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I was reading through the coppermind, and I found this weird fact that seems to be a theory. On Hoid's page, it says "He has used Allomancy in several ways during his time on Roshar, including to either Soothe or Riot Lin Davar, and possibly to Riot Ruthar before his title's revocation and to a speed bubble during his telling of the story of The Dog and the Dragon to Kaladin.[96][citation needed]". 

Is this true or is this something like Wikipedia where it is on there and it is plausible and cool so people left it on?


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Hello and thanks for mentioning this! Unfortunately, at the moment the Coppermind staff have a bit of a backlog of recent edits that we haven't looked at yet, and this paragraph seems to come from one of those. Looking at it now, the part about the speed bubble definitely seems to be speculation that is inappropriate for the Coppermind and the parts about Hoid's use of emotional Allomancy on Roshar don't seem significant enough to his overall abilities to merit mentioning in the Attributes and Abilities section. I do think the cited WoB is enough to say in the History section that the metal Hoid ingested in the Middlefest Shallan flashback was for emotional Allomancy (though based on when he ingests it, I'm not sure we should say that it was Lin he was influencing) and while I think there's an argument to be made that it would be okay to say in History that he might have been Rioting Ruthar, given how big Hoid's page is and the fact that there's no confirmation, I'm not sure it's worth it.

So, short answer, that paragraph is a mix of things that range from "true (but not really in the right place in the article)" to "possible but too speculative for the Coppermind."


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