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For those of you who’ve played the game, what do you think? How about the final twist villain (no spoilers unless in box) and their fight? New forms? Other things?

and also if you want you can show off your shiny collection. I have quite a few myself.

(no spoilers, just lots of images of my shiny babies.)



i promise I’m not actually shiny hunting luxray. They just keep spawning…


alpha Purrugly, and I’m a shiny aipom magnet


goomy is the only one I specifically hunted and he is my baby.


all the rocks. Plus the free shiny ponyta, and other yellow ones.


other fun ones! Love psyduck’s coloring, I’m not evolving them.


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i only have the guaranteed ponyta rn. 

I'm mainly focused on 100%ing the pokedex rn. I made it to star level 7 before I left the first 2 areas. 


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