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Found 29 results

  1. My brother and I were contemplating different theories for the Cosmere, two steps away from donning full tinfoil hats when he said something that I hadn't thought about. We were discussing Navani and what's next for her, trying to think about things that were repeated throughout RoW. A problem that Navani has is that she isn't a singer, so she has to really work at getting the correct pitch with Raboniel. Right before this, we had discussed Zahel and how Brandon had mentioned that he will get to what Zahel was doing - prompting me to ask the question "But why is Zahel is Roshar of all places, from a literary standpoint?" ... then he said it - Is the endgame for Zahel to, one way or another, end up giving Navani his breaths - thus enabling her to obtain perfect pitch? Sorry if that has been mentioned before, it was an "OH GOD" moment for me, and wonder if anyone else has anything to add to supplement, or debunk, this theory. Thanks!
  2. Zahel's Phantoms might save Roshar This is a theory I thought about a long time but I have not found someone else talking about it that much. And I would like you to help me find clues or forshadowing about this. The theory is based on a few important informations from multiple books and the coppermind. But in its core it is simple an obvious for me. Zahel = Vasher = Kalad Kalad's Pantoms are Humans encased in stone and basically undead supersoldiers created by Kalad with awekening. You can awaken someone soulcasted into stone. WoB (It is even easier) There are many stone Humans in Roshar So we have someone who can create an army of stone soldiers by awekening. We have humans that have been soulcast into stone and can be awakened. We have a lot of investiture on Roshar. The questions remaining are if Stormlight can be used to awaken or if it can be transformed to Breath? Navani might be on to something and Zahel can clearly use Stormlight instead of Breath to not just die. I do not think, that this will be a main part of SA5, because it has too much to the with the Cosmere as a whole, could end as a copy of the Warbreaker ending, but it might come up or be more important in the later books. Do you maybe have a discussion about that possibility somewhere, some insights or maybe information about foreshadowing? What do you think of this idea? It seems really obvious for me that Brandon has at least thought about that, especially when I look at the Wob from above.
  3. From the album General SA Art

    Based on Rhythm of War Ch.15. It's my favorite sheet fight scene with Kaladin and Zahel's stunt though XD
  4. It has been bothering me that Zahel was nowhere to be seen once Urithiru was invaded in Rhythm of War. I understand that his whole prerogative these days is just to lay low and stay uninvolved, but I feel like that wouldn't of been possible during the invasion. Is it possible that Kelsier could have attempted to kidnap him? I dunno if the ghostbloods would even be able to pull that off but it does align with his motives. His whole reason for wanting shallan to capture kelek was to (correct me if I'm wrong) help him find a way to break his tether to Scadrial. Vasher would be WAYYY more helpful in that regard. he is also a highly invested cognitive shadow that has been world hopping for longer than almost any other world hopper we know of. That might be what Mraize was up to in Urithiru. It is hard for me to believe that the ghostbloods would be capable of that but not entirely impossible for me to believe it either.
  5. Zahel and Kaladin (betwixt the sheets ): It wasn’t quite the full magic system vs. magic system combat that we’re craving. But it was so cool to finally see, and such a beautiful promise of things to come. But any thoughts on how Zahel seemed quite comfortable Awakening without verbal commands?
  6. So as of RoW... Szeth has been in jail for a year. Szeth has a freaky black sword. Unless they're real lenient in Urithiru prisons, Szeth was probably not allowed to keep his freaky black sword with him. Therefore: a) where is Nightblood now? and 2) how likely is it that Zahel knows? and III) what is he going/planning to do? If he didn't do it already.
