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Found 2 results

  1. Zombies!!! ----------------------------------- Everyone's worst fear has come true. Scientists have discovered a way to bring back the dead. Doomsayers said they shouldn’t. They said they would cause the end of our world. They were right! At first everything seemed fine but after a couple of weeks, the reanimated started feeling hungry. Really, really hungry. Then the deaths started. Several months have passed since the reanimated dead started feeding on the living. Now the cities are empty, civilisation as you know it is gone. No more phones, no internet, no power and very little food. One thing is in abundance though. Zombies. Lots and lots of Zombies. You have joined a group of survivors as they travel to what they hope is salvation. Rumours are abound of a safe haven far in the east. After many days of travel and disappointment, you are foot sore and almost out of strength but hope blooms within you as you learn that you are only one week of travel away from safety. Unfortunately, the Zombies are also one week of travel away as they nip at your heels. ----------------------------------- This is a blackout game. Rules and mechanics will be revealed as they become relevant. 24 hour cycles. Day/Night combined Teaser mechanics: (To whet the appetite) Actions are open ended You can take any action you can think of Win Con for Refugees: Survive until Day 8 and you reach safety Win Con for Zombies: Turn/Kill/Infect all the Refugees before they reach safety Sign ups are open for an unspecified amount of time. There will be no warning for when they end so if you plan to sign up, do so early or be prepared to be left behind as a snack for the approaching Zombie horde. Minimum number of players needed: 9 Maximum number of players allowed: 50 The more that sign up, the better If you sign up to be a spectator, you cannot change your mind! If you don’t intend to play, you really, really should join as a spectator. RP is encouraged Be aware, this game contains experimental mechanics. It is broken but will be fun. (I hope) Play at your own risk. Revealed Mechanics: Player List: Quick Links:
  2. So the day has finally come--the dead walk the Earth, devouring any living thing they come across. Who knows how it happened. Maybe an Awakener went a bit overboard with his Lifeless army, or maybe the guy from "Death by Pizza" finally went nuts. However this came about, you're a single mistake away from becoming a zombie's meal. Fortunately, you have an edge over the average survivor--you're from the Cosmere. You have access to Investiture,and the fantastic powers that come with it will hopefully allow you to survive. But what powers are best suited to surviving this apocalypse? Well, that's what this thread is here to find out. Myself, I'm a Twinborn Coinshot/Bloodmaker. I use my Allomantic steel to fly over the heads of disappointed Zeds, occasionally dispatching one with a well-aimed coin. And if the worst come to worst and a Zed takes a bite out of me... my Feruchemical gold heals the wound, and if I tap enough of it, cleanses me of the disease. But enough about me. How do your powers of Investiture serve you during the Zombie Apocalypse?