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Found 7 results

  1. So, I was too lazy to go back and look for it myself, but I seem to remember from The Final Empire that zinc soothed and brass rioted. Now, zinc riots, and brass soothes. Did Brandon mix them up, or am I remembering incorrectly?
  2. So, I was Lost in Thought, and I made a few discoveries. Upon my return from the Cognitive Realm, I feel an urgency to tell you what really happened to Taravangian, King of Kharbranth. First, a little review. After hearing about Gavilar Kholin's visions, and following his assassination by our friend Szeth, Taravangian sought out the Old Magic. His request from the Nightwatcher was for "Capacity. The capacity to save mankind." As we all know, the Nightwatcher hears your requests, then gives you what she feels you deserve, along with an accompanying curse. In Taravangian's case, he has his intelligence (mental capacity) vary day by day, and his compassion vary according to his mental capacity. So on one day he can be brilliant and coldhearted, and the next day is slow of thought but empathetic. Now we get into controversy. Which is his blessing, and which is his curse? One is the ability to be both dumb and smart, and the other is the ability to be both empathetic and indifferent. Neither sounds entirely like a blessing or a curse to me. My discovery, therefore, is this: He was indeed given two abilities, a blessing and a curse, but they are different from what we've previously assumed. One is zinc Allomancy, and the other is zinc Feruchemy. (We leave it to His Majesty's mind, on a strong day, to deduce which is which.) However, he was unaware of these powers. Thus, some days he stores mental speed while Rioting compassion, while other days he taps the "mental capacity" stored previously. And one day, by accident, he began Compounding. Countering objections concerning the Nightwatcher. Now all Taravangian needs to do is recruit a Scadrian worldhopper to work on the Diagram.
  3. At some point in the books, it says that allomantic snapping can be caused by intense emotion, but it doesn't need to be a bad one, like someone could snap from joy. Why not get emotional allomancers to snap people, easily and painlessly.
  4. mistborn

    So, can Lurchers Pull objects hidden in buildings. For example, I'm standing on a street and there's a huge chunk of metal inside a building. Can I Pull on it? I finished the first three Mistborn books, but I forgot about this.
  5. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  6. The books give us very little in the way of information on Allomantic Savants, but ever since first reading the second book years ago, i've been fascinated by the implications. Does anyone know if Sanderson has given any hints about Savants other than tineyes? Could a misting reach duralumin boosted levels with their allomancy? Could an Atium misting with a mountain of atium theoretically gain true future sight from atium as Elend did via duralumin There's so much unexplored territory with the savants.
  7. Now to preface this, let me name potential problems with this. 1) I have no clue how exaclty storing Investure works. For this to work you have to be able to use it to relocate the investure from one metalmind to the other. If any of you know whether or not this is how Nicrosil operates feel free to enlighten me. 2) For this to work complex memories have to be "worth" more Investure than simpler ones. 3) A Feruchemist/his metalminds would most likely not be capable of dealing with this much investure at once. On to the theory. If you can relocate Investure from your coppermind into the nicrosil mind you could take an unimportant memory, for example that there is a piece of paper on the table, store it and then relocate it. Afterwards you would notice the piece of paper on the table and repete the proces as often as you want to fill you nicrosilmind. (Say this creates Investure at a rate of 1 Investureunit (I) per second (s),) The next step would be to replace the piece of paper with something more detailed, lets say a painting, which hopefully creates more investure. (~100 I/s) Tapping Zinc would allow you to memorize the picture faster, speding up the copper/nicrsil combi. Depending on the proportion of used up zinc to the win from copper there might be a net gain. (100 I/s*2-50I/s= 150I/s) More Investure leads to more Zinc, which in turn leads to faster copper-gain, which leads to more Investure and so on. Addmidetly, even if all needed assumptions are in facte true, we would still need a field-test to prove this but this was on my mind so I thought I might as well share it.