  7. Prologue: How I got to this idea. Skip to Part 1 if you just want the speculations. Maybe you've read my post about Hacking Feruchemy and fueling it with the Investiture from other Key-based Magic Systems than Allomancy, namely AonDor. That got me thinking. Compounding, reduced to the Investitural workings, is: Powering End-Neutral Magic Release with another type of Investiture, an End-Positive one. Now, I've already speculated about the possibility of replacing Allomancy with AonDor as the End-Positive System, but what about the other half. And what other End-Neutral Magic do we know? Source: BioChromatic Breath Like Feruchemy, BioChromatic Breath is End-neutral. No power is gained or lost, and both use the users Innate Investiture to do something rather than getting their fuel from elsewhere. However, that means that they are limited to using only the Innate Investiture. I'm not sure if we can count Returned as End-neutral, a) since they're not a magic system and b ) since they're part of BioChromatic Breath as a system. However, they have to use up one Breath per Nalthian week to stay alive. That said, we have confirmation that this only requires the amount of Investiture that is One (1) Breath rather than specifically a breath, as seen with Vasher/Zahel. Source: Fueling Awakening with Stormlight Returned can be categorized as Type I BioChromatic Entities. Sadly, we don't know if Vasher uses some kind of Conversion method, or if he is just able to consume Investiture in any form in the physical world to fuel his Awakening (aka his life). I write "in any form in the physical world" to make a distinction between something like the Dor or Preservation's Investiture and Stormlight or Breath. The former only enter the physical realm by activation and instantly take the form of whatever their key directs, while the other two are Investiture that is present without performing magic, sometimes even able to be stored in non-human carriers (see the broams on Roshar). Where am I going with this? If one Type of Awakening can be fueled by other Investiture, maybe others can too. Stormlight is basically endless, or alteast its a refilling ressource. On something like Scadrial or Taldain, Vasher would have a very hard time getting Investiture to stay alive. (He'd have to become a Metalborn to access Preservation's Investiture, for example), so Roshar is a good choice. Now, finally, what I'm trying to get at: I speculate that, with some methods that we don't yet know of or without, an Awakener holding Stormlight could use one or more Breaths in conjunction with their Stormlight to Awaken with a lot more power than they have Breaths. Imagine sticking a Hose into a Water container. The water won't flow upwards by itself, but if you suck on the hose until water flows out of the top, you can stop sucking and it will flow by itself for a while because the stream is established. (Yes, that's a very basic breakdown of how physics work, shhh.) That's basically how I imagine Awakening with more Investiture could work. I assume you'd need atleast one Breath to perform this. The Breath would act as a kind of spearhead, enabling you to perform the Awakening / speak your command. Only afterwards would you pull Investiture from the Broams around you (/ The Stormlight inside you / your connection to Preservation that is open because you were burning a metal at the time of speaking your command / etc etc etc) to fuel enough Investiture into the object to perform the Awakening. First Question to the readers: Do you think I'm onto something? Do you think this could work? Actual Theory This one I'm throwing out there to present a theory of what this could enable. Lifeless are already super cheap breathwise, so Type III or IV Entities are what you might use this for. So here's my theory: I think Azure's blade might was made with not just Breath. It's similar to Nightblood, but "weaker" and probably with a different command. Azure hasn't made a name for herself on Roshar long before the siege of Kholinar so maybe it wasn't exactly Stormlight that was used to awaken her blade, but I assume we might see another (shard)world in the Nightblood novel. Whether it were the Scholars of Silverlight, experimenting to see what the least amount of Investiture needed to Awaken a Type IV BioChromatic Entity was, or users of a Magic System we haven't even seen yet - maybe Aether - I think Azure's Blade is more than just a Nightblood 2.0 with a better command and less Breath, but represents a new step in BioChromatic Scholarship: Entities that aren't only BioChromatic. And who knows... Maybe Vasher is stockpiling insane amounts of Stormlight somewhere to use them for a massive Awakening somewhere/sometime in the future. Maybe he wants to Return someone (Shashara?) with it, or something like that. Anyway, would love to hear others thoughts on this.
  8. As per below Wob: So if Endowment is half terror half laughter, and Nightblood turned out to be a failed experiment like this coz of the Intent of Endowment. If the experiment has to be done right and to actually "Destroy Evil", the intent of the shard used to create the sword should be Honor. Maybe that's why Zahel is here? What do you guys think?
