Ruin
  • Cultivation
  • Ambition (The desire to want more than you have)


  • Autonomy (Survive independent of others)
  • Mercy (Let others survive)
  • Valor (Fight to ensure others survive)
  • Prudence/Survival


  • Invention
  • Virtuosity
  • Whimsy
  • Honor (The loosest fit in this list)

Connect (Concepts defined by a relation to others)

  • Dominion (Control others)
  • Devotion (Love others)
  • Odium (Hate others)
  • Endowment (Give to others)


I'd love to hear other's thoughts about these.


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Why is Honor not in Connect?


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I see Honor as an internally focused thing. A person's choices can be honorable, which may or may not have anything to do with the people around them.


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Honor has many definitions, but the Shard's Intent is the keeping promises/oaths/bonds one, not virtue or being honored by others.

I see Honor as definitely a Bind or Connect Shard. I'd put the hypothetical Wisdom/Prudence Shard under Think instead.

I still say Preservation should not be under Change. I'd put it under "Survive", which I might call Protect or Persist instead (Preservation, Valor, Mercy, and maybe Autonomy).

That would probably push Odium into Change, which could work if its core intent is really conflict (the power of Odium liking disagreement even if Rayse the Vessel doesn't, in RoW).

Making the Change "quadrant"

Cultivation (Controlled/directed growth)

Ambition (Unrestrained growth???)

Ruin (Decay / entropy)

Odium (Conflict)


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