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Last year I wrote a screenplay adaptation of "The Emperor's Soul" which is one of my favorite novellas. I got lots of feedback during the writing process and then ran the final draft past the reviewers on The Black List, which initially gave it a very positive review of 8/10. Follow up reviews dropped the overall score however, and it ended at a 7/10.

This year I want to give the project another pass with my focus not only on addressing story related feedback, but also to make sure that whatever changes the adaptation introduces don't mess with the lore too much. Adaptation can be a fiddly business, especially when you are expanding or reducing the story a lot from its initial form, but I still want to try to stay fairly true to the original.

Anyway, I'd love to get people's feedback! Feel free to get deep into what doesn't fit the lore or spirit of the story as well as what does or doesn't work about this adaptation as a whole.

(Update: I've removed the link to the file, since I realized that sharing a fan work that contains that much of Brandon's original work might be a copyright problem. I'm still open to sharing it if you PM me, but I just request that you've read the original book first as the screenplay has all of the spoilers.)


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