  9. I just finished Warbreaker, and I read that Vasher is a world-hopper (known in Roshar as Zahel) and he came back because he was tired of sucking people's souls for a living. He can use stormlight as breaths instead. So is there a stormlight-breath ratio? I mean how much stormlight is one breath, and if there is a ratio, why didn't Vasher just sucked in a lot of stormlight and became 10th heightening instantly?
  10. This question has small spoilers for both Warbreaker and Stormlight so I am putting it in a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn't read both Not sure the best way to check if this has been asked and would appreciate some help. Thank you!
  11. In Warbreaker Vasher is shown to be able to remove memories through self awakening ? What ?
  12. So I just finished listening to the Nightblood 2 Shardcast (I know, it’s an older one) and several things sort of coalesced in my head that sort of make sense. Interestingly, they started down a similar thought path regarding Endowment at the very end of the episode. I had never heard that Nightblood was modeled after shardblades, btw. Interesting. Anyway, realizing that Endowment was most likely afraid of Odium coming to Nalthis to destroy her, it totally makes sense that she might intervene in Nightblood’s creation. Also, knowing now that the five scholars had been to Roshar, it seems vary possible that they knew of Odium as well. I find myself wondering if Nightblood was an attempt to create something that would destroy Odium that went very wrong in the process. First, Endowment intervened and gave it a supercharge of investiture. This gave Nightblood way more power than anticipated. The second happened in the Command. If part of the purpose of creating Nightblood was to kill Odium, then a command was needed that would work across realms to destroy, but would only destroy the intended target(and other bad dudes). That’s why it took so long to come up with the perfect command. Understanding the importance of Intent in the command, any mental imagery had to be avoided that would corrupt the Command, such as thinking about Odium. Trying not to think about something after you’ve told not is nearly impossible, however. I wonder if somehow, subconscious thoughts and conclusions about Odium entered in to Shashara’s visualizations and that magically allowed a bunch of his random investiture (Some of Adonalsium’s investiture that was sitting around on Nalthis at the time of the shattering and was was assigned to Odium), to also get sucked into Nightblood, corrupting Endowment’s investiture and supercharging it even more. This is sounding way too complicated now (not sure I like it) Oh well. Whatever happened, Shashara thought it was great. Vasher not so much. They fought, Vasher killed Shashara. Vasher took Nightblood into protective custody. Years pass, Vasher meets Vivenna, they go on an off world Yesteel chase where something really bad happens on the planet. Vivenna decides to return home and stay out of other world business. Vasher, saying he is tired of living off of other people’s breath, says goodbye to Vivenna and heads for Roshar taking Nightblood with him. He assures Vivenna that he is just going to live a simple anonymous life and keep the world safe from Nightblood. I’m sure he is also thinking that it can’t hurt to have the weapon designed to destroy Odium in the same system that he (Odium) resides. Sometime after returning to Nalthis, Vivenna happens across a member of the 17th Shard, finds herself in agreement with their policy of nonintervention, joins up and accepts an assignment to go fetch Vasher and Nightblood back to Nalthis. This is just an example of the crazy places my mind goes when listening to Shardcast episodes. Now you know what kind of nonsense goes on in the frightening recesses of my mind. You may now all commence tearing apart and completely disproving my meanderings. PS. Apologies for any misspellings etc. Autocorrect and my iPad both hate me.
  13. So, I've been re-reading the Annotations for Warbreaker on Brandon's site for the last couple of days, and something just jumped out at me... Brandon mentions in the annotation for chapter fifty five that Yesteel is "much better at sneaking than Vasher or Vivenna." This, combined with the fact that Vasher has worldhopped before coming to Roshar as Zahel, makes me wonder if the reason he came to Roshar, aside from simply having easy access to Stormlight, was to hunt Yesteel. If I remember correctly, he and Vivenna were headed after Yesteel at the end of Warbreaker, in the sequel Brandon will eventually get to writing, which clearly takes place before the events of Stormlight. I'm wondering if during that sequel, Yesteel flees Nalthis entirely, possibly to Roshar. He could be around somewhere, completely missed by us, since we (to the best of my recollection) have never had a description of his appearance/personality.... Though the appearance part is rather moot, since as a likely Returned as well, he'd be able to alter his appearance the way Vasher can. If I had to speculate, I might guess that during the events of Nightblood (I don't think Brandon has ever given another planned name for the sequel), it might be where we learn the precise method on how Nightblood was created, probably from Yesteel himself, telling it to Vivenna. This would explain how she came to create her own Shardblade, since I don't think Vasher, no matter how much he likes/trusts her, would give her the precise method for Awakening a sword like that, and probably wouldn't let her experiment/figure it out herself given the possible outcomes. Any thoughts to support/oppose any of this?
  14. I mean, there's some strange things about Zahel, yes. And once you tell me that, hey, Zahel is Vasher, I can connect them to things we already know about Vasher/Nalthis. But if someone's starting from square one, what was it that made people make the connection? After I read that Zahel was Vasher on TV Tropes, I went back and reread all the parts I could find with him in them. And the only conspicuously odd thing I found was the bit where he thinks about how he used to hear a voice in his head- and that could have been anything, there's so much we still don't know about Roshar. It could have been a spren he bonded and then killed by being dishonorable. What was the smoking gun here?
  15. So there's obviously some cultural bias that is causing some of the cosnternation around the female scout that keeps popping up. But brandon rarely re-introduces the same character over and over without any significance. I think lyn is actually vivenna since we have WoB's that confirm she will be in OB. Vivenna also seems exactly like the kind of person who would rather join up with the army rather than infiltrate the scribes. Still unsure what her motives are for joining the army and coming to urithiru, speculate! Possibly trying to contact vasher??
  16. So I was reading Warbreaker over again and I noted how good awakeners are at holding and storing investiture. I wondered if this was because of the type of investiture, or if it was because of the specific sDNA makeup found on Nalthis. I don't think it is the first one because I faintly remember reading somewhere on the forums that all investiture is essentially drawing from the same power-source, and each world just has different ways of using this power source. So stormlight is drawing energy from the same source as breath would which would allow Zahel to substitute one for the other. This got me thinking thinking about how people access and use investiture (which may be wrong). Scadrial: - Allomancy - people access investiture by burning metals, which acts as a catalyst, allowing preservation to gift power (investiture) - Energy comes from an outside source, the person acts like a conduit and does not store investiture - Feruchemy and Hemalurgy - I don't really understand how these two work Sel: - Aon Dor, Dar Kor, Forgery - Investiture is transfered via glyphs which allow energy to flow through and be manipulated by a person. Roshar: - Stormlight - a person inhales and consumes investiture. This is not a perfect process as it dissipates eventually. Nalthis: - Biochromatic Breath - investiture is also inhaled, but the person can hold it indefinitely. People are actually born with this investiture. Out of all of these ways to invest people, the last two seem strikingly similar. This led me to wonder what other things can hold investiture perfectly?!? Voidbringers!!!! Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!! Maybe Odium went to splinter Endowment because he/she is alone on their world making them an easy target. Perhaps Endowment bought clemency by showing Odium how to create beings capable of retaining investiture perfectly, allowing him to minimally invest in a world? Maybe Endowment returned Zahel to combat Odium and be the anti-voidbringer? Please let me know if there are any errors, or reasons this would be impossible. Thanks!!!
  17. Hey guys! Sorry if this is a re-post or derivative post or anything, but I saw axcellence's topic about what scenes people want to see in OB and most of what I could think of was seeing glimpses of our cosmerenauts showing up around Roshar: Zahel seeing Szeth with Nightblood... stuff like that. Got me to thinking that in the grand scheme of things Oathbringer is in all probability going to be the most cosmere-intensive book to date that Brandon's come along with, even if it's just what Jasnah has to say about her travels through the Cognitive Realm. We know worldhoppers have cropped up on Roshar more than any other planet so far and it seems to be a bit of a hub, so my question is... who do you want to see around Roshar from other planets? And what do you want them to be doing? Personally I'm a fan of the whole 'if Vasher is on Roshar then Vivenna must be hanging around there somewhere too' idea, so I'd love to see Vivenna show up... potentially as the queen of Theylenah (bit of a stretch but I'm a sucker for a good twist!)
  18. So i was reading one of the chapters with Zahel, and when he said "He half expected a voice to talk to him, but of course there wasn't. There hadn't been one in ages," (paraphrased), I first thought that he was a Radiant, but then i thought, could he actually be Vasher, and that voice be Nightblood? I haven't finished Warbreaker, but from reading a few posts, I've gotten the idea that Vasher left the planet. So, could Zahel be the Warbreaker? Please tell me if I'm right or just being stupid. Thanks!
  19. On page 600 of AU, I noticed something that sounded really familiar to a game that a confirmed Worldhopper from Nalthis has played in the Stormlight Archive, Zahel/Vasher. "The children seemed to love it. They ran up and down the steps, laughing and giggling. Others sat in circles on the ground, playing games with painted pebbles." This game seems awfully familiar to the game that we saw Zahel playing. "Kaladin marched them up to Zahel, who stood at the back of the sand-covered courtyard. Though the other ardents all busied themselves carrying water, towels, or sparring weapons to dueling lighteyes, Zahel had drawn a circle in the sand and was throwing little colored rocks into it." This could mean a number of things: The game that Zahel/Vasher brought over from Nalthis (Travel edition of Tarachin) has spread to other places in Roshar, and is played by many. The kids that live in the orphanage learned the game from "The Stump" (the lady who runs the orphanage). The Stump just learned it from other people playing it on Roshar The Stump might be a Worldhopper, or knows Worldhoppers, and learned the game from one or both of those possible facts. The kids learned it from the guy who might be Hoid. Other reasons that I have not thought of... Did anyone else notice this, am I crazy, is it just coincidence?
  20. Do we have any theories on how strong Vasher is on Roshar? We know that he's still suppressing his Divine Breath, and that he's at least hacked the magic systems enough to survive on Stormlight/raw Investiture rather than Breaths. My thoughts are as follows; What effect would the red lightning (Voidlight? o3o) have on him with regards to living? How does his body differentiate between using up his Stormlight stockpile and his Breath stockpile? I assume he still has a stockpile of Breath for the Weeping, or some stored in clothes etc like emergency rations. When he absorbs Stormlight, does he glow like Kaladin would, or can he suppress it like Shallan does with her Lightweaving? Since we have WOB that he's been on Roshar before the events of WOK, has he met any of the Heralds? He certainly knows the stances of swordsmanship well... did he have a hand in creating them? And finally... how strong is Vasher? We know it's possible to fuel a Returned with Stormlight, so it stands to reason it can fuel Awakening too... but would the Stormlight run out of the Awakened object at the natural rate of disappation of a Lashing or being infused in a sphere? What about a Stormlight fuelled Lifeless? Would it be able to function for more than a few minutes? I'm just wondering if during a Highstorm, after seeing a Thunderclast and figuring out the visualisation, Vasher could make one of his own with Stormlight-fueled Awakening. Or an army of Stormlight Lifeless that would be able to fight on for the duration of the storm. Of course the Thunderclast would require the Heightening that allows for bringing rock and metal to life... but we don't yet know the rate of conversion for Breath and Stormlight. Does one Broam equal one Nathalian Breath? Does one Highstorm equal enough Breath to reach the Fourth Heightening? We don't see in the narrative anyone notice pockets of bright colour or changes in it around Zahel, so he doesn't have much Breath on him when he meets Kaladin, enough to notice at least. Though Kaladin would have other things on his mind, and unless the effect was striking enough to make a Darkeyes' eyes seem bright while being close to Zahel I doubt the Alethi would notice anyway. I wonder if Stormlight Heightenings would have the same kind of effect as Biochroma with the hack? Anyways, what do you all think? Thoughts? ^-^ Condemnations for stuff that's already been discussed/answered in another thread?
  21. Abject speculation: Ishar = Vashar. The “Nahel” bond comes from “Zahel.” One cannot ignore the similarities between Vashar and the original Bondsmith Ishar: "But as for [ishar], his was the part most important at their inception; he readily understood the implications of Surges being granted to men, and caused organization to be thrust upon them; as having too great power, he let it be known that he would destroy each and every one, unless they agreed to be bound by precepts and laws." - WoR Chapter 42 Epigraph Ishar is the “Oathbringer” referred to in the "in-world" book SLA3 is named for. Dalinar is clearly the focus of that novel, but I suspect we will learn a lot about Ishar through "Oathbringer." Now, of all the people on Roshar, who knows more than Vasher about bonding investiture? Who is the most likely person to figure out “the nature of each bond’s placement” (WoR Chapter 35 Epigraph)? I believe this statement refers to the place on each Knight Radiant’s SpiritWeb to which the RadiantSpren must attach for a Knight to access his or her surges. And what inventor/holder of Nightblood would have the means of “destroy[ing] each and every one, unless they agreed to be bound by precepts and laws”? I believe this statement refers to the spren who imitated the Honorblades, rather than the Knights who may have wanted access to the surges. It is the spren who require implementation of the oaths, not the Knights themselves. Before Ishar's enforced agreement on the spren, the spren were "non-discriminating" as to whom they chose to bond with (other than the honorspren). Hence, the Alkavish troubles. Add to that the striking similarity between ”Nahel” and “Zahel.” Nobody else we’ve met in the novels has a similarly-structured name. It’s not even Vorin-sounding (no symmetry). It’s as if Zahel simply decided to turn the “N” 90º into a “Z.” As I said, abject speculation. But interesting…
  22. If this has been answered a link to the thread is all I need, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not Zahel (Vasher) is going to have a significant role in the Stormlight Archive or even his own POV book? I read that Warbreaker was written as a prequel to his role in SA so I figured he must get a decent amount of involvement in the plot of this series.
  23. Cosmere Spoilers follow but mostly about Stormlight Archives and Warbreaker I had a question involving Zahel/Vasher and his use of Stormlight. It is really a general topic question rather than a specific one. Here is the best way I can phrase what I'm trying to ask: If Vasher is substituting Stormlight for Breath, how much Stormlight can he store? Some Thoughts I've had and others I'm trying to get answers to: Warbreaker places no limit on the amount of Breath you can store. Does his body convert Stormlight to Breath? Does it keep it as Stormlight and run off Stormlight instead of Breath? In either form, can he store it like he stores Breath? Does he glow all the time if it is in Stormlight form? Can he store it for an indefinite amount of time like it is breath? If he can Store an infinite amount and for an indefinite amount of time, is he essentially a giant reserve of Stormlight? I know in WoB he has RFAO'd some of the questions about how different investitures work on different worlds. And in others he said they're Peter questions but might not answer even if he knew. If these questions don't have definitive answers I'm up for some open discussion as well. PS. The closest thing I found in the forums was a discussion on the conversion rate of different investitures. I'm not asking for the ratio, but more of a practical use in how Zahel/Vasher is using Stormlight and the implications of him using Stormlight in a similar way to Breath.
  24. For the past 24 hours I have been scratching my head about Zahel, in theory, actually being Vasher. While I'm not totally against this fact and would not mind it in the least of ways but I feel like there is something that is pointing to a Dalinar/Vasher tie-in. At first I was trying to tie the two characters together (Dalinar = Vasher), it sounded good in my head but Dalinar's background can easily be argued against, the tie-ins would become to complicated, plus I do not think Sanderson would make things that crazy, it is just not his style and then it hit me, Dalinar's wife. "Navani settled back, sipping her wine, safehand lying across her lap. 'Dalinar, your sons told me that you once sought the Old Magic. Why? What did you ask of the Nightwatcher and what curse did she give you in return?' 'I told them that shame is my own,' Dalinar said. 'And I will not share it." Here's the fun part, Shashara is a Returned. Prior to her Return, there is no record of her past life which makes me wonder, aside from Nightblood being on Roshar what else could possibly bring Vasher to Roshar? Maybe trying to figure out Shashara's past or maybe he does know and he wants to be around someone that knew her during a "simpler" time in her life? Yes, I agree the timelines would be and are different for each world within the cosmere but lets be real, that is the interesting part. Let me know what you guys